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Thread: Quotes about the specific, daily co-creation with nonphysical artists/mentors/knowers

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    About the transition of Robin Williams

    "You all think that the continuity of life is this one's born,
    and this one's born... and you teach that one what you knew
    and then you teach that one what you knew...
    you just keep trying to pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

    It's scanty and puny in comparison with what's really going on.
    What's really going on is EVERYONE who was interested here,
    like Robin Williams, like Jerry, like ALL of them,
    everyone who was interested in what was going on when they were here,
    is STILL interested in what's going on.

    Only now they have Broader Perspective.

    You think your ideas are your own.
    They are not.

    It's Collective Consciousness.
    You are the translator.
    You are the receiver.
    You are the RECEIVER of that Broader Consciousness, you see.

    When you have the good fortune of knowing that your loved one didn't leave,
    and you start feeling for what they think about right here and right now,
    Infinite Intelligence flowing to you and through you on all subjects all the time, you see.

    And THAT'S what he'd like you to know:

    'I'm funnier than I've ever been,
    and some of my funny's going to come out of YOU.
    Funnier. More clever. More alive. Happier."

    - Abraham Hicks London, UK 9/20/14

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    You want someone to comb your hair?

    Talk about being willing to play whatever roles you are wanting to play!
    You have access to infinite intelligence, do you KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???

    And most physical beings think, that once somebody lived their physical life,
    and then they re-emerge, than now they are done!
    And there is nothing even remotely accurate about that.
    Because everything they have set into motion, they are still interested in!

    And YOU are the hands, and the minds, YOU are the molders of the further clay-
    thatŽs what true inspiration is!

    Creative artists and writers, song-writers, authors-
    all kinds of people that you want to put in what you call "the creative" category
    have already tapped into that.
    They know! They are receiving that consciousness, that is broader.
    But most humans donŽt walk around, doing that!

    You have the ability, when you comb your hair,
    to ask someone to help you!
    And there are those who would like to do that!

    You have the ability, when you drive through traffic,
    to ask someone for the fastest route, or for the route
    that is the most beautiful!
    And there are those who have the ability to do that.

    You do not need to call us by name.
    But if you will clarify your intention, understanding that
    you have this unseen, but not unfelt-
    unseen, but not unknown force of nonphysical nature,
    that is flowing with you- then, in time, with your personal experience,

    you begin to understand, that we ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.
    That you are not here apart, from any of that.

    from the clip Abraham: Summoning non-physical friends

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    A cadre of pure-positive energy- THERE, for YOU

    (speaking of Esther feeling merged with non-physical-Jerry...)

    "This is no freaky possession! You ALL are that!
    You ALL are.

    You all have nonphysical energies who have been flowing to you,
    who know you, who know what you care about,
    in many cases, have been working with you,
    have been on the same kind of of projects than you been on,

    they are ALL flowing, they are with you,
    and to the degree that you accept that-
    THATŽs what an "Abraham" is!

    Abraham is a cadre of nonphysical energies
    who are in alignment with what is the whole of which you ARE!
    It includes your inner being, it includes what men calls God.
    And it includes EVERYONE who has ever cared about you, about anything, you see.

    You have this ENERGY. This stream of energy.
    There to assist you, all day, every day."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks. In-depth explanation of our connection with nonphysi

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    "The Inner Being is the stable part of you when you are not,
    but the Inner Being never has intended to remain "inner".

    The Inner Being wants to dance and reflect
    and play and laugh and create and co-create and manifest.

    Source manifests!
    That's why you're all here.

    That's what this physical time-space reality is about.
    Don't you think that that which man calls God, was so happy in its
    ethereal, dangling-feet-over-the-edge-
    of-clouds experience...

    can't you just feel the fullness of all that you ARE?

    Don't you see it reflected everywhere,
    and don't you just love knowing that
    YOU are the main event?"

    Alaska Cruise, 2011

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    " say that you have a soul is a nice thing.
    We say it all the time: You have an inner being."

    HS: "Right..."

    "But we want you to let your inner being out where you are!
    Your inner being wants to be out!
    Your inner being is out, but you don't- but you don't call your inner being out,
    unless youŽr in, where your inner being is,
    so that you can see that your inner being is out!

    In other words, when your laughing, you've let your inner being out!
    When you're angry your inner being is in there,
    and wants out where you are and IS out where you are-
    but because youŽr not out, where your inner being is,
    then you don't think your inner being is out!

    Everyone getting this? Here comes more!
    It's sort of like you can't find what you think is lost ... "

    "so, is my inner being like a collection of energies...?"


    A better question is: Will my inner being laugh with me?
    Will my inner being dance with me, will my inner being give me creative ideas,
    is my inner being a robust liver of life, is my inner being alive and well?

    Let your inner being BE.
    Don't try to describe it, or define it.
    It 's like trying to say: What is love?
    (in a bored voice)
    ...Love is love, is love, is like the petals on a rose...
    and like the dew on the petal on the rose... and love is like...
    love is like the fragrance in a flower... and love is like the softness of a baby ...
    and we say: Oh, give it a rest!

    Just FEEL love love. Don't try to define it, just feel it,
    let it bump up all over you, let it come inside of you and outside of you, just just just...
    let it twinkle through your eyes,
    let it radiate through your smile,
    let it beat through your heart,

    let it throb through being,
    just feel the love and be the love and
    stop trying to figure out where it came from
    and how where it's been and how long it's gonna last
    and just let it be in the moment...
    just LET IT OUT!! -Where you are!!!"

