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Thread: Quotes about DECISIONS

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    aww so good!! Thank you for describing it, Nici! I was too lazy

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    Inspired Action because your decided to look for fun!

    Inspired action feels like- something is moving me.

    Thatīs exactly how it works. The decision was made, when you worked on
    the grid! CONTRAST causes you to make your decisions: You know what
    you donīt want, and then you know what you do want. (...)

    -We know.... just try it! Just try it. Just decide that nothing is more important,
    than you have fun. Just give it a week. or two, or three. Just have fun.
    Just decide that youīr gonna have fun, no matter what. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

    (...)Itīs MENTAL routes. We donīt want you to control your environment,
    to have the fun. We want you to decide, that you are LOOKING for it.
    And when you decide that you are looking for fun,

    SF, February ī12

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    Your CALLING

    Could you speak of the interplay between choice and destiny?

    ALL that you call destiny IS CHOICE.

    What feels like destiny are the incremental choices, that you made
    by knowing what you do want and knowing what you donīt want.
    And throwing them, indicidually, into your Vortex.

    (...) When you get a whiff of your Vortex, it feels like destiny!
    Itīs calling you in SUCH a strong way. But the "destiny" in this
    conversation was made up of individual choices, that you were
    making. And than, we must speak to choices that you have made,
    even before you came into this physical experience, that donīt
    vary at ALL from what you vibrationally are determining now!

    But it feels to you as a "calling",
    and thatīs why you call it destiny.

    (...) Sometimes there is a feeling that is just SO STRONG, and it
    CAN NOT be denied, and if you feel it- and you turn away from it, to
    do something else instead, sometimes you start sort of feeling
    paralization- iow, you CAN NOT NOT GO into the direction of this
    powerful calling, and be satisfied!

    But that requires a little trust!
    Thatīs why we explain it to you, in this way: You were nonphysical
    energy, before you came into this physical body. YES!
    And here you are, in this physical body. YAY!!
    And the nonphysical part of you is still nonphysically focused- and
    flowing to you, and through you, all the time- but, nonphysically focused!

    So, here you are, with your physical perspective, sifting and sorting,
    knowing what you donīt want and knowing what you do want, and
    asking CONTINUALLY for this and that.

    And so, this rockets of desires are going forth, into this vibrational
    reality that we have named the Vortex. Because, we wanted you to
    feel the REALITY of it, even though you cannot yet see it or hear it
    or taste it or smell it or touch it.

    Itīs THE VIBRATIONAL VERSION of all that you have become.
    And your IB stands there, STRONG and benefitted by the choices
    that youīve been making as youīve been sifting and sorting!
    So, this nonphysical part of you is standing there, in all of that
    clarity, and all of that knowing- AND NO DOUBT, no lackful anything-
    ALL things wanted, because:
    YOU SIFTED IT OUT, one experience at a time.

    And now, your IB is there- and, most important, because LoA
    is responding to this entity called "you", and your nonphysical inner
    being, and ALL that youīve asked for -as LoA is responding to that,
    cooperative components are called to that.

    And you- who has the most vibrational... weīll call it "DNA", itīs
    wrong terminology, but the most vibrational hooking to it, because
    -you CREATED IT!- there is NOTHING in all of the Universe, that
    this cooperative... you are THE most desired component!!
    Letīs call it this way!

    Your IB is MOST DESIROUS of you, being a
    cooperative component to your own creation!!

    And thatīs why it feels like such a
    powerful CALLING.

    And thatīs why you feel such satisfaction, when youīr having
    any thought thatīs moving towards it. And thatīs why youīr
    feeling an uneasy tugging, when youīr having a thought that
    takes you from it.

    (...) When you go contrary to ANY of the
    KNOWLEDGE that you have COME TO -through all
    that you have lived!- then you arenīt moving in
    the direction of your DESTINY!

    And the reason that the word destiny is a good word is, can you feel
    the INEVITABILITY of it? The ABSOLUTENESS of it?

    We just donīt think you should have to croak, to get there!
    We think you have the ability to pay attention to how you feel- and
    to, thought by thought, allow yourself to be called by this powerful
    LoA that is calling you, and all of the cooperative components there!

