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Thread: You CAN control everything, because you have total control over your choices.

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    "Most people, in their backwards attempt of filling the grid in,
    to feel better, they say:
    "If you would change that behavior, than Iīd feel better."
    Thatīs a very conditional love.

    "If this where different, than Iīd feel better."
    When unconditional love is:
    "Iīm going to accomplish feeling good- regardless of the condition,
    and when I accomplish feeling good- than I feel good!

    -And the reason I wanted the condition to change
    was so that I wanted to feel good anyway-.
    And now, when Iīm able to feel good without the conditions changing-
    NOW I have accomplished unconditional love.

    But- unconditional love does not leave you
    without conditions, changing!

    Unconditional love is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY
    of changing conditions

    that ever existed in all there is!

    Because, when you are able to accomplish feeling what yo want-
    then what you want HAS to fill in!
    Isnīt that interesting!
    We have not talked about unconditional love ever in that way before!"


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    You can train anyone to do anything.
    You can train your cat, you can bring anyone into alignment-
    and really, we like to say that:

    2015.06.20 - Denver

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    The thing that makes it more difficult to hear this (...creation-business)
    relative to a RELATIONSHIP, is because there is another person
    who is thinking,
    that YOU are giving power to.

    So we wanna say this to you in a really good way:
    The people that are coming to you in relationships,
    have no power!


    Oh, you took that easier than we thought you would!
    What we mean is, we want what you think they want TO BE IRRELEVANT.
    We donīt mean that we want you to be insensitive!

    We mean that we want your desires to be SO DOMINANT,
    and your willingness to align with your own desires SO DOMINANT,
    that you find true compatibility.

    Iow, weīr not talking about running over the top of people,
    and getting what you want, when they donīt!
    Weīr talking about you, defining what you want-
    and lining up with it so significantly,
    that you are offering a strong vibration about it,
    so that when LoA brings the compatible one, itīs one,
    that really is compatible!
    But right now, Loa is bringing you those who are really compatible,
    because itīs the vibration that you are offering-

    but YOU are not compatible with your own DESIRE!

    Isnīt that interesting?
    EVERYBODY that comes to you is the PERFECT match!
    They give you exactly, what you are outputting.
    Not just a little bit. LoA not just sort of gets it right.
    LoA getīs it EXACTLY right. Every single time.

    So, when you look at this person, and you say:
    "What in the world are you doing in my life???"
    LoA is saying:
    "Hey! Donīt blame us! Weīr just reading the vibe!!"

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ You’re Making Everything Up In Your Mind And Universe Confirms It

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    "Go away from me, you thing I do not want!"

    There are some of you, who just do not really BELIEVE
    that if youīd change your thought,
    that the mosquito would not choose you!

    It feels to you, that you would have to adjust your thought
    to a mosquito, who HAS chosen you!
    And this is such an important conversation.

    Donīt adjust your thoughts to the conditions
    -because thatīs what conditional living is!
    Thatīs what conditional love is!
    Thatīs what being out of control is-
    because you canīt control the conditions!

    Donīt adjust your thoughts to the conditions.
    You are NOT a conditional liver!
    You are an UNCONDITIONAL liver.
    You are one who chooses UNCONDITIONALLY.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks (2014-03-30) - Stop co-creating with mosquitoes
    2014-03-30 Cancun MEX

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    Donīt try to make what you donīt like comfortable!
    Donīt train yourself to eat a bowl of worms, if you donīt like worms.

    "(on the path of least resistance...)
    ...because you care for how you feel,
    you start reaching for those thoughts that feel good,
    AND, you stay off of the thoughts that donīt feel good.

    So, if there is some subject thatīs really uncomfortable,

    We said to Esther the other day:
    We really donīt want you to sit and write a focus-wheel
    until you like to eat raw fish!
    You donīt have to like to eat raw fish!
    You donīt have to like to eat gras-hoppers, either!
    You donīt have to eat worms, either!

    "But, Abraham. What if somebody gives me a bowl of worms?
    Shouldnīt I be able to eat a bowl of worms, and LIKE it?
    Shouldnīt I be able to do enough focus-wheels, that I am
    in complete alignment about eating a bowl of worms?"

    And we said: Really, Esther.
    Do you really want to eat a bowl of worms?
    "No! But I donīt want to be resistant to anything!"

    And we said:
    You where born to SELECT!
    You where born to choose!
    Donīt write a focus-wheel to get yourself to like things,
    that you donīt like!

    Thatīs NOT THE POINT of this!
    This is NOT what the art of allowing is.
    The art of allowing is not making yourself like,
    what everybody else wants you to like.

    The art of allowing is you, getting in sync with
    what YOU have put in your Vortex!
    Can you hear the difference in that?

    But that requires a willingness to accept the perfection
    and worthiness THAT IS YOU.
    That requires believing, that you are source-energy,
    and that source is aware of you.
    And that source knows what you want!
    And is calling you towards it, CONSTANTLY."

