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Thread: Abe-quotes about family

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    All what you lament your mother is doing to you-
    (when the situation prolongs) you are also doing to her.

    In the same way that your mother needed you to be different,
    so that she could feel better,
    that´s exactly the same as YOU say:

    "My mother needs to be different.
    My mother... and further, she should have never been that way to begin with.
    She caused me such a lot grief along the way!"

    And so, you are PERFECTLY matched, to each other.
    Doing exactly the same thing to each other.

    And the struggle will go on for ever, unless one of you-
    YOU, because you have no control over what she does,
    begins to approach it differently.

    Denver Aug. 2014

    from the thread
    Abe about those "Soul-mate"- Rascals who help us Becoming who we REALLY are

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    more about Rascal-Mother.

    "She (in this case the mother) doesn´t trust me to be selfsufficient.
    So, if that condition would change, and she would stop doing that-
    What improvement, what emotion, would you feel?

    I would feel accepted by her.
    I would feel validated by her.
    I will feel... embraced by her.

    This is really interesting.
    Because, it´s her acceptance that you seem to most want,
    which you can´t get, but here it is (...):
    If she were different, than I would feel... now we´r asking you
    for emotions that feel good.

    And acceptance, that´s not really one of the emotions we were reaching for!
    Iow, what are the simplest, purest emotions that you can think of?

    Love. Loved.

    What else? If that conditions would change, what else? Love and...?


    Peace! Peace, would feel calm, ease...

    Ease, yeah, it feels...

    Wait wait wait! Don´t argue for the limitations!
    We´r asking you for a word, and then you´r finding it, and telling why
    you NEED it.
    "I wanna feel ease, because it´s NOT been easy!!!
    And I wanna feel loved, because I have NOT felt loved!!!!"

    Well, that´s sort of against the process, that we´r teaching.

    So, you wanna feel love, and you wanna feel ease, and you wanna feel fun.
    You wanna feel FREE. You wanna feel sure.

    HS jumps in:
    YES!! Supported.

    Wait. Supported?


    Is your mother the Vortex, through which your wellbeing flows?
    So, you need your mothers approval,
    you need your mothers appreciation, you NEED your mothers support?

    Whoo, see, that´s what´s screwy about all of this.
    She was never the one to give you all of that!
    You talk of self-reliance, and yet you´r mother-reliant!

    mhmmm... that´s true...

    And because that´s the way she trained you-
    you all are training each other, this way.
    You say "Look at this good thing I do, and compliment me."

    (...) And meanwhile, source is over here, loving you, adoring you,
    complimenting you, you could look at source at ANY time,
    and find that UNCONDITIONALLY.

    Because source doesn´t say "be that way, and we´ll love you."
    Source JUST LOVES YOU.
    Source doesn´t say "Do that, go over there, stop doing that, begin doing that,
    and we will love you"-

    That is what we mean when we say "looking for love in all the wrong places."
    Asking your mother, who is an inconsistent Vortex, through which love flows,
    is really NOT A GOOD IDEA.
    Cause, she might love you when she´s happy, or drunk,
    but she´s not gonna love you when she´s in a bad mood.
    She´s gonna let you down, when she´s not in alignment.

    She´s gonna let you down, when she lets herself down.
    This is big.
    So play the game with us, again.

    So, if she would stop fussing over me, or needing stuff from me,
    or not believing in me, I would feel...
    I would feel...
    I would feel ease.
    I would feel calm.
    I would feel joyful.
    I would feel sufficiant.
    I would feel energized. I would feel invincible.
    I would feel clarity. I would feel sure.

    (HS nods and closes her eyes, and gives in to Abe´s words)
    I would feel whole, I would feel sure, I would feel balanced,
    I would feel ease,
    I would feel love, I would feel fun, I would feel clarity,
    I would feel passion, I would feel sure, I would feel confident,
    I would feel knowing, I would feel alive, I would feel invigorated,
    I would feel sure, I would feel knowing, I would feel love,
    I would feel fun, I would feel easy, I would feel eager...

