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Thread: Quotes about the specific, daily co-creation with nonphysical artists/mentors/knowers

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    Quotes about the specific, daily co-creation with nonphysical artists/mentors/knowers

    You also might want to look at this quote-collection:

    Abe about croaking and being in "heaven"

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    You all have friends in high places!

    Iow- when you acknowledge, that in your powerful now,
    you have the ability to rendezvous with those
    nonphysical energies- who are PPE-
    and you care about how you feel
    so you find a way of aligning with them-

    then YOUR point of attraction, in your powerful now,
    is a grid that MUST fill in with wonderful, powerful, dynamic, spectacular things.
    Did you get that? (...)

    You´ve all got friends in high places.
    But most of you are not tuning to the frequency of them
    so you´r missing the benefit of them."

    Houston, April 2012

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    Guidance for a motorcycle-mechanic

    To a HS who is a motorcycle-mechanic, who loves his work very much,
    but thinks he is a bad mechanic, and he throws things in frustration.

    We want you to know, there are two- there are more,
    but there are specifically two really specific, really adept mechanics,
    who-from a nonphysical point of view,
    are guiding you.

    Are you ever aware of them? (huge applause).
    And the reason that you get so frustrated, is because you are not
    in the receptive mode, and you can´t quite hear them.

    Your frustration is not because you are a lousy mechanic.
    Your frustration is because your ability to be brilliant
    is right there- and you are not tuning into it, and THAT is
    the reason for your frustration, it´s not about what you´r doing
    with your tools.

    And no one here is throwing anything!
    Even when you´r not in the receptive mode! Just keep nudging,
    and giving you the impulse, and knowing, and knowing, and knowing...
    Iow, if you´ll just chill out a little bit, those thoughts, about
    what to do next- not about how to get it done all at once!
    But about what to do, incrementally, NEXT.

    Incremental steps. Because, you know what?
    There is NOTHING, that someone, who was a really good mechanic
    while he was physically focused, who is now nonphysically focused,
    there is NOTHING that this nonphysical mechanic loves more,
    then being able to flow through the hands of someone willing
    to receive.

    So, your negative emotion -every single time- is about blocking
    what you were asking for! THAT´S why the tug of war is there!
    That´s why you are so down on yourself!

    But you see, you don´t need to be down on yourself!
    Because this mechanics are mechanicing, through you.
    They are. They´ll give you the impulse. They´ll give you the insight.
    They give you the procedure. They are giving you the
    what comes first, and what comes second, and what comes next.

    They´ll help you calibrate motors in a way, that you´ve never done before!
    They´ll give you the ability to hear. They´ll help you tune
    to the sound of the engine!
    Iow, THIS is creation at it´s best.

    (...) We want you to feel yourself an extension of brilliant, infinite intelligence,
    focused to any subject of YOUR PERSONAL DESIRE.
    And so it turns out, that any of you ever, ever ever are down on yourself
    is because you are not letting yourself REALLY BE YOURSELF.

    You are not letting yourself BE the performer, the receiver and the performer
    of the inspiration that your desire has cued up for you.
    But it can change tomorrow, and it will the next time you show up in your shop.
    You´ll feel the difference.
    You´ll feel the difference. ABSOLUTE!! Absolute, absolute.

    And when you feel frustration- you´ll know what it means:
    I´m just not letting it in. There is guidance there, that I can´t hear.
    And the reason I can´t hear is because I´m beating the drum:
    "I´m not very good at this." When the truth of it is:

    You are brilliant at times- and you know it.
    (...) So,does this make you feel like a puppet on string?
    We don´t want you to. We don´t want you to feel like a puppet on string.
    Because, YOU where the one who mixed all this up and ASKED for this!

    YOU are the one that opened the garage and put the shingle out, saying
    "this is what I do!"
    You are the one that invites people over, with their machines!
    You are the one, that lets their desires dovetail with yours!
    YOU are the one, that is summoning this energy,
    YOU are the one that is summoning this brilliance.

    YOU are the one that has it right there, at his fingertips.
    Now, you´ve gotta be the one, who lets it in.

    (...) Here is another promise to you:
    You´r gonna find new ways of doing things,
    that no one HERE has figured out, yet!
    You´r gonna find new ways of retrofitting things,
    You´r gonna figure out things, that could be used,
    instead of those things!

    Inspiration is gonna flow through you.
    You´r gonna be the creative genius,
    that you were born to be-
    through this avenue, if you choose it!

    Because it does not matter what the subject of your attention is!
    When source flows with you- it´s AWESOME.

    (...) You like being an extension to source-energy?
    You like source, lining up with whatever is important to you?
    You like knowing that you have infinite intelligence,
    flowing through you?

    Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015
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    Esther and Jerry

    "...(Esther, then) had a knowing
    (while editing recordings) that she KNEW, was not her own.
    So, THEN she began to realize, that -since he is always, ALWAYS there...
    -now, Jerry in this case is representing the WHOLE of what nonphysical is,
    because we are ALL there!-

    And when Esther is vibrationally up to speed with it,
    ahhhh!!!! The clarity! The feeling of exhileration! The feeling of all is wellness-
    is indescribable.

    But the same presence of him, when she is NOT there,
    feels like GRIEF! Or missing! Or lonely.

    And she began realizing- oh, it was such a wonderful realization-
    that, because she thought- and so did you!-
    that when he was there, she felt his PRESENCE,
    and when he was not there she felt his ABSENCE.

    But there is no "there" and "not there".

    YOU are the one- allowing it, or disallowing it.

    YOU are the one, jumping on the disc, that allows the full revelation of it,
    or the not-revelation of it."

    Philadelphia May 2013

    (...and one day Esther sat and was trying to do the work that Jerry always used to do...)
    ...and suddenly she felt the clarity and certainty and knowing and confidence and joy and exhilaration, as she did it!
    And she realized- THAT´s the way to get him to be there!

    Not to stand in the absence of him, and look around to find him-
    but to get on onto what he and she are excited about
    and FEEL the current, present tense, right here in the now moment, you see!

    You go to that beautiful place, and you look at that beautiful vista,
    and you allow yourself to be the being that you are-
    and you discover that you are no longer just the being
    that you used to be.

    NOW, you are more, you see.

    Denver, Sept. 2012

    Esther has a friend who says, “When Jerry didn’t leave.
    You know, when Jerry didn’t leave… when Jerry didn’t leave…!”

    Esther just loves that because he didn’t leave.
    He didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He became more present.
    He became more an integral part of her life.
    You should see the way he edits from inside of her. […laughter…]
    They can edit on the computer screen now.
    She doesn’t have to print stuff out for him.
    In other words, he is such a cheap date. […laughter…]

    She doesn’t have to buy that airline ticket for him anymore! […laughter…]
    He’s always there. Always there. Always available.
    Always up for fun. Always there.

    (...) Every now and then, Esther will still open a drawer and see something
    and she’ll just take a minute… she just takes a minute as she sees something
    that reminds her of something that isn’t anymore.
    And then, she laughs about it and gets on with something even better.

    JULY 26, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA
    from the much bigger awesome transcript, here

    “We want to add something to that -
    since Jerry’s reemergence into Nonphysical
    and his re-re-re-re-emergence back into the physical.

    In other words, he didn’t go anywhere!
    He didn’t GO ANYwhere.
    He didn’t GO anywhere.
    He didn’t go anywhere.

    He’s more fully present here today than any workshop he ever attended,
    and RELIEVED not to be taking any notes.
    (Guest and audience laughter)”


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    Esther spent a good deal of time thinking:
    "Well, I almost would prefer that it (Jerry´s croaking) was by default,
    because I wouldn´t want to think that you were purposeful about
    taking off, without me!"

    And it took a while to realize, that Jerry didn´t take off, without her.
    He´s just prepaving a wider trail for her,
    and WITH her, you see.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- Did She Create His Accident?

    (before Jerry´s death), she hadn´t have the melding of the minds, always.
    then, she hadn´t have the melding of the intentions.
    Then, she didn´t have the desire for source energy to flow through here.
    in the powerful way that she has, now.
    So, this is the message, that we have, wanting people to understand.

    We want you to understand,
    that the reason that the earth has the continuity that it does,
    is because those who have been in, on the planning of it,
    are still in, on the thinking about it!
    And the difference between nonphysical energies-
    looking in, on what you´ve got going on,
    is that we are looking at your Vortex,
    not just what´s in your physical environment.

    And when you can find a way to be on that hook,
    then you´ll be that happy being that we´ve been taking about, earlier!
    Happy, because of the fullness of all that you are,
    that is focused on that time, you see!

    You have access to EVERYONE you´v loved.
    To EVERYONE you´v reveired, to everyone you´v appreciated.
    You have access to every thought that has ever been thought.

    But when some dear person who matters to you more than life itself
    makes their transition- and then you get to feel the presence of them
    in your RIGHT HERE moment-
    that´s when you begin- that´s only when you understand-
    the continuity of life.
    That´s when you understand that there is no separation
    between ANY OF US, you see.

    That´s when you find out who you really are!

    See, you always thought- you all thought, all!- that you´r just you!
    And you´v always been a whole bunch of us!

    You think, that idea was just yours?
    Ah, you just prepared yourself vibrationally
    for the receiving of the idea.
    You´v ALWAYS been collective consciousness, you see.
    You´v ALWAYS been collective consciousness.
    You´v never, not one of you, ever been singular consciousness.
    You´v always been collective consciousness!

