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Thread: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. 😊

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    Oh man.. I had a busy day today! I loved the problems I faced today.. I got to learn with most of them..:eee hehe.. I loved the way my Ami did all that he did for me.. I soo appreciate his love for me.. his beautiful loving gestures are Just soo cute..
    I tried to work with such beautiful things today.. I really enjoyed interacting with my bro.. I was feeling soooooo blessed to be able to remind somebody of what and who he is! I am feeling soooooo good and happy after I did it..
    I am sleepy now..
    I intend to sleep relaxed and wake up happy..
    I love you source..

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    I am on with yummy stuff! waao it was! I prepared a yummmmyyyy cheeesssyyy Mac and cheese.. such a lustrous treatfor my taste buds!!
    Yummmmyyyy it was! I sooo enjoyed to have it!
    Today, I did my work.. some action stuff! I didn't enjoy it in real!
    But yeah, I am inspired to do the stuff I am doing ryt now!! Eeee..
    I am sooo happy.. my Ami is awesome.. I loveeee to love him..
    And.. yesss... I am soo happy to have the new desires! Waao!! I am sooo happy.. and excited about what is yet to unfold!!

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    Waao.. its 2 am again!! Haha.. I am still awake!
    I am soo happy about the new thread I have started..
    I am feeling soo good after I let my source tell the story of my lyf.. I am feeling soo good to do it!
    I am just soo blessed.. I am feeling soo good..
    I have my beautiful beautiful beautiful body.. I loveeee to love myself.. I love the small acts I do for me.. I appreciate you source.. I love u..
    I am feeling better now.. really.. much much better.. and actually verry good..
    I am feeling happy and comfortable.. my beautiful blanket.. I love its touch and feel.. I love to lie on my comfy bed.. I love the thing with which my bed makes me sleep at it.. with soo much love..
    My blanket wraps me in its arms soo beautifully.. making me warm in this cold weather..
    The weather is soo beautiful even.. I love this chilling weather.. I love to be here.. where I am..
    I love my beautiful life.. I love you source..
    As I relax here in my body.. I intend to relax my eyes.. my head.. my backbone.. my lips and tongue.. my nose and ears.. my stomach.. my pelvic upper legs.. my lower shoulders.. my palms.. my fingers..
    Ahh.. soo much comfort..
    Now I intend to sleep in this comfortable feeling..
    I intend to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated..
    I intend to dream Beauty..
    I intend to sleep lovingly.. I intend my body to heal at its best while I sleep..
    Goodnyt source.. goodnyt universe..
    I love you..

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    I had a beautiful night.. I enjoyed the comfortable sleep.. I love this cold morning..
    I love the warmth of my bed.. my body is soo relaxed..
    Now, as I step out of bed, I intend to feel soo blessed to have all the beautiful opportunities I have.. I intend to feel loved and allow my well being..
    I intend to do all my morning works with love.. I intend to let flow my wellbeing..
    I love you source..

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    Today was beautiful!
    i woke up in a blissful mood! i woke up happy and comfortably!
    i loved myself some more today!
    as i am writing here, i am wanting to love and appreciate everything around me! kind of like a rampage of appreciation!
    i am feeling soo good lying here at this comfortable bed! in my heavenly home! with my beautiful dog..
    he is such a beautiful happy creature! i feel soo blessed to have im! today i enjoyed sooo much playing hide n seek with him!he soo lovingly found me everytime!
    he is such a beautiful joypod! a lovely creature!
    i made puris today, which puffed up soo well! my mom loved them.. and me too!
    i had soo beautiful what-is, today!
    i soo enjoyed it! every bit of it!
    i love my AC.. it is just the best invention! ever!!

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    Finally! i mgoing off to the healing time of the day.. I loved the day.. i love to write the script of my life.. it is such fun!
    i love A.. i love S.. i have beautiful relationships..
    i love this time..

    i expect healing of my Beautiful body
    i expect Beauty
    i expect to allow
    i expect comfort
    i expect love
    i expect detoxification of my body
    i expect healthy skin
    i expect healthy hair
    i expect health pouring out through me
    i expect happy body
    i expect ease
    i expect positive
    i expect learning
    i expect happiness in everything
    i expect to look for pleasing things
    i expect to imagine pleasure
    i expect love in my body
    i expect that Beautiful sipper bottle
    i expect admission confirmation email
    i expect healthy body
    i expect healthy skin
    i expect red lips
    i expect long lustrous lashes
    i expect Beautiful skin
    i expect Beautiful eyes
    i expect heavenly love
    i expect connection with source
    i expect peace
    i expect calm
    i expect healing sleep
    i expect healing night
    i expect to feel the healing
    i expect higher vibrations
    i expect thoughtless state of mind
    i expect wonderful experience during meditation
    i expect a good night sleep
    i expect to wake up early
    i expect to wake up refreshed​
    i expect to wake up happy
    i expect to feel the difference in me
    i expect to write expectations at morning
    i expect to choose easy path of non resistance
    i expect love..

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    i am happy
    i am lovei m blessed
    i m god
    i m source
    i am vibrational energy
    i am light
    i am love
    i m pure positive energy
    i m Beautiful
    i m awesome
    i m lovely
    i m angel
    i m blessed being
    i m god in me
    i m loved
    i m blessed in the most eternal way
    i m beauty at its best
    i m love
    i m unconditional
    i m extra awesome
    i m blessed
    i m vibration
    i m high
    i m connected
    i m connected to the love within me
    i m connected to god
    i m god
    i m connected to myself
    i love myself
    i m blessed to have suchhhhh extraordinary physical body
    i m magical
    i have magical powers
    i am magnetic
    i m love
    i m happiness
    i radiate love
    i radiate pure positive energy
    i radiate god
    i radiate unconditional love
    i love what i am
    i love what i m becoming
    i love where i am
    i love what i m doing
    i love this moment
    i love what i m choosing
    i love my physical experience
    i m blessed
    i m soooooo adored
    i m god
    i m source of all that is
    i m beauty
    i m nature
    i m connected to each n everything in this universe
    i adore myself
    i soooo love this feeling
    i love to whisk it up
    i love to love my lyf
    i love to realise that i m magical
    i love to realise that i m god
    i love to realise that i m vibration
    i love this beautiful path
    i love the ease of it
    and hence, i know!
    i know all of it is true
    i know!
    i can feel it..
    i m feeling this beautiful emotion..
    i m connected..
    i m right..
    everything i feel is correct
    i m god
    God is me
    i m magical
    god is me
    god is magical
    i m magical
    i m god
    i m source of all that is
    source is god
    i m source
    i m magical
    i m loved
    i m adored
    i m sooo blessed
    i have such magical powers
    i intend to sleep now
    n wake up in this feeling of appreciation
    i m blessed..

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    aaahhaahhaa! Another Beautiful morning..n i m about to sleep!
    i trust my Beautiful body can cooperate for awhile!

    i love my Pillow
    i love my blanket
    i love my bed..

    i love this morning
    i love this beautiful smell
    i love my sleep..

    going off! sleep!

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