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Thread: Quotes about being weird, genius and "doing it your own, DIFFERENT way"

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    About true leadership

    To be charismatic, or attractive,
    or have this leadership-thing,
    you canīt have contradiction in your vibration.

    So- leaders have an idea that they donīt
    beat the opposite drum of, all the time.

    IOW- a leader is usually
    really in harmony with his idea,
    and that makes him the leader:

    In his purity -by purity we mean clarity of his idea
    and not always thinking the opposite of it,
    he has very strong attraction power.
    And so he brings people to him who-
    in some way- match the idea.

    And often, the leader brings others around him,
    that are equal in their desire,
    but often not equal in their belief.
    And thatīs why you call him the leader.

    He is the one that is most often pure.
    He is stubbornly attached to the idea and will not join
    in with the naysayers or the worriers.


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    There is nothing that you're wanting to know
    that you do not have the capacity to understand fully.

    And there is nothing that you're wanting to know
    that the Universe does not already know that you want to know,
    and has already begun the process of answering.
    And so, go forth in excited anticipation
    that the new ideas will continue to bubble forth,
    and that the Universal Forces will continue to come forth in loving,
    benevolent, eternal answering to that which you are about.

    Excerpted from: Albany, NY on October 01, 2001

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    Your cells are brilliant geniuses!

    “…think not about instructing your cells,
    but about taking instruction from them…

    it’s not so much about what you’re telling them
    as about what they’re telling you,

    because they are consciousness
    who is in direct conversation with your source energy,
    and it is to the degree that you are worried about things
    and blocking that communication that makes you then not understand.

    So, the more you are reaching for thoughts that feel good
    and the more that you are finding thoughts that feel good,
    the more rampages of appreciation and lists of positive aspects,
    the more that that is just a natural easy natural way for you
    to feel as you begin each day,
    then the less you will be blocking the communication
    between your cells and their source.

    Now, we don’t want to separate you from your cells
    and we certainly don’t want to separate you from your Source,
    but we do want to tell the story in this way:
    Your Source has direct conversation and communication with your cells,
    and if you aren’t in the way it will go really really well.

    So, your cells are giving you commination all the time
    in forms of impulses in forms of craving,
    but most humans are not allowing their cells to let them know what they need

    “You stupid cell, there’s far too many carbs in that thing
    that you are making me crave, than in what I want,
    and so I’m going to override your request
    and not give you what you’re asking for,
    because I’m responding to something outside of me
    rather than something inside of me.”

    Your cells know what to do. They are brilliant genius.
    Your body is a veritable chemical factory.
    It is in concert with itself.
    Think about the forming of the body!

    Do you realize that not that long ago,
    you were just like a little smear on a petri dish,
    and out of that little smear here you are?

    Don’t you find that amazing, that each part of the little smear
    knew what it was supposed to do
    in order to turn out the way you are?
    Don’t you just find that amazing?

    That’s intelligence and consciousness that’s going on
    between Source and cells,
    that you don’t need to get actively involved in,
    but you do want to trust the knowledge of these cells,
    these intelligent cells,
    and trust the knowledge of the source within you,
    and then you do your work, your work, your work,
    what is your work all day long,

    which is to get feeling as good as you can about anything
    that you can feel good about,
    and then follow the impulses that come,
    and it is our promise to you that you’ll be on a path of good feeling,
    energizing, good feeding, good fueling beingness.”

    The recognition that you will have
    as your cells participate in jubilation with you,
    that will translate in the form of clarity, in the form of vitality,
    in the form of energy, in the form of physical wellbeing,
    in the form of sleeping well.

    ….there will be so much evidence of the alignment that you have found,
    but you have to be willing to find the alignment…

    you’re looking for the feeling of ease first,
    trusting that the impulse will come,
    that will continue to bring you the evidence that you are looking for
    that is more striking evidence
    that others can see and hear and smell and taste and touch.”

    North LA, Febr. 2014

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    ANY part of "weirdness" adds to the whole.
    (...) Ahhhh, DIVERSITY!
    Diversity is SUCH a lovely thing!!
    Because it is the underpinning of everything,
    that we ALL are- and we are eternal, and so-
    the more diversity, the better it is, for all of us!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

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    "Ask, and it is given" means that whether you are
    a full blossoming genius human, or whether you are
    the one-celled amoeba in the ocean, or a cell in one of your bodies,
    when it is concluded that something else is preferred (no matter
    how developed the consciousness is) every time a preference
    is noted, Nonphysical Energy rushes forth to answer it.

    It is the promise of our evolving beingness.
    Excerpted from: St. Louis, MO on July 18, 2000

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    Donīt nurture limiting beliefs!

    Do you know that the only thing that can ever hold
    you back, is your own limiting beliefs?

    Now, what is a limiting belief?
    A limiting belief is a belief that contradicts your desire.
    That's it. Well, how did you get those beliefs? You just picked them up
    along your physical trail, and now you drag them everywhere you go.

