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Thread: Pain? OHH GOOD! Something to relax into!

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    Pain? OHH GOOD! Something to relax into!

    I love to relax into my discomfort!

    "The most significant thing
    that we want you to focus upon relative to pain,
    that when you are feeling it and focusing upon it,
    it cannot go away.

    And if you
    would… A friend earlier offered a very good word that,
    as you apply it to this,

    we believe it can serve you very powerfully, and that is, as you

    it's sort of like relaxing into the pain
    rather than pushing against it,
    than trying to figure it out or understand it or stop it.
    Just sort of relax and
    go with it.

    In other words, just sort of accept it. Don't tense against it.
    sort of accept it.
    In most cases it will soften right away
    as you try to relax
    into it a little bit."

    ~Abraham, Billings, MT, 6/21/03

    I love to relax. I love to allow what is DONE (step 2, after I did step 1) to flow to me.
    I relax into my pain.
    I enjoy this sweet ease, that flows over me.
    I enjoy the tingling of my body.
    I enjoy this sweetness when my muscles relax.
    I love this ease and peace that washes over me, when my cork bobs back to the surface,
    because I release my iron grip.

    I so appreciate the reason to do it.
    I love a bit hunger, so that food tastes even better.
    I love a bit stress, so that I can chill out on purpose, and FEEL MYSELF MOVING ITV.

    What a delight,
    What a ride.
    What a rush.
    Awwww, I SO LOVE THIS!!!

    It feels free.
    It feels cozy.
    It feels safe.
    Itīs sweet. Itīs warm. Itīs comfortable.
    Itīs wonderful.
    It feels so GOOD.

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    people might be interested in this Abe-quote-collection...

    How to deal with pain

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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    In every solution, there is a poignant,
    and FABULOUS problem!
    Solutions are born out of awarenesses of problems.

    Iow, if you donīt allow yourself to explore the range of it,
    then you donīt get very far down the road!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why Do I Like Dark Stuff?

    I so truly LOVE understanding what contrast is.
    I so deeply love this adventurous story from having no clue, to GETTING it.
    I feel excited by it.
    I feel enlivened by it.
    I am so eager for the solution, I so LOVE the discovery, the sweet journey of getting there!
    I love each part of this. I celebrate it.
    Man, I am eager, but I even put it off a bit just for the joy of TAKING MY TIME in it.
    It feels so precious.
    It IS so precious.
    Itīs so full of unexpected treasures, all along the way.
    Itīs easy.
    Itīs sweet.
    Itīs such a delight.
    I totally forgot what "my contrast" was.


    You cannot control circumstances.
    You never intended to control circumstances.
    You intended to discover unconditional love.

    You intended to discover a way to feel good,
    no matter what,

    because you have the facility,
    you have the power:
    you have the ability to focus.


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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    thanks SweetButterfly

    It is not an easy thing
    to be forced into the observation of a condition.
    But someday soon you will realize
    that it is never the case!

    You always have a DIFFERENT EMOTIONAL option!

    And when you begin exercising it,
    you will begin receiving clarity, you will know what to say,
    the right words will flow and things will shift around you!
    And the current reality will morph into new reality
    that contains desires that you've put there!

    South-Pacific-Cruise, 2015

    I am open for the awesome gifts of this contrast.
    I know, it wouldnīt have come
    without being the perfect next step right here, and now.
    I am willing and ready to embrace it.
    I want it.
    I surrender into it.
    I trust it.
    I am allowing to get into the receptive mode, about it.
    I appreciate it, truly.

    I ask for the perfect solution.
    I ask for the perfect impulses.
    I ask for it all unfolding,in happy sweet ease.
    I ask for me, to release the wobble.
    I relax into the pain.
    I know, all solutions are done. All it takes,
    is me chilling out.
    I acknowledge how perfectly it is all set up, in all the unfolding.
    I am willing to play on the high flying discs in this, about this.
    I feel source around me.
    I love my guidance.
    I so feel guided in this.

    I want this easy.
    I want this in magnificence.
    I want this as a delightful surprise.
    I want to feel RICH AND ABUNDANT in all of it.
    I want to feel evolving, and even richer then before.
    I want to unfold in unfolding prosperity.
    I want this perfect.
    I want this so happy.
    I want this delightfully.
    I want this safe and secure.
    I want this as the perfect happy fantastic next step
    on my journey of Paradise on Earth.

