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Thread: Who are you?

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    Thanks for this great idea, Sunlover!

    (...) That´s when you find out who you really are!
    See, you always thought- you all thought, all!- that you´r just you!
    And you´ve always been a whole bunch of us!

    You think, that idea was just yours?
    Ah, you just prepared yourself vibrationally
    for the receiving of the idea.
    You´ve ALWAYS been collective consciousness, you see.

    You´ve ALWAYS been collective consciousness.
    You´ve never, not one of you, ever been singular consciousness.
    You´ve always been collective consciousness!

    Denver 2012

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    Others are mirrors for YOU

    How long have you been together?
    How long do you plan to be together?
    What do you see in each other?


    You can see something that is beautiful,
    but when you see with your vibration of Love -
    SELF-LOVE, then the beauty is unspeakable.


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    And so, if anybody is implying that being specific
    about the direction of thought is an egotistical thing
    that should be stopped, we say, yeah,
    let's bring the whole entire Universe to a halt, too.
    You cannot cease having your perspective
    and from your perspective you will never stop attracting.

    And so, if we were in your powerful, beautiful, egotistical,
    selfishly oriented, just-the-way-it-is-supposed-to-be bodies,
    we would be guiding our thoughts by the virtue of
    what the EGO of SOURCE...
    oh, we are really going to mix things up!
    -wait until they get a hold of that one...
    the Ego of Source is encouraging.

    In other words, we're trying to encourage
    an alignment of you with You.

    And so, there is nothing wrong with this powerful perspective
    that you hold.
    That whole thing comes from an underpinning that is flawed
    at its basis that says:
    Source is good and the human is inferior.
    And so, let's do everything we can to undermine
    the egotistical human while we try to embellish and enhance
    the Source that is so good.

    -And what we're saying to you is,
    you are Source.
    You are an extension of Source.
    You came with intentionality and reason for being
    and call it ego or call it anything you want.
    Just don't let go of that consciousness."

    ~Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA, 3-10-07

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    "…..your Ego is not a problem,
    in fact your Ego is essential to your fulfilling
    of your reason for being here.

    Because what we would describe your ego as,
    is as this physical countenance or ability to perceive.

    Your ego is your physical focuser,
    and if you did not have this egotistical ability to focus,
    then you would not be of any advantage to the non-physical energy.
    So it is not having the Ego that is the problem.
    It´s using the Ego to EXCLUDE that, is the problem.

    It is using the Ego to talk about what you DON'T WANT.
    If you were an egotistical being, talking about what you DO WANT purely,
    you would stay in sync with that non-physical energy
    and you would fulfill your reason for being."

    Abraham-Hicks tape G-5-18-96

    This quote-collection could also be interesting, in regards to this topic:

    Abe´s take on "Materialism" and "Ego"

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    My Purpose of Being

    A newspaper this morning had a survey
    of what adults would ask of God, or a Supreme Being,
    if they could get a direct and immediate answer.
    And so I thought I’d ask you the questions:

    What Is My Purpose?
    For 35% of them, this was their question: “What is my purpose here?”

    To know that you are God.

    Could you embellish that a little?

    What is my purpose, as a physical being,
    coming forth into a physical time/space reality?
    Your purpose is to chew on the contrast for the purpose
    of giving birth to a unique new desire in this moment,
    that will summon Life Force or Energy toward it.

    Contrast exists. You don’t get brownie points or anything for that.
    And you don’t get any for the desire that is born out of the contrast,
    because that’s the natural process.
    And so, once the contrast has produced desire within you,
    and the desire is summoning Life Force unto it,
    your work is to align with that Energy.

    The Purpose of Life is Joy.
    -The basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is growth —
    but the purpose of your life is Joy.

    Your objective is to seek joy.
    Your objective is to find appreciation or pleasure or positive thought
    from wherever you stand, no matter how you got there.
    And when you align with that Energy, you are fulfilling your purpose.

    And then the twists and turns that your experience will take
    are dependent upon your willingness to allow yourself
    exposure to contrast. In other words, you cannot get it wrong."

    -Abe 5/30/99

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    The love-feast between source and physically focused humans

    Because of you, we (source) are expanding to new places.
    And because of you, we are discovering more fully who we ALL ARE!
    And because of our consistent ability to always choose the path of least resistance,
    WE take the path that you are carving out.

    Immediately. Instantaniuosly.
    And we hold the vibrational frequency FOR YOU.
    You have a choice- you can take it, or not.
    Either way it´s good.

    If you take it, you feel good right now.
    If you take it later, you´ll feel good later- but in either case,
    you can´t get off your path.

    You are fulfilling your reason for being.
    You came into this time-space-reality INTENTIONALLY,
    deliberately wanting to sift through variety,
    knowing that it would focus you into greater awareness
    of what you want.

    And we knew, that when you did that, that we could hold clearly
    to the concepts, and the frequencies of that new evolution that you discovered,
    and we knew, that as we held that vibrational patterning consistently,
    YOU would be able to find it, if you wanted to.

    We knew, that- if you where willing to care enough about how you felt,
    that OUR knowing of who you are would eventually lead you into a fulfillment
    of our knowing of who you are.

    So, that the expansion, that you´ve carved out for all of us
    could be the experience of deliciousness
    for YOU- like it is, for US.

    And there is no greater definition of the word "love"!
    But we´r not talking about our love for YOU.
    We´r talking about your love for US!

    You said: "I´ll go! And I´ll sort, and I´ll sift, and I´ll launch!"
    And we said:
    "We´ll take your love! We´ll take, what you will carve out for us!
    We will take this expansion, and we´ll hold it, vibrationally,
    in a frequency and in a patterning,
    and we´ll offer it to you, and your guidance-system will let you find
    the trail to it.

