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Thread: Quotes about being weird, genius and "doing it your own, DIFFERENT way"

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    No detail is too small for the Universe,
    to go straight to perfection of what YOU WANT.

    San Diego CA, 2015-08-15

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    The harder, the more FUN it can be! Just line up!

    You know that path of most allowing,
    or that path of least resistance...
    Weīr gonna say something in a way you have not heard before (...).

    Your journey is more FUN,
    because thereīs resistance on your path.

    It just is! Itīs more fun!
    You donīt REALLY want a straight, swift line to the things you want!
    You think you do. But itīs SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING
    to figure it out, as you go!

    Itīs all about resistance- to be a hands-on-creator,
    to be molding the clay, to get better and better and better
    at this, to see the results, that you get...
    -think about it!

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    Making applications

    (sending tons of resumes, applying yourself, trying to get job-interviews...)
    There are those who say, if you throw enough mud at the wall,
    some of it will stick.

    And we say: Yes. But it always makes a big mess.

    What WE want from you is that you think about:

    -Why do you want this?
    Why do you want this job of your dreams?
    What is it about it, that turns you on?

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    (Leadership)- itīs just you and YOU,
    coming into alignment.
    YOU and you. YOU and you, and WITH you, and YOU-
    the power. The energy, that creates worlds.

    Flowing to you, and through you, towards EVERYTHING
    that you want.
    Endlessly. New ideas hatching every day.
    Never getting it done! Never wanting to get it done.

    Because it feels so good, to be alive, like that.

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    Rampage for daring to be genius
    in a world that does not "get you".

    "...Because I LOVE the thought.
    And I love to look at something differently, than most others can see it.
    I love the mind-expansion, that is required, in this.
    I love the free flowing of thought, around it.
    I love the bigness of it! I love the massiveness of it.
    I love the wholeness of it. I love the perfection of it!
    I love the wonder of it. I love the amazement of it!
    I love the co-creative genius of it.
    I love the unknown of it!"

    Yeah, and something else comes up.
    Itīs the connection. When you see this things...
    I donīt know how to explain...

    WE do!!!!
    Itīs what weīr talking about! Itīs that ALIGNMENT!
    Thatīs what that alignment is!
    Thatīs that feeling of seeing the world through the eyes of source!

    Just catching glimpses of the way it all works,
    the way how creation happens.
    How do you think all of this came into being?
    Exactly in the same way as weīr trying to get a car into your garage!

    Itīs EXACTLY the same process! All of this planets spinning
    in their orbit, in perfect proximity to each other, and beyond
    and beyond and beyond and beyond and beyond and beyond!
    ALL of that! Thought-vibration, that, with attention to it,
    became actualized.

    And, with attention to it became actualized in a rhythm of perfection.
    EVERYTHING, always working out to perfection, you see!

    Itīs no wonder that itīs thrilling to you, to gaze into the direction of that!
    To look upwards, and outwards, and onwards- itīs no wonder
    that THAT is thrilling to you, you see.
    And what feels bad to you is when you come back from all of that,
    and try to figure out how to put a resume together!

    Well, itīs because itīs too soon for that!
    Let the wonder of all of that keep inspiring you. Let it build within you,
    until what comes across in your resume -youīll be so TITITO, that
    what will come across is something so powerful, that it will be undeniable.

    Youīll present your credentials! Youīll let them know that you had
    the stamina and the wherewithal to get to school and get the degree
    and learned what you needed to learn- youīve got the basics.
    But itīs NOT the basics, that will ever carry anyone to greatness!

    Itīs the ALIGNMENT, that carries anyone to greatness!

    Now, maybe the basics are necessary. We really donīt think that they are,
    but in your world, letīs say that the basics are necessary, and youīve got those,
    and now youīve got the basics, but now youīve got something FAR MORE.
    (example of athletes). Itīs FAR MORE than the basics!!!

    They got IN on alignment!
    Theyīr using the leverage of energy that creates worlds!
    And thatīs whatīs flowing through them, you see!
    So, if you will allow yourself to DREAM MORE,
    and to feel the fulness of all of that LONGER,
    rather than doing all of that mundane stuff, that everybody thinks,
    that they need to do to jump through the hoops,

    that you allow yourself to rise above the frame,
    so that you are IN LOVE with the Universe, and all of itīs possibilities-
    then that will come across in the way that you interview, in the way
    that you connect, in the way that you rendezvous, with others!

    Science is so interesting. You know why it moves SO SLOWLY?
    Because everybody thinks, everyone has to agree on everything!
    So you take the slowest minds, and you drag them along-
    with the fastest minds, because everybody has to agree.

    But itīs ALWAYS those who have been thinking outside the box,
    that figured everything out!
    Look at them. All through history.
    Many where put in jail, for being so weird.
    Because they where not willing to follow. Now, those days are gone,
    nobody will jail you. The worst thing that could happen,
    is they might misunderstand you.

    But they will revere you, if you allow your mind to SOAR
    in the way you have the potential of it, soaring.
    So, youīve got the basics. Youīve got the credentials.
    Youīr IN THE GAME.

    Now, let yourself dream into that place of feeling wonderful,
    and then the words will flow forth from you are:
    "I was born for this. Iīve got this intuitive knowing.
    My mind takes me places, where Iīve never been before.
    The idea of this expanding Universe -things occur to me."