    It´s just then, when you have an experience like THIS
    (like getting widowed)-
    your desire gets up big time,
    and you consciously find a way to- deliberately-
    ALLOW the collective consciousness, you see.

    NOTHING is better.

    Denver 2012

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    THIS (earth-plane) is heaven, for me!

    Yeah! This is where WE ALL are!
    You guys have an illusion of us, being somewhere else!
    It´s so odd, how you keep looking "up" for us.

    We´r all right HERE, WITH YOU!
    We´r in your mind. We´r in your movements. We´r in your body,
    we´r in your actions. We´r in your tastebuds,
    we´r in your sensual feelings in your body- we´r RIGHT HERE with you!

    We´r in your mind. We´r in EVERYTHING.
    We´r in everything that exists.
    Pure positive energy, flowing with you.

    Denver Aug. 2014

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    sweet butterfly

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    The "dead" artists, co-creating with us NOW

    HS asks about those artists, who´s careers took flight even more after they croaked.

    You think that for the most of the part, they where only self-interested.
    And we want to say that for the most part, those that achieve as that, where not nearly
    as self-interested as you think they where!

    They where interested in the music, they where interested in the art,
    they where interested in... and ALL of that things, while they are progressing,
    they are STILL interested in!

    And that is in fact (...) while YOU stand on the stage,
    as an artist in the present tense,
    you have not just access to those, that you´ve described-
    but more important, from ours and their point of view-

    They have access to YOU.

    YOU are the vortex, through which THEY are flowing!
    You are the focus, through which they are flowing!
    Provided, you are up to speed.

    Now it gets even more interesting than that,
    because your audiences are filled with people, who have
    things that they come to hear, things that they want and need-
    they´d been asking-
    your audiences are full of people who have been asking
    for things that they have not received, and they don´t know
    how to get them.

    And as they come into an environment as you provide-
    and the basis of it is fun and lightheartedness,
    MORE of them than ever before, are allowing the receiving than usual.

    And so there is a sort of open vortex, for who they are and where they are
    asking for, is being allowed.
    And as you are the focal point,
    very often those nonphysical family-members and friends,
    who have re-emerged into nonphysical,
    INSPIRE you with more unique things than you know!

    You are ringing more bells in the audience,
    than you ever have any idea that you are ringing!

    Because you are inspired to specific things,
    to specific songs, to specific comments, to specific jokes,
    to specific things- that are unique, sometimes, ONLY unto THEM.
    That´s why sometimes only 1 person laughs!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do some artists become more famous after their death?

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    More about the "dead" artists and scientists and movers and shakers

    When you´ve got some momentum going, so that you are up to speed
    with those artists, those masters of creation, and you allow yourself
    to be the receiver of their impulses,
    when you allow the great masters to paint THROUGH you,
    to sculpt through you, to live through you in that moment,
    and that thrill that you feel, that certainty that you feel, that confidence
    that you feel, that clarity that you feel-

    that´s what co-creating with source-energy feels like!
    (...) and it´s different than saying "source, help me do this"!
    It´s "Source, do this with me!"
    And we want you to feel the appreciation that source feels
    in your ALLOWING of the doing!
    So, don´t misunderstand, we´r with you ALL THE TIME.

    (...) When you have your tools in your hand
    and allow all of this energy to flow WITH you,
    to have the experience of the creation WITH you-
    you see, this is what we meant when we say, "We are all in this together".

    Yes, you benefit! Yes, we benefit.
    And when you feel that clarity, that´s us, KNOWING!
    When you feel that sureness, that´s us-
    when you feel that joy, that´s us, reveling!

    When you feel that enthusiasm, that´s US; you see!
    That´s us- meaning, the nonphysical part of you,
    and ALL OF US, hanging around...
    You should see the parties we have, when you are in your flow!

    San Antonio, TX November 9th 2013
    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Artists Co-create With Source

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    Abe (after passionately correcting a hotseater a few times, already, in her ideas
    about what source is and does)
    What is that? WHAT IS THAT? Where do you think, you´ll go?
    (after croaking)

    I think, we become part of everything.

    How boring is that!
    (laughter in the audience)
    Part of everything... have you ever tried to think of everything at once?
    Have you ever tried to listen to ten people at once?
    This ties in with the question earlier... source is-
    source is intelligence that is specifically and eagerly and passionately
    focussed through leading edge creators- like you.

    Source is building the anthill with the ants.
    And source is building the sculptures with you,
    and source is exploring the biology of your body...
    IOW, source is INVOLVED in the leading edge details
    of manifestation of source!

    Source doesn´t feel different than you do, when you feel fabulous!
    If you wanna know how source feels- get happy, and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be in love and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be sure of something you want- and say: NOW I KNOW.

    Abraham, Los Angeles, July 30., 2011

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