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Thread: Irrelevance.

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    Our friend talked to us last evening about discipline,
    believing that it is an action thing — that one must,
    in order to accomplish, make decisions and stick to them doggedly.

    Make a decision that you are going to do that -
    and speak that, and think that - which makes you feel good.

    That is the only thing you need to know!
    We could have boiled down all of these hours
    of babbling to you into one sentence,

    and that is:

    -Abe, A New Begining II

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    Thank you, sweet butterfly!


    Terrorism is ME, focusing in opposition
    to who I really am and what I really am focusing on!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

    (...)That's the feeling in that you are getting in that feeling of terrorism:
    It isn't the feeling that somebody is gonna come and do to you
    what they've done to others that you worried about!
    It is that in THAT moment you're terrorizing yourself
    by pinching yourself off from the Wellbeing, that would be there,
    if you're not focused in a way thatīs pinching it off.

    And if you are focused in that way that pinched that off enough,
    than the momentum of it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
    until those thoughts turn to things!

    And our question to all of you is:
    "When someone else that you even don't know,
    -when their thoughts that you don't even know that they are thinking,
    when their thoughts turn to things, that you don't want to live,
    WHY would you now turn your thoughts to the things,
    that they've turned their thoughts to the things?!

    IOW, Esther used to say to us "Abraham, but it's true!"
    And we would say "Esther, truth happens, fact happens,
    because somebody focused in a way that makes them happen!"
    And just because that happened, just because they are someone's reality,
    doesn't mean that they have to be YOUR reality!

    But as humans, you often think that because it exists as a reality,
    that it could come and get you!

    Someone else conjured the reality that they didn't want
    because they didn't know what they were doing with their thoughts,
    and they've created a reality and NOW so many people want you
    to look at that reality, and as you look at that reality it becomes
    part of your vibration, until more and more begin to create the reality
    that they do not want!
    As humans, you have to be able to understand that that makes no sense!

    So we would say to Esther "Just because it is true, just because someone lived it,
    doesn't mean that it deserves your attention!"

    And the thing that we would like you to begin to think about is,
    that how it feels, MIGHT will be the criteria about wether it deserves
    your attention, you see.
    And those people that you are labeling as terrorists,
    they KNOW that they don't have the ability to really distract your life
    in any really meaningful way.
    There are too many of you and too few of them.

    They can not really in actuality turn those thoughts to things
    in any way that can be very significant to you!
    But they can terrorize you.
    They can get you to turn your thoughts to the plays
    were you will disconnect you from the Wellbeing that is yours.
    And that is good enough for them.

    You do that to your children, you terrorize them
    with the things that you say, too. IOW, the REAL terrorist is YOU!
    We are just thinking about the book, that our friend worried
    about haven't written. (about previous HS)
    Because there are a lot of people that don't want you to call yourself a terrorist.

    But only you can terrify yourself,
    because only you can focus in a way that disallows
    the Source within you to flow in this moment,

    -and that is what terror is!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    The USA-elections 2016 are the best, EVER!

    HS states that both of the candidates for the elections are not liked really, by anyone.
    -Whatīs going on?

    We think, this is the best election, ever. Because it gives you,
    as a large segment of the population of this planet, an opportunity
    to discover that is was never about THEM, anyway.

    Iow, the Republicans do not create your own reality.
    And the Democrats do not create your own reality.
    Thatīs why they have managed to get themselves in such a stalemate.
    They are proving to you, that they are ineffective.

    And as long as you are needing them to be effective,
    in order for you to live happily ever after- you are in big trouble!
    And so we think it is the BEST election, EVER!
    And the outcome of it is IRRELEVANT!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 01 - 08, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Politicians don't create your reality - this is the best election ever (new)

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    Loosen up on "the topic" thatīs bothering you!

    The topic thatīs bothering you-
    We want it to be IRRELEVANT to you!

    And thatīs hard, because LoA keeps making it relevant.
    Everytime it shows up, you say to it:
    "Iīm not ready for you now. Iīm still mad at you.
    Not ready yet thinking about you, Iīm still mad about you.
    Iīd rather think about YOU! Iīd rather think abot THIS!
    Iīd rather think about THAT."

    -Are we making any in-roads about how you might decide
    to approach it DIFFERENTLY?

    Chicago, September 24, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Loosen up the subject of money and situation will improve fast (new)

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    Abraham Hicks for President?

    Abraham Hicks for president, 2004?
    Is this a possibility?
    Would you consider it, if it was?

