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Thread: Abe about time

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    Is time linear?

    Letīs just start with the sentence, that time is not linear.
    And now we want to give you another statement,
    to sort of merge the two, that before you sat down here,
    all that is was slightly less, than it is now.

    That, in every exposure- and weīr going to say,
    in time, time and space- that there is MORE attraction.
    So, letīs just take the subject away from time for a moment,
    and think in terms of more, and less!

    There is always more. There is more NOW than it was THEN.
    there is more NOW than it was THEN.
    And t
    here is more NOW than it was THEN.
    Because, as thoughts converge, and LoA responds to the thoughts,
    there is more attraction-power, so it continues to be more,
    and more and more and more and more.

    So, THAT in essence, is linear!
    Becaus you canīt go back! You just said this to us: You canīt go
    back to less then what-is, you cannot go back. So, just rest
    with that for just a little bit. If we were standing in your physical
    shoes, instead of thinking in terms of time, we would be thinking
    in terms of expansion, and "more, and more and more".

    Now, this is the most specific burning answer, to your burning
    question. We like this question so much -and we like this answer
    so much!

    So, here you are, out here on the leading edge,
    and as in the example that we offered before, about Esther
    and her wall- there has been so much that has gone BEFORE,
    that EQUALS the now, in which you are standing!

    And wether you want to call that MORENESS, or TIME, or not-
    the words doesnīt matter! The fact is:
    There is THE most specifically focused experience,
    that is HAPPENING NOW, than ever before!

    Because each moment in time, that passes, there is MORE exposure
    to vibration, and more focus- and we think, that time-
    the SIGNIFICANT thing about time, is that itīs ALWAYS now.

    (...) So here we are, nonphysically focused -but weīr focused
    with you, IN YOUR NOW. And this is the thing, that we most want
    to extract from your question, and answer.
    And then, we can fill in the details, if youīr not satisfied still.
    But this is the most significant conversation about time.

    EVERYTHING that has lived still lives.
    So, everything that you want to call past, is still present!
    Because no one ever seizes to exist.

    And so, ALL of that past-experience of your own past-lives,
    and your own, dearly departed, they are all nonphysically focused-
    but they are all still focused FORWARDS, in what you want to
    call TIME, what we want to call NOW- HERE, with you!

    And so, if you can look at time more as the MOMENT IN TIME,
    the juncture, the junction, where you in your physicalness meet
    all of us, in our nonphysicalness.

    And then, you try to accept that there is never any "going back",
    there was always only this moment, and this moment, forward-
    Then you begin to get a sense that we HAVE to call it "linear"!
    Because, itīs MORE!

    Of course you can imagine the past. And of course, you can
    imagine the future. But people who are trying to make it sound
    like there are a lot of other dimensions, and a lot of other times,
    and that you could go back in time, and there people, living
    actually back in time- THATīS JUST NOT TRUE!

    There are NOT people living back in time. It is our promise
    to you!! Everyone who has been, who has now nonphysical
    focus, is HERE!
    On the leading edge, WITH YOU!

    With you, with what you call your time.
    And so, this moment is more than the moment before.
    And this one and this one and this one.
    Because, you are exposing yourself to life, and you are
    putting more into your Vortex, and you are coming into
    vibrational alignment, and we are ALL focused forward,
    IN TIME; RIGHT NOW, with you.

    Of course you can remember your past. But- you know,
    this is why we are getting so exhilerated as we are following
    this train of thought: Itīs that your IB NEVER LOOKS BACK!

    Your IB is ALWAYS focused on this expansive, delicious sweet
    spot, watching you moving from where you are, to where you
    really mean to be. And in fact, your IB is not even focused
    on WHERE YOU ARE- your IB is focused upon where you REALLY
    are, vibrationally.

    Which, in your vernacular, youīr going, in terms of physical
    manifestation! Your IB is SOOO FORWARD looking!
    Never looking back.

    So, for someone beginning to say, or to believe, that some
    of you are living in the 16. century, or the 14., or the 13., or...
    -itīs just NOT THE WAY THAT IT IS.

    Because it is the leading edge, that we are ALL exhilerated about.
    Itīs the NEW. Itīs the new converstation. THIS conversation has
    never been before, not like this, unto ALL of the Universe!
    This combination of who you are, and what you know,
    and who you are and this burning question that you are asking,
    has never been before!

    It has never had a juncture, meeting nonphysical in the way,
    that it is right NOW.
    It has JUST become more- and youīve GOT to accept this as linear,
    as- you said- YOU CANīT GO BACK. (...)

    When you hear someone say to you "there is no time!"
    and they are speaking it from a valid point.
    And you think, "well... and yet... we all met here, at 9 oīclock, and
    weīll go eat about 1 oīclock, and so..."

    Letīs use the word FOCUS instead of time. Letīs use the word "Now".
    Can you exist, can you focus, can you be other than NOW?
    Can you be then? No.

    Asheville, 2016.10.15 - 16, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Trust your guidance (new)

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    When you donīt activate "what was",
    then it stays in the past-
    and doesnīt mess up your NOW!

    Currently, the last 3 years...

    The last 3 years is NOT current!

    Well, meaning the latest...

    Well, more current than the last 16 years. But itīs still
    NOT current!

    And you still donīt need to activate it.
    You canīt get to where you wanna go, as long as you are
    assessing whatīs going on. We donīt wanna be hard on you.
    (...) What is happening now, what feels PRESENT TENSE,
    is old, residual!

    Itīs just the manifestation of old,
    vibrational residual!

    So, isnīt it logical that- as you clean up your vibration,
    than than in time, you move up past all of that.

    2016-10-02 in Boston

    (...) the past seems to crawl up, on me.

    (...) Your past is NOT crawling!

    2016-10-02 in Boston

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    Stop re-activating "deepseated issues"!

    There is nothing deepseated!
    Itīs not deepseated! Itīs just ACTIVE.

    And usually you wanna say, the reason itīs active because itīs deepseated.
    And we say, no, the reason itīs active is because
    you keep bringing it forwards!

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    Nothing ever comes to a halt,
    things just keep evolving.


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    Itīs contrast and us finding questions, which creates Infinity!

    We know, NONE OF US can expand- there can be no infinity-
    there can be no eternal, there can be no ever-lasting,
    if there is no "new"- and there canīt be new,
    unless there are questions that bring new answers!

    Or problems, that bring new solutions!
    Itīs ALL part of it.
    So we bless you in every problem that you are in-
    and when you start embracing the problem,
    rather than acting rather than doing something wrong-
    then youīll be who you really are,
    moving through this life-experience.

    Phoenix, Dec. 2014

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