    I want to FEEL, and KNOW more than ever that I am one of the most vibrationally
    prosperous people in my life. I want to KNOW this deeper than ever.
    I want to feel this unconditional prosperity.
    I want to unfold in this, completely unconditionally.
    I want to feel and know and love my abundance. More, more, more!!!

    Because we want the unconditional pleasure
    of it to be, what you're looking for.

    Few of you understand that the key to what you're looking for,
    is a fast moving vibration that you are up to speed with.
    So we want you to talk more with more sense of ownership
    of who you really are and what's coming. We want you to say:

    'I am one of the most vibrationally
    prosperous people that I ever met."

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida / March 21, 2015

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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    "You'll have people coming to you saying,
    'I don't know what it is
    but something about your belief in me
    has caused me to rise to a new level
    and I'm so much happier and so much more productive
    and so much richer
    for my relationship with you.'

    And some of them will eventually say,
    'What is your secret?'

    and the simple answer is,
    'I knew who you really are
    and focused incessantly upon that
    until you became it.'"

    Alaska Cruise, 2010

    I relax into my pain.
    I surrender.
    I give up ALL struggle.
    I donīt take things so seriously.
    I am a happy parent.
    I totally trust in your guidance.
    I totally trust in your perfect contrast.
    I totally trust in the perfect unfolding.
    I see you as the fantastic treasurehunter that you are.
    I see you as the awesome fascinated and fascinating extraordinary person
    that you are wanting to be- who has his perfect, awesome adventures.
    Itīs all good! Itīs so right. Itīs so good.
    I KNOW how you really are.
    I totally trust in that.
    Nothing matter more than feeling good in the trust of the Vortex-version.

    I relax.
    I totally relax.
    I completely give up all resistance.
    I trust. I trust.
    Hmmmm, this feels good

    It feels sweet! It feels good. It feels certain.
    It feels easy.
    It feels soft.
    It feels as organic, slow, joyful unfolding.
    It feels special. Not normal, but special.
    as you really WANT it. Joyful. Special, fascinating.


    The most significant thing for a parent
    to contribute to anyone

    is their own Connection and their own stability.

    An effective parent is a happy parent.
    An effective parent is a parent who laughs easily and often;
    and who doesn't take things so seriously.

    --- Abraham

    You cannot lead from behind.


    If you want to be of greatest value to others,
    see them as you know
    they want to be.


    Called, Guided.
    Certain. Adventurous and happy.
    Adventurous and certain.
    Adventurous and blissful.
    Clear. So joyful!
    Happy. Fascinated. Easy.

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    This is the perfect timing and opportunity,
    to sort of have a BREAKTHROUGH in this!

    South Pacific Cruise 2015

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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    Your cells are as depressed as you are,
    and your cells are as happy and frisky as you are.


    I relax into my discomfort.
    I relax. I want this better, and my IB knows.
    Each cell knows. Itīs totally known, and even more...
    ITīS DONE vibrationally.
    Itīs done. And all I "need" to do is chill out.
    Relax, and trust the wanted unfolding.
    Relax and surrender into ease and joy.
    Relax and float, in wellbeing.
    Relax and feel what is in the Vortex.
    Hmmmm, that feels so GOOD...

    Easy. Loving. Happy. Sturdy. Fun. Capable!
    Happy. Sweet. Easy. Wonderful. Wonderful.
    So good.
    So sweet. So easy.

    Thatīs exactly what I do already!!

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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    "There isnīt anyone on this planet who wants your wellbeing more
    than... well, YOU.
    But the next one in line is your MOTHER! Seriously!

    Even so she canīt see it, because sheīs not been practicing the vibration of it,
    SHE WANTS IT! Itīs whatīs in her Vortex, the improved, successful,
    thriving, happy joyful version of you,
    Itīs our absolute promise to you.

    So, when YOU work to line up with that
    (about yourself)-
    so THAT IS what youīr emanating- you are emanating this confident clarity.
    We promise you, she is gonna KNOW it, from YOUR knowing it.

    Thatīs what weīve been saying when we said withdraw the words,
    withdraw your fists- and just OWN YOUR ALIGNMENT.
    In the same way that when youīr on stage, and you own your alignment-
    and the audience all gets it-

    itīs exactly the same thing.
    When you own your alignment,
    EVERYONE whom you interact with, GETS IT.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Turn a deaf ear to unwanted situations

    I relax into my pain.
    I own it.
    Itīs mine. Itīs split energy.
    Itīs needing conditions.
    Itīs not lining up unconditionally, and tensing against what is.
    And it is OK.
    It is alright.
    I embrace myself in this pain.
    I embrace what is.
    I embrace where I got into.
    I embrace ME.
    All is good. All is well. I understand.
    And, I understand her, as well.

