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Thread: "feeling stuck"

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    You got to be high and happy about your dream!
    And you have to be high and happy about
    an UNMANIFESTED dream,
    before a dream can manifest!

    Because, if it needs to manifest before you feel good-
    than youīr gonna be stuck ALL THE TIME.

    The dream has to be enough to sustain you!
    And YOU have to figure out how to let the dream sustain you,
    and thatīs PRACTICE.

    You gotta practice the dream.
    You gotta practice feeling this way,
    until it dominates
    the (...) conversation.

    from the clip "Abraham Hicks - Best Conversation About Abundance!"
    Washington 10/19/2012

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    Being bored means, not letting the desires- life-energy- flow

    "Sometimes, someone says,
    "Well, I don't want a new car. I've got it."
    Well, we still want them to desire the car.
    We want them to continue to desire the benefit of the car.

    We want them to desire transportation.
    We want them to still desire movement around the city.
    Because if you ever get to a place where you have not desire,
    you'll cease to be.

    Don't worry, it can't happen!
    You could pinch yourself off from it here,
    and croak, but you'd re-emerge back into the Nonphysical
    where your wanting is sublime and eternal.

    And you would re-emerge back into the physical very fast,
    because wanting is your most natural thing.
    ....Oh, to have desire and get it out there,
    and know that it will be fulfilled,
    and the Energy flowing through you!

    -And then, another desire that you get out there
    and you want it to be fulfilled, and the Energy flows through you,
    the passion, the eternal passion that flows through you,
    eon after eon after eon.

    Can you imagine that sort of Energy flowing through you?
    You're trying to summon it, but not letting it through. (...)

    And so, what goes wrong for many people,
    is that they summon more Energy
    than they have learned how to allow,
    or they don't summon Energy.

    For the most part, you're summoning more Energy
    than you can allow, so you give yourself a headache.
    Or you're afraid to summon it, so your bored.
    It's a fine line. Isn't it? It's a balance.

    You're constantly refiguring.
    Constantly making new decisions.
    Making a new decision, finding a new desire,
    and feeling the freshness of the desire."

    Seattle, WA on Sunday, June 21st, 1998

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    "If incomplete desire
    is something that you accept,
    then the word "stuck" doesnīt exist in your vocabulary.

    "Stuck" is only the by-product
    of the flawed premise of "completion".

    from the clip
    Have Your Desired Manifestations Ever Felt Stuck?

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    HS asks why her car is breaking down so often, even she felt HELD, because it
    broke down in perfect moments- as exactly when she pulled in already to the repairshop.

    Mechanical things break down. But timing is A CHOICE.

    (...) It had me wondering, if there are things in my vibration
    that īm not aware of?

    Yah. Your IB is calling you. Steadily saying to you:
    (big laughter)

    Weīr not kidding!
    (After a long break and more laughter) Profound! Itīs profound.
    Because, your timing is really good. But we can only do so much!
    (more laughter)
    And after a while, you just wanna sort of give in to the fact,
    that itīs TIME TO MOVE ON.

    Isnīt that profound?
    What is it that makes you cling to something, that isnīt pleasing
    to you, so often? -Almost assigned suffering.
    And yet, thatīs not the way you feel, at all!

    You feel optimistic. You feel eager about things.
    And so, your car is a mis-match to who you are!
    Itīs trying to work itself out of your experience!
    But for some reason, youīr willing to keep something that
    doesnīt feel good, up, really close to you. And why would you do that?
    You might be confused and think, if you do enough focuswheels,
    it will become new again. But it wonīt.
    You see, harmony isnīt making something that doesnīt work, work!

    Harmony is aligning with WHO YOU ARE,
    and allowing LoA to bring alignment,
    or things that are in alignment with you, to you.
    Happens in relationships, it happens in work-environments.

    Sometimes, it really is about LETTING GO of things
    that donīt please you, to make rooms for things, that do.

    HS: WOW.

    Abe: Not just cars.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 01 - 08, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Let go of the things that don't please you to make room for things that do

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    All Ailments Resolve Themselves.
    All things do resolve themselves, if allowed. All things do.
    ALL things do resolve themselves — if allowed.

    Abraham-Hicks G-8/25/01— San Rafael, CA

    fuller quote here:
    Quotes about the BODY (health, decline, shape, beauty, aging...)

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    Pinterest- a frivolous hobby??

    The "I SHOULD" is a momentum-killer.
    It makes you feel stuck!

    Do you understand the concept of momentum?
    Do you ever feel paralized, in your own life?

    Do you ever get up with things, that you "need to do",
    and just spin around in circles and donīt get anything done?
    And while itīs happening, do you talk to yourself, sternly?
    "I should be getting something done!"

    -Does it help?
    (Audience: "No.")
    -Does it inspire you?
    (Audience: "No.")

    (...) So, how do you brake the log-jam?
    You start with the basics of momentum.
    Start with some thought that doesnīt have much resistance
    attached to it, already, and you just concentrate on THAT thought!

    Because a thought that is not contradicted,
    WILL gather itīs own momentum.
    (Abe demonstrate with the train-engines, going in different directions,
    when we DONīT hold the thought purely for about 16 seconds)

    Once you cross the approximately 1-minute-mark,
    this train WILL GET MOVING.

    (... Abe tell the story about Esther, not wanting to do ANYTHING, not even driving
    her loved little car. She felt in a total funk, and also felt needing to do so much.)(Esther said) ...There MUST be something I would be interested in!
    I KNOW there is something in this world that I could be
    interested about! -And then, the word "Pinterest" came into her mind.

