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Thread: Abe-quotes about family

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    “Children coming forth today have a greater capacity
    to deal with the greater variety of information
    that is coming forward, than you did.

    They deliberately are coming forth into this environment
    where there is more to contemplate.
    This generation gap that you are talking about, it has ever been thus.
    Each new generation, every new individual, that comes forth,
    is doing with you having prepared a different platform for them to proceed from.

    There is this thing that gets in the way of that that says,
    "I'm the parent. I got here first. I know more than you do."
    From the children's perspective, and from the purity of their Nonphysical perspective,
    that they are saying is,
    "You're the parent. You got here first.
    You prepared a platform that I am leaping off from -
    and my leap will be beyond anything
    that you have ever known.”


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    A much broader view on family

    thank you SweetButterfly!

    (To HS, who knows that her transitioned mom is always here, and she feels her, she is inspired to look everytime it is 24, and she wants to know if she has to be willing to accept her (meaning transitioned one), to feel her, if her babies do feel her....)

    This is the conversation that we are REALLY wanting to have,
    eager to have with you and so many of you!
    Let's start with a basic premise that most humans are not really aware of.
    And that is that everyone who makes their transition
    is still interested in what's going on here,
    BECAUSE this is the Leading Edge!

    Now, the reason that most humans have a hard time accepting that at first,
    is because you thought that Non-Physical was all perfect and complete and
    here you are being tested and challenged and judged.
    For the most part that's the way humans are approaching this!
    But that is not the case!

    THIS is the Leading Edge!
    So when we are talking about a vibration that becomes a thought
    and an emotion than becomes more, more, more, more, more...
    until it becomes that "see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it" reality,
    that humans want to call Reality!
    We want you to understand that all who are Non-Physically focused
    are watching that progression and are EAGER about this fruition,
    because this is creation at it's best!

    Creation isn't about just holding thoughts in your mind!
    Creation is about those thoughts becoming smth that is more, and more and MORE
    satisfying, and more, and more and MORE evident, and more, and more, and MORE,
    and MORE, and MORE, and MORE!
    Ask yourself "Would you rather have a thought of the money, or the money?
    Would you rather have a thought of the money or the experience of the money?"

    Well, of'course, you want all of the experiences of it, you want a tactile,
    (...), full flesh, full blown, see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it EXPERIENCE OF LIFE!
    And EVERYONE who has ever lived and who is Non-Physically focused,
    is aware and eager about what YOU ALL are DOING NOW!
    So, you have GENERATIONS of back up!
    Even your Grandmother you never knew knows you, and is really interested,
    because she was in on the beginning of that family of Consciousness,
    you see what we are getting at?

    And so, the masters, that you revere, the composers, that you revere, the artists,
    the creative people, that you revere, the scientists, all of those people, that you revere,
    your interest in them CALLS their interest to you,
    they are interested in your interest, you see?
    You did not have to be related to them because you vibrationally related to them,
    but those that were physically related to, there is so much more evidence of them
    and their interest in you, that you have access to than most of you allowing yourself to know about!

    So, YES, she didn't have to ever have met her to know her fully,
    IOW, Non-Physical is such an interesting experience,
    and we would like to explain it to you in ways that you could really hear it and feel it fully,
    but we want you to know that THE ways for you to hear it and feel it fully
    are for you to ALLOW IT to be experienced her, with you NOW,
    you see what we are getting at?

    There aren't any words to explain what is feeling of Love is!
    There are no words to explain what it feels like when your mother is adoring you
    and everything you are about, and adoring the mother that you are,
    and adoring the relationships that you are having with your child,
    adoring the child's relationship with you!
    There are no words to EVEN EXPLAIN what that is,
    but you feel it and you feel it on really regular basis!
    Because it IS REAL!

