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Thread: Mastery

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    "Having more contrast is beneficial.
    Having SMALL contrast is beneficial because
    the focusing power makes up the difference.
    Did we say it yet in a way that you can hear it?... You want to be specific.

    It feels terrible to sift through contrast and not know your power.
    It feels delightful to sift through contrast when you do know it!

    Watch the people that get behind the fast moving machines.
    Don't they just love to explore their ability to control those vehicles
    at higher and higher rates of speed?
    Now many people would say,
    "It would be a whole lot smarter if you slowed way down."
    And they would say, "Yeah but its way more fun!"
    And others would say, "Oh, but it's so risky."
    And they would say, "Not for me. It's not risky for me."

    It's not risky for someone who knows what they are doing.
    It's not risky for someone whose played this game before.
    It's not risky for someone who's moved up little by little
    and gained control of what they are doing.

    So how do you decide what is better - to drive fast or to drive slow?
    And we say you kinda got to mind your own business
    and just do what you feel like doing today.
    And if you are afraid to drive fast, don't drive fast.
    And if you you are BORED if you drive slow, speed it up."

    Abraham LIVE Albuquerque, NM - March 10, 2012

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    Delicious! So, as we as a collective consciousness evolve,
    (...) is there a 5. step? That, as we evolve as an elevated
    community, that we can participate in?

    Itīs all about the degree of the alignment!
    About the consistency of alignment.
    MASTERY of anything.

    Iow, there are not more laws to discover.
    There may be many many many more ways of describing
    the laws, that resonate more quickly or more easily.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015


    When you align with who you are first and foremost,
    then the thoughts that flow to you and through you
    are joined by that broader perspective,
    and there is a leverage in that aligned thought
    that surpasses any action that you have yet discovered,
    in terms of physical human leverage about anything.

    In other words, it’s not even the same conversation
    about the same creative environment.

    You can bang it out the hard way
    by working to overcome your own resistance.
    Or you can understand what we’re saying
    and not let the resistance get started.

    And be aware of the resistance, when it does get started
    and go with the flow of things, and find out what your true power is.
    And every one of these people,
    who are coming to you for advice, that’s what they are looking for.

    They really don’t want you to teach them to have more stamina,
    or how to offer more effort or how to get more hours in the day.
    They’re really not asking you how to beat the other guy
    or make an end run about something.

    What they are really asking for is inspired life.
    Because that’s the only life that is really, really fun all the time…

    So those words will come easier to you now,
    when they say, “What’s your strategy?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Accessing the power of the Universe.”
    “What do you mean? ”
    “Going with the flow of who we really are. Mastering this.
    No longer dabbling,
    mastering it.

    -Understanding some simple premises,
    and focusing until we really get it.
    Understand that there is not a shred of evidence
    in all of the Universe contrary to this:
    Harnessing the power that we were born understanding.
    Getting our power back.
    Focusing it.
    Living it happily ever after.”

    “Oh, that’s more than I realized.”

    Atlanta, May 2014

    Call it inspiration; that's all it is.
    You don't call the basketball player a channeler, but he is;
    he's an extension of Source Energy.
    You don't call the surgeon a channeler, but he is.
    You don't call the musician,
    the magnificent master musician,
    you don't call him a channeler, but he is.

    He's channeling the broader essence of who he is
    into the specifics of what he is about."


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    The thing is, the greatest creators on your planet
    where always dreaming of something beyond what was.

    And when they where able to accomplish it,
    THEN they are called masters.
    But when you are still in the gap-
    they call you delusional, you see.

    So the world only wants to recognice your brilliance,
    AFTER you have maintained your positive expectation,
    and have accomplished the consistent frequency which allows it,
    until itīs manifested into your experience.

    You just canīt listen to he peanut gallery!

    At the time theyīr calling you delusional, once you have accomplished it,
    then they call you greedy, for having more than they have!
    So, you just have to leave everybody else out of the occasion-
    and master your gap.

    Take pleasure from your gap.

    Phoenix Dec. 2013

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    More about the "Kings of the Molehills"

    (You cannot only create from ITV...)
    ...You can gather stuff from OOTV! You can take action from OOTV!
    You can play in a game, were everybody is pushing against everybody-
    and if you push the hardest, you can win that game.
    And much of the wealth, and gathering of possessions IS such a game.

    WE are talking about aligning with source.
    Aligning with love, aligning with joy,
    aligning with who you really are-
    aligning with whatīs in your Vortex!

    Now weīr also talking about aligning with wealth, and aligning with wellbeing-
    and aligning with clarity.
    But TRUE ALIGNMENT is rare.
    And yet, THE most sought-after thing on the planet.

    Everything that EVERYONE wants- no matter what it is-
    they want it because they think they will feel better in the having of it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Joy First Then Wealth

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    Thatīs what empowerment is!
    Thatīs what upliftment is!
    Thatīs what true alignment is-
    thatīs what true MASTERY is:

    Itīs being in vibrational sync with who-you-are,
    and not letting ANYTHING- ANYTHING be important enough,
    that it gets between you, and your alignment.

    Nothing matters more, than your alignment!
    Nothing matters more. Nothing matters more.
    Nothing matters more than my alignment! Nothing matters more.