    Oh, itīs so exhilarating when you hook in that broader perspective!
    EVERY SINGLE understanding, concept, mathematics, EVERYTHING
    that has ever come into this physical world, has come by
    ONE PERSON, who stood apart-

    who didnīt do the mundane stuff that everybody else does,
    who stopped feeling guilty, about not jumping through the hoops
    that everybody was jumping through,
    and allowed themselves to BE for a longer period of time in that
    Atmosphere of Belief and Understanding.
    And then, the thoughts begin to flow- in a BIG, BIG way.

    And you will never be happy, under any other condition.
    Youīve GOTTA GO THERE!

    We always enjoy visiting with people, who called themselves creative.
    You ALL are, no matter what your endeavor. Those in music,
    or those in art, or those in science- who have felt what it feels like...
    those in sports- biggest population- who FEEL what it feels like,
    to be in that ZONE.

    Who know what it feels like, as you just catch glimpses of that alignment.
    And in that aligned state you turn your attention to something of interest
    to you, and you see it open in a whole NEW understanding.
    And if you donīt need to scamper and get confirmation from others,
    who are NOT there, who arenīt in that receiving-mode-

    oh, THATīS why that calls you! You wanna be in the receiving-mode,
    that nobody else has received! You wanna be in the receiving-mode,
    that nobody else has received. Youīr not a regurgitator!
    You are a CREATOR!

    -HS has experienced that he doesnīt get considered because he has no Ph.D.-

    Than youīr talking to them too soon! Youīr talking to them too soon.
    When youīr in that state of alignment, you carry a credential with you-
    a vibrational credential... Look at the greats.
    What kind of credentials did Galileo have?
    What kind of credentials?

    Your credentials are the way you mundane-ize yourselves!
    Your credentials are the way you standardize yourselves!
    Your credentials are the way you compare yourselves in the action-orientation!

    You are talking about INSPIRATION!
    You are talking about alignment!
    Do you wanna be part of the system, that is requiring you to jump through hoops?
    Or do you wanna tap into the genius of the Universe-
    and make something BIG happen?

    (...) When you ask those willing to play, in the world of mundane-ness,
    to give you your certificates, then you sort of relegated yourselves
    to a different game than you WANNA PLAY IN.
    And we think, THAT is whatīs grinding at you.
    Because, we donīt believe that if you where a basketball-player,
    that youīd go and say: Iīve never played, but I want to play in the NBA,
    and expect that youīr gonna play.

    Thatīs not whatīs going on here!
    You have FAR MORE vibrational credentials then youīr giving yourselves credit,
    and you are letting someone else, that doesnīt UNDERSTAND, how you feel
    who you really are in relationship to what you really want....
    THIS is what weīr saying to all of you all the time!
    You are looking for all of the love in all the wrong places!
    You are looking for accreditation in all the wrong places!

    You are looking for it from other humans, who CAN NOT give it to you!
    Go to your source, and your source will give it to you!

    You are looking for confidence! You are looking for clarity. You are looking for
    stamina, you are looking for vitality. You are looking for genius!
    You are looking for information.
    And you are NOT GONNA FIND IT THERE, with THEM!
    They are moving paperclips around! THATīS their job!

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    Being called weird for "knowing that all is well"...

    Pretty soon, when things not go well, THAT would be weird!
    The anomaly will be things not going well!
    The anomaly would be things being off!
    The anomaly will be the possibility, probability.

    The NORM will be the CERTAINTY.

    And most of the world would call a certain person weird- or arrogant.
    But they would be wrong.

    Denver, September 2012

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    Being in passionate love for a topic

    (HS makes excuses for asking about baseball, "again"):

    "No! No. Just settle this.
    There isnīt anything that pulls energy through you like THAT subject.
    There isnīt ANYTHING, that makes you more alive.
    And there isnīt anything that beats you up more, either.
    There isnīt NOTHING that makes you more alive than that subject.

    THIS is the reason why we enjoy so much having
    this ongoing co-creation with YOU
    (meaning Doug, specifically):
    Because YOU have a very powerful desire,
    you stay focussed.
    There is always a lot of energy moving around it.

    And because you are willing and able to listen to what we say,
    and close enough to the vibration that WE are about,
    So you click in.

    And what we know, that you then know,
    you then KNOW what we know!"

    San Diego, Jan 2013

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    "You CANNOT look at yourself in bogus ways
    AND be happy.
    You CANNOT argue for your limitations
    AND be happy.
    You CANNOT beat up on yourself about what you should have done,
    or even what you should be doing RIGHT NOW-
    AND be happy.

    You've GOT TO make peace with yourself,
    you've GOT TO make it alright where you are,

    it HAS TO BE alright that you don't make your bed
    and it HAS TO BE alright that you lay there ALL day,
    if you FEEL like it, it HAS TO BE alright.

    You HAVE TO STOP letting other humans who need you
    to do conditional things so that they can be happy,
    guide you away from what TRUE LOVE is, you see...."

    2014-10-18 Westchester, NY

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    (When ITV...)

    ...youīr the party, looking for a place to happen!

    From the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Moving from social insecurity to confidence no matter

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    Donīt hold back what you WANT to say!

    We say: Whatīs the point of guidance,
    if youīr not gonna follow it?

    If you feel an impulse to say something-
    SAY IT!
    Because, youīr inner being isnīt saying
    "say this, because theyīr ready to hear it".
    Your inner being is saying
    "say it, because youīr ready to say it!"

    Itīs not your problem, if they are not ready to hear it!

    from the awesome clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ It's OK to experience problems on your path

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