    (audience: whooo - yeah --- wooo!!! GIANT applause)

    San Franciso 7/9/11

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    The love-feast between source and physically focused humans

    Because of you, we (source) are expanding to new places.
    And because of you, we are discovering more fully who we ALL ARE!
    And because of our consistent ability to always choose the path of least resistance,
    WE take the path that you are carving out.

    Immediately. Instantaniuosly.
    And we hold the vibrational frequency FOR YOU.
    You have a choice- you can take it, or not.
    Either way itŽs good.

    If you take it, you feel good right now.
    If you take it later, youŽll feel good later- but in either case,
    you canŽt get off your path.

    You are fulfilling your reason for being.
    You came into this time-space-reality INTENTIONALLY,
    deliberately wanting to sift through variety,
    knowing that it would focus you into greater awareness
    of what you want.

    And we knew, that when you did that, that we could hold clearly
    to the concepts, and the frequencies of that new evolution that you discovered,
    and we knew, that as we held that vibrational patterning consistently,
    YOU would be able to find it, if you wanted to.

    We knew, that- if you where willing to care enough about how you felt,
    that OUR knowing of who you are would eventually lead you into a fulfillment
    of our knowing of who you are.

    So, that the expansion, that youŽve carved out for all of us
    could be the experience of deliciousness
    for YOU- like it is, for US.

    And there is no greater definition of the word "love"!
    But weŽr not talking about our love for YOU.
    WeŽr talking about your love for US!

    You said: "IŽll go! And IŽll sort, and IŽll sift, and IŽll launch!"
    And we said:
    "WeŽll take your love! WeŽll take, what you will carve out for us!
    We will take this expansion, and weŽll hold it, vibrationally,
    in a frequency and in a patterning,
    and weŽll offer it to you, and your guidance-system will let you find
    the trail to it.

    And if you will be selfish enough to care about how you feel,

    You will return that love to Self.
    You will fulfill, you will complete the cycle of discovery and expansion
    and unfolding, and coming together, and discovering a NEW platform-
    from which to launch MORE.

    You are an eternal being, as are we.
    And our eternalness, and your eternalness are FOREVER intertwined,
    one with the other.

    There could not be greater reason, to find vibrational alignment
    than to understand that you are an extension of that which we are.
    And YOU cause the expansion of that who we ALL are, you see!
    This is a sort of eternal, cosmic love-feast that is going on,
    because in this eternal expansion, that we all are about.

    Abraham Hicks - Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    What "God" wants

    "(Being a monk in a monastery...) is general.
    YouŽr withdrawn from so much.
    There is so much time in meditation, there is so much time in solitude.
    There is so much time in general, so much time in being general.

    But- we promise you, that which you call God does not want to be in the monastery.
    (HS laughs, laughs silently and happily all the time further while Abe rampages)

    -Wants to ride bycicles with you!
    wants to hangglide with you!
    Wants to make love with you!
    Wants to eat food with you!
    Wants to soar with you, wants to contemplate, wants to revel
    wants to be exhilerated, wants to climb your highest peaks,
    wants to view your beautiful world,
    wants to watch your weatherpatterns,
    to be part of his physical world,
    wants to explore the biology and the geography,

    wants in on every part of that-
    not just some solitude, which is required in order
    to get you stop fussing and worrying about things, you see!

    We want you to START general, too.
    But we want you to get more and more and more specific,
    and we want you to get out, on the leading edge.

    And we want the specifics of ALL you ever become, and all that you are
    and all that you want to rendezvous to- now, now, now, now-

    Orlando March 2012

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    Source is far better than Google...

    "You all are too modest, and too humble.
    You donŽt know, that we are all queued up, FOR YOU!
    That we are part of your environment, and part of your process.
    Part of your planet.
    Part of your government.
    Part of your laws.
    Part of your wishes.
    Part of your desires,

    part of your interests,
    part of you planet.

    Part of your ecology.
    Part of your economy!
    Part of your politics.
    Part of your religion!

    WeŽve been in, on that! WeŽr INTERESTED,

    in your next joyful place that you have the ability to go to!
    But when you run around, fighting with each other,
    instead of tapping in to all that youŽve been asking for...

    (...) WeŽr FAR better than google."

    San Diego, Jan 2013

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    "Incredibly. We cannot even find words to describe
    the intensity of the interest,
    that source energy feels about, what you are focussed about,
    here and now.

    Sometimes you think you are alone-

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - London (2014) Part 1

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    (connecting with the croaked ones...)

    Especially those as your parents, who know you and knew you,
    are not looking in the past for you, they are looking in the present for you!
    So, when your mind is active, thatŽs when THEY are most active!

    And many of the ideas you claim as your own, are your (croaked) fathers!
    Many of them!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

    An easy way for you (to connect with the croaked ones),
    if you are not used to this receptive mode-
    for some people it freaks you out a little bit, while it is so delicious-
    is when a song occurs, that just seems to occur out of nowhere.

    Often what that song means to you, is expressing to you
    something that they mean to say.
    Because they are not whispering words to you!
    We are offering a vibration, that you are interpreting
    in the EASIEST way that you can!
    And sometimes the easiest way is through a song.

    NOT so much through a memory!
    Those memories will get you every time.

    If you try to remember them, you tune into a frequency,
    that is NOT THEM.
    Can you hear that?
    Remembering IS CLINGING TO THE PAST.
    ItŽs different than tuning to who they now are.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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