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Thread: Quotes about DECISIONS

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    You have been making decisions! Life just calls them from you.
    And EVERY experience that you have causes you to DECIDE,
    from your personal point of view, what you prefer!

    So you have a Vortex- this vibrational reality-
    this perfect vortexual reality- full, of your decisions,
    that you made incrementally, and that LoA gathered together.
    So, the decisions have been made!

    But (when you are trying to make decisions and it feels overwhelming)
    you continue to ask, for what is already answered.
    THAT is what is causing the confusion.
    You are the creator of your own reality, and your decisions
    have made this Vortex, that is the basis of what is coming next.

    You are right, that it was time to relax and allow,
    what you had decided to BE.

    (...) Donīt be mad at yourself for making decisions!
    A creator is making decisions all the time,
    from your important point of view!


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    Soothing about decisions made, for someone in dementia

    (Same interaction from above, continued)

    HS asks about how to soothe her mother in law, who "cannot make decisions for
    herself anymore" because she is diagnosed having dementia.

    (We just talked about) your decisions-
    that you made the decisions, and they are in the Vortex.
    And we say the same for this magnificent woman!
    She has made her decisions, and they are in her Vortex.
    And so, what you want to do, is to get into alignment,
    so that you can receive the clarity, of what she has put ITV!
    So what has she put there?

    She has put wanting her freedom.
    Which she believes, that she does not have.
    Wanting her autonomy, which she believes she does not have.
    Wanting to make her decisions, which she believes, she cannot do.
    She is more illusive more of the time, than you are giving credit to her!
    Because, if she were not, you would not get any resistance from her!

    Oh ya, a LOT of resistance!

    If you are getting resistance from her, sheīs alert!
    So, you accept, that throughout her life, sheīs made decisions.
    And you want to honor her decisions.

    And most of all, you want her to relax, and you want her
    to find relief, and not just for her, but for your husband,
    and for yourself, and for everyone involved.
    And so, if we would be in your physical shoes,
    we would begin talking to her about this vibrational reality.
    We would use terminology she can understand.
    So this is the story, that we would tell to her every chance you get:

    "Your life has been so wonderful! And still is being that.
    You have always been so wise, and so decisive about things.
    I believe that things are always working out, for you.
    That things are coming into alignment, just right.

    I believe that we all worry too much, about things.
    And I believe, that you are doing that, now.
    I am trying to trust more in the wellbeing, that I believe
    is the basis of my life-experience."

    Tell her your story! Tell her: "I was all bound up in all this decisions."
    Tell her the same story you told to us, just now!
    Because itīs her story, too.

    "And then, I figured out that when I relax, and TRUST, that things
    have a way of working out. And that, no matter how hard I tried,
    I couldnīt control them, anyway. And so I decided, that I just relax
    and trust, that things are working out.
    And I wish the same for you, because I found such relief in it, myself.
    I believe, you will find relief in it, too."

    Now, we know, you are questioning how much of that she will hear.
    She will hear most of it!
    Because she is more in alignment, then you are giving her credit!
    And so, as you express from your alignment, not from your worry.


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    Great job paradise-on-earth!

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    thank you so much, SD!

    What decisions really are

    (Still same interaction from above, continued)

    There is so much about decisions, that comes NATURALLY to you.
    And thatīs why we present this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps to you in the way that we do:
    Because step 1, which is asking, HAPPENS NATURALLY.

    And all the decision-making that you ever make, happens at that nearly
    unconscious, or sifting-and-sorting state of being!
    The things that you are calling decisions, when you say "I decided...",
    or "Iīve set a goal", or "Iīm after something, I decided...",
    those arenīt decisions!

    Those are exercises, to line up with what is already decided!

    And thatīs why we want the decisions that you are making,
    to be decisions like this:
    "WHAT is the most FUN thing, that I could do, today?
    How can I have the most interesting day, today?
    How can I get most easily ITV?
    How can I get most easily into the receptive mode?
    What are the things, that delight me?
    What kinda fun can I have, today?"

    -Because ALL of the other decisions have been MADE!
    Now your work is to line up, with those decisions!


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    Make all of your decisions about your desire!

    "Abraham is not about guiding anyone toward
    or away from anything.

    We want you to make all of your decisions
    about your desire.