    You know, there is never a crowd on the leading edge.
    So there would have to be a quantum-leap in thinking,
    that would be so disruptive, that your world would fall apart

    -Or we would have to ratched our vibration to a place
    we would never want to go.
    How about YOU?

    I think I would be following you.

    You know, something else about it.
    Your president is IRRELEVANT to your experience!
    Donīt tell him.

    We make him relevant.

    It is so wonderful, that there are so many perceivers,
    that are having so many experiences that are exuding
    so much desire, that universal forces and -sources
    are answering, that your world goes round.

    Truly, it is a grass-root-effort!
    And the leaders that sit in the roles, and believe they
    are pulling the strings... ARENīT!

    Thank God.


    San Antonio Texas on April 17, 2004. from the clip
    Abraham Hicks for President?

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    Gender is IRRELEVANT!
    HS asks when people feel they are in the wrong body, do they really
    have to go through so much painful action to change it?

    Of course not! Of course not. There are WAY more easy ways of
    alignment- but thatīs not your business- or ours!

    (...) Itīs more like this. This is the question weīve heard from you:
    "When I had been molded by society, rather than staying in tune
    and in sync with source-energy, are all the decisions that I make,
    the best possible decisions that I COULD make?!
    -And the answer to that is: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    This is the question that weīve heard you ask:
    "Is there an easier way to go about it?"

    From your nonphysical perspective, you are VIBRATION. You are not
    male or female, gender is not relevant!
    You are not gay, or lesbian, or transgender, you ARE VIBRATION.
    So when you think in terms of being vibration, first and foremost-
    than everything else becomes irrelevant,
    by comparison.

    When we say, the Path of Least Resistance leads to YOUR ALIGNMENT,
    most people are not understanding that the POLR leads to alignment-
    and from alignment- you might make different decisions!

    If you are not following your POLR, and so you are not coming into
    alignment- then of course, you make all kinds of decisions, that donīt
    turn out to be very good decisions, which just leads you to stronger
    wanting and stronger desire.

    If there is anything we want you to give you, in response to the strong
    question that you offering her, it is
    that there is NOTHING THAT IS MEANT TO BE- other than
    you get to choose it, as you go along!

    And what we MOST want to give you, in answer to this very powerful
    question, is that youīve got to find some way- and youīr gonna argue
    with us, just a little bit- and weīve got to explain that, too- youīve got
    to find some way, to make it ALRIGHT with you- and you say, it is-
    to make it alright with you, that ANYONE CHOOSES WHATEVER they
    want to choose.

    So then your next question is: "Itīs not that I disagree with what
    anyone else is choosing, I just want to UNDERSTAND it."
    And we say: YOU CANīT!

    You canīt understand.
    Because you donīt know, what the vibrational intent was, coming in!
    We tell you- it was living happily ever after. You donīt know, what life-
    experience was like. You donīt know, what someone else puts into
    their Vortex.


    And the thing about trying to get to the bottom of what makes
    somebody else tick, is that in the process of trying to get at the bottom
    to what makes somebody else tick- you tick out of sync with
    who YOU are!

    Because as you try to integrate with your experience, and understand
    where they are coming from- letīs try to understand Terrorism, for
    example! Well, in the attempt to understand it, you activate in yourself
    things that keep you out of whack with who you are!

    Iow, in your desire to understand why anybody else is living the way
    that they are- in every moment that you are doing that, YOU are not
    syncing up with who YOU are, and you are not receiving the guidance
    about who YOU are, and why YOU are here!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

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    You can be happy or sad, it doesn’t matter. You get to choose. You can go this way or that way. You get to choose. Figure it all out as you go.

    There’s not one right path. There are many right paths!

    Do anything you can do — which means think it or speak it or do it — that makes you feel a little better.

    Excerpted from Boston, MA on 10/10/99

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    thank you WellBean!

    The most loving quote:

    Hotseater: I must still have some resistance

    Abraham: Of course you do. So what?

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    Whether it is a castle or a button,
    if you are using it as your object of attention,
    it is summoning Life Force.

    It is the feel of the Life Force that life is about.
    The reason that you are summoning it, is inconsequential.

    Excerpted from Phoenix, AZ on 4/4/98

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    Be easy about it.
    Donīt make a big thing about it.
    Donīt seek healing- just seek relief.
    Donīt seek improvement, just seek relief.
    Donīt seek solution- just seek relief.

    Just hold in your mind the idea of the stream,
    thatīs flowing mightily
    towards all of the things that you want-
    And then just figure out how you let yourself
    going with the flow.

    And if you will focus on that-
    and that alone-
    everything that you dreamed for
    will manifest so quickly."

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks- We Remain Incomplete

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