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Thread: Faith

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    The whole picture...

    When you begin to take real pleasure in the movement of energy,
    rather than "Iīm willing to move the energy, in order to get the results"-
    because, the manifestations are not what you are looking for!
    The moving of energy is.

    And faith is a movement of the energy!
    Faith is the feeling of the energy moving- regardless,
    without needing the results to be there.

    Ohhh, weīve been talking about this for years, and today we are
    still talking about it...

    Hereīs the thing.
    WHAT if we all stop talking about everything, and weīd just start being in faith...
    And weīd just start coming to you without any questions,
    and just get upon here and just... (nodding) yeah....

    Well, thatīs what WE do.
    If thatīs what you wanted, you would not have left this nonphysical forum,
    where we donīt offer words, where we stand in that vibration and
    communicate vibrationally, through emotions!
    Thatīs what thatīs like!

    But you said: Iīll go,
    and stir it up in order to come to new things that I desire!
    Now, we think... this is what we want you to discover more of your time-
    We would like you to be more step 3 orientated than step 1 orientated.

    The expansion of the Universe would seize.

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    "I have faith in my wellbeing, or
    I have doubt in my wellbeing.
    I have faith in my goodness,
    or I doubt my goodness.

    I have faith in expansion,
    or I doubt expansion.
    I have faith in positive outcomes-
    or I doubt positiv outcomes.

    So if you apply the opposite end of the stick,
    it helps sharpening your awareness of what something is!

    So, everything that we are talking about,
    ESPECIALLY today- if you have been listening to us for a while,
    and many of you have- you follow this path of evolution
    of this message.
    The message has not changed at all.

    Our delivery of it is changing constantly, in order
    that you have been denying-
    because you covered it
    with the momentum of belief- beliefs, that donīt resonate with it.

    But we canīt peel this beliefs away and call them wrong.
    We just can foster what works."

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    Your CALLING

    Could you speak of the interplay between choice and destiny?

    ALL that you call destiny IS CHOICE.

    What feels like destiny are the incremental choices, that you made
    by knowing what you do want and knowing what you donīt want.
    And throwing them, indicidually, into your Vortex.

    (...) When you get a whiff of your Vortex, it feels like destiny!
    Itīs calling you in SUCH a strong way. But the "destiny" in this
    conversation was made up of individual choices, that you were
    making. And than, we must speak to choices that you have made,
    even before you came into this physical experience, that donīt
    vary at ALL from what you vibrationally are determining now!

    But it feels to you as a "calling",
    and thatīs why you call it destiny.

    (...) Sometimes there is a feeling that is just SO STRONG, and it
    CAN NOT be denied, and if you feel it- and you turn away from it, to
    do something else instead, sometimes you start sort of feeling
    paralization- iow, you CAN NOT NOT GO into the direction of this
    powerful calling, and be satisfied!

    But that requires a little trust!
    Thatīs why we explain it to you, in this way: You were nonphysical
    energy, before you came into this physical body. YES!
    And here you are, in this physical body. YAY!!
    And the nonphysical part of you is still nonphysically focused- and
    flowing to you, and through you, all the time- but, nonphysically focused!

    So, here you are, with your physical perspective, sifting and sorting,
    knowing what you donīt want and knowing what you do want, and
    asking CONTINUALLY for this and that.

    And so, this rockets of desires are going forth, into this vibrational
    reality that we have named the Vortex. Because, we wanted you to
    feel the REALITY of it, even though you cannot yet see it or hear it
    or taste it or smell it or touch it.

    Itīs THE VIBRATIONAL VERSION of all that you have become.
    And your IB stands there, STRONG and benefitted by the choices
    that youīve been making as youīve been sifting and sorting!
    So, this nonphysical part of you is standing there, in all of that
    clarity, and all of that knowing- AND NO DOUBT, no lackful anything-
    ALL things wanted, because:
    YOU SIFTED IT OUT, one experience at a time.

    And now, your IB is there- and, most important, because LoA
    is responding to this entity called "you", and your nonphysical inner
    being, and ALL that youīve asked for -as LoA is responding to that,
    cooperative components are called to that.

