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Thread: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. 😊

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    Thanks Tanya..
    Seriously.. U and Elky are my inspiration..
    I want to reach the feeling place where u are..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beautiful Sunshine View Post
    Thanks Tanya..
    Seriously.. U and Elky are my inspiration..
    I want to reach the feeling place where u are..
    Reach YOUR place, that is everything that we REALLY are doing

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    Yes.. That is what I want to do, lyk u..
    Actually.. My contrast has asked me to launch rockets of desire and.. My procrastination and a bit of othr negativity has been there in btw my receiving of well being..
    And I specifically mentioned u and Elky.. Bcz.. U inspired me, to live like the way I lived.. Just that!

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    The comfort of my bed is waao.. I love lying here..

    I hav a bit tnsn in my mind.. But I want to realease it.. As I know.. My universe is taking care of everything..

    I want my love to have a perfect health.. I know I cannot create for him.. But picturing him perfectly happy and well, feels good.. And I don't know.. It will have to work.. It is about my love.. And he LL have to recover fast..

    Thank u my UNIVERSE..

    THANK U..

    I am so happy I got my love..

    I am soo happy.. He is the one, I NVR thought wud b the person who wud check every quality in my list..

    It was soo beautiful.. Exciting and amazzzing after I got to know that the GUY I am with, is the One.. Whom I wrote about in my list..

    It was such a beautiful feeling..

    It was my manifestation.. something I wanted soo soo soo much.. But didn't cared about..

    I feel soo loved.. I love to b with that person.. I love soo soo soo much..

    I feel soo blessed.. Whn I think of HAVING THE POWER to BE, DO or HAVE ANYYTHING!! B-)

    And it is THE REAL TRUTH..

    And I AM BLESSED..


    It feels like I am the luckiest person in this world! :P (BTW I LIKE THAT FEELING )

    I believe that everyything happens for a reason.. N evvvry bad experience are the OPPORTUNITIES IN DISGUISE!!

    I am soo happy to be facing this OPPORTUNITY ..

    I am soo happy that I have got another chance to connect to my Source and again b happy and excited the way I was earlier.. THE VERY FIRST TIME..


    LIFE.. A beautiful game..


    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WITH THYSELF.. (atleast for me it feels is true.. not sure whether it actually is or not.. )
    Good nite dear one(s) ( for me :P if no body is reading.. :-*)
    Have a comforting and beautiful sleep..

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    Its a wonderful day today.. And I am feeling so very happy..
    I hav started to meditate from abt last 4 - 5 days..
    And my body.. ohh my..!! I am soo excited fr wt is yet to come.. I can already see the physical changes.. I know my desire is there vibrationally.. But.. It is physically amazing too.. I am soo happy..
    I knew mediation is gonna close my gap.. And it is.. I am sooo happy.. I wake up happy evvryday.. And it is soo beautiful to realize that I am on the way to achieve my desires..
    It feels amazzing.. To b here..
    I am soo excited.. My body has become my friend.. (I was writing "it is becoming my friend" but.. Something inside me said, 'No, it is ur friend..' )
    M sooo happy.. My body works soo intelligently.. And it is soo good to realize that it has been working continuously fr me.. Frm suchh a long tym.. Ohh my god.. It loves me soo much.. Am soo happy.. I m being loved sooo much.. By my own body.. It is soo beautiful.. It has NVR complained.. It is working for me.. :'D I love u my dearest.. I am soo lucky to have u..
    :') thank you soo much my universe for making me realize this.. I am soo happy.. It is sooo beautifull..
    I am just amazed at the beauty of it.. It has trillions of cells.. And it doesn't need any body to control them.. They are all seperate beings, working together.. For 1 purpose... For my good.. How was it that I did not realize the beauty of it.. Ohh god.. It is soooo good.. Just.. Sooo beautiful..
    And each one of us is experiencing this beautiful love.. It is soo amazzing.. There is sooo much love on this planet.. Maybe that's y no body needs to teach us how to love.. :')
    Thanks to all the sources for making me realize this beauty and love.. I am soo happy.. :')
    Thank you Abraham.. I love u.. :'D

  6. #16 i will look at everything through rose-coloured glasses....everything will have a loving shade of roses...

