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Thread: Asheville, NC 11/21 & 11/22/15

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    I'm going to move Leonie's post and its responses to the November Asheville Workshop, where this event took place. Hopefully, that way we won't confuse our other friends who want to listen in on what you're talking about, Leonie.

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    Sorry bout that but glad to know what happened. Wellbeing for the answer and for moving it!

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    My pleasure!

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    Because once that desire has become clear to you,
    it's a sure thing that it can become fully manifested.
    Do you realize that? Do you realize that once your desire is formulated in your own mind,
    once you know that you desire something - it is under way!

    So much has come before that point,
    that you often do not even realize.
    Because you got into the receptive mode, you usually don't know how,
    and you received the impulse or the inclination for that desire.
    But so much happened before that happened.
    And once THAT happened, since so much is already happened,
    once that's happened, once you know that you desire something,
    it's under way!
    Can you grasp that? Does that make some sort of sense to you?

    We wanted to, because if you can get that,
    if that, that we just said to you, make sense to you,
    if you really believe it, if you really understand,
    that once this experience has caused a formulated desire to be in your conscious mind,
    so much momentum is already taken place
    that it is a sure thing that it must come to full fruition,
    to the "see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it,
    where you can see it, and recognise it, and experience it".
    And others who are looking on in your direction,
    can witness it too.

    Abraham, Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    (...)We are talking about your new ways of recognising the perfection of each other!
    And your new ways of understanding the ballance of the whole!
    And your new ways of recognising that you don't have all to be alike,
    in fact you don't want to be alike!
    In fact, if you wanted to be alike you would be born alike,
    but you were not born alike, you were born DIFFERENT!
    And the reason that you were born different is
    because the combination of all of your differences makes for new ideas,
    it makes for the next generation, and the next, and the next, and the next!

    It completes the promise of the eternalness that we all know to be!
    Because there is no ending to that which we are!
    But there is a constant BEING OF THAT which we are!

    And so, as you begin to embrace the continual being of THAT WHICH WE ALL ARE
    than you will get to,
    it's your plan, it's our desire for you,

    you get to live happily ever after!
    And ever after not meaning later, meaning NOW!
    Meaning NOW, and NOW, and NOW, and NOW and ever after!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    Terrorism is ME, focusing in opposition to who I really am and what I really am focusing on!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    Sometimes you say "Well, I want to be in form"
    and we say "You want to be in form or happy?
    And you say "I want to be happy and in form!"
    And we say "Well, if you wanna be happy and in form,
    than get happy first and than your Source will help you to be in form about the things that will keep you happy!"

    But if you say you want to be in form more than you want to be happy
    than what you are saying is
    "I want to broadcast a vibration that might be interesting to me"
    but you are not asking for alignmnent with your Source and when you are not asking for alignment with your Source -
    if you wanna be more rational, if you wanna be more reasonable, if you wanna be more human, than you do in align, -
    that's perfectly alright,
    but than you have to undertand the results that you've got going on.
    There is no just getting around. These are the things that are always.

    You are a vibrational being. And what you think equals your vibration.
    And what you think and what your vibration is equals your point of attraction.
    And what your point of attraction is equals what comes to you.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    (...)That's the feeling in that you are getting in that feeling of terrorism.
    It isn't the feeling that somebody is gonna come and do to you
    what they've done to others that you worried about!
    It is that in THAT moment you're terrorising yourself by pinching yourself of
    from the Wellbeing that would be there if you're not fosed in a way that pinching it off.
    And if you are focused in that way that pinchiched that off enough,
    than the momentum of it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
    until those thoughts turn to things!

    And our question to all of you is
    "When someone else that you even don't know,
    when their thoughts that you don't even know that they are thinking,
    when their thoughts turn to things,
    that you don't want to live, WHY would you now turn your thoughts to the things that they've turn their thoughts to the things?

