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Thread: Abe-quotes about family

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    You did not intend to use the opinions of your parents to measure against your beliefs, desires, or actions in order to determine the appropriateness of them. Instead, you knew (and still remembered, long after you were born) that it was the relationship between the opinion (or knowledge) of the Source within you and your current thoughts, in any moment, that would offer you perfect guidance in the form of emotions. You did not intend to replace your Emotional Guidance System with the opinions of your parents even if they were in harmony with their Emotional Guidance System in the moment of their trying to guide you. It was much more important to you to recognize the existence of your own Guidance System, and to utilize it, than to be deemed correct by, or to find approval from, others.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the book, "The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships "

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    If you read one of these and agree with it, or believe in it...then it might be just the thing that is causing some discomfort in your experience.

    FLAWED Premises.

    1. I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive.

    2. My parents, because they were here long before I was born, and because
    they are my parents, know better than I do what is right or wrong for me.

    3. If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away.

    4. I have come here to live the right way of life and to influence others
    to the same right way of living.

    5. Because I am older than you, I am wiser than you; and therefore you should
    allow me to guide you.

    6. Who I am began the day I was born into my physical body.

    7. With enough effort, or hard work, I can accomplish anything.

    8. To be in harmony with another, we have to want and believe the same things.

    9. The path to my joy is through my action.

    10. I cannot have everything that I desire, so I have to give up some things
    that are important to me in order to get others.

    11. If I leave an unwanted situation, I will find what I am looking for.

    12. There is a finite container of resources that we are all dipping into with
    our requests.

    13. There are right ways and wrong ways to live.

    14. There is a God who, having considered all things, has come to a final and
    correct conclusion about everything.

    15. You cannot know, while you are still in your physical body, the true reward
    or punishment for your physical actions.

    16. By gathering data about the manifestations or results of the way the people
    of the earth have lived and are living, we can effectively sort them into absolute
    piles of right and wrong.

    17. Only very special people, like the founder of our group, can receive the right
    message from God.

    18. By ferreting out the undesirable elements in our society, we can eliminate them.

    19. A good relationship is one in which the dominant intention of each person
    involved is to find agreement and harmony with the other.

    20. When I focus upon things of a physical nature, I am less Spriritual.

    21. It is my job as a parent to have all the answers so that I can teach those
    answers to my children.

    22. I can criticize successful people and still achieve my own success.

    -from the book "The Vortex."

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    Allow your kids to be picky!

    You (all) need to clean up your vibration.
    You need to be a better selective sifter.

    You don’t go to the buffet and take anything they dish out to you:
    You’re selective!
    You don’t go to every movie: You select the ones.
    You don’t listen to all the movies.
    You don’t wear all the clothes.
    You don’t drive all the cars.

    You are picky-picky-picky-PICKY about so many things.
    BE picky-picky-picky-PICKY about the way you feel!
    BE picky-picky-picky-PICKY about the way you feel!

    AbeHicks, Boca Raton, FL 10/30/06

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    A very TITITO woman is in the HS and rambles about her blessings and how happy she is about having let go of all worry and stopped listening to those who doubt, and how easy it then was to get pregnant- getting her HUGE desire, and that all her other desires now just fill in with such ease. Her energy is very pure and zoomed in on easy, while deep appreciation.
    She asks Abe to channel a bit from her unborn baby?

    (We get something like this) "How well I have chosen! How well
    I have chosen! How well I have chosen! How well I have chosen.
    How well I have chosen! How well I have chosen.
    How well I have chosen."

    ...And that: "THIS mother was worth waiting for."
    (Roaring applause)

    2016 10-15 & 16 - Asheville

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    Thank you, Venus

    "What if the whole reason
    any of this exists
    is just for these moments of divine intertwining
    with one another?"


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    Babies Are Thinking and Attracting Before They Are Speaking...

    Even though you are only months old in your physical body,
    you are a very old and wise creator focused in that baby's body.
    And you came with powerful intentions to experience contrast
    and to launch clear rockets of desire into your Vibrational Reality
    for the purpose of expansion.

    People often assume that because a child is not yet offering words,
    the child could not be the creator of its own experience,
    but it is our promise to you that no one else is creating your experience.

    Children emanate Vibrations which are the reason for what they attract -
    even from their time of birth.

    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    Thank you Qzi!

    Children come to remind you

    Babies come forth to remind adults of that which they have forgotten.
    They are the well-springs of the eternal life that is promised to all
    physical beings.

    They come forth in absolute perfect balance. Perfect in numbers,
    in physical appearance, but most importantly--perfect in balance of desires
    and intentions.

    If the natural desire within each precious baby is allowed to develop
    without destructive human criticism and control,
    the child's ability to fulfill his Non-physical purpose
    unfolds early in his physical life-
    -bringing joy to the child and to those who surround him.

