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Thread: My IP address has been 'black listed'

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    My IP address has been 'black listed'

    Hi tech support,

    I just tried to log onto the Abe forum via my iPad, and got a message saying my IP had been blacklisted. I can log in fine from my work computer network, and my account is still working, so not sure what's happened. If someone could please help, that would be lovely.


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    Oooo, what'd you do to get "blacklisted"? We want to know! (I'm just teasing with you.)

    More seriously, though: This needs David's magic touch and I've alerted him, just in case he hasn't already seen this. Hang tight! Help is on the way.

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    You are not banned, so the "blacklisted" comment is from some other source outside of my control. From your tablet, go o and tell me what IP address is there underneath the first paragraph and links. I will check from there. You can PM me if you'd like.

    Also, give me the URL you are at where is says you are blacklisted.

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    Hi David and WellBeing - thanks for the help the problem has resolved itself now and I can see the site from my device. Thank you

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