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Thread: Quotes about Expectation

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    Quotes about Expectation

    Expectation, or having expectations, os one of the most misunderstood terms I can think of in the "spiritual world".

    I love Abe for adding so much clarity to the topic.

    that you can accomplish.
    Because expectation is a holding of a desire, a clear desire,
    and a belief about the same thing, at the same time.

    And when you are in expectant mode,
    tuned in to Source-energy, heaven and earth moves
    to accomodate IN DETAIL, the things that you have scripted.
    Itīs FUN.

    Seattle, July 2015

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    Expectation is EVERYTHING.
    There are a lot of writers.
    Where they begin to receive thoughts,
    and those thoughts are manifestations.

    And if there is anything we would like you to hear in this room today,
    and this very example is a tripping point, for some of you,
    We want you to have her let her unicorns.

    When something hasnīt manifested, it doesnīt mean
    that it canīt!

    You are not miles away from what you want!
    And you are not years, or hours, or months or weeks or days away,
    from what you want!

    Youīr only vibrations away, from what you want!

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    The IT-Factor!

    (Abe to a coach)
    "And what are YOU giving to it?
    You are adding this it-factor, that nobody really understands what it is.

    (...) WHAT is it that factor, that makes the difference?
    SOMEONE believes in SOMETHING.

    And this is the question!
    Is it believing in THEM? Say no!!!"


    "What is it, believing in?"

    "My capability of my vision of them."

    "And itīs believing in the law.
    Itīs believing in energy.
    Itīs believing in LoA.
    Itīs believing in influence.
    Itīs believing in momentum.
    Itīs believing in what I can do with MY focus.
    Itīs believing in my ability to focus.
    Itīs believing in my guidance system.
    Itīs believing in those things- the general things."

    San Diego, Jan 2013

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    Even fuller quote then in post #1

    So, sometimes it's as if you don't really understand what you've created,
    and other times it's that what you've created
    is so magnificent that you can't expect it quite yet.

    Your expectation is not stretched far enough,
    and that's where that kind of conversation comes
    where you just begin to make statements about what you want
    from your place of Clarity,
    not from your place of feeling bad and trying to get there,
    but once you get to that place -- ... (review of other HS)

    But, as we sense where you're at, what we're saying to you
    Take those thoughts and conversations further with yourself.
    Sure up your expectation.

    Expectation is the most powerful condition that you accomplish,
    because an expectation is a holding of a desire,
    a clear desire and belief at the same time.

    And when you are in Expectant Mode, Tuned In to Source Energy,
    Heaven and Earth move to accommodate, in detail,
    the things you have scripted.
    It's fun.

    July 2015 Seattle

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    About time and opportunities, to get the unexpected

    HS asks about hearing his inner guidance in critical situations.

    Since time is conceptually, and since -in those situations,
    you let go of your control, for a moment-
    that broader perspective simply became DOMINANT.

    There is so much more what you are calling "time" for you,
    to view, or examine, the details of a moment.

    But because "you keep driving out the driveway the same way,
    every time" -
    (hinting to their story of Esther, scratching every time
    she drives out of her driveway the nose of her car)-
    you establish an EXPECTATION that could be different,
    if you would let it be.

    And when you have experiences like that...
    Esther remembers walking around a lake, at a hotel, in Orlando, with Jerry.
    And there was a raise in the sidewalk, and Esther stubbed her toe on it,
    and was going down. And somehow she had that experience, too,
    when TIME SLOWED, and Jerry caught her, and broke her fall-
    in about 5 different ways.
    And she just sort of softly floated to the ground! And she looked up,
    and she said: "THAT WAS FUN!!!"

    That was fun! Because she was going down- but because both of them where in
    what you wanna call time-warp, or a different perspective of time,
    well- if you could accept, that you have source within you, who is aware
    of where you are at ALL times! (...)

    Your IB KNOWS, always, where you stand, in relationship
    with where you want to be. And knows what the path
    of least resistance is- to get you there!
    And so, you have SO MANY MORE RESOURCES, so much more
    help- than most of you allow yourself to receive.

    And the reason that more of you (...) donīt allow more of that help,
    is because somewhere along your physical path you picked up the notion-
    the bogus, ironious flawed-premise-notion,
    that youīr here to prove something, and that you should do it

    And so- for yourself- you had to be in a completely out-of-control-situation,
    before you let go- and ALLOWED that broader perspective to help you out.

    Boston, 2015-10-10

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    Looking Forward

    Esther said: "Ohhh, I am SO looking forwards to that!"
    (...) And the she thought about this list of things,
    that sheīs looking forward to: "Iīm looking forward!"

    And we wanted to say to her (...), What you are really
    looking forward to,
    IS LOOKING FORWARD! Thatīs really what youīr looking for!
    Itīs the looking forward, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!

    Itīs the looking forward, because THATīS where we are all looking, for you!
    So, spend less or no time looking back.
    And look forward, with ANTICIPATION of wonderful things,
    coming into your awareness -wonderful things, that we are already aware of.
    That, if you will spend a little more time in the receiving mode,
    then you will become aware of them, too!

