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Thread: Itīs EASY!

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    We want you to FEEL,
    that your natural state
    is that buoyant state of nonresistance.


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    What you are doing is ENOUGH!

    We just want you to know you're close enough.
    In other words, easy does it, close enough.
    And TRUST that the Source within you, the SOURCE within you,
    this Vortex has got you - it's got your back, it's got your front,
    it's got your past, it's got your present, it's got your future, it IS YOU.

    In other words, it's real-time vibrational, it knows all of the manifestations
    that are coming, it knows every step along the way, it could lay it out for
    you brilliantly. It knows every rendezvous that you'll have with every
    single person, it knows where you've been, it knows where you're going,
    it knows who you are, it knows what you want, it knows where you are
    in relation to what you want, it knows the path of least resistance
    to get you to where you want to be. It knows all of those things.
    The Source within you knows all of those things.

    And because you can't just hear it all spelled out this red-hot minute,
    you choose to think that you should be doing something different
    than what you're doing.
    And we want to tell you that what you're doing
    is ENOUGH.

    It's enough. It's all you can do and it's enough.
    It's all you can do and it's enough!
    And if you trust the process, it will just keep evolving.
    It will move from that mild satisfaction and that mild feeling of
    contentment to this abiding feeling of Well Being,
    to this sense of Well Being that will move with you through your day,
    not just in those moments that you have deliberately released resistance
    by focusing upon something that is rhythmic, but all through your day.

    You'll find yourself sitting in a boat, moving down the Amazon river,
    looking for the crocodile and recognizing the Well Being of this planet,
    feeling at one with your new friends and your old friends and
    those that you are just meeting and those that you have known
    for a long time, feeling the true resonance with every cell in your body,
    with every particle of the Universe, feeling your contribution right here,
    where you stand, knowing the value of you,
    feeling the utter worthiness of you,
    recognizing that Well Being abounds
    and that you are a vibrational match to the Well Being that does abound,

    knowing that there is nothing that you should be doing
    that you are not doing, recognizing that you are right in the right place
    at the right time in the rhythm of the Universe, at one with All That Is,
    doing your part and receiving what you have been asking for and
    contributing equally.

    You cannot receive
    without contributing in your conscious awareness, in appreciation.

    ~Abraham, Panama Canal Cruise, March 2011

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    I love the ease of my world.
    I love knowing what I know about vibration.
    I love knowing that it’s about frequency, and that I can focus.
    I love the ease that I’m able to frequently accomplish.

    I love setting this time aside in order to find this feeling of ease.
    I so love knowing the Laws of the Universe.
    I so love understanding my vibrational nature.
    I so love my understanding of focus and momentum.

    I love that I can begin this day in a vibration of
    I really like knowing that Source is surrounding me
    and everyone else - that all who I love is surrounded by this ease.

    I love activating it in myself in a way
    that I recognize it and can feel it fully, and really own it.
    I love knowing that I will be guided to perfect thoughts
    and behaviours when timing is perfect for doing that.

    And meanwhile I sit in ease, and eagerness,
    and appreciation for all that is to come.

    I’m happy about where I stand and eager about what’s coming.
    I know that there are many that are seeking what I’m coming to know.
    And I’m so pleased that I’m demonstrating it
    in my own experience
    and in a way that it will be evident in all regards
    to those who behold me.

    I feel so happy that I’m able to leave conditions
    out of the equation of my ease,
    that I am able to just find ease by the power of my focus.

    I so adore Non-physical Energy
    Who I believe is flowing with ease and perfection around All-That-Is.
    I love contemplating
    that there is this atmosphere of Well-Being
    that is focused to all of us,
    and to the degree that we find ease and allow it in.

    We are experiencing this Well-Being.

    I just love it when my ease begins to expand
    and I begin to feel the momentum of my vibration increasing,
    where I begin to feel a sort of eagerness about things.
    Not an eagerness that inspires me to action right now,
    but an eagerness of what’s coming,
    a sort of optimistic renewal is happening within me.

    And while I know that the timing of action isn’t quite yet –
    I know it is coming.

    And meanwhile I feel comfortable in this optimism
    that is beginning to build within me.
    It feels to me as if I have access to the power that creates worlds
    and I am able to focus it.

    And I’m loving, learning the balance of that focusing,
    because as I focus with alignment
    I can feel that I continue to allow the energy to flow to me and through me.

    It is so exciting to me to get into this place of utter Well-being,
    and then to begin shinning it through my focus
    in the direction of things that matter to me.
    And I’m adoring this understanding of this unconditional love
    and focus and energy that’s coming to me.

    And I’m finding my way bit by bit.
    I’m finding myself more capable of
    not putting conditions in my way that block this energy flow.

    I know that I’m getting a handle on this energy flow.
    And I know that I’m proficient,
    more proficient in every day as a result of my focus.
    Sometimes I get excited and I want to run ahead of it.
    But always when that feeling comes,
    I can feel un-ease in a sort of Guiding me a little bit - and I realize:

    that - not quite yet,
    don’t act quite yet,
    sit in the knowing of this yet longer,
    find the vibration alignment of it and watch
    how my desire is inspiring others to behaviour.

    I’m now understanding that my desire
    does not mean only that I will be inspired to the action
    that will then make change.
    I understand that my desire and my holding of this place
    causes a more of a likelihood for others to find the same,
    and the same, and the same.

    So it is a larger movement,
    than me just tapping in and doing something about it.