    And you- who has the most vibrational... weīll call it "DNA", itīs
    wrong terminology, but the most vibrational hooking to it, because
    -you CREATED IT!- there is NOTHING in all of the Universe, that
    this cooperative... you are THE most desired component!!
    Letīs call it this way!

    Your IB is MOST DESIROUS of you, being a
    cooperative component to your own creation!!

    And thatīs why it feels like such a
    powerful CALLING.

    And thatīs why you feel such satisfaction, when youīr having
    any thought thatīs moving towards it. And thatīs why youīr
    feeling an uneasy tugging, when youīr having a thought that
    takes you from it.

    (...) When you go contrary to ANY of the
    KNOWLEDGE that you have COME TO -through all
    that you have lived!- then you arenīt moving in
    the direction of your DESTINY!

    And the reason that the word destiny is a good word is, can you feel
    the INEVITABILITY of it? The ABSOLUTENESS of it?

    We just donīt think you should have to croak, to get there!
    We think you have the ability to pay attention to how you feel- and
    to, thought by thought, allow yourself to be called by this powerful
    LoA that is calling you, and all of the cooperative components there!

    How many what you call synchronistic things, or maybe even
    coincidental things happen and you marvel at the oddness of that
    coincidence, when we revel
    in the sureness of the attraction!

    (...) In time you will understand, that your destiny

    GOT you! Your destiny HAS you!
    Your destiny, made up of individual choices. But youīve got to make
    the choice to wanna FEEL GOOD, to be anywhere near it.

    Is "Destiny" a word like "God", that we can never speak to you again?
    Donīt mess up the idea of destiny.

    Let it be your longterm-intentionality that you are adding to, every day
    of choices. Destiny couldnīt exist, if it where not for choices.
    And destiny couldnīt be discovered, or you couldnīt find your way
    to it, if it wherenīt for the CHOICE of wanting to feel good.

    There is no destiny, where you have to think those thoughts.
    You have free choices, free will in every thought you think!
    But ultimately, youīll end up in a really goodfeeling place
    -for a minute, for a little while, because youīll jump right back
    with both feet, into MORE choosing.

    Because, choosing is whatīs necessary for eternity.

    San Diego January 14 2017

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    thank you Qzi!


    Baseball guy:
    I want money, money and more money! So I don't have to worry about

    We want that for you, too,
    but we don't want you to ask for the security that
    comes from physical promises from physical humans.

    We want your awareness of your security to be that
    you know how the Laws of the Universe work, you
    know how to focus, and you know this positive focus
    that you know how to offer will ALWAYS bring you
    good things.

    Don't try to see so far down the road.
    Just see what is and look for the good things!
    Look down the road, and look for the good things.

    Just don't demand that promises be made, that give you the
    security. You see, this is what makes the difference between
    someone who can stand where you are in an attitude of belief
    and trust, some call it faith. Most don't like the word faith,
    because faith feels like,
    "Be happy even though you have no evidence of being happy."

    We want to acknowledge to you, and you to acknowledge to yourself,
    you have much evidence that supports the power
    of positive thought.

    Baseball guy: Sure.

    So just chill out. Don't try to figure it out all at once.
    Just pat yourself on the back and feel more appreciation.

    And the mantra that we want you to offer over the next days is,
    "I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go.
    I figure it out as I go. I don't have to figure it all out today.
    I'm figuring it out as I go.

    Look how well I'm doing! I figure it out as I go.
    The Universe adores me. The Universe is yielding to me.
    Good things are lined up for me. There's not a reason in the world
    for me to worry.

    When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have
    nothing to do with my current reality or my current vibrational stance."

    You are doing extremely well!

    San Diego 11/12/08

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    "It is your faith that has made you whole."

    HS wants to get able to cure "every disease" as Jesus did.

    Really! Do you know that?
    Because, we donīt know that, and we know everything!
    Are you saying that there was never a person in so much resistance,
    that the knowing of that one was not able to desuate it?