    Pinterest, and Interest. Now, Tracy has been after her to look at
    Pinterest. Tracy sends her things from Pinterest all the time. Esther
    thinks, she wouldnīt ever want to look at Pinterest, because she did
    NOT want to be distracted, from the things she NEEDED to do!

    Estherīs been saying for a very long time:
    "I have SO much to do. I donīt need any of this frivolous hobbies.
    In fact, every time Tracy is on Pinterest, Esther thinks she should be
    doing something more PRODUCTIVE.

    So, Esther had herself in a real box, because there was nothing
    that she WANTED to do. There were only things that she thought she
    SHOULD do!
    -And she didnīt want to do anything she thought she should do...
    Pinterest is in her mind. Hm. So she downloaded the app.
    (...) And then there was a search-bar, and she thought "Hmm. I wonder
    what I could look at!"

    And then, it showed her some options. And then she clicked on
    a recipe. Ohh, that really looked good!
    And then, she pinned it. And then, she labeled it. And then it showed her
    a whole bunch MORE of those same things.
    Itīs like LoA in Pinterest!!!

    And then, Esther thought, anything I could think about!!
    And then she thought "Oh, Iīm looking for some art for my Spencer-house.
    So she looked up art. Renaissance. And all this stuff came up!
    And all of this artists! She started clicking. 3 hrs later, Esther had pinned
    not fewer than a thousand things.

    (...) Her juices were FLOWING! And then, then she just got the best idea.
    She was looking through all of all this classical pictures, not realizing
    that she really didnīt know who many of this artists were, and she focused
    on the artist of Monet- and saw this still-picture of this flowers,
    and Esther though "Whoo, Iīm gonna take THIS picture down to my
    company, that makes flower- arrangements for me, and Iīm gonna have
    me made THAT flower-arrangement, that one, right there.

    And THEN, she couldnīt get into her car, fast enough!

    ALL it takes is a little priming of the pump.
    All it takes is, first of all knowing that momentum will carry you!
    And giving yourself the chance to do it!
    Just MAKING THE DECISION: you donīt wanna be in a funk.

    2016-11-12 Dallas TX from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ Two Reasons Why You Do Not Get What You Ask! NEW

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    By My Attention to Things, I Am Making Choices...

    What people do not understand is that you do not choose something
    by looking at it and shouting "Yes, I would like some of that!"

    You make your choices by your attention to things.

    In this Universe that is based on attraction, when you look at
    an unwanted thing, your attention to it causes an activation
    of the Vibration within you, and then the Law of Attraction
    brings more like it into your experience.


    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    Every subject is really two subjects,
    with what is wanted on one end of the stick,
    and the absence of what is wanted on the other end.

    Sometimes you are a perfect vibrational match to the unwanted end
    of the stick, but you don’t realize it because it feels normal to you.

    And that is only because it is more usual for you to talk
    about the problem rather than the solution.

    Excerpted from North Los Angeles, CA on 2/22/14

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    Defining of the term "TOLERANCE"

    HS asks for explaning the terms tolerance and intolerance.

    (Tolerance) is one of the most ineffective,
    unproductive, not-good-for-you emotions
    that you could ever foster and encourage.

    Because what it is, it is a looking right at something unwanted, feeling the guidance of the being-off-track, and then the learning to accept it, as a feeling that you are willing to endure.

    (...) We get it, that itīs not a good idea not to misbehave in public! They might drag you off an airplane! We understand that you sometimes just have to suck it up, and not say anything!

    But when you deliberately PRACTICE recognizing an emotion, that doesnīt feel good- which means, every time my IB is looking at this, differently, but I choose to stay focused upon it, in opposition to my IB, so the knowt still remains in my stomach- BUT I DON`T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    And: In fact, in an attitude of seeking tolerance, most people would say:
    Tolerance is not liking it, and just accepting it. Well, intolerance might mean, not liking it and throwing a fit! Well, maybe itīs better to not throw the fit!

    But itīs certainly not good for you to look at something unwanted, and not do anything about adjusting your vibration!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Beyond tolerance (Boston 2017)

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    Not hearing the answers?

    I just feel I have so many questions in my heart that I have no one to ask. And I just imagine one day I will ask you. But, maybe, like you said, I couldn’t get all of the answers in one day…

    Here’s the thing: When you ask – we’re not talking about you, being here with Esther – when you ask, we will hear you, and we will answer.

    When you ask, we will hear you, and we will answer.
    So, even Esther doesn’t hear us sometimes. She can’t always hear us. She’s gotta be in this place.

    She has to be in a receptive mode in order to hear us. She can’t be focused on something gone wrong and hear us, you see? So, it’s like… How do you get rid of doubt? Before it happens. And… How do you get so you can hear Abraham?

    You bask.
    You bask, or you meditate, and you bring yourself into a place of receptivity. You get to that place, and then…

    So, this is the things about asking: The vibrational characteristics, the vibrational frequency – for lack of a better word in Esther’s vocabulary – of a question is different than the frequency of the answer… because the question has all the unresolved issues in it. It has the doubt in it.It has the, “I don’t know what to do,” in it. It has got resistance in it.

    So, when you ask a question that’s not that time that you’re gonna receive the answer… They’re not the same vibrational frequency, and they don’t usually happen in the same moment… because something that formulated the question within you is active, so you’ve got that going on, and that active question is resistance to the answer,
    that active problem is resistance to the solution.

    So, you gotta, then, chill out.
    Think about something else that you don’t feel resistance about. So, you just go bippin’ along, not thinking about the unanswered question, just feeling happy about something, and then the answer comes… because you’re in a mode that allows you to receive the answer.

    But, because you were deliberate about asking the question,
    when the answer comes, you’ll make the correlation.

    2014-10-18 Westchester, NY

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