    Now, just saying that, don´t you feel more of all of that?
    Just saying it for a little while?

    Yeah. Definitely.

    Without your mother, changing ANYTHING.

    But she´s not here, bothering me!
    (arguing intensely for her limitations...)

    But how do you get rid of doubt?

    What happens here is: You never prepared the atmosphere
    because you spent all your time talking about what she´s gonna do,
    that will upset you, when she gets there!
    So, when she gets there- OF COURSE she´s gonna do what upsets you-

    because you practised THAT! You´r literally sucking that from her!
    That´s your expectation of her!
    She can´t buck your current!

    But if you will play THIS game-
    you see, we gave you a process that will work for you-
    and you argued for it´s limitations, right away.
    Because your past experience hasn´t shown you
    what we´r telling you here.

    If you need the condition before you feel those things,
    If you find the way of feeling it-
    the conditions will change. It s our promise to you.
    And this is the way it will change:

    -Will she be different?
    Maybe, or maybe not.

    -Will your reception of her be different?
    For sure.

    -Will your rendezvousing with her be better?
    YES. You´ll zigg and... because, there are many wonderful things, about her.
    There are many lovables about her.
    But you´r not hooking up with them-
    because her wonderful things are not what´s active
    in YOUR vibration!

    Denver Aug. 2014

    "If they are chronically there
    (low), and you´r chronically not,
    and you are chronically together,
    then someone chronically isn´t where they think they are."

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013

    from the thread
    Abe about those "Soul-mate"- Rascals who help us Becoming who we REALLY are

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    I´ve got a family...

    That´s unfortunate.
    (BIG laughter in audience)

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ My Family Makes My Life Hard

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    Can you love them UNCONDITIONALLY,
    and be happy FROM A DISTANCE?

    HS has drawn away from her family but really wants to re-connect.

    Stabilize here (on the high disc), first. STABILIZE here, first!
    Because, you are here (high disc) and then you are not, and
    you are here and then you are not, you are here and then you are not...
    your feeling better and then not, feeling better and then not...

    So when you take the steps, and we know, the inspiration
    keeps coming to you!- if you take the steps to put yourself
    in closer proximity to them, BEFORE you really stabilized there,
    then it´s more likely that they will influence you to their (low) disc,
    then that you will influence them to yours.

    So the question that we really want to ask you is,
    would it be really be so terrible, if someone that you love resides
    PERPETUALLY on a disc, that is different from yours?

    Think about it! Would that be such a terrible thing?

    from the clip
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ My Family Makes My Life Hard

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    Make love your decision- UNCONDITIONALLY

    How did Esther not give a rip about what he (Jerry)
    was doing? Because...


    Because, she decided to love him.
    She was not about to let herself NOT LOVE HIM.
    There was never anything that he could be or do,
    that was big enough to cause her to not love him!

    2015 11 14 Atlanta

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    You are number "only" to your IB

    I tried so hard to be number 1!

    You are number "only".
    You are the object of your IB´s attention.
    And all of the nonphysical energy that flows there,
    undivided attention, all day, every day.

    Atlanta 11-14-15

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    Thank you, sweet butterfly!

    Don´t terrorize yourself or your children!

    Terrorism is ME, focusing in opposition
    to who I really am and what I really am focusing on!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

    (...)That's the feeling in that you are getting in that feeling of terrorism:
    It isn't the feeling that somebody is gonna come and do to you
    what they've done to others that you worried about!
    It is that in THAT moment you're terrorizing yourself
    by pinching yourself off from the Wellbeing, that would be there,
    if you're not focused in a way that´s pinching it off.

    And if you are focused in that way that pinched that off enough,
    than the momentum of it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
    until those thoughts turn to things!

    And our question to all of you is:
    "When someone else that you even don't know,
    -when their thoughts that you don't even know that they are thinking,
    when their thoughts turn to things, that you don't want to live,
    WHY would you now turn your thoughts to the things,
    that they've turned their thoughts to the things?!