    Because what is Non-Physical IS coming forward!
    Because this IS THE LEADING EDGE!
    This is where it is AT!
    This is where we all are AT!
    That is why we want you to feel the POWER of BEING here!
    You didn't just blunder in here "Hup-dudup-dudup, here I am, in physical form!
    Hope I get it right!" -You CAN'T HELP IT!
    You can't get it wrong!

    And you have so much more resource from Source,
    than most of you are even contemplating
    and more than you are certainly ALLOWING!
    You have access TO SO MUCH BUT you've got to get in the receptive mode!
    Often you are! You've got that little baby, you are loving that child
    with everything that you are in that moment,
    you are focused in that moment upon someone and in that connection
    ALL that you are, and ALL that your mother is,
    and ALL that her mother is, and ALL that her mother is,
    and ALL that her mother is, father here and ALL of them, ALL of them,
    ALL of them, ALL of them are flowing and loving and knowing and part of that!

    And so much of what you wanna call your instinct, the animals display it better.
    The instinct that you see in animals is their open valve
    to what everybody who came before them and knows.
    What you call instinct is their connection, it's their open valve to active knowledge,
    you see? And you have it too.

    You just don't display it as predominantly or as often as beasts as your planet do,
    you see... Uhh, really good conversation. And we are so eager for you to take it in,
    to know it, to trust it, to watch for it, to feel for it.
    Smth, that trips you up though, sometimes the person who make their transition
    was dysfunctional when you knew them.

    So, you are not expecting brilliance from them NOW, but they are brilliant.
    So, your belief about them hinders your value of receiving from them.

    Jerry, Esther knew him as brilliant, and loving, and she can't even find a thought
    about him that doesn't feel good to her, when she thinks about him.
    IOW, he was REALLY nice to be with when he was in this physical form.
    But STILL, there is a difference between Jerry in this physical form and Jerry now,
    in this Non-Physical form
    and Esther MADE A CONSCIOUS DELIBERATE intention of understanding that difference.

    Because she doesn't get the fullness of who he is now,
    when she sees him as SHE BELIEVED HIM TO BE.
    IOW, you've to make that adjustment, you've to realize, that
    when someone makes their transition they leave behind ALL resistance!
    And they become Pure Positive Energy!

    They dovetail and become ONE with what you want to call Source.
    But they are individual from what you want to call Source in their interest
    and their attention to that which you are!
    So, let the hauntings begin!

    Westchester, 11-10-2015

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    Just focus on the deliciousness of
    seeing your family COMFORTABLE.

    2015-10-11 Westchester

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    Thank you, Sweet Butterfly!

    Eternal relationships

    You can not joyously leave something behind
    that you've been invested for a very long time,
    just by acknowledging that you´r no longer invested in it.
    IOW, there is a missing piece in there.
    (...) Every relationship is an eternal relationship. Everyone.
    That this experience that you had for all of this time,
    is an eternal experience.

    IOW, you will never be able to separate yourself vibrationally from it.
    And so, how you say "Goodbye" to it?
    The way you're saying goodbye to someone or something
    or some experience, is by acknowledging "you never can".
    You can never say Goodbye to it.

    So, in this 6 month
    (to a HS) we would be trying to figure out
    how we are going to continue to say "Hello" to it!
    You see what we are getting at?
    We would look at it in terms of "what it is meant"
    and "what you still are believing".

    Now, of course, you won´t be investing in it how you have been!
    But there still will be an investment and-
    so, what we are saying is... And this is new, you have not heard this before.

    Since there is no Goodbye to anything,
    there is only motion forward,
    it is good for you to decide,
    what your new relationship with it will be!

    Is this relationship of good riddance? Is this relationships of well wishes?
    Is this relationships where what I've set into motion will continue
    to receive advantage, because I continue to occasionally think about it?

    -You see, what we are getting at?

    You think, that you keep in touch with one another on Facebook.
    You think, that you keep in touch with one another
    through your correspondence or through your communication,
    through your rendezvouses.
    That is MINUSCULE in comparison with the way
    you keep in touch with one another through your memories,
    through your contemplation, through your anticipation,
    through your giving your attention to, in the here and now.

