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Thread: Pain? OHH GOOD! Something to relax into!

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    I love to relax into my contrast!

    I so love to RELAX. Just chill out.
    I donīt need to know why.
    I donīt need to figure anything out.
    I donīt NEED anything.
    While I MAY relax, and find the doneness of everything.
    I relax into the goodness of life.
    I relax into the joy that is.
    I relax. I relax, I relax. I relax, because it feels so sweet.
    Just relax.
    No fighting, no need to get anyone to understand no need, no stress.
    Source understands, source knows, and that is enough.

    I relax into the love of source.
    I relax into this huge awesome love.
    I relax into this huge friendly allembracing goodness. Goodnes IS.
    And I tune into.
    Goodness and friendly clarity.
    Somewhen I will understand, and until then, I just chill and ENJOY-
    because, I can. I always have this option. Freedom. Ease!
    I choose no matter what.
    I choose feeling better. I choose the relief. I choose happy, in any way
    it works.

    AH, this feels so much better

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    Donīt go to the Shadows. Do LIGHTWORK instead!

    HS asks about "Shadow-work".

    What we want to say in response to this is:
    If you feel like you need to go really deep and really dark
    into the shadows in order to ferret out the stuff that is wrong,
    in order to discover whatīs right- then go for it.

    But almost everyone weīve ever known, got lost
    in the shadows along the way.

    Because the vibrational frequency of that -the pattern of thought,
    just holds them there. You can not deny that what you think about

    (...) We want you to know that your thoughts do matter! EVERY
    thought matters. (...) Our encouragement ist to do the LIGHTWORK.
    Itīs more natural to you. Donīt go to the shadows!

    (...) Such a scrutiny of all of the details unwanted does not serve
    you very well. Thatīs why therapy lasts sooooo loooong!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can choose how you want your Body to Be

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