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Thread: Coolest thing i've ever seen in my physical reality!

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    Coolest thing i've ever seen in my physical reality!

    Hey friends! I saw the coolest thing today and i took a pic and would love to show u all.
    Is there a way to attach a pic with posts? Insert image only has a option to add a url , this one is saved on my laptop. Any ideas?

    I can't wait to show u all ! Everyone will get a kick out of it

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    While I understand that you're super-stoked, but please keep in mind that this is The ABE Forum and we like to keep the focus on these teachings rather than turn this Forum into a mini-FB.

    That being said, we have opened The Playroom where you can share such things as your photo. In fact, check out the existing threads to make sure that there isn't already a suitable thread open for your photo.

    Before you get started:

    Read our Image Posting Policy and our Linking Policy.

    The easiest way is to copy-and-paste your image into the text-editing window, where you would normally type your post. Please click Go Advanced and then Preview Post (as described below) to make sure that you have not inadvertently created a link to your image.

    If you can't simply copy-and-paste, then the process is only a little more cumbersome (It will see from my very thorough instructions which follow to be a real pain, but I'm just being thorough):

    (ETA: The following will be necessary for you, since you'll need a way to get your photo off your laptop.)
    Find a "place" to host your images.
    The Forum no longer accommodates the hosting of outside files, including images. This means that your image will have to be stored elsewhere but still be accessible by the Forum software. As of this writing, there are a number of free image hosting services available on the Internet. While the Forum makes no endorsements nor recommendations of services, past Forum friends have used services such as Flickr, tinypic and picasa to host their pictures. (Please consult the list below* for a list of services with which Forum friends have had difficulties in the past Sign up for one that's appropriate to your needs. (Don't forget to check their Privacy and Usage Policies.)

    To post:
    1. Make sure you have the rights to post your desired image in your post.

    2. Check in with your Emotional Guidance System regarding your image.
    Does this image feel good to share with the Forum? (Note: Normally, we encourage our Forum friends to feel "better." However, when posting images on the Forum, we ask you to use the higher standard of "feeling good" when you select your images to post.)

    3. Check in with our Image Posting Policy to make sure that you're posting your image in the appropriate sub-forum.

    4. Cut and Paste the image into your post.
    The exact procedure to do this will vary depending on your own individual device and the web browser that you're using, but it's usually a simple process using those terms.

    5. Preview (Check in with your guidance again)
    None of us (even the Abe-est of pro's) really like having our posts fiddled with, so it's always a good idea to make sure you're Aligned and then to Preview your post. Click on the Go Advanced link at the bottom right corner of the Editing window. That will take you to the Advanced Editing page.

    6. Check for links.
    As you know from reading our Linking Policy, active links from your Forum posts to other sites can create issues for the smooth operation of the Forum, so we only can accommodate them in some specialised instances. When we're dealing with images, sometimes those links can "sneak" in without our knowing it. So we ask all members' assistance in double-checking your own posts to catch these active links.
    From the Advanced Editing page, click on Preview Post (at the bottom right corner of the Editing window), which will display (at the top of the page) how your post will appear when it's posted in the thread. (Important note: It has not yet posted in your thread.)

    7. Click on Submit Post or Submit New Thread.

    *Hosting services which may not "play nicely" with our Forum software:
    (Please note: while it is our intention to keep this list current, technology is an ever-expanding field.)

    photobucket (links to hosted image, rather than embedded image in post)

    Tapatalk (links to hosted image, rather than embedded image in post)

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    Darn, still can't figure it out but that's ok! I will make it my profile picture!!

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    Well, the instructions are there, if you ever decide you want to give it another go.

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