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Thread: Fear and Courage

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    Fear and Courage

    Lethargy is the WORST emotion!
    That feeling of not wanting to move, for fear youīll make a mistake? Eeehhhh.
    Move! Get out there! Mix it up!

    NOTHING ever goes wrong. Iow, you CAN NOT get it wrong!
    You canīt get it wrong, and you canīt get it done.
    So, THAT is the ESSENCE OF STEP 5.

    Weīve been saying it right from the beginning,
    but now you are hearing it, on a whole new way.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    facing fear ?

    Asker :
    My next question relates to facing fear...
    and when we should face fear and when it's a good idea to just avoid it...

    Abe : We wouldn't do either one... we wouldn't face it -
    meaning we wouldn't hold it in our vibration and let it be our attraction;
    and we wouldn't avoid it - meaning not paying attention to our guidance system.
    We would understand fear for what it is.
    We would understand it as the signal that lets us know that in this moment,
    we are focused, and therefore causing an encouragement of a vibration
    that is contrary to the well-being that we want.

    Asker : I have a specific thing in mind.. i ride horses... cause we own and ride horses (my husband and i)
    and for most of my life, it's been something that's really important to me and i love a lot... and i still do.
    But in recent years, i've developed a certain amount of fear around it - due to some accidents.
    I don't want to stop riding. My choices - to stop doing it altogether, and not have to feel...

    Abe :
    Now let's talk about this here in a different context. So let's say, you are like Esther.
    You get up in the morning, and you've decided to get into your vehicle and in Esther's case, the monster bus.
    And you're going to move from one place to another. And so you wake up..
    it's a beautiful day... you feel full of anticipation... and so you get into your vehicle and off you go.
    Now let's say, on this particular morning, you wake up, you get all ready to go, you start the engine,
    and as you begin to proceed, you get this feeling of uneasiness...
    but, you have a time dateline and so you don't respond to the uneasiness... you just go.
    only to discover that you left your cell plugged in... or your antenna up.
    In other words the uneasiness was there for a reason. But let's carry it a little further.

    let's say you have a strong feeling of uneasiness that is so close to true discomfort
    that it's really splitting hairs whether you call it uneasiness or feeling uncomfortable in your skin, or fear...
    but whatever it is, it doesn't feel good.

    But, you push ahead anyway... well, we wouldn't do that... because what that's saying is...
    this action i'm taking, is somehow vibrationally mismatched with the other intent i have.

    So, we would stop and ponder, and we would think other things.
    and as you change the subject, and put the monster bus in park, and decide that for now,
    you're not going to go... and you change your thoughts... you focus on the duck,
    or the stream, or whatever, and then the feeling goes away... and you say alright i'm going to go..
    and then you start to go, and that feeling comes back...

    You begin to associate the discomfort with the action you're about to take...
    in other words, it is a misalignment of energies... My intention (which is Well-Being),
    is colliding with this action. In other words, sometimes, the mood of the horse
    or the combination of you and the horse, isn't a good combination.
    and that feeling that's coming forth isn't saying "you dummy, you got to overcome this fear..."
    it's saying... this action is incompatible with some desire that you hold.

    There are only 2 emotions - one feels good and one feels bad.
    and we wouldn't say "I'm going to face my negative emotion
    and stare it down.
    Instead, we would say "I'm going to be sensitive to my negative emotion
    and understand what it is."

    It means some thought/word/action that I am embarking upon is contradictory to the well-being
    i am really seeking. Now, what can i do about my word/thought/action to bring myself back into alignment?

    There are those that say if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will be become comfortable.
    And it is sort of in that vein that you're saying "if i'm fearful... but i stare down my fear..."
    But we're not encouraging you to that.
    We encouragers of coming into alignment and then taking the action.

    We're encouragers of always getting rid of the fear.
    never want you to keep doing things that you're fearful about.

    and maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on this horse.
    Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse...
    But we would never move forward in fear.

    That's like saying "I have sensors in my fingers telling me that this stove is hot...
    but i'm going to do the uncomfortable thing long enough."
    And we say "It's not ever going to get comfortable."
    You are never gonna get comfortable doing something that's contradictory to the Well-being that's natural.
    It's not gonna get comfortable you see.

    And so the encouragement that we would like to give all of you -
    and especially you as we're having this conversation is.. Give yourself more benefit of the doubt.
    And stop more often and say "uh, it looks like it's not going my way, but in reality it is."

    But before you can really get to that place of knowing, you got to start feeling the worthiness, the blessedness
    that of which is really you.
    Sometimes it's easier to say "Well something didn't go right because there's something wrong..."
    than it is to say "well it is going right, i just can't see how right it's really going..."
    Things are really going right for you. And that's the way it's supposed to be.
    And that's what we meant earlier when we said "if you'll stop often and make the best of where you are" -
    in other words, this isn't going exactly the way i think it should go, but ultimately it is better.
    And how many things in your life.. Jerry and Esther talk about this all the time - about how many properties
    they tried to buy that wouldn't go through... and they weren't even aware of the one
    that was ultimately so fantastic that just fell in their lap, and turned out to be so wonderful!

