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Thread: Who are you?

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    -Where does the energy come from?

    - Well it's important to realize that there are no new thoughts.
    In other words, we are not at the beginning of anything.
    So when you think about momentum of vibration
    that's really what the energy that we're talking about is.
    The clear answer to that that we were reaching for from your perspective -
    when you are saying "I want to tap into energy"

    what you're really talking about is
    tapping in to the momentum that has already been established by your Vortex
    that is held and focused by the Non-physical.
    So, let's say just as a baseline that energy is focus.

    And therefore not caused by but perpetuated by a focuser.
    So, as you're thinking about energy in the context that we mean it in a question like that
    what you're really talking about is tapping in to the focus of Source.
    And of course we can't separate the focus of you from the focus of Source,
    although sometimes you pinch it off a bit.

    So, when we're talking about tapping into the energy
    we're talking about you finding some light of aligning with the focus of Source
    which of'course is perpetuated by the focus of you.

    So it's sort of this perpetual focusing thing
    where you come forth and focus
    and we remain Non-physically focused and focus
    and you explore contrast and decide
    and we focus upon what you decided about
    and between all of us who are focusing
    we have this perpetual stream of eternal energy.

    Abraham, October 2012

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    The children still know!

    You are an extension of Source Energy.
    You are one who loves,
    and you are one who loves to think,
    and you are one who loves to create,
    and you are one who loves to contemplate.
    You’re one who enjoys stimulation of thought.
    You’re one who enjoys choosing;
    you enjoy considering; you enjoy pondering;
    you enjoy fashioning.
    You enjoy putting things together.
    You enjoy figuring things out. You enjoy knowing.

    You enjoy not being sure and then becoming more sure.
    You enjoy the evolution of a thought.
    You enjoy the expansion of an idea.
    You enjoy the expansion of life experience.

    You enjoy the pleasure of being this genius,
    focused in the most creative environment that has ever existed,
    for the fulfillment of things that satisfy you.

    You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting more than life itself,
    because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you,
    through which this Source Energy flows. You are God.
    You are Source. You are creator.
    You always feel good from your Source Energy perspective.

    You don’t feel regret; you don’t feel doubt; you don’t feel worry;
    you don’t feel shame; you don’t feel guilt; you don’t feel anger;
    you don’t feel hate... You feel joy; you feel appreciation;
    you feel worthiness; you feel eagerness; you feel passion.

    You feel like the little kids feel—watch them: they’re sure;
    they’re arrogant; they’re not afraid.
    You say, “They’re not smart enough to be afraid.”
    We say, they are still smart—and not afraid.

    You say, “But they don’t know enough to worry.”
    And we say, they know everything—and they do not worry.
    The children are still more vibrationally imbued with that
    feeling of passion and joy—and that is what this work is about.

    It’s to assist you in returning to the natural state of Well-being—
    the natural state of being that is really You.

    San Rafael, CA 2004

    thank you Qzi!

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    We’re going to give you a big thought to think about, here:

    From your Nonphysical perspective, you launched a thought,
    you imagined a physical Universe of exaggerated contrast,
    an arena of fine-tuning, an arena of delicious experience,
    and as you and others like you from your Nonphysical
    experience imagined it — physical earth began,
    as a physical manifestation of the thought that was once only

    Now, here you exist, as physical counterparts of that
    Nonphysical Energy.

    Now, you exist, as a creation having been created
    by a creator, which is also you. The creator and the creation being one in the same.

    Now, from your perception of creation, you vibrationally intend,
    with all of your heart, to allow the Energy that created you to now
    flow through you.

    So now the creation vibrationally achieves harmony with the creator
    and vibrationally reaches back and summons the very Energy that
    created it, to begin with, through it — for the purpose of expanding
    it forward into the Universe.

    Can you feel the perpetual evolution of that which you are?

    In other words, you envisioned you.
    Now you are you, now you summon you back through you,
    and extend it further.

    That is the reason for physical experience.
    You are not here to prove worthiness.

    You are here to extend the creation, creator, creating that you are.

    -Abe 2/27/94

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    You really are God.

    All of the characteristics that man has been assigning to God,
    are possible WITH YOU!

    -Instantaneous healing.
    -Teleportation from one place to another.
    -The creation of wanted, in the moment that you want it.
    Iow, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!

    But you HAVE to understand the wholeness of who you are,
    and train yourself into the vibration of that, which is as complete
    as you have become, so far!

    Boca Raton, 2010-03-24, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can live the delicious life that you deserve

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    Remember, you are an extension of Source Energy-
    and, when you are allowing your full connection to your Source,
    you feel good. And, to the degree that you dis-allow your connection,
    you feel less good.
    You are pure, positive Energy. You are love!

    You expect good things. You respect and love yourself.
    You respect and love others - and, you are a natural born appreciator.
    Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you
    could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of
    yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy
    of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe.


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    Excellent, full description

    I understand, that the larger part of us is Nonphysical.
    The larger part of Esther is nonphysical, and that´s Abraham.
    -Of all of us.

    The larger, and the longer, the eternal part of you!

    (...) What I don´t understand than, what´s me?
    Am I just like a radio?

    You are an IMPORTANT cocreator!
    Maybe the best word that Esther has ever found when we tried to answer this question is, that you are an EXTENSION of. So, you are an important equal part! You are a part of this nonphysical consciousness!

    It´s like this. Part of you said, "I´ll stay here and remain pure positive energy. And I´ll send an aspect of myself to explore the contrast, in order to ask for more! So, you are the part that gets into life, that observes it, that comes to it´s own conclusions of how it would be better.

    And then, without even needing words, radiating a request or a rocket of desire, which assures the expansion of yourself- and the Universe, at large!

    Your IMPORTANT function really is, is you keep mixing it up- so that you can ask for more! And then, as you ask for more, than source, who stands in that stable place, can guide you. But not because you are a puppet. But because you are a willing receiver. Willing to receiver the answer to the question, that life has caused you to ask.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - You are essential to the world's expansion (San Antonio 2017)

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    You are standing on the most exaggerated
    leading-edge place of wellbeing
    that has ever existed in any universe.

    And it's only getting better.
    The energy of your time/space reality is moving
    faster than we've ever seen it...
    It's like a giant magnifying glass is being laid
    over everything. And whatever it is that you
    are living, is exaggerated.

    This is the time of awakening.
    This is the time that you knew it would be.
    You knew that you would come forth,
    and that in this time you would figure out
    how to be the creator that you are.

    Nothing that you're supposed to do...
    Only that which you want to do.
    And we want you to always remember,
    that we knew you before you were you.
    We ARE you, even though you ARE you.

    We've seen you now that you are you,
    and we've ridden the rocket of that which IS you.
    And we stand as the culmination
    of all that you are, and are calling you
    forward to that which you are.


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    Most of you, (we love you very much,) most of you treat yourself like a badly behaved employee. You do! You say to yourself, “Shape up! You need to be better. You need to do better.” And we say, “No, you don’t.” You just want to tend to your vibration and be who you really are.

    And who you really are is really bright and smart with really good timing and intuitiveness.
    And wonderful uplifting abilities. Who you are is one who loves easily and thinks openly and expands profusely. Who you really are is someone who adores life, loves yourself, and loves others. Who you really are is someone who is an uplifter, optimistic, who adores being here and who just can’t wait to get your hands in the creative clay of life experience-

    -because you know who you are and who you are is so wonderful and worthiness is not an issue - you just expect wonderful things to happen to you because you are an eternal being and wonderful things have been happening to you and you know that wonderful things are continuing to happen.

    In other words, that’s who you are!!!


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