    IOW, Esther used to say to us "Abraham, but it's true!"
    And we would say "Esther, truth happens, fact happens, because somebody focused in a way that makes them happen!"
    And just because that happened, just because they are someone's reality,
    doesn't mean that they have to be YOUR reality!

    But as humans, you often think that because it exhists as the reality, that it could come and get you!
    Someone else conjured the reality that they didn't want because they didn't know what they were doing with their thoughts,
    and they've created a reality and NOW so many people want you to look at that reality
    and as you look at that reality it becomes part of your vibration untill more and more begin to create the reality that they do not want!

    As humans, you have to be able to understand that that makes no sense!

    So we would say to Esther "Just because it is true, just because someone lived it,
    doesn't mean that it deserves your attention!"
    And the thing that we would like you to begin to think about is that
    how it feels, MIGHT will be the criteria about wether it deserves your attention, you see.

    And those people that you are labling as terrorists,
    they KNOW that they don't have the ability to really to distract you your life
    in any really meaningful way.
    There are too many of you and too few of them.
    They can not really in actuality turn those thoughts to things in any way that can be very significant to you!
    But they can terrorise you.
    They can get you to turn your thoughts to the plays were you will disconnect you from the Wellbeing that is yours.
    And that is good enough for them.
    You do that to your children, you terrorise them with the things that you say too.
    IOW, the REAL terrorist is YOU!
    We are just thinking about the book, that our friend worried about haven't written. (about previous HS)
    Because there are a lot of people don't want you to call yourself a terrorist.
    But only you can terrify yourself because only you can focus in a way
    that dissalows the Source within you to flow in this moment
    and that is what terror is!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    The closing of first seminar in Asheville. (It is just so full and good)

    Do you accept that you primarily vibrational being?
    And do you accept that you are in this magnificent consciousness
    an extension of genious, brilliant, Infinite Intelligence Source Energy?
    And do you understand that that Source Energy,
    that genious, brilliant, love pure positive Energy, Source Energy
    is expanding?
    Not stady can finished, EXPANDING?
    And YOU are essential to that expension?

    Do you feel in ALL of this togetherness that we are all about?
    Can you feel that from your place of ABSOLUTE non-resistance
    you decided to focus into this physical body?
    And can you feel the rightness, the goodness, the VALUE of having done so?

    And can you feel that being in this body and sifting through things
    that are unpleasant, sifting through the things that are, that through wanted and unwanted,
    that you have at ALL levels of your being, even at cellular levels,
    that you have been evolving and that you have been creating
    and that you have been projecting an improvement, an evolved YOU?

    And that your IB has been the first recipient of all of that,
    and that your IB stands in appreciation and satisfaction at
    the expension and evolution
    that we've ALL accomplished together, can you feel that?

    So, can you feel this vibrational becoming that is so real,
    and can you get a vibrational glimpse of it,
    can you feel the joy of it,
    can you feel the expansion of it,
    can you feel the enthusiasm of it,
    can you feel the satisfaction of it,
    "the having done what I came for" quality of it?
    Can you feel the PRIDE that your IB feels
    for SELF and for YOURSELF and for WHOLE SELF about all of that,
    can you feel the pefection of what we all create together?

    And can you accept that even the terrorist in Paris are PART of THAT appreciation,
    PART of that value, part of that becoming,
    part of what was known, part of the GOODNESS of this eternalness
    that we all about, can you go that far?

    And can you feel how, in any moment in time, that you can look SO BROAD
    that you can make it not fun or you can look so specifically that you can make not fun.
    Can you feel that YOU get to choose how big the subject is,
    how broad the subject is, how small the subject is, how narrow the subjct is,
    that you get to choose where are you focusing in all of that
    and that it doesn't matter where you choose?