    And if you will be selfish enough to care about how you feel,

    You will return that love to Self.
    You will fulfill, you will complete the cycle of discovery and expansion
    and unfolding, and coming together, and discovering a NEW platform-
    from which to launch MORE.

    You are an eternal being, as are we.
    And our eternalness, and your eternalness are FOREVER intertwined,
    one with the other.

    There could not be greater reason, to find vibrational alignment
    than to understand that you are an extension of that which we are.
    And YOU cause the expansion of that who we ALL are, you see!
    This is a sort of eternal, cosmic love-feast that is going on,
    because in this eternal expansion, that we all are about.

    Abraham Hicks - Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    Before you came here, you tuned yourself to planet Earth.

    Let's say that you are tuner-receiver of a radio frequency,
    let's say, that's what your physicality is.
    And you're tuned to the frequency of planet Earth.

    Now, you didn't tune your frequency to planet Earth

    after you got here,
    you tuned your frequency to planet Earth
    before you got here.
    So, it is a really important inherent core central tuning
    that you've done.

    And so, here you are tuned to this frequency.
    And so, as everyone else, who is living here with you.
    And you've come to this frequency,
    to this experience with the intention of co-creating with others
    who are here.

    So, there is variance in your frequencies,
    one and another, but not that much,
    because the core of who you all are
    is really beaming a really powerful central signal.

    And so, the variance among you

    is not about your core life on planet Earth,
    "this is whom I've been,
    this is who I be, this is my co-creative environment"
    it's not that THAT signal varies among you- it doesn't.

    It's that your individual relationships TO that signal varies.
    Some of you TITITO, some of you not.
    Some of you are often in Alignment, some of you're in frequently Alignment.
    Some of you're in seldom Alignment, some of you're never in Alignment.
    And so, your variance is not about THAT central broadcasting frequency,
    it is about your relationship to it.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    We talk about this time-space reality.
    So here you all are.
    You made a decision to broadcast yourselves here.

    And so, now, you are here,

    in combination with those like us,
    who are non-physically focused.

    You are experiencing the expansion

    of that vibration into fuller manifestation.
    That's why we call it Leading Edge!

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

    This is a time-space-reality, that comes from a Source Energy,
    that is BASED upon LOVE and ONLY LOVE.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    This is what means "Triumph".

    "We really enjoyed your description of being out in nature,
    and looking at the tree and noticing it´structure,
    and it´s beauty and it´s balance.
    It´s perfection. And we wanted to interrupt you right then,
    and remind you of something we just said a few minutes ago.

    About how source is right out HERE, with you- experiencing!

    IOW- WE SO WANT ALL OF YOU TO UNDERSTAND: This is the leading edge.
    And that source is out here, on the leading edge- with all of you!

    So. You know how, when you have imagined a piece of art,
    and than you have been inspired to the gathering of the materials.
    And then you´ve been inspired to discovering a process
    that makes your vision become something, that others can see with their eyes.

    And you used the word "enchanted", and we wanted to say,
    it´s a feeling of accomplishment. Of achievement. It´s a feeling of creation.

    IOW, all of this words are part of this creative ability that is you.
    So, when you take an idea
    and you bring it forwards into something-
    artists feel that way with their paintings,
    and musicians feel it with their music,
    and lyricists fell that way with their poetry,
    and authors feel that way with their books.

    IOW, when it´s been an idea,
    and you stayed with it until it comes to further fruition,
    which is what humans wanna call manifestation-

    there is a satisfaction factor- because you´ve been IN on it!

    You´ve been the creator of it.
    And when you are the creator of something,
    the creation that the creator has created
    is extremely satisfying to the creator.

    So- when you are out there in nature-
    this is the part that we really really really want you to hear!-
    that RAPTURE that you are feeling, the exhilaration that you are feeling
    is because IN THAT MOMENT, there is no distortion in your vibration

    and you are allowing SOURCE to regard it´s creation.

    Now stay there for a minute. When YOU feel the beauty of nature,
    you´ve forgotten, but- you where IN on that!
    This place hasn´t always looked like this!
    IOW, it has been in the process of becoming.

    And so, if you stand in appreciation of the manifestation- you tap in
    into ALL of the energy that was part of the creation of it,
    and it´s life-giving.

    Did you follow that? It was huge. It was big.
    So we just say it in simple terms:

    Asheville, September 2011

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    Manifesting means "Ascending to the next higher level".

    All of you, in your physical form, -as we said many times here this day-
    are extensions of source energy.
    And to the degree that you focus to align you with your source,
    you ARE the physical embodiment of that source.

    And we gotta believe that this is what anyone means with
    When you train your vibration into a place that matches your source
    then you´v got to have the perspective of that, which is your source.

    And as long as you´r focused in this bodies and doing that,
    you have achieved the state of Ascension.
    Our definition of this is the raising of vibration.

    But people want to make everything literal.
    And we wanna say: What are you gonna do with the physical body
    in a nonphysical environment?
    Iow, it just doesn´t translate in in a way that we can make work out in the way
    we mean physical and nonphysical.

    But, in fairness, EVERYTHING that is physical is nothing more
    than an extension of that what is nonphysical.
    So we have to go along with the idea that you could get so good
    and so pure in your vibratory state
    that you could create anything that you could imagine.

    And in fact, get ready for this:
    THAT is what you have done in this earth-state.
    The earth-state is the physical extension of nonphysical.

    Asheville, 04/30/05

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