    You see how that works? How do you explain, that thoughts turn to things?
    Other, then that you somehow get your perceptive -receptive mode in a place,
    where you can TRANSLATE them into the physical equivalent?

    Iow, youīve gotta understand, that itīs vibrational-
    and that YOU are the translator of it.
    So, just CHILL OUT! And be easier. And have more fun. And give yourself,
    and everybody else, the benefit of the doubt.

    Boston, 2015-10-10

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    ...All of those (Abe-) processes are for the purpose of helping you,
    once you have asked, which you already have,
    and once you've created this Vortex,
    and it's been vibrationally answered, and it already has,
    these 22 processes are all designed and developed
    to bring you into the Receptive Mode from different places
    that you might be along the Emotional Scale.

    So, as you allow yourself to get more and more into the Receptive Mode,
    what happens is:
    what's in your Vortex begins to manifest in all of these ways.

    STEP 5 is, where you are experiencing what you said-
    "the steady I'm feeling good all the time",
    but it's where you begin to deliberately
    make statements.

    It's where Scripting will really serve you.
    Where you begin to put your conscious mind
    toward the specifics of how
    you would like something to play out, in detail.

    Not with the purpose of making something happen,
    but with the purpose of giving yourself pleasure
    from the descriptive phase.

    And, this is the thing we want you to understand:
    The manifestation is ready to pop,
    and would have popped if you had been as precisely and deliberately
    in vibrational harmony with those details as you need to be,
    in order for them to pop.

    Let's say this another way, because weīr losing some of you,
    and we really want you to hear this:
    Do you accept that so much of what you want is already in the Vortex?
    It's there. And that you are somewhere in proximity to it.
    And that, if you were right there, it would already be manifesting.
    So, if it's not manifesting, then you must not be quite right there.

    So you could do something about suring up your precise vibration
    to match the precision of what the Vortex has spun for you...
    So... you could begin to say:
    "It is my intention, that this week, Iīll be in an environment,
    where the sun shines predominantly.
    And the reason I like to be in a place where the sun shines predominantly,
    -weīr telling you Esthers scripting, before the Alaskian Cruise-
    is because, when we are in Tracieīs arm,
    I want to see the top of those mountains.
    I want to see deep into all of these valleys.
    I want to see the eagles soaring, and the bears creeping.
    I want to see the whales jumping.
    I want to see the vividness of this sea.
    I wanna see it, and I want everybody with me, to see it, too."

    Now, that sounds sort of obnoxious, doesīnt it?
    Sounds sort of like you expect the Universe,
    As if you are the Center of the Universe.

    But when you come to understand, that life has caused you to create
    -and Esther has been thinking about that cruise for a year,
    she KNOWS youīr coming, she KNOWS what youīr gonna see,
    she KNOWS what it could be, she KNOWS that it could be foggy,
    she KNOWS it could be sunny, she KNOWS that there are all this possibilities,
    and she DECIDES how SHE WANTS IT TO BE.

    So, she scripts it.
    And because she has access to the energies that create worlds,
    and when one is connected to the energy-stream that creates worlds,
    she is more powerful than millions who arenīt,
    when somebody does that, and FOCUSES,
    you effect circumstances and events.

    There is no condition or situation on this planet,
    that you do not have the power
    and the creative license
    to improve in the way that YOU FEEL would be most benefitial.

    But youīve gotta hook up with what source feels about it,
    youīve gotta hook up with the energy of SOURCE about it-
    AND THEN, focus.

    We promise you, you wonīt be bored.
    Youīr going to begin to feel the CLARITY
    with which you get to effect
    all of the forces of the Universe,
    all of the energies that create worlds.

    There is NOTHING outside your creative license.
    There is NOTHING that you cannot be, or do, or have.

    Seattle, July 2015

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    Your desire is expanding, all day, every day.
    The question is: are you keeping up with it?
    Are you somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of it,
    Are you EXPECTANT about it?
    Have you DECIDED about it?
    Are you decided about it?

    Have you decided about it, and are you thinking enough
    about what you WANT, rather than the absence of it-
    that your vibrational offering is about WHAT YOU WANT?

    Have you DECIDED it, is that your perspective?

    Intro of Atlanta, April 2015

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    Recently, as we began really emphasizing the Path of least Resistance,
    and talking about turning thoughts to things,
    we want you to feel the- not just value or importance, but the satisfaction of
    being in that comfortable feeling-place of EXPECTATION.(...)

    There IS a point in time, to begin specifically VISUALIZING.

    (...) Timing is everything!
    So, if you get more specific than your vibrational frequency
    allows you to be a good translator, then your specifics beat up on you.
    They backfire. So, itīs about being sensitive.

    2015 04 04 Atlanta

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    You can accomplish an expectation,
    and then, practice an expectation.

    And it wonīt take much,
    to build it and build it and build it-
    into something that is beyond faith,
    and moves into absolute knowing.

    Because LoA responds so readily to the vibration,
    or the thought, or the EXPECTATION,
    that you are presenting.

    2015 04 18 Closing of Chicago

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