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Thread: Long Beach, CA 01/09/16

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    Long Beach, CA 01/09/16

    "... If my happiness depends upon the controlling of things that are really not my business .... what others do is not my business, how I feel about it is - then you have the potential of being a consistently happy person. We think what gets in the way of so much happiness is so much reality, so much interfacing with others who are feeling about things differently than you are or even feel differently about you than you would like them to ... in other words, there are a lot of people that make you their business.

    Parents make their children their business when they have no business making their children their business. And that feels odd to some of you parents, because you think that your children are your business, because they certainly are someone you care about. But the less you try to control them and the more you allow them the receptive mode, the more you recognize their ability to control their own experience. ..."

    Long Beach, CA, January 9, 2016

    (Thanks to Summerdream for this quote )

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    As always, right and great!

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    Just a heads-up, folks! If you're transcribing off a non-official AHP recording, there are a number of mislabeled recordings which are not this particular Workshop.

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    Hi, WellBeing, since I don't know where it came from, perhaps it would be best to delete this thread. And thanks for the heads up!

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    It's from an official AH recording, which was official paid with official $.

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    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdream View Post
    It's from an official AH recording, which was official paid with official $.
    Yay! Thank you, Summerdream! I had enjoyed celebrating this quote because it said Long Beach which was significant for me, so I am delighted that it is.

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    "... Hotseater: If there is no assertion in the Universe, then why are we transmitters? Who are we transmitting to and what are we transmitting? To me transmission means asserting.

    Abraham: You can assert all you want as a transmission, but when there is no reception then nothing happens anyway.

    Lets say, you are a broadcasting tower and you are broadcasting ... in your terms therefore asserting - or projecting - asserting - projecting.

    But if nobodyīs got their tuners on, so that nobody is receiving it, it does not matter that the broadcast is happening, because without reception of it nothing is coming together.

    Hotseater: Like the tree in the forest, if nobody hears it, it does not happen.

    Abraham: Alright, thatīs exactly right, exactly right. If the tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to receive the vibration of it - did it make a sound? And the answer is NO, because no one translated the vibration into the sound. No one turned that thought into a thing.

    This is the best conversation we have ever had about the idea of assertion, and it is so satisfying to chew a little bit on it. Because, of course, there are obvious things.

    In other words, when you think a thought, you are broadcasting. So lets call it broadcasting, letīs call it asserting, letīs call it projecting. Your assertion cannot affect anyone who wasnīt a vibrational match to it and therefore received it. So you cannot affect some elseīs experience, who doesnīt match your vibration. ..."
    Long Beach, 1- 9 - 2016

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    Quote nuggets from first hotseater communication:

    A: …mostly in receptive mode, but:

    … questioning self (what did I do to manifest this?)…
    … trying a little too hard… (thinking not gonna do that again – puts attention there again – no need to go there)…

    ...what was I thinking?... a good feeling thought is manifesting a good feeling outcome…

    Vibrational position will yield to you once you clean your thoughts up.
    If you are becoming a master, contrast is always going to be part of the process… it means you are clarifying, it means you are putting more ingredients in, it means you are making a more robust vortex, it means you are gonna have more desires coming out of it later, it means that you have longevity here in this physical experience… It’s all part of your continual creating here.

    HS: So the challenge is just learning how to monitor and master our thoughts and emotions.

    A: Yes, but what’s an easier way to say it? To care how I feel… and catch it at the earlier subtle stages… when it is easier to just step back into the receiving mode…

    Recognizing the receiving mode, that’s the times tables part of the mathematical equation that you are wanting to apply here in this deliberative creative process. (Esther realized that her grandson needed to know his times tables in order to be able to do his long division.)

    If you get it that negative emotion means that you are vibrationally opposed to your desire and positive emotion means you are in alignment with it, therefore you are in the receptive mode, therefore you are in the replenishing mode, now you can go on to solve any mathematical equation that you will ever want to live in this time-space reality. If you get that, you’ve got it all. That’s all you need to know.

    And such a good conversation it was; so good, that, do you know – we would never have to have another conversation in 2016… You never need to hear anything beyond what you’ve just heard to live happily ever after about anything that matters to you.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Long Beach, CA 1/09/2016

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    Thank you, Sunlover!

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