    I donīt understand.

    Jesus said, after one healing,
    "It is your faith that has made you whole".
    Iow, he was not willing to take credit for what happened!
    Which is what we just said to you: We are holding the vibration.
    But it is YOU who is moving into the vicinity of it!

    Iow, we promis you that this man, which you hold in this very
    high position, -and we do not quarrel with how you feel about him,
    at all- we are just saying, he was NOT asserting power into anyones

    He was utilizing the laws of the Universe in the SAME way that we
    are asking YOU to do it:
    Holding the vision from ITV.

    And then, there is a greater probability of bringing someone into
    vibrational cord with their own wellbeing.

    But we are jumping on you a bit because of your words
    "He was able to heal EVERYONE." Because, there were vibrational
    holdouts for him, as well.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Jesus & Higher levels of consciousness

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    Faith needs to be grown through Satisfaction!

    thank you, songbird!

    I find myself not trusting those signs.

    Stop that!
    -So, what your saying is, that you've got some habits of thought, some disbelief about something. But your managing to quiet your mind, and your able to suspend your disbelief.
    And then, when the impulse comes, the sign, or the awareness of it- as soon as you get focused upon it, the disbelief comes back up again. Well, just keep going and after a while, that disbelief will not keep coming back up!

    But here's the thing that we really want you to hear, all of you to hear.
    Most would say, well, until what I want manifests, I wont believe it. We say, you have got to have some faith or trust in the process!

    So weīre asking you not to feel certainty about it, and not to need it to manifest, because that's what gooses up the distrust. Because REALITY is confirming that you shouldn't believe it- because it hasn't happened.

    So, reality will ALWAYS PROVE,
    that your DREAM is not happening, or at least that
    it hasn't happened YET!

    -And that's the whole point of this conversation that were having these days. Were asking you, not to look for TRUST or BELIEF, because that might be over here, closer to the manifestation.

    Were just asking you to feel satisfied in the THOUGHT.

    So, when you see the Sign, it could be really SATISFYING to you.
    -You see what were getting at: The thought just feels good.

    So, if your looking for SATISFACTION of the thought. Not POWER to create it in my experience right now. (...) Just feel that satisfaction,
    and in time that satisfaction will turn to trust.

    If it feels like mistrust instead of satisfaction, then it cant turn to trust. Do you hear that?
    So if you find satisfaction, it can turn to more satisfaction, and more and more, and turn to trust, and then it can come to belief, and then it can turn to knowing, and then it turns to REALITY. This full blown manifested in every way, so that it can be translated by all of your physical senses, and so can others.

    But in the beginning, just ask for Satisfaction.
    Not proof, not evidence, not momentum, just satisfaction:

    "Ooooh, that thought felt good,
    -Ooh that thought felt good,
    -That thought feels good,
    -That is such a satisfying thought."

    from the clip Abraham 2017 - trusting the signs Atlanta 2017

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    Until death do us part

    That “death do us part” thing is a protective mechanism.
    It says, “I don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you to be in a place
    where we are evoking the best from each other.
    And so, just to make sure, let’s promise that even if we don’t,
    we’ll suffer it out together.”

    Every law, sacred or secular, that we have ever seen
    in your environment has always come from a place
    of disconnection, from a place of protectiveness.

    Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 7/24/99

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    How to get faith?

    We want you to love the trust SO MUCH,
    that you are willing to look in subtle places, for it!

    That is the answer.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - How Can I Grow In My Faith

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    So, basically, we can have whatever we want?

    Yes, not basically.
    Absolutely, undeniably, unequivocally- yes!!

    -Abe. 3/28/02

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    We’re asking you to trust in the Well-being.
    In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing.
    In positive expectation there is thrill and success.
    In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing.

    What you’re wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream.
    We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white.
    We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be, and pretend that it is.

    What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze.
    Practice changing your perspective.
    Practice talking to different people.
    Practice going to new places.
    Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place.

    In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy.
    Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place.

    We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

    Excerpted from San Rafael, CA on 3/4/98

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