    Nothing matters more.

    2015-09-26 Chicago

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    (...when you deliberately hold yourself in alignment)
    ...what you begin to feel, is your invincibility!
    What you begin to feel is your power! And your cleverness.
    And your clarity. And your passion. And your enthusiasm.
    And on top of all of that, you begin- not just begin,
    you feel COMPLETELY, your WORTHINESS!

    And now you know, you are a master of creation!
    Now you understand, there isnīt anything
    that you canīt be, or do, or have.

    Now you know, what it REALLY means to be alive.
    To be nonphysically focused, IN a physical body-
    with the entire Universe, as it is evolved to this extend,
    cooperating with you- FOR YOUR CREATIVE PLEASURE
    and endeavor.

    MASTERY of life-experience, you see!
    And NOTHING ELSE will do, for you!

    (...) The only point of comparison that ever really exists
    for you, or anyone else, is that relationship between
    what life had caused you to create,
    and what you have- in a disciplined way, accomplished
    in terms of holding yourself in sync, with that.

    And once you catch hold of that vision,
    and once you are able to feel your way into alignment,
    alignment, alignment, alignment, alignment-
    then the empowerment that happens to you
    and the enlightenment that occurs to you,

    SO FAR surpasses ANYTHING of a physical nature,
    in terms of success. Iow, there is just not money enough
    to explain it. There are not contacts enough to explain it.
    Itīs a state of being, that is NATURAL to you.

    But you see, this is what we want you to hear:
    Itīs not a state of being thatīs already achieved,
    that youīr catching up with!
    Itīs a state of being, that you have newly created,
    that you are catching up with!

    And THATīS the difference, you can hear it?
    Itīs not something that SOMEONE ELSE has created,
    and has assigned to you!
    You are not climbing the rungs of a ladder!

    This is you, getting up to speed with YOUR expansion.
    And since life cause you to make the expansion,
    if you donīt get up to speed, you donīt feel good.
    And when you DO get up to speed, we canīt even find words
    to explain, HOW GOOD youīll feel.

    Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015

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    You didnīt come as amateurs.
    You are masterful creators in an environment
    of superb exposure to contents
    who give you the ability to launch this rockets of desire!
    And when you get hold of it, like you are- all are, here in this room,
    and you begin to deliberately build your emotional grid-
    -not for the purpose of building the framework for something that will come later,
    that will then satisfy you, but because the SCULPTING OF THE GRID
    is satisfying here and now
    and will potentially even be more satisfying as it fills in.

    Thatīs what we meant saying earlier:
    When you just stumble on, than you say "That was fun".
    But if you have thought about it and planned for it
    and found vibrational alignment with it
    and then watch the pieces of it come together-

    -then itīs just

    triumphant, triumphant, triumphant!

    The orgasmic qualities of your life just build and build and build
    as you come together with the power
    and the creativity of the allness that is focussed with you, here and now.

    And THEN- your feeling of worthiness, your feeling of rightness,

    your feeling of goodness is just present all the time,
    and you just walk around radiating, and glowing,
    and uplifting others-
    and finding those, who are a vibrational match!"

    Abraham, Asheville 2011

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    Thank you Sweet Butterfly!

    Get your life into the right order!

    WE know what's necessary in order for those manifestations to occur!
    -We don't want you to need the manifestation, in order to feel good.

    We know that if you can feel good the manifestation will occur.

    You keep wanting to see it and than you'll believe it.
    We want you to believe it and than you'll see it.
    You want to react to life.
    We want you to create life.

    You want to respond to the condition.
    We want you to respond to the uncondition.
    We want you to honor your vibrational nature.
    You want to use it for the manifestation.

    We want you to have the manifestation,

    but we want you to honor your Alignment.
    We want to be the Alignment what matters most.
    Because we know that the manifestation that YOU want
    will make you feel like the Alignment that WE want.

    But we want you to find the Alignment

    without needing the condition to produce it.
    But you want the condition to produce the feeling of Alignment.
    We want you to find the Alignment apart from the condition.
    Because if you are able to find Alignment apart from the condition,
    you are than free,
    and you will be able to create ANYTHING that you desire.
    You will be able to resonate with Non-physical,
    with the Non-conditional part of Who-You-Are!

    South-Pacific-Cruise, 2015

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    Thank you Sweet Butterfly for all the South-Pacific-quotes

    Master Conditions, in mastering living unconditional!

    We want YOU to control the condition!
    We want you to find an unconditional way of feeling good
    and find a way to maintain it,
    for no good reason
    than it feels good to do it!

    And then we want you to step in the conditions

    and watch the way they MORPH
    to support the new vibrational stance
    that you have accomplished!

    Otherwise you just walking around
    waiting for a condition to thrill you
    and some of them do and some of them don't, you see.
    We want you to be happy in all conditions.

    We want you to be like the masters that you revere.
    Who are in vibrational alignment with Source.
    And taking and receiving and giving value and pleasure
    in every moment of their experience!
    That's who You Are!
    And nothing else will do for you!

    South-Pacific-Cruise, 2015

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    You never again gonna be as happy
    when you are not up to speed with who you really are!
    It is just the by-product of
    COMING HOME and then getting lost again...

    South-Pacific-Cruise, 2015

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