I love to relax into my contrast!

I so love to RELAX. Just chill out.
I donīt need to know why.
I donīt need to figure anything out.
I donīt NEED anything.
While I MAY relax, and find the doneness of everything.
I relax into the goodness of life.
I relax into the joy that is.
I relax. I relax, I relax. I relax, because it feels so sweet.
Just relax.
No fighting, no need to get anyone to understand no need, no stress.
Source understands, source knows, and that is enough.

I relax into the love of source.
I relax into this huge awesome love.
I relax into this huge friendly allembracing goodness. Goodnes IS.
And I tune into.
Goodness and friendly clarity.
Somewhen I will understand, and until then, I just chill and ENJOY-
because, I can. I always have this option. Freedom. Ease!
I choose no matter what.
I choose feeling better. I choose the relief. I choose happy, in any way
it works.

AH, this feels so much better