    And then all kinds of pieces around it started falling together... until all of this acres, just coming into their experience...
    effortlessly... and it's always easy to look back and say.. "oh that's why that didn't happen, and that's why that didn't happen,
    and if that happened, that couldn't have happened, and oh how wonderful all of it came together...
    But most of you are not willing to hang in there long enough to get all that hindsight, you see...
    while hindsight certainly goes a long way in explaining how well things were going,
    foresight is so much more beneficial.

    And the foresight that we would like you to have is "Things always go well for me;
    Sometimes i don't understand all of the pieces but things are always going well for me,
    because i am a blessed being and i deserve for things to go well for me;
    and they are always going well for me; and if i can relax and stop fussing around this stuff so much,
    and accept that things really are going well for me, and then bring that right back into the specifics
    of this negative emotion that i'm having right now is an indication that things are going well for me.

    It means things are going well for me.
    It's part of the guidance that makes things go well for me.
    I'm not inappropriate with this negative emotion.
    I shouldn't try and suppress this negative emotion.
    I shouldn't try and over-ride this negative emotion.
    This is guidance saying : something's not lining up.

    Relax and chill out and take another look at it.
    And move only in the direction of what feels good.
    Don't force myself in the direction of what doesn't feel good...
    No good ever comes from that, ever."

    All that facing your fear will ever do for you, is de-sensitize yourself to fear.
    There are so many people that feeling ornery just feels so normal that they don't even realize
    that they're in the middle of a thought that's detrimental to them because they're just used to feeling ornery.
    and the reason they're used to feeling ornery, is because they've faced orneriness...

    in other words, they've learned to put up with it.
    but we don't want you to put up with it at all. We want the slightest piece of oneriness
    to feel so out of sync that you say "whoa, what, what, what, what, what thought am i thinking
    that's making me feeling ornery? More important, what thought can i think that doesn't make me feel ornery?
    oh there it is... oh that feels better, that feels better, that feels better, oh no no that one, oh that feels better,
    oh that feels better, oh that feels better.

    Some of those animals revel in the experience of human interaction. Some of them revile it.
    Some of them want to become co-creators with you in that way. Some of them don't.
    Some of them will put up with it and despise it. Some of them will not put up with it at all.
    Some of them will embrace it. So when you think of that variety, do you want to break (they call it breaking the horse),
    do you want to break the horse's spirit? or do you want to find one that's already in alignment?

    You have many intentions you see, and every horse doesn't meet your intentions.
    So when you say "i'll just modify my expectations so that i can match any horse",
    we say "why would you want to do that?"

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    We want you to TRUST that your guidance is working.
    And realize, that "risk-taking" -letīs really push this, a little bit,
    Whatīs the difference between a strong ADVENTURE,
    with extra-ordinary potential, and RISK?

    Itīs very little vibrational difference!
    Itīs just in what YOUR PERCEPTION of it is!
    You see, weīr not encouraging such different behavior
    from you, weīr encouraging a different PERSPECTIVE
    about the behavior.

    Weīr encouraging to modify the feeling of RISK
    into the feeling of ADVENTURE!
    And modify the feeling of FALLING DOWN into
    the feeling of CLARIFICATION.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    "Utter compassion is a complete and not freaking out awareness
    of where someone is.

    That is utter compassion. Just think about it.
    If there is the slightest discomfort
    as you look at where someone is, you've got nothing to give them.

    So utter compassion must be the okay-ness of where you are,
    the all-rightness of where you are,
    because after all, it's temporary,
    and it's the beginning of where you're going.

    Can you feel it? It's huge.
    It's the missing piece.

    It's the piece that medicine is looking for.
    It's the piece that everyone who's wanting to feel good is looking for.
    It's what's missing in relationships that aren't working.
    It's the piece.

    The okay-ness with what is. Because it's so temporary.
    And because IT, this blessed 'what is', produced this.
    And without this blessed 'what is', this expanded being-ness,
    which is the promise of eternity, could not exist."

    ~Abraham, Denver, CO, 9/3/11

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    Donīt run away! Go to the Grid.

    (It) took you so far from it,
    that it caused you to launch a rocket of desire
    -you said if it wasnīt for your family, you would just run away from it-
    ... you donīt wanna run away from THAT!

    You want to run away from the TENSION?
    -go to the grid.

    You wanna run away from the discomfort!?
    -go to the grid.

    And it is our promise to you, that-
    as you rest in this place of wellbeing,
    it will fill in with more and more and more."


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    Who we are and what we want and what we do (or not) is RIGHT,
    from where we stand!

    At the last seminar, we were talking about buyer’s remorse,
    and how… now this ties in perfectly with the conversations
    that we’ve already had here.

