You are walking into the future of whatever you do, with your mind. So where is your mind? Is it perusing the puzzles and problems of the past? Is it perusing the problems of the world? Is it looking for reasons to feel good? Is it looking for reasons to feel bad? In other words, it is your life, you get to focus wherever you want to focus.

Jerry awakened from a very stimulating dream, and he said to Esther, “I just realized that I put the words in every person’s mouth that was in my dream: If they’re adoring me, I put those words there. If they’re mad at me, I put those words there. I am the creator of every dream.”

And we say, you are the creator of everything. And when you realize that you are creating in your dreams, then you become even more aware that you can create your future experience, which will, almost as quickly as you know, become your now experience.
You are the creator of your reality.

But you do it from your powerful now, as you anticipate into the future.

-Abe 12/15/01