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    This moment is soo beautiful.. My body is a gift.. My every breath is making me realize how blessed I am.. I can feel the sleep filled in my eyes.. It is soo natural.. I am soo blessed.. I love the warmth of my blanket.. With a dollop of cream of comfort of my mattress and pillow.. My body is feeling soo relaxed.. My mind is about to drift off and my soul is about to experience a wonderful spa.. I am happy with the idea itself.. It is sooo good to maintain an everyday positive aspects journal..

    I like the fact that everything is vibrating energy and it is soo good to realize that we are the guests of our lives.. It is soo satisfying to have such a wonderfull and blessed treatment from the universe.. I love to b noticed by such a big force.. I love to be answered by the universe..

    I am soo blessed to have my wonderful parents.. I have such an amaaziing life.. I get evverthing that I want, soo easily.. It is the easiest thing for me.. And I am soo blessed to have it easy for me.. I really love my mind.. It is seriously a treasure box.. Or it is my intuition.. Maybe . Bt wtevr it is, I really really love it.. It is always with me to guide me in alll the circumstances.. Ohh my beautiful body.. It is the home of miracles.. I really love the way it works.. I love my self.. I love my soul.. Thank u my universe..

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    just had a yummy brunch made by my mom.. It was the yummiest.. It was made with soo much love.. <3 I love the food made by mummy..
    I love the idea of wrinting good things.. It is soo good to have such a wonderful teacher in my life.. actually in our lives.. Abraham is amazzing.. As well as Esther too!! <3
    This winter is really soft hearted.. it is not soo cold.. I like the winters.. And this time the temperature is soo perfect.. I am feeling soo comfortable sitting in my warm blanket.. I am feeling soo good.. it is really good to help somebody out.. I love my helping nature.. I love to help somebody out.. It gives a different kind of peace.. <3
    I am soo blessed with such amazing people around my.. My parents.. <3 my brother.. <3 and my dearest love.. :* <3 I love all of them soo much.. They are truly the people who are responsible for soo much contrast.. And I really appreciate them for loving me with soo many differences between us.. They really really love me.. And really.. I love them all alott..
    My body has become my long lost love.. I can notice how much my body supports and love me.. It is truly someone made for me.. I love my beautiful beautiful body.. It is sooo beautiful.. It works in the most amazing way I hav ever seen anything working..
    I am sooo blessed to have my beautiful friend.. It loves me.. It loves me when I eat only the things I love to eat.. It loves me for not caring about anyything.. It loves me because I trust it.. I love it because I can trust it.. I live my beautiful friend.. I love the way it functions.. <3 I love the miracle of it.. I am soo happy.. It is soo beautiful to have it in such a beautiful way.. <3
    I hav such a beautiful life.. I can feel the cold winter breeze flowing.. I can feel my goosebumbs.. This sensation is soo good.. I love my life.. I love my body.. I live my parents.. I love my love.. <3
    Life is beautiful!! <3
    And I am soo blessed to b alive.. <3

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    Today.. I was looking at my palms.. They are soo beautiful.. I had the same palms earlier.. But NVR noticed the beauty even whn everybody else did.. I always wondered, what's soo different.. Bit today I really realized it..
    With this thing I concluded 1 thing.. Really.. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!!!! :P
    Today.. Where evr I am looking, I am feeling beautiful.. My own body is making me feel life a beautiful fairy.. Ohh waao.. Its soo good.. I love my beautiful body.. I love my inner being for choosing this body.. I mean seriously.. I am just awesome from everyy aspect!! I love myself.. Ohh waao.. Its Christmas today.. N my santa universe have given me this gift..
    I love u universe.. I am soo happy.. I love the things around me.. N I am really enjoying this physical experience along with my AWESOMEST physical body!! She is my friend now.. And I love that! Really it is soo good to be the friend of such an awesome physical being.. Miss miracle!! I hav named HER ( 'her' bcz my IB is in a little chweet and beautiful girl body) <3
    I love where I am.. I love what I am actually doing here.. I love my cutiepie bed.. It comforts my baby body!! n I am chooo lazy.. I love to comfort my body.. :P <3
    My MISS MIRACLE is amaazzziing.. And I am soo happy with it!!

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    I am in love.. *^^*
    I am in love with their teachings.. ♡.♡
    I am in love with their top of the world solutions.. *♡*
    I am in love with their books, audios, videos.. N evry kind of teachings he offer.. ♡.♡
    I am in love.. With Abraham.. *^^*
    Ohhhh.. Its soo delicious to b here.. Waao.. It is soooo soooo good.. ♡.♡

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