    So, let’s say that you are on that high-flying Disc,
    that you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you’re feeling good,
    and in that state of Alignment.
    e incrementally, knows what it’s amassed to,
    knows what it’s evolved to, knows what’s in your vibrational reality.

    So, you’re bipping along, no resistance in your experience,
    and you receive a manifestation
    that we’re going to call that inspired thought
    about that – perfect Alignment –
    because, that thought and what’s in your Vortex – are perfect Alignment.

    So, you make the decision, but the question is:
    were you – and it’s alright in any case, don’t worry about anything –
    were you chronically enough on that high-flying Disc,
    were you chronically enough, had you chronically enough, often enough,
    were you chronically enough in this vibrational atmosphere
    to allow that dream, that intention, to unfold?

    Or was that a moment of Alignment and, therefore, a Moment of inspiration
    that you could not maintain?
    This is really a good question.

    It’s sort of what we’re talking about
    when we see, that sometimes you take action too soon.
    Because you really want – we love you very much, you know what that means –
    you really want the action that you’re taking,
    to lead you to the feeling that you’re wanting.

    We want the feeling that you’ve accomplished to inspire you
    to the action that will explode the feeling into more.
    Can you feel the difference?

    It felt like the next logical step.

    We don’t doubt that for a moment.
    And nothing has gone wrong, except that in this moment,
    as you are expressing to us, there is some buyer’s remorse going on.

    And so, as we were visiting about this subject a few days ago
    with a lovely group like you, we said to them,
    “We don’t want you to have desire’s remorse.” Desire’s remorse…

    That’s what it feels like.

    And what is that? That’s a desire that I’m not maintaining the frequency of.
    That’s a desire that…
    “I’m letting the reality that I’m observing now control my vibrational atmosphere.
    So, as I allow the variety that I’m observing to control my vibrational atmosphere,
    I’m not up to speed with my own desire,” you see?

    And that is the only thing that has gone wrong.

    You didn’t make a mistake. You were absolutely right.
    You were inspired to it. You just didn’t stay up to frequency.

    MARCH 15, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    You donīt need Courage in Step 5!

    "Weīd call it smart.
    But courage... COURAGE is what people need,
    when they donīt understand how to apply the laws of the Universe!

    WHEN you understand the Laws of the Universe-
    then you donīt need any courage.
    Itīs smooth sailing!
    You donīt need any protection- youīr always in a good place!
    You donīt need any back-up-systems,
    because things always go your way.
    You donīt need any life-boats, because your boat never sinks.

    You donīt need any insurance,
    because nothing ever goes wrong.
    Iow, you get in synch with wellbeing,

    from the clip

    Abraham Hicks ~ Show me the money Abraham

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    Bless you, wonderful Fear!

    "We want to tell you-
    every single time any one of you steps outside the Vortex
    you’re going to experience negative emotion.
    Isn’t that wonderful? Otherwise, how do you know?

    How do you know?
    But think about what our friend said earlier.
    So he goes to that meeting, and he steps out of the Vortex.
    What if he thought that’s where he belongs?
    What if he thought complaining and worrying
    and being pessimistic?
    What about being a fear-monger?

    In other words, that just sucks the life right out of you, you see.
    Your guidance is right on track.
    You have got nothing to be afraid of.

    You know why? You’ve got fear.
    Think about it. Think about it.
    You have nothing to be afraid of, because your emotions
    are indicating where you are in relationship to who you are.

    So you say, are you afraid? -Yes.
    -No! Well, I was afraid. I have fear.
    So I thought I was afraid.
    But now I’m kind of proud: My guidance system is working!"


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    "Having more contrast is beneficial.
    Having SMALL contrast is beneficial because
    the focusing power makes up the difference.
    Did we say it yet in a way that you can hear it?... You want to be specific.

    It feels terrible to sift through contrast and not know your power.
    It feels delightful to sift through contrast when you do know it!

    Watch the people that get behind the fast moving machines.
    Don't they just love to explore their ability to control those vehicles
    at higher and higher rates of speed?
    Now many people would say,
    "It would be a whole lot smarter if you slowed way down."
    And they would say, "Yeah but its way more fun!"
    And others would say, "Oh, but it's so risky."
    And they would say, "Not for me. It's not risky for me."

    It's not risky for someone who knows what they are doing.
    It's not risky for someone whose played this game before.
    It's not risky for someone who's moved up little by little
    and gained control of what they are doing.

    So how do you decide what is better - to drive fast or to drive slow?
    And we say you kinda got to mind your own business
    and just do what you feel like doing today.
    And if you are afraid to drive fast, don't drive fast.
    And if you you are BORED if you drive slow, speed it up."

    Abraham LIVE Albuquerque, NM - March 10, 2012

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    Aahhhhh, if we could parade before you
    just the MASTERS you have been revered as a culture
    -EVERYONE OF THEM would tell you:
    "I wouldnīt give up ONE miserable moment.
    Because everyone of them helped me become,
    who I ultimatively am."

    from the clip
    Money Without A Job? (Abraham-Hicks)

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