    It’s me, priming the pump.
    It’s me, setting the tone.
    It’s me, finding the place of it.
    It’s me, shinning the light.
    It’s me, asking the questions.
    It’s me, readying myself,
    And then it’s me,
    watching the results of having accomplished that
    vibrational environment.

    Every day I love finding this place,
    and every day I love watching the results of the place that I found.
    And I am eager to get out and watch
    that greater expansion and watch the details of that.

    But meanwhile I’m just watching what’s happening in my world
    right here around me.
    Right here around me, as I show myself this leverage,
    that I’m activating as I tap into this energy that creates worlds.

    I believe with everything that I am
    that I can be, or do, or have ANYTHING,
    that I can influence ANYTHING THAT I DESIRE.

    And I’m so appreciative of the life experience that I’ve lived
    that has caused me to focus upon some things
    that are really important to me.
    And right now I can feel that this is my Step 3 moment.

    This is when I really understand
    what allowing Source Energy to flow to me and through me is.
    And I’m eager to get on with Step 4, and I’m doing a little bit every day.
    But Step 3 is where I reside right now – this is the work for me to do.

    So there’s no impatience on my part because
    there isn’t anything for me to do.
    I’m not being called to do something I’m not ready to do.
    In fact I will never be called to do something that I’m not ready to do.
    And when I try to push myself to do something
    that I’m not ready to do,
    that’s where the vibrational imbalance comes in.

    So nice to know that Source has my back!
    So nice to know that the things that matter to me are underway!
    And so nice to know
    that my work is to hold this place, to hold this knowing, and

    NOT try to take the role of Source.
    NOT try to be all things to all people.
    NOT try to be the heart of any movement in the sense of action,
    but to BE the vibrational heart of the movement
    that is being asked for by the masses!

    I understand that I’m not the only one who put desire in my Vortex.
    There are hundreds of thousands,
    and millions, and billions of people
    who put desire in their Vortex that I am helping
    as I find and own this vibrational place
    of allowing Source Energy to do what Source Energy knows how to do.

    I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing,
    and I’m loving my exposure to this life-
    and what it provides for me.

    -Abraham Live, Long Island February 15th, 2014

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    Thank you, Qzi!

    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!

    Everything that we are talking about here, from the first subject
    to the last is about lightening up!

    It's about not making such a big, hairy deal of things that just don't matter.
    It's about getting in the Vortex and lightening up and feeling better and
    loving myself more and having more fun.

    In other words, you want your world to be
    light and free.

    You can't organize the world, and you can't organize your home.
    You just got to get into alignment with who you are.
    And then your body and your home will take shape around you,
    to match this vibrational alignment that is taking place within you.

    Philadelphia 6/11/09

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    “Shift the way you feel and watch what happens.
    If you can rid yourself of worry,
    you will rid yourself of things to worry about.
    It is really that simple.”


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    Itīs really an interesting thing. So many of you come to this Paradise,
    in the quest to relax and lay back.
    And then you become the most tense people on the planet!

    You are so DETERMINED to find your freedom, that you FIGHT for it-
    in ways that you donīt need to fight for it!
    In every bit of fight or struggle, or quest, you are pointed upstream.
    In every bit of relaxing and allowing, and breathing,
    and trusting, you are downstream.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Emotionally unavailable relationship is just matching your focus

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    Make this your mantra:
    ‘I’ve decided to be one
    who makes the best of things.’

    -Abe 8/30/03

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    Why do people not let in the possibility for more ease?

    Do you know why most people do not let in the possibility
    for more ease?(...)
    Itīs because the lack of ease
    is serving you, in some way.

    "Iīm getting marks on the chart. Iīm diligent and brilliant.
    Iīm more worthy, because I do more."
    There is a lot of that. Esther has really come to terms about a lot
    of that! She was sort of born into an environment, where people
    just did stuff. And the more they did, the more they were praised
    for what they did.

    So she just learned to stand on her head in so many ways- because
    praise feels so good. Until she got a whiff of what Innerbeing flows!

    And praise from humans who are trying to get you to work hard
    is NOTHING like IBīs appreciation for your ease!!
    -Stick with Abraham! Weīll turn you into the lazy people that you
    DESERVE to be!

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    "Setting your tone" is all about momentum!

    It is your job to set your own tone.
    So what you do is, you look for something that’s

    easy for you to feel good about.

    The aspect of your life that is going well,
    there are always some of those.
    And as you give your attention to that, you let that be
    your reason for establishing your tone.

    And as you set your tone relative to that,
    now the universe accepts that as your tone
    relative to all things, you see.

    So all you have to do is find the feeling of well-being relative to any aspect of your life and stay there on it long enough that the universe can begin to respond to it-

    -and then things just get better and better and better and better.

    Conversely, you can find one thing that is going wrong in your life and focus on that and let that be the reason to set your tone and then all aspects of your life begin to acquiesce to that, in time.


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    I found, the business-side is so easy and fun.
    And the spiritual side is a lot of work, for me.

    Well, if the business-side is easy and fun, than
    you got the spiritual side down,
    and donīt worry about it!

    (Audience cheering), HS:
    Iīm there!

    Because, there is not something to do, and there is no vocabulary we want you to learn!
    Iow, if you say "I have found something, and when I focus upon it,
    it thrills me and calls me forwards"-

    than we say:
    You have intuitively listened to your guidance, and youīr right on track.
    And these words (showing around in the room) are supercilous!

    HS (stunned, happy)
    Iīm there! Iīm there! THANK YOU!

    Yes, indeed!
    (watching him leaving the stage)
    Now heīs going to the Lido-bar. No point anymore in listening
    to THIS crap!

    from this official clip:

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