    You have that right!
    You should be able to do that.
    Our only desire is,
    that you discover the way to achieve your desires."

    --- Abraham, Monterey, CA, March 20th, 2001

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    Decide to focus yourself into KNOWING!

    We would not speak in terms of possibility.
    We would begin to define for ourselves:

    And then, you can add an "eventually", if it
    makes you feel a little better.
    "If I want it, I can have it. There is NO possibility,
    that I will not achieve the fullnes of what I want."

    THATīs the way we want you to know!

    Denver, September 2012

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    Focus and decisions are the same thing!


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    By My Attention to Things, I Am Making Choices...

    What people do not understand is that you do not choose something
    by looking at it and shouting "Yes, I would like some of that!"

    You make your choices by your attention to things.

    In this Universe that is based on attraction, when you look at
    an unwanted thing, your attention to it causes an activation
    of the Vibration within you, and then the Law of Attraction
    brings more like it into your experience.


    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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    Make the decision to laugh your worries away!

    For every single thing you want,
    there are 20 or 30 or 40 available avenues to open right now.
    Right now, to lead you closer to what you want. Right now, they’re there
    ready to pop with you just turning downstream.
    But the problem with being turned upstream, is you have got
    the upstream habit, and you have gotta develop the downstream habit!

    And when you start developing the downstream habit, people are going
    to say "What have you done? It’s like all that stuff was lined up, outside
    your door. How’d you get the door open?
    Avalanches of things you’ve been wanting,
    just begin coming into your experience."

    And you say:
    "Well, I just stopped worrying about it not happening and it started
    happening. I just started playing the positive what-if game, instead of
    the negative what-if game.
    I just started feeling more optimistic and not so pessimistic.
    I praised more and criticized less.
    I stopped beating up on myself and loved myself more.
    I looked for reasons to feel good. I breathed deeply and took walks.
    And I said:
    Thank you for this planet.
    Thank you for this earth.
    Thank you for my body.
    Thank you for my fingers.
    Thank you for this stomach.
    Thank you for this digestive system.
    Thank you for this oxygen that I am breathing.
    Thank you for this hotel.
    Thank you for this light.
    Thank you for the… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

    -I just got in this mindset of appreciation of all the magnificent things
    that *are* working for me. And when I activated that, then everything
    started working for me."

    The majority of what’s going on in all of your lives is working so well
    and yet you find the one thing that isn’t working and give it your
    undivided attention and let *it* be the basis of your vibration.
    You gotta get happy before the solution comes,
    and then the solution will come.

    It’s a wonderful thing when your desire to feel good motivates the
    direction of your thought. That’s the guidance you were born with,
    you see. For us it’s humorous to listen to any of you, fretting over
    the timing of something unfolding- because we see what you want,
    and we see the vividness of it and the bigness of it and the power of it
    and we wonder why you worry about anything.

    And you say, we have been trained to worry. And we say:
    Yes, but does it serve you?
    -And you say, "well we don’t know what else to do." And we say:
    Try doing something else. Make a decision. Write these things down:

    "For the next week, I’m going to catch myself in the act
    of worry and I’m gonna laugh about it.
    I’m going to laugh my worry away!

    I’m gonna catch myself in the act of not enoughness
    and I am going laugh my feeling of not enoughness

    -Just take those two subjects and make a decision that you’re going
    to laugh them away and you will be amazed at how often those two
    subjects will rise within you in a day -and you’ll have the option to
    turn downstream. And a week from today, things that looked far and
    distant and even impossible will be realities in your experience.

    That’s how ready to POP your vibrational escrow is.
    That’s how ready it is.


    (Thank you Qzi!)

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    When you are already consciously following the Polr, which is the same thing as following your feeling of alignment, you really can tell it. In other words, it is very easy to distinguish when you are consciously aware as it is happening. After the fact it is a little harder to sort out.

    These are the questions that we would be asking if we were standing in your physical shoes:

    Did this opportunity come out of my continual statement of appreciation of how happy I am where I am?
    Did this opportunity arise because I was looking for some improvement and complaining about some of the things that weren’t as I want them to be?


    The optimum state of being is satisfied where I am and eager for more. Now think about that getting ready to be ready to be ready. So if I am practicing satisfaction while open and eager for something more, then the path is just going to continue to unfold…

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