    Denver, 2015, 06.20

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    If nothing is more important to you
    then that you feel good,

    you can form a fantasy
    about someone who is in your life

    and they will begin to modify
    to meet your fantasy,
    because Law of Attraction
    is a very powerful thing.


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    We know!
    Weīr stretching you. Weīr stretching you...
    You know whatīs happening here, today?
    You are being faced, almost challenged,
    with an opportunity to release "what is",

    and focus UNCONDITIONALLY on who you really are.

    And when you make that jump-
    ohhh, the manifestations, that will begin pouring
    into your life-experience!
    People are gonna say: "What happened to you??
    Seems like only yesterday, you where listing this long list
    of what you wanted- that you couldnīt make your way to-
    and now, they are just popping into your experience, left and right??"

    And your answer is:
    "I donīt know exactly WHAT happened.
    But I remember when it happened!
    I decided to be unconditional.

    But I canīt control a condition.
    So, if I needed to feel good, by changing a condition
    that I canīt change- Iīm stuck.
    But if I donīt need to change the condition, in order to feel good,

    Because itīs just a vibrational journey that I practiced.
    And if I can leave out the need to change the condition to feel good-
    then in feeling good, the condition changing is
    the next logical step.

    Denver, 2015, 06.20

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    "You teach each other your respective responsive vibrations.
    In other words, you don't feel any way about anyone
    without their helping you to feel that way.
    It's really co-creation.

    We'll even go further, and bolder, and louder, and blunter.
    If there's somebody you don't like, they don't like you either !

    We have never seen it otherwise.
    We have never one time, ever, known someone to adore someone...
    that the one that they were adoring, didn't
    adore them back !

    Now, some are thinking... 'Oh, wait a minute.
    There was that man that I loved with all my heart and he didn't love me back.'
    And we say, you were offering him insecurity.
    You were offering him worry. It wasn't that pure vibration of love.

    When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on -
    when you are connected to your Source
    and holding someone as your object of attention
    and you are genuinely offering
    that feeling of love and appreciation
    -they can't offer you anything else!"


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    love this reminds me of so many interesting things...

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    About Hands in the Clay and Mastery

    Can you feel the difference of having your hands in the clay
    and not tuned in
    and having your hands in the clay
    and tuned in?
    We are asking you really to put your hands in the clay right now.
    Like an artist does, you've got your hands in the clay
    and you're saying yourself things like
    "I am not good at this. And I have no idea what I am even gonna make,
    and this stuff is dirty and sticky, and I've never done like this anything before.
    And it's gonna turn out really bad and, probably,
    after I make it I won't even fire it,
    I am sure, I am not gonna show it to anybody!"
    That's hands in the clay!

    Or this is hands in the clay.
    "Uhh, this feels so good, the clay has wonderful texture,
    this clay is easy to mold.
    I can turn this clay into images that are in my mind.
    I am having such a good time, molding this clay.
    This clay is pliable in my hands,
    and my ideas are turning into reality right before my eyes.
    And this is such a satisfying experience".
    That's hands in the clay too.

    HS:Hmm, so it's inspiration moment, where you like get this idea...

    Abe:Receptive mode.

    HS:You are in the receptive mode, and incomes the idea.

    Abe: And THAT happened before you put your hands in the clay.
    In this context, because hands in the clay is the action part of it,
    but the inspiration has come, you're in the receptive mode,
    idea came, the desire came.
    Now more ideas are coming, where do I get the clay,
    what kind of clay do I get, what I'm gonna do? Yeah.

    HS: The details, you know.

    Abe: The DELICIOUS details! The delicious neverendingly inspired!
    MORE receptive mode!
    "Uh, Abraham, do you mean, there is momentum to the receptive mode?"

    HS: Mmmm....Nice....

    Abe: "Abraham, do you mean, that the receptive mode
    will never peter out, it will never end, it will never stop being?"
    Yes. It will never end.
    You get in the receptive mode, and it just goes and flows
    and surprises and delights
    in your neverending joyful becoming.


    HS: It is just, you are receptive with your hands in the clay
    and you are not receptive with your hands in the clay.

    Abe: Ya, you've got your hands in the clay,
    you came born with your hands in the clay.
    You got your hands in the clay,
    you gonna like it or not...
    You can enjoy the molding process
    or you can not enjoy the molding process.
    But you can't stop sifting through,
    you can't stop giving birth to the desires,
    you can't stop creating a Vortex.
    And we will never stop responding to your Vortex.
    But you do have a choice about
    wether you've got your hands in the clay in the receptive mode
    or your hands in the clay in the not receptive mode.
    Those are your options.
    You've choice, being happy or being miserable.
    You have those choices.

    And the true mastery is all about that, isn't it?

    HS: That's gonna be immensly valuable to me, I can...

    Abe: Yeah...

    HS: Feel it...

    Abe: And YOU have been immensly valuable to all of us,
    because where you are, what you are asking, the way you presented it
    has produced an understanding
    that has not been before into all of the Universe.
    That was really good molding.

    Asheville, 22.11.2015

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