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Thread: Quotes about the specific, daily co-creation with nonphysical artists/mentors/knowers

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    The croaked ones are NOT "lost" to you!

    It´s time to stop feeling loss about things,
    that are not lost!

    It´s time to start revelling in the BEINGNES of that, which continues to be!
    It´s time to talk to those who wish to talk to you-
    to love with those, who wish to love you!

    -To feel the presence of those who are always around you.
    But MOST of all- to fulfill your deliberate intention when you came forth,
    to be a physical aspect of that wich is nonphysical:

    To be a balanced counterpart of this nonphysical energy.
    To allow source to flow through you.

    But to recognice that you ARE that energy!
    IOW- it´s not source, apart from you!

    It´s source, that IS you!

    It´s ALL ONE ENERGY that is expressing itself through endless points
    of view- all for the sake of collective joy, that can be realised.

    SF, February ´12

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    If you think it´s fun to cocreate with other friends
    who are hanging around on your planet-
    what if you start to cocreate with the
    nonphysical versions of those friends!

    SF, February ´12
    this was for me!!!! Thx poe

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    SO my pleasure!

    ...The benevolent force?

    The law (LoA) -we wouldn´t define it as benevolent.
    We wouldn´t define it as good or bad-
    we would define it as consistent, which is really a wonderful thing.

    The contrast- we wouldn´t define it as good or bad,
    we would define it as necessary.
    And, of course, in that contrast are unwanted things and wanted things.

    But what you are reaching for is that new bridge, this new
    understanding of how it all fits together.
    The benevolence that you are feeling
    (delighted sound) -the
    BENEVOLENCE, that love that you are reaching for, and that guidance
    that you seek- that identity that you want to assign to God or someone
    like God- what THAT is, through all the experience, through ALL the
    lives that ALL have lived- there has been an "I know what I don´t
    want, I know what I do want".

    And the "I know what I do want" has been received and understood
    and held as a placemarker by those nonphysical energys -we are
    talking about us, we are talking about Jerry, we are talking about
    Jesus, we are talking about Buddha,
    we are talking about... EVERYONE who has lived
    before, even those you don´t think you like!-

    -who have lived and are now nonphysically focussed and
    REMEMBER unequivocally what you asked for!
    They are holding- we are holding- that vibrational
    standard, that GOODNES, that
    you have carved out!

    SF, 02 18 12

    Out of the contrast and because of the law-
    the understanding (of all what is wanted) is HELD.

    Doesn´t make that understand you that you are
    never alone?
    Don´t you feel sure now-
    that there IS someone who loves you,
    and cares about you, and is rooting for you-

    And is knowing for you, and is playing with you,
    don´t you love knowing that Jerry will help you trim your tree?
    Don´t you love KNOWING that? Don´t you love knowing that?

    SF, February ´12

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    Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

    People talk about sometimes they’ll come into the room and things are misplaced or moved around and they attribute it to hauntings…

    – Most of it we attribute it to bad memory… and to the cooperative Universe that will always assist you.In other words when you decide that something is lost you can’t find it, even though it’s right there, and then when you get back into the vibration that allows you to see it, then you’re sure that someone has brought it in and put it there.

    There’s more of that going on than anything, but in fairness everything is vibrational and everything that you see in this physical world is an extension of that vibration.

    And so, this nonphysical energy that is focused does have the ability to- right before your eyes- move things, because everything is vibrational.
    So, hauntings… give us an example?

    This is more my friends question – so I don’t have a specific question. Of course we seen things on television… Is it part of our creation because when someone goes out to look for hauntings they will find them because they are creating…?

    Here’s the thing – everything is about vibration and vibration is being interpreted in many different ways. We’ve already talked about the real-life reality that you want to call reality which is your interpretation of vibration.

    Your eyes interpret vibration and that’s why you see. Your ears interpret vibration and that’s why you hear, so you were interpreting energy into what you see.

    Esther, as she is receiving us here is receiving blocks of thought – we’re sort of downloading big blocks of thought – she gets them at an unconscious level sorts them out and finds words equivalent to best describe the block of thought she is receiving.

    So Esther is a very good verbal translator of this vibration, but there are others who are visual translators of vibration and they are those who have visions who see things and many of you do too. The thing that is important to understand whether you are verbally translating – Esther is more auditory than visual – whether you are verbally translating or whether you are visually translating or both. In any case you are receiving the vibration that you must be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of the vibration in order to interpret it.

    In other words Esther has discovered that if she meditates, or if she’s joyful, or if she’s basking that she’s much more up to speed with what Abraham is and so the flow of Abraham is much more comfortable and much more emphatic or precise or beneficial if she’s up to speed with us.

    So interpreting energy simply means being in the vibrational vicinity and then interpreting in some way visually or auditorily.

    So now let’s talk about vibration other than the vibration that we are offering. In other words, we are a stream of consciousness and when Esther or any of you get in the vicinity of what we are you have that knowing.

    You are knowing what we are talking about and surprising yourself, aren’t you? You’re right up to speed – did you hear how you laughed just at the right moment? Do you hear how you’re getting the subtle nuances of what we are offering? -You’re up to speed with us or that would not be happening.

    So you’re in the vibrational vicinity of that which we are – now, Esther makes it easier for you because she’s speaking it out loud and you are commonly or collectively focused which makes it easier still – but just the same you are in the vibrational vicinity or you would not be getting it.