    IOW, Esther used to say to us "Abraham, but it's true!"
    And we would say "Esther, truth happens, fact happens,
    because somebody focused in a way that makes them happen!"
    And just because that happened, just because they are someone's reality,
    doesn't mean that they have to be YOUR reality!

    But as humans, you often think that because it exists as a reality,
    that it could come and get you!

    Someone else conjured the reality that they didn't want
    because they didn't know what they were doing with their thoughts,
    and they've created a reality and NOW so many people want you
    to look at that reality, and as you look at that reality it becomes
    part of your vibration, until more and more begin to create the reality
    that they do not want!
    As humans, you have to be able to understand that that makes no sense!

    So we would say to Esther "Just because it is true, just because someone lived it,
    doesn't mean that it deserves your attention!"

    And the thing that we would like you to begin to think about is,
    that how it feels, MIGHT will be the criteria about wether it deserves
    your attention, you see.
    And those people that you are labeling as terrorists,
    they KNOW that they don't have the ability to really distract your life
    in any really meaningful way.
    There are too many of you and too few of them.

    They can not really in actuality turn those thoughts to things
    in any way that can be very significant to you!
    But they can terrorize you.
    They can get you to turn your thoughts to the plays
    were you will disconnect you from the Wellbeing that is yours.
    And that is good enough for them.

    You do that to your children, you terrorize them
    with the things that you say, too. IOW, the REAL terrorist is YOU!
    We are just thinking about the book, that our friend worried
    about haven't written. (about previous HS)
    Because there are a lot of people that don't want you to call yourself a terrorist.

    But only you can terrify yourself,
    because only you can focus in a way that disallows
    the Source within you to flow in this moment,

    -and that is what terror is!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    When they feel rotten, leave them alone!

    "It's a gradual thing friends.
    Don't beat up on yourself if you cant go instantly
    from aggravation to joy. Or from depression to exhilaration.
    Or a place of confusion to clarity.
    Don’t ask yourself to do something that defies law.

    What we want to show you, is how to gradually
    switch your vibration little by little by little,
    by reaching for the thought that feels better.

    Right where you stand you have vibrational latitude.
    In other words, you may be in the middle of something
    that has your attention that has caused you to regurgitate
    some feelings from a long time ago.

    And the vibration that is within you, may be very far
    from the eagerness and clarity and abundance
    and well-being that you want.

    In other words, you feel pretty rotten right now lets say.

    And so as you are feeling really really rotten
    and some bright eyed shiny person comes in and says
    “You know you are the creator of your own reality”,
    you sorta just want to punch their lights out.
    You wish they would just go away.
    Your not even sure how they got in here!!

    Because you are vibrationally very different from where they are.
    And that’s the last thing that you CAN hear,
    not only that you do not want to hear.

    So here you stand in your really not feeling very good place.
    So what do you do?
    This is your point of attraction.
    In other words, its like you are standing before the librarian of life
    and you are saying...
    Please give me a flat tire.
    I would also like my skin to break out.
    I would like to not feel good in my stomach.
    And I would like to slam my own hand in the car door today.
    And when I get into traffic I would like to be in all the traffic snarls
    that are possible. If there is a traffic snarl somewhere,
    please guide me to it.
    And when I get home please help me to say exactly the wrong things
    to set my mate off, so that she screams at me in response
    to whatever I say. And let me eat a dinner that tastes rotten
    and let me go to bed angry . And tomorrow when I wake up,
    I will try to do the same thing all over again.

    When you feel rotten that’s exactly what you are doing.
    You are saying to the Universe “Dont yield me anything that I deserve.
    And don’t give me anything that I want for heavens sakes,
    because I have decided to use this nit picking thing as my excuse
    to hold myself in vibrational dis-harmony with all things
    that I consider to be good !!"

    -Abe 5/20/00

    -thanks once again, Tonycat!!!

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    "I feel like a fraud..."

    I feel like a fraud, I feel like I've spent my life pursuing so much
    that was a result of wanting to do what everybody thought I should do.

