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Thread: Doubt and Procrastination

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    Most of you do not believe
    that it is your natural state of being
    to be well.

    Excerpted from: Boston, MA on October 20, 1996

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    Deadlines vs Lifelines

    Whatīs really interesting about this word "dead-line"...
    think about it. "DEAD...." think about what it means! (laughter)
    And think about the flawed premise that people even approach that,
    from! When they speak of "dead", they mean, the end. There is no more!

    And there isnīt even any dead-line in DEAD!
    Because you are eternal beings. The whole premise of a dead-line
    is FLAWED!

    Letīs speak about deadlines in the way physical people mean it anyway.
    So when you believe, and a lot of people do, (...) when you say
    "I need to accomplish such and such in this much time, this means
    I need to offer this much action for this much result in this much time."

    They are almost always OOTV when they are doing that, and they are
    not utilizing the leverage that being ITV would allow them!

    (...) If you donīt take the time to get ITV, then everything is harder.
    So, everything takes more time. You have to go back and do things
    over, again, you rendezvous with people who donīt know what they
    are doing- iow, and so when you got this time-crunch that youīve got
    going on, it just gets worse and worse.

    Itīs like, the more out of balance you get, the more out of balance
    you get. While, if you walk away from the behavior and the action,
    and you tae the time to -no matter what- meditate, release, relax,
    soothe yourself back into alignment, next time you approach it, it will
    be easier for you.

    Now, there is another piece that weīr sort of hovering around and we
    want to bring it in, because we havenīt talked about it before in this
    detail (...). So, most people who are approaching this in a deadline-
    perspective are trying to accomplish an outcome with behavior or action.

    You just canīt manipulate it enough. You canīt grab enough people.
    You canīt make them do what they need to do- iow, you canīt get there
    from there. Action IS NOT THE ANSWER!

    And yet, almost everybody who uses the word "deadline" is SO
    completely action-oriented that theyīr just fighting against themselves.
    And weīve gotta tell you, that people who work with deadlines- while
    they do accomplish things, it is still mediocre creation.

    Because they are just going about it the hard way.
    And even though they may get- by earth-standards, some results,
    theyīve sacrificed their joy in the process and therefor have failed
    at the reason that they exist!

    So, a deadline is complete OOTV.
    Now, lets consider the other side of this!

    Letīs call it a lifeline, rather than a deadline.
    Whatīs a lifeline? First of all, everything you want is already been
    arranged! And LoA has already assembled it.
    And so, if you are reaching for ALIGNMENT,
    now things can happen EASILY!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks~ Deadline~ Instead look at your Lifeline

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    Same interaction, later:

    Lifeline instead of deadline:
    Let it (what is done vibrationally) BE!

    (What you have desired is done vibrationally. Now...)
    ...Everything is right on track. Everything is unfolding perfectly!
    Now itīs a matter of no longer trying to struggle it into place!
    And deadline it into place. And bang it into place. And coerce it
    into place. And demand it into place.

    Itīs a matter of LETTING iT BE. Letting the Goodness that you SO
    deserve, that you SO set into motion, that you SO- even recently,
    contributed to so magnificently, just LET it BE.

    Let the good times roll.
    Let the fun BE!
    Let my attitude improve!
    Let the evidence be shown.
    Let the world understand. Let me know, right now!

    Iow, let it BE.
    Let who I really am be present in this moment.
    Let my eagerness be. Let my passion be. Let my clarity be!
    Let my balance be. Let my metabolism be. Let my wellbeing be.
    Let my cells do what they do. Let my children be, let my nation be!

    Let the government BE. Let the healthcare-system BE.
    Let the ecology be. Let the economy be. Let the good times roll.
    Let the wellbeing BE, let the earth spinning in itīs orbit, in perfect
    proximity, let it be. How involved in that are you?

    Youīr not involved in that, you LET THAT BE!
    You let that be, and you can let everything be, in that same expectant
    of good things, to be. Because, youīve set it into motion.
    And the larger part of you KNOWS it. And when you train yourself
    into that expectation, then wellbeing abounds, always.

    When you stand where you stand, with your new found determination
    to improve your mood, you release anything that even remotely
    approaches a deadline.
    And you completely align with everything that is a LIFELINE.

    When you decide that how you feel matters first and foremost,
    and you tend to that first, you serve your purpose for being in

    But you deserve to feel better than you commonly do!
    And you are the only one who can do anything about it.
    (...) WE (Abraham) would decide, that my mood is my TOP PRIORITY!

    "Iīm gonna wear it as the badge I was born to wear.
    My mood is gonna be evident to everyone.
    And the mood that I wish to impart, the mood that I wish to share,
    the mood that I wish to inspire,
    is the mood of POSITIVE EXPECTATION
    for me, and all that I see."

    from the clip Abraham Hicks~ Deadline~ Instead look at your Lifeline

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    Don't do anything that you don't really want to do.
    Keep yourself in a place of feeling good.
    Reach for the thought that feels better -
    - and watch what happens.

    Excerpted from Boston, MA - Sunday, October 10th, 1999

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