Is there a "fear of success"?

We just got a step 5!???

Yeah, you did! The thing is, youīve been getting it,
for a while! It was just identified as such.
And you are all there to understand the importance of it, ja?
There was finally enough momentum about it, that it
culminated into something that we can substantially identify
as something that we can REALLY... step 1, step 2, step 3, 4, 5!
Whatīs 5?

5 is THE most important step of all, isnīt it?
It dovetails back, with the very first step, but THIS time,
when it dovetails back, youīr giving yourself PERMISSION
to be human and alive, and ON THE LEADING EDGE!

On the leading edge.
On the bleeding edge. On the leading, bleeding, leading, bleeding...
leading bleeding edge. Yeah?

Ya. Beautiful. Making peace with the contrast, feels like step 5,
feels like the last piece.

Making PEACE with it, and REVELING in it.
And eating it up. And taking life on. In an attitude of security.
In an attitude of BALANCE. In an attitude of no fear.
In an attitude of robustness, and eagerness, and FULLNESS.


Total Self! Really, Abraham? My total Self is involved with me,
in this Step 5-sort-of-contrasting moment?
YES! There is nothing that your IB likes more than expansion!
But your IB does not SUFFER in it!
Thatīs what the exercise of step 5 is, for YOU!

-To be in contrast, and NOT suffer!

Calling it difference. Calling it variety. Not calling it bad!
Calling it options. Calling it opportunity! Calling it clarification!
Not bad, not wrong. VARIETY!

(the ship-horn goes on )
Yeah, you see! (laughter...).

HS: (... itīs said, that..)
The thing that you fear most, is not failure, but success...

Thatīs just bogus.

Is it?

No one fears success. They are just convinced that success is less likely
than failure. And so, since every subject is really two subjects,
wanted and lack of it, sometimes, when youīr focusing upon what you want,
youīr actually discovering the lack of it.

So, enough people have been focusing in the direction of what they thought
they wanted, and felt the discord of what their actual vibration is,
another way of saying that would be:

"Since my IB always resides in the vibration of my success on the topics
that matter to me, when I focus upon this topics, I can feel my relationship
with source, on that subject!
You see, if who you really are- if your IB wasnīt CERTAIN,
that you can have what you want, if there wasnīt such a strong, consistent
attitude, opinion and flowing of KNOWING,
then you could focus there in your sloppy thinking and not feel any discord.

But because source is sooo sure, and because
you have been asking for so long! -the discord sticks out like a sore thumb.

And then you say "I fear success, because when I focus upon
the subjects that matter to me, I feel the discord,
because my habit of thought is not quite where
my IBīs habit of thought is, about that.

Alaskan Cruise, July 2015