    Do you do it deliberately? Do you say, "I think I will carry limiting
    beliefs around with me, to keep me from thriving, to keep me from being
    clear minded, to keep me from being safe, to keep me from being well,
    to keep me from being prosperous.

    I think I will just pick through the rubble of physical human experience,
    and I will just gather up a whole parcel of things that don't serve me well.
    And I'll carry them around and pass them on from generation to
    generation, and I'll make my life miserable with them and, hopefully,
    I'll pass them on to my children who will do the same."?

    It's not like that at all, is it? Not one of your limiting beliefs did you
    pick up deliberately intending to do yourself or someone else harm.
    You did not do any of this in a deliberate way, you did it in an
    indeliberate way, because you did not understand the power of your

    You did not believe that feeling good meant that it
    was good for you.

    It does not matter how you picked up these limiting beliefs.
    The only thing that matters is that you recognize that the negative
    emotion is pointing them out to you. Negative emotion is saying to you:
    You're holding a belief that is thwarting your light
    from shining.

    It's thwarting the God Force or Creative Life Force that is naturally
    being drawn through you.
    Sometimes we see you moving through your day-to-day experience,
    and you can tell that you have a limiting belief, or at least you can tell
    that something is screwy within you, because you can feel the strong
    negative emotion that is within you.

    It often comes forth right after you have clearly identified that you
    want something. When you clearly identify that you want something,
    when you heighten the focus of some desire and the Energy begins
    to move more quickly -- the limiting Energy becomes more evident.

    Dallas, TX on Sunday, November 11th, 2001

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    ...The appreciation that nonphysical feels,
    for the physically-focused human who bangs around
    in the contrast, for the express purpose
    of giving birth to a new desire which summons
    All-That-Is forward into the bright new place.

    And without that expansion, we would all cease to be.
    So you are not, and have never been, broken
    and substandard, trying to
    [get] back into Heaven
    or the nonphysical.

    You' ve always been the creative
    genius, out here on the leading edge,
    carving the path for All-That-Is to follow.


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    Most of you feel resistance and think it’s normal.
    And we want you to know IT'S NOT! It’s abnormal.
    It is not anything like who you are.

    What is normal to you is enthusiasm.
    What is normal to you is laughing a lot. Many, many times a day. Feeling strong and secure. Feeling so much self-confidence, so sure about who you are, that when you look at others you’re always in a position to uplift them.

    What’s normal for you is to have so much energy, that at the end of the day you are still looking for things to do. Having such a passion for life that you’re eager to get together with other people to hear about what they’re doing, to see if it’s anything you might want to turn a little of your attention to. To have so much energy at the end of the day, that you’re already eagerly planning tomorrow. Feeling disappointed that the sun goes down and enthusiastic the sun comes up!

    What is normal is a zest for life beyond anything that most of you, over eight years of age, have remembered or felt in a long, long time.
    That’s what's normal.


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    Thank you Qzi!

    Blitz the energy stream!

    We're going to give you something here that will sound a little far-out, and some of you may hear it enough to use it effectively.

    Vibration is an interesting thing... have you ever been in a situation where there is a sound vibrating in the room, maybe of tuning forks, or even piano strings, or even sometimes guitar strings, and then another vibration very loud and dominant is interjected into the room. And if it is loud enough, clear enough, pure enough, it will influence the vibration of the other strings.

    In other words, you can literally make tuning forks start vibrating, just by introducing a vibration. The other day Esther was in a hotel, and some engine that was running somewhere in the hotel was causing vibrations right within her room that were acclimating to the vibrations,
    [the walls] just went right along with it.

    What we're getting at here is, is that when you tap into that stream and that 68 seconds, you can blitz the energy field of your subject, and literally clarify it to such an extent that other things no longer have any dominance or any vibrational power.

    Iow, when you connect to Source energy, and apply it through your focus, which is nothing more than attention and perception to any subject, you blitz the energy stream!

    That's why healers are able to take people from illness to wellness, you see. But then the question is, how long will you stay there? In other words, did blitzing it... it changed the energy stream enough to affect this moment, but maybe not enough to cause a physical manifestation.

    Do you see what we're getting at? But most of you don't believe until you have a physical manifestation. So what we're talking about is finding a way to believe in your vibration even before the physical manifestation occurs. And if you're able to do that, then you can change the 30 days to 1 day or 2 days.

    --transcribed from "Abraham-Hicks - The Power of 17 Seconds Focus.

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    You are supposed to feel good, and you are supposed to thrive. Life is supposed to treat you good. You are powerful creators, and you have come forth with great purpose.

    And the purpose is to stand in this leading edge environment and to feel the variety of the Universe inspire within you the thought and the new idea coupled with the belief that you are worthy enough to receive whatever is necessary to bring that to fruition.

    You are adventurers, you are pioneers, you are leading-edge creators, and you wanted it that way.


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