    I allow it to be.
    I stop tensing against.
    I just let it go.
    I just float, and allow it to be, and allow it to vanish also.
    I donīt need to do anything.
    I donīt need to find a solution.
    I donīt need anything, I donīt NEED.

    I allow. I allow and I relax.
    I trust the Goodness.
    I allow my joy to surface again, NO MATTER WHAT.
    I donīt nee to fix anything.
    All what I really want is said an done, and KNOWN.
    I relax. I allow.
    I float, I surrender.
    And that feels SO GOOD.

    Ah, relief!
    Sweet relief of loosing my fists.
    Sweet relief of trust and faith.
    Sweet relief of ease and unconditional love.
    Sweet relief of relaxation, no matter what.
    Sweet relief.
    All I "need" to do is hold myself in love, unconditional love. Nothing else.
    No specifics. No action. No strings. Just joy, and love.
    And that is easy.


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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    I relax into my pain.
    I relax and let go.
    I relax and allow what is, without pushing against.
    Itīs all said and done.
    Itīs all heard by the Universe.

    I relax into the done-ness of my PERFECT solutions, that are cued ub due to my perfect problems.
    Itīs done. Itīs totally done.
    All I need to do is look FORWARDS from now on, and to follow my bliss.
    What feels good, is good, here and now.
    What feels off, is off, here and now.
    Now I float towards my solutions.
    I cut all strings.
    I cut all resistance.
    Itīs all said and done.
    Nothing to do than chill.
    Nothing to do then love.
    Nothing to do then focus on ease and joy.


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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    EVERYTHING is a blessing.
    Not just "in a way", but in this way,
    and this way and this way!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks, How To Bless Your Desires Into Manifestation

    I relax into my pain.
    I just relax an trust.
    Relax an trust.
    Sweet, easy, open.
    Sweet, easy and open.Open, for what got created. But much more, open to
    the sweetness of relaxation, NOW.
    Sweetness. Unconditional ease. Easy happy trust.
    Allowing, allowing, allowing.

    I surrender. Nothing important is going on. I ease up.
    I let go.
    Nothing needs to bother me, when I let go of controlling conditions.
    I let go and bless what is.
    I let go and relax.
    I let go and trust.


    THIS is what we want:
    We want, more than all other things put together,
    we want for you, more important than everything weīve said to you here
    or to anyone ever, WE WANT FOR YOU

    -to be able to put on that new dress,
    and look into the mirror, or whatever it is,
    We want you to like what you see, because you are being
    in the state of evolving.

    We want you to look in the mirror, and we want you to see
    the source shining back from you, from your eyes.
    We want you to see the trillions of cells, in your body,
    that are all perfect in there perfect response to what it is,
    that you are about.

    We want you to see this magnificent physical apparatus.
    We want you to adore the functioning of your brain-processes,
    and the functioning of the way that your body is working.
    We want you to see SO MUCH MORE,
    to look in that mirror and see, and adore, than there is
    to see and not like so much!

    Youīve just gotta train yourself to LIKE what you see!

    You must like yourself. You must LIKE what you see,
    before you can turn downstream, towards everything thatīs
    in your vibrational escrow!
    Which includes the body you want.
    Which includes the relationships you want.
    Which includes the dynamic dollars that you want.
    Which includes the love of life, and adventure on this planet,

    You see, itīs all there, for you! But you canīt get there from there.
    Youīve gotta change the way you see yourself.
    And youīve gotta do it, BEFORE the way you see yourself, changes!

    Thatīs the thing that is so tricky!
    "Oh ja, Iīll bang myself into a better position. And then, Iīll like what I see.
    Oh ja!! Iīll work really hard. Iīll deprive myself of this and this and this,
    Iīll read the 400 000 000. book, thatīs been written on what I should
    and shouldnīt eat, Iīll follow the latest fad,
    Iīll follow the latest fad relative to motions, Iīll MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    Iīll make it happen, so that then, I can look in the mirror and like what I see."

    And we say: It doesnīt work that way.
    Youīve gotta look in the mirror AS YOU ARE,
    and LIKE what you see- and THEN, what you see will change.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Losing Weight with Law of Attraction! (2015! New!)

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