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Thread: Deleting my account

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    Deleting my account

    I no longer believe in these teachings and don't appreciate the attitude I'm getting. I'd like my account deleted.

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    Now that you know about this, you will probably show yourself in your life that it's exactly as Abraham teach it. It always is the way you believe it to be.
    You are not only "affected" by LoA when you believe in it. It's a law. It's like deciding that you don't believe in Gravity anymore, it just doesn't work like that.

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    Hello Oceanbreeze,

    I hope you find something that DOES resonate with you.

    Good luck to you on your journey.

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    ...i dont have any problems with beliefs cuz i used to manifest things in such "almost spooky synchronistic " way long time before even hearing about Abraham's existence!...and that was so spooky for me that i was litterally desperate to find the aswer:how this magic works!...and this is when i was guided to a bookshop and found Ask and its given....this book literally wanted to jump out of the shelf for me....

    ...there are no doubts...i know exactly how it works...i have my own proofs in my own life...of course im not in the vortex 24 hr nonstop...of course,there are hiccups on the way sometimes or sometimes even more than sometimes....but it doesnt disqualify cosmic laws...

    one very important quote from Abrahams's book is how important it is to be a deliberate creator vs creator by default....a deliberate creator has so much more power in their life...while a creator by default can easily be swept by desires and influences of others(which may be stronger)...since reading Abraham's books i feel more conscious power in my life...

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