    So, what we are getting at, and we know it feels long and a little bit boring
    if you are not right on the leading edge with us. But what we are saying to you,
    is since you have so much history there and there is so much vibration
    that will naturally come forth within you, you got 6 month to make sure
    that you put this vibration into the place that you want it to be, that will serve you,
    you see...

    And it is not enough to say "I am done with that, I am gonna go to something else"
    or "Now I am not bound, now I am more free".
    It is not enough because you are never bound by the place, or by the space
    or by the people or by their responsibility or by you actions.
    It was always about the attention to those subjects, you see.

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    About Soul-family...

    Most of us are from the non-physical Family of Teachers.
    Now, we talk of this Family of Teachers, this small Family of Teachers,
    we’re talking about those like Abraham, those like Esther, those like you,
    who have come forth to help others understand
    the process of lining up Energy.

    We are saying you’ve come forth wanting to help others
    understand about Nonphysical Energy,
    so that they can live happily ever after, if they choose to.


    For the most part, those who gather here
    are of that very small Family of Teachers.
    Now, what we mean by that is, everyone on the planet
    is not of that specific Family of Teachers.

    If you’re wanting to get a sense of whether you are or not,
    we’ll give you the characteristics of this specific family:
    Since the time you were very young,
    things bothered you that didn’t bother most people around you.
    Ringing some bells?


    More about being of the family of teachers:

    You, at a very early age, recognized your leadership ability,
    didn’t want to express it necessarily,
    but you just kept ending up in that sort of situation,
    people just sort of naturally gravitate to you.

    And others that are in leadership positions often delegate to you,
    whether you like it or not.
    You find yourself, for the most part, a loner.

    Abraham-Hicks 1/27/96

    And even more:

    You like interaction with others, you seek approval like most do,
    but you are really happier when you are in control of the situation.
    You would much rather be the leader of something that you are choosing,
    than a participant in something that someone else is choosing.

    You came forth intending to help physical Beings
    in this time and place understand, that all really is well.


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    The most significant thing for a parent
    to contribute to anyone

    is their own Connection and their own stability.

    An effective parent is a happy parent.
    An effective parent is a parent who laughs easily and often;
    and who doesn't take things so seriously.

    --- Abraham

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    You are really individual beings,
    with very special talents,
    and it would be nice if teachers had the time,
    or parents had the awareness or skill,
    to see the children as the very individual,
    very special beings that they are.

    So that rather than trying to drum them into one category,
    they are, instead, appreciating the special insight that each child brings
    to the sea of diversity and contrast
    which is the stuff that creation comes from.

    --- Abraham

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    How source would describe divorce to a little child:

    "Now, that you´r 4, life´s going to be really good!
    There will be *2* houses, that you get to play in!
    And you´ll get to have 2 parents, who really really care about you,
    who broaden their experience and get happier still!

    So, you´r going to have more exposure to more life- early on-
    and it´s going to be way cool.
    You´r really gonna like this!"

    -And you would have said: Nothing to cry about, here!

    Denver, Sept. 2012

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    You have to guide no one.

    It´s easy to feel responsibility, if you have forgotten
    that everyone has an IB, and that everyone has guidance.

    Iow, you know what the ultimate sense of RESPONSIBILITY is?
    "I have to guide you".

    Which means: I have to make you hear me.
    Which means: I have to control you.

    That´s IMPOSSIBLE!
    And still, you all dabble in it, until you give up.

    The only thing that saves you, is your un-cooperate children, or employes.

    from the clip:
    Abraham Hicks ~ Every experience on your path is preparing you for what is coming

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    Advice how to educate:

    Leave them alone.
    Mind your own business.
    Get out of their experience.
    Trust that they are wise.

    Chicago, Sept. 2012

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