    Well we don't want you to feel like that because it isnt' true.
    In other words, you can't be a fraud, and you are being much harder
    on yourself than you deserve and what your actions express
    and what you are really feeling when you say: "I feel like a fraud"-
    that yucky feeling of that,

    what you're really feeling is the disagreement
    between you and your Inner Being.
    Because your Inner Being knows the authenticity of you
    and it's only a thought away for you to get back there.

    So, the less frequent that you say that, or focus upon that
    or beat the drum of that and keep that active within you,
    the better you're gonna feel.
    Here are more accurate words:

    "I often feel in opposition to what my Inner Being feels
    and right now I choose to call myself "a fraud" in the explaining of it,
    but what I'm really doing
    is holding myself as my object of attention, and disapproving.
    And since my Inner Being doesn't do it!
    Then I come up with a very hairy, icky word, that I use to describe myself."

    Ok. That would... I mean.... Yeah.

    AND... I've practiced doing it for so long, that I don't think
    that I can go call turkey. It's really the way that I've been seeing myself,
    and quite often I want to express it, so that people will explain to me
    that that's not really true.... but it isn't true.
    It isn't even close to true. It's off, is bogus, is inaccurate.
    Stop saying it. Now.

    Ok. May I continue? A little longer?

    MMM... It all depends.

    HS: OMG!

    In other words, we are not going to be encouragers,
    we are not going to open a platform for you to disagree with who you are.
    So if you're not pretty pliable in us pulling you in the direction
    of who you really are, then we're gonna bounce you!

    That's fair! That's fair...

    Fair warning to everyone...!

    I recently moved back to CA to look after two 90-year-old parents
    ... I came from - I would have to say - a spectacular disfunctional family...

    WELL you wouldn't have to say that! YOU JUST WANT TO!
    You just want to, in the explanation of... Well, for some reason
    you wanna keep alive this perspective that you don't want.

    So, every time you feel like "Well I would HAVE to say something",
    STOP and say: "Do I really HAVE to say that?"

    But this is my big chance to ask you about it!

    (laughters, applause)
    You gotta understand, we're standing right here next to your IB
    in the vortex coaxing you in. You're not gonna coax us out!!!!!!

    No, no, no, no, no. I'm not trying to be right here.
    Believe me, I've given that up a loooooooong time ago.

    Good. We're just wanting to make you understand
    that this conversation can go either way. In a way that can make you
    feel less like a fraud, or in a way that can make you feel more like a fraud.
    And we're rooting for THAT WAY
    (drawing vortex circle with her hand).

    Ok...!! When I came back... I've been away for 10 to 30 years...
    or... anyway A LONG TIME.

    Now did you see how you got specific and you didn't need to?
    Practice being less specific when you feel you may be going down a road
    that's uncomfortable. A LONG TIME is less specific than "10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years".

    When I came back I snapped back to: "I'm 16 y.o. I'm afraid of my mommy,
    I'm being bullied by a 90 y.o. woman."

    'Course you did. It's ridiculous.

    It's ridiculous!


    I know!!!
    (Pulling her hair, covering face.)

    So what you just said to us is: "While I was gone,
    I was letting my environment control my vibration
    and when I went to a different environment,
    I let that environment control my vibration,
    and that's why I feel like a fraud.
    I'm not being true to who I am,
    I'm being true to expectations of others.

    So- it's sort of funny going from place to place to see the variable
    in what they expect. And maybe my life shouldn't be about moving around
    until I found the perfect environment that expects perfectly from me.
    May be my life should be about lining up to who I am-
    so that I can be WHO I AM in every environment...!"
    (silence and sighs)


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    Thanks, Qzi!

    There are parents whose happiness depends on
    whether they can get their children to take the garbage out,
    and they spend lifetimes not feeling free
    because they can’t compel them to.

    Or there are parents who feel they cannot feel good
    unless their children make the same choices that
    they would have them choose --so they never find joy.

    There are so many people who are letting their happiness
    be hung up on the behavior of someone else.
    Because it’s not your job to control them.
    It’s not even your job to guide them.

    Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA, 2/28/04/B

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