    So, every thought that has ever been thought still exists – thoughts don’t go away, vibrations don’t go away and law of attraction gathers those vibrations into what you might call rivers or streams. And so you could pick-up on the river… this is a powerful stream of consciousness that we are projecting here which is easy for Esther and some of you to pick up on.

    But there are streams of consciousness that are a spin-off of man’s conscious thought that are also easy for you to pick up on if you’re in the vibrational vicinity.

    -That’s where all that “evil haunting” stuff comes from… in other words, as man worries about this and worries about that – as you watch Steven Spielberg movies, or Stephen King’s movies, as you watched that stuff- there’s a coalescing of all of that.

    And it’s perfectly logical that someone in the vibrational vicinity of some of that unwanted stuff could be close enough to the vibration of it that they can begin to interpret it visually. Jerry and Esther – one of the very first people that they met as they began to do this work – a wonderful woman who’d lived in Dallas – and Jerry and Esther stayed at her home in fact when they went up to do the seminars.

    She heard them on one of the few radio shows that they ever did, or that we ever did, and came to the first seminar that they conducted in Dallas. As she told them the story later when she became a good friend of theirs that as she was driving to the seminar after having heard us on the radio she is saying right out loud as she’s driving in her automobile, “Alright Abraham are you Angel or Devil?”

    Which sort of gives you an idea of what was going on with her at the time – she did not understand when we emphatically say there is no source of evil, there’s just allowing who you really are or not.

    But she was still in that place where she was looking for good and evil – hauntings and blessings sort of thing.
    And so as we were coming into the conversation – Esther was sitting at the time, not standing – and she asked the question as she was sitting there in the room and as we came to join the party in Esther’s experience, we were silent for an inordinate amount of time.

    In fact Esther began to feel uncomfortable because she was used to us opening her eyes and getting right to it. But instead we opened her eyes and looked at this woman and the woman said, “the entire room filled with big angel wings.”

    -We projected to her an answer to her question and in her ability to translate vibration visually she did. So it’s in the eye of the beholder – in other words you see what you are vibrationally tuned, but more important you see what you are expecting and expectation is a vibrational practice and anything is possible.

    We just want you to know,
    that there is only a source of well-being, and that this source of well-being is dominant and if you’re picking up on any of that other stuff it’s just because you’re outside the vortex on the wrong ragged edge, you’ve got a pretty good vibration going and all that stuff floating around out there congealing and able to pick up- in other words:

    Transmitting and receiving mechanisms, it’s all that it is.

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    KNOW that the solution-oriented part of you, which is your IB and the team that is all of us- we´r on the case!

    And we´r offering suggestions, and there is no life MORE FUN or more WORTH LIVING, or more adventures then the life that you live, when you´ve made a wrong turn, and your IB- and all of the IB´s friends are ON IT. The entire Universe becomes this cooperative playground, as you watch things balance out FOR YOU!

    It´s why you seek adventure!
    You want to feel that exhileration-
    of all of that energy, moving with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Self Criticism - Discover the value of your mistakes and wrong turns

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    Why isn´t it easier to interact with my source?

    ...If we are extensions of non-physical beings, I am wondering, doesn’t a non-physical being have more knowledge and more wisdom? And so, if I am an extension and I have a non-physical being that I am an extension of, why is it so hard for me as a physical being to tap into this Intelligence and, therefore, have the tools and the guidance?

    Because you have been fostered by an environment that has taught you resistance. That’s all.

    Instead of saying to you as you were born, “Now you have a Guidance System within you, and you can tell by the way you feel whether you are allowing that broader knowing or whether you are not,” instead they said, “There are bad things around and you have to work hard to keep those bad things away. And there are laws and rules that help you know what’s right and what’s wrong, and our work is to push away what we do not want.” They taught you to give your attention to conditions, instead of to the way you felt. That's why.

    Yes, but those, “they,” aren’t they also physical expression of non-physical?

    So, “Where did it start?” In other words, “Who became the first resistant being? And why?”
    Because you said, “I want to go forth into contrast because contrast will help me in greater decision.” But in the contrast, some of you began to push against what you didn’t want rather than just use it as a forum to chose.

    And in the moment that you began to push against, you lost your Connection, which meant you disallowed the Well-being, and then you became evidence of not-well-being that others then perceived. And so, as others looked at the evidence of not-well-being they said, “Eek, we don’t want that.” And they began to push against it, too.

    That’s why the longer you live as a mass consciousness on the planet, the more potential for evolution, the more potential, also, for resistance. That’s why we say to you, when somebody tells you that you are uninspired, unimportant beings, we say, that cannot be.
    -You are the leading edge of thought.
    You are those most willing to expose yourself to contrast,
    for the purpose of taking thought beyond.

    And when you are in a physical environment, allowing the Energy, there is nothing greater than that. When you are in physical environment, not allowing the Energy, there is nothing worse than that. That Heaven and Hell they have talking about all the time is right here, being lived by you, depending on whether your valves are open or closed, you see.

    Because when you re-emerge into Non-physical, it’s all bliss, it’s all pure, positive Energy. Imagine the deliciousness of, in a split second, less than we can even define or indicate, in a nano-second, as you, in that moment, you release all doubt, all fear, all worry, all guilt, all loneliness. In other words, release that, and just fall into that Energy of knowing that all is well. Can you imagine how delicious that is, you see.

    -Abe 5/13/95

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