    Can you feel that you can't get it wrong no matter where you focus?
    Can you feel that you can writing a song, or writing a book, or riding your bicycle,
    can you feel that you could be focused upon mathematical equation
    or you could be tutoring your child in spelling,
    can you feel that you could be dancing or you could be walking
    or you could be eating or you could be sleeping,
    can you feel that there are ENDLESS options that you could be focused about
    and that within EACH and EVERY option, no matter what the subject is,
    that you have the choice of approaching that subject
    from the receiving mode or from the not receiving mode?

    Can you feel that you have the ability to include SOURCE
    in your awareness in every moment in time?
    Can you feel that whether you're including Source in your awareness,
    you are in the awareness of Source?
    Can you feel that even when you have pinched yourself of
    from REALIZING that Source is right there with you,
    that Source is still right there with you
    and can you accept that the emotion that you feel
    is your indication of whether YOU are consciously allowing this relationship or not!

    (...) IOW, Source is always with you whether you know that or not.
    And the wellbeing is always abundant whether you know that or not.
    You just have some options as you are moving through days, and hours,
    and minutes and seconds.
    You have the option of being aware of this receiving mode
    and, striving is not the perfect word, but focusing in the direction of it.
    You have constant choice.
    You are so free you can choose terrorism.
    You are so free you can choose to be terrified.
    You are so free you can choose to be joyful.
    You are so free that you can love
    or you are so free that you can hate.
    You are so free...the options are unlimited to you.

    We are just saying, that when you care about they way you feel,
    do you choose more of those options that feel good to you while you are choosing them,
    on small subjects and large subjects,
    that you will, you will, you ARE, you will, you are,
    you will master your own vibrational being.
    You will master it.
    And as you do,
    your entire world will take on a different look to you.
    You'll put it in perspective, nothing will terrorise you.
    You will feel ONLY appreciation for the variety that surrounds you
    and the choices that others are making.

    And that is our promise to you,
    that as you get hold of your ability to DEFINE and ACHIEVE THE CHOICES
    that you have discovered in your life experience,
    that the choices that others are making will BECOME THE IRRELEVANT CHOICES
    that others are making, that they've always been intended by you to be.
    You've never planned to control them all
    and as soon you give that up and spend a little bit of time controling what you can control,
    which is the way you feel,
    you are going to live happily ever after.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    A bit more of closing

    What comes NEXT is never what we are wanting to put your attention upon,
    how you feel NOW IS.
    But we can not help but feel anticipation of the new now,
    the new now, the new now, the new now, the new now, the new now,
    that you will be living, you see.
    Life is supposed to feel good to you.
    Not tomorrow, but right now.

    So now we wanna ask "Do you feel more clarity that you have felt? (yes)
    Are you feeling more in tune with who you really are than maybe normal?
    Do you feel more anticipation of thoughts turning to things?
    Are you happy about the things that are in the process of becoming?
    Are you happy even though they haven't become?

    That's the best part of all of this.
    Understanding that where you are and the receptive mode is as good, really,
    in the way it produces the feeling within you
    than the end result.
    That's gonna serve you really well.
    And almost everybody else on the planet
    who doesn't know what you now know
    would not answer that question in a quiet the same way.
    They would say "Give me the stuff that I want and than I will feel good."
    But you are now able to understand
    "I will feel good and than everything else will follow that."

    It is our wish for you that your world is the peaceful world
    that you have put into your Vortex.
    It is our desire that children move around in the streets of all cities,
    feeling the Wellbeing of THEMSELVES.

    It is our desire that every person that you know and every person that we know
    feel the empowerment that only comes from being in pure connection with who you really are.

    It is our desire that you move around in this human bodies connected to who you really are,
    so that the total you is having this experiences!

    We are not one bit worry about you.
    And you missunderstanding does not terrorise us at all!
    Because we understand the wellbeing of everything that is going on.
    And we know that little by little you are discovering as well.

    Nothing is gone wrong.
    There is nothing that is gone wrong.
    Everything is unfolding
    as you have desired it to BE.
    There is great love here for you.
    And for now we remain in your Vortex.

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