    Look into the eyes of a little one and see the wisdom of his true knowing.
    He knows that All-Is-Well. He has come to remind you.

    -Abraham-Hicks, 10/6/96

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    Your children are genius creators

    Your children are genius creators who have just arrived from Nonphysical,
    who are feeling empowered. And if they would be left to their own devices,
    they would not go astray.

    They would maintain worthiness; they would maintain their feeling
    of Well-Being. They would thrive, unless it was taught otherwise to them.
    In other words, if others don't do something to change their vibration,
    they are in a vibration of thriving.

    Excerpted from: Boca Raton, FL on January 15, 2005

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    Being faced with demands?
    from the stance of the Receiving-mode

    Doesn´t the Good that comes to some come through others?
    (...) Often God (...) utilizes your open valve to give to others, through.
    Doesn´t that make sense? Haven´t you been inspired to your giving?

    Haven´t you been at the right place, in the right time- and hasn´t it felt
    so wonderful, that you can´t even begin to explain, how the good it
    feels- because, when you are tapped in to the resources, and they are
    flowing through you to some object of attention that you have,
    and that person is also in the receiving-mode, they they are RECEIVING
    through you, and you´r RECEIVING, too!

    Iow, no wonder that this feels good!
    That´s how it all fits together!

    But what if that felt good, and then you started to read books,
    about how inappropriate it is for others to make demands through you.
    You say, "But wait, it felt really good until I thought about it from that
    perspective! And now... yeah, he is pretty bossy, and he is pretty
    demanding and pretty entitled, and that is pretty sexist..."
    -and then you get into a place where you are NOT in the receivingmode.

    But your culture is still saying: "Well, this things should be performed
    by you!" And we wanna say to you:
    ANYONE who is giving to ANYONE, in any other personal state than
    the receiving-mode, is gonna get depleted and resentful.

    Because it´s not how the laws of the Universe work!
    But it also is wrongheaded, it is not accurate with the laws of the
    Universe when you say "I shouldn´t be giving to others! I should only
    be receiving for myself!" Do you know who is the BIGGEST RECIPIANT
    of what you give to someone else?

    Because, as it went through you, you benefitted by it!
    Iow, that satisfaction-factore is THERE!
    So you might wanna ask yourself, "Am I a giver, or a taker?" -That´s
    the way humans lay it out. "Am I a giver or a taker?" -Well, if you are
    human, you are some of all of that. And sometimes, you are on the
    receiving-end, and sometimes you are on the giving-end.

    But if you have practiced understanding what the art of allowing is,
    if you´ve practiced being in the receiving-mode so, that you are
    PREDOMINANTLY in the receiving-mode, then the Universe will
    utilize you in all kinds of different ways, in order to be in the right
    place, in the right time, to assist someone else in this or that or the

    And then, it doesn´t feel like a giver, or a receiver. It feels like
    COCREATORS, who have RENDEZVOUSED. It feels like cocreation at
    it´s best. Because, you can´t be joyful in your gifted giving- which,
    at the core of you, is there- if you´r not giving! (...)

    (when you feel full of love, on the high flying disc)
    the feeling of GIVING and flowing is so strong within you.
    But then, you begin to analyze!
    Because you are wise in this deliberate creation!
    You really want them to understand THEIR receiving-mode!

    And so you become a wise parent, who doesn´t meet their demands.
    You meet them, when they are in the RECEIVING-MODE!
    You let YOUR inspiration to rendezvous with them and THEIR
    inspiration to rendezvous with you be the basis of that.
    And you don´t gather around you "demanding anybodies"!

    Demanding children, demanding employees, demanding employers,
    demanding boyfriends, -you don´t gather around you anybody,
    who´s making DEMANDS- because you are in the RECEIVING-mode!
    And they don´t have access to you.

    When you´r in the receiving-mode, what they have
    access to is your INSPIRED GIVING,
    for which they are inspired to receive.

    And that is this most delicious, orgasmic, BEST EXPERIENCE of a
    lifetime! -To rendezvous with someone who is ready to be ready,
    while you´r ready to be ready. You see what we´r getting at?

    from North Los Angeles January 28 2017

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    Family, seen from ITV

    (Esther says) "I am SO happy, that I´m getting to watch these kids,
    know what they know and play with them as they do-
    and that we get to watch them triving SO much of their lives!

    We get to watch them remember who they are!
    And watch them, watch us, remember who we are, and Esther is
    nearly weeping in appreciation of how SATISFYING it was for her,
    to watch these children.

    And her friend said: "Esther, that must be like our IB´s feel, about us!"
    YAH. And this feeling washed over them. That´s what we want you to feel,
    this satisfaction that you´r feeling with your human dear heart, that you´r
    playing with is, is just a FRACTION of what your IB feels, when you do
    that cocreative dance with them, on a conscious basis.

    San Francisco February 04 2017

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