    How many what you call synchronistic things, or maybe even
    coincidental things happen and you marvel at the oddness of that
    coincidence, when we revel
    in the sureness of the attraction!

    (...) In time you will understand, that your destiny

    GOT you! Your destiny HAS you!
    Your destiny, made up of individual choices. But youīve got to make
    the choice to wanna FEEL GOOD, to be anywhere near it.

    Is "Destiny" a word like "God", that we can never speak to you again?
    Donīt mess up the idea of destiny.

    Let it be your longterm-intentionality that you are adding to, every day
    of choices. Destiny couldnīt exist, if it where not for choices.
    And destiny couldnīt be discovered, or you couldnīt find your way
    to it, if it wherenīt for the CHOICE of wanting to feel good.

    There is no destiny, where you have to think those thoughts.
    You have free choices, free will in every thought you think!
    But ultimately, youīll end up in a really goodfeeling place
    -for a minute, for a little while, because youīll jump right back
    with both feet, into MORE choosing.

    Because, choosing is whatīs necessary for eternity.

    San Diego January 14 2017

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    Thank you, MikeLene!

    You have a gigantic, powerful grid of well-being,
    that you do can step into anytime you choose.
    And since it is all about focus, you can decide
    to focus
    wherever you decide to focus!


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    Be as happy as you want to be in a world
    gone mad.
    Be as safe as you want to be in a a world that is afraid
    of everything.
    Be as healthy as you want to be in a world that is mostly
    sick. Don’t let the statistics that someone else has created affect you.

    You get to choose...
    you are wise enough, smart enough, deliberate enough.


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    You get to choose it ALL!

    You get to choose the past that you think about.
    You get to choose the present that you think about.
    You get to pretend into the future.

    You get to imagine.
    You get to pretend that your lover doesn't love you,
    or your lover does love you.
    You get to pretend that money is flowing or isn't flowing.

    You get to choose it all, you see.
    You get to use the power of your mind.

    And you get to have emotional/vibrational responses
    to those choices until you can be in and in and in and in and in
    and in and in and in
    [the vortex.]

    And once you make the vortex your home,
    once you're usually hanging around in the vortex,
    then what happens is rooms open up to you, that feeling of
    being on the verge… That feeling of being on the verge of something more,
    it just gets bigger and bigger until you accept that the ENTIRE Universe
    is queued up to assist you.

    You begin feeling so worthy and so blessed and so cared for.
    And as if All That IS is interested so expressly and supremely in you,
    that only good things can happen to you.

    And when you reach that place, then you're who you were
    when you were born, only with all this new stuff
    that you've put into your vortex since you were born,
    that is now reach to show itself to you. Just to YOU!
    Good to know!


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    thank you Qzi!

    DECIDE that nothing matters more to you than going ITV!

    (say) "I now understand the futility of anything I am doing or saying or thinking while outside the vortex. I have made a decision, right here, right now, that I am going, to the best of my ability, moment after moment, I am going to be in the vortex."

    And in making that decision, that you will find yourself there 10% more tomorrow than you were today, and the next day, 10% more until within a matter of 10 days, two weeks at most, you will have moved your position from mostly outside the vortex to mostly inside the vortex.

    And what that means from a manifestational standpoint is things that you have been waiting for for a long time are going to show up and show up fast.

    What it also means is your level of joy is going to begin to soar in unexpected ways.

    Your ability to think will become clearer and people will be quite amazed at the clarity of your being. Your physical apparatus will come into alignment. Medicines you have been using will become unnecessary. Conditions of your body that have been unpleasant will begin to fall away. Muscle toning will begin to take place. You will begin to breathe more deeply. The metabolism of your body will come into alignment.

    Every relationship that you have, you will find improvement in it. Your ability to perceive what's going on on the planet will be moved to new heights. Your ability to create whatever you are wanting, when ever you are wanting it, will become apparent, not only to you, but to others who are looking at you.

    You are the creator of your experience. You now understand the Laws of the Universe, the guidance system within you and the vortex where all cooperative components are assembled.

    Boca Raton, FL 3/24/10

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    thank you lemon up!

    Just plain "no, thank you" isnīt resistance.
    Resistance is the belief, that I have no power to CHOOSE.
    You are NOT powerless!


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