Follow your expansion!

HS feels a bit in a rut. She was so magic before, but now the old
magic doesn´t feel interesting anymore, and she digs herself into
new but not so easy things...

Your Vortex is popping and popping and popping,
and if you would be popping
(forwards) WITH your Vortex, you
wouldn´t feel in a rut! Iow, why would you want to go back, and
massage the rut over here into something less rut-like?
(HS starts to laugh and giggle all the time)

-When this has all played out! This has ALL played out!
You´ve already got all the juice out of this.
You´ve GOT the juice out of it, MOSTLY. You don´t know that!

You still think you want that guy in that bed,
in that car, in that garage, or the other way around.
Doesn´t matter.

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