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Thread: Church and religion

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    God resides in the wanted side of ALL religions, and all political parties.

    "You all are too modest, and too humble.
    You don´t know, that we are all queued up, FOR YOU!

    That we are part of your environment, and part of your process.
    Part of your planet.
    Part of your government. Part of your laws.
    Part of your wishes.
    Part of your desires,
    part of your interests,
    part of you planet. Part of your ecology. Part of your economy!
    Part of your politics. Part of your religion!
    We´ve been in, on that!


    in your next joyful place that you have the ability to go to!
    But when you run around, fighting with each other,
    instead of tapping in to all that you´ve been asking for...
    We´r FAR better than google.

    San Diego, Jan 2013

    What "God" wants

    "(Being a monk in a monastery...) is general.
    You´r withdrawn from so much.
    There is so much time in meditation, there is so much time in solitude.
    There is so much time in general, so much time in being general.

    But- we promise you, that which you call God does not want to be in the monastery.
    (HS- a former monk- laughs, laughs silently and happily all the time further while Abe rampages)

    -Wants to ride bycicles with you!
    wants to hangglide with you!
    Wants to make love with you!
    Wants to eat food with you!
    Wants to soar with you, wants to contemplate, wants to revel
    wants to be exhilerated, wants to climb your highest peaks,
    wants to view your beautiful world,
    wants to watch your weatherpatterns,
    to be part of his physical world,
    wants to explore the biology and the geography,

    wants in on every part of that-
    not just some solitude, which is required in order
    to get you stop fussing and worrying about things, you see!

    We want you to START general, too.
    But we want you to get more and more and more specific,
    and we want you to get out, on the leading edge.

    And we want the specifics of ALL you ever become, and all that you are
    and all that you want to rendezvous to- now, now, now, now-

    Orlando March 2012
    Wow. OMG. Literally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by autumnsphere View Post
    Wow. OMG. Literally.

    You want someone to comb your hair?

    Talk about being willing to play whatever roles you are wanting to play!
    You have access to infinite intelligence, do you KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???

    And most physical beings think, that once somebody lived their physical life,
    and then they re-emerge, than now they are done!
    And there is nothing even remotely accurate about that.
    Because everything they have set into motion, they are still interested in!

    And YOU are the hands, and the minds, YOU are the molders of the further clay-
    that´s what true inspiration is!

    Creative artists and writers, song-writers, authors-
    all kinds of people that you want to put in what you call "the creative" category
    have already tapped into that.
    They know! They are receiving that consciousness, that is broader.
    But most humans don´t walk around, doing that!

    You have the ability, when you comb your hair,
    to ask someone to help you!
    And there are those who would like to do that!

    You have the ability, when you drive through traffic,
    to ask someone for the fastest route, or for the route
    that is the most beautiful!
    And there are those who have the ability to do that.

    You do not need to call us by name.
    But if you will clarify your intention, understanding that
    you have this unseen, but not unfelt-
    unseen, but not unknown force of nonphysical nature,
    that is flowing with you- then, in time, with your personal experience,

    you begin to understand, that we ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.
    That you are not here apart, from any of that.

    from the clip Abraham: Summoning non-physical friends

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    Humans have the misconception
    that Source is no longer expanding-
    or that Source is finished and perfect,
    and that humans are now working
    to accomplish that perfection.

    But what is really going on is that Source is expanding
    into greater capacities of love,
    because of that which Man is living.


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    "Nobody is willing to admit that they are wrong
    because everyone inherently knows
    that they are right.
    You are all born with the right
    to believe in your own selfishness."


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    Anything that you believe is to your advantage,
    ...if you´d believe, that carrying around
    crust-jellybeans in your pocket
    -we considered talking about various animal-parts- (laughter)
    ...carrying around crust-jellybeans in your pockets is of advantage to you-
    and you do it religiously, there it is: RELIGIOUSLY!- then
    it can be to your advantage!

    Take your alignment however you can get it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks. Questions about the energy and orientation of reside

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    A doubtful HS with Christian background

    I came here with some skeptism because I don't really believe in channeling...
    And... (laughter from crowd) coming from a Christian background, I
    was taught that this is "new age" and...

    Well, where does the Christian religion get it's knowledge?

    From the scripture. From the bible.

    But where did those come from?


    Channeling. (loud applause)

    Anytime anyone looks outside of themselves for guidance
    they always get less than when they are looking for it within.
    And there are many people that look for guidance within religion and find it.
    You have found guidance there. You have found clarity there. You weren't making wrong choices.

    So, I'm kind of confused. Who is God? Who is Jesus? What's heaven and hell?

    God is source energy and the culmination of all that you are.
    God is expanding here today in this room.

    God expands each time you live something not wanted and prefer something more.
    Even if you are the one-celled ameba in the ocean - God expands in that too.

    Jesus is a physical human, like you, who came forth into this environment, like you,
    to understand who he is and how he fits into all of this.
    And he banged around like you for a long time also,
    and then removed himself from the chaos of all that and went away
    and was taught by others to meditate and get inside himself,
    where he closed that vibrational gap and connected with source in the way that Esther is doing here
    and in a way that every one of you can too.

    And, he said that to all of you.
    The kingdom of heaven is within you.
    It is not that which is outside of you.

    When he says Turn the other cheek, he's talking about turning your canoe into the flow.
    He's talking about not pushing against.
    In other words, he is not different from that which you are.

    Heaven is the illusion that physical man has about what it will be like
    when he no longer has resistance.
    Heaven is an illusion in the sense that it is not a place, but it is certainly a state of being.
    And, heaven exists right here on earth or exists here, where we are.

    Heaven is the state of non-resistance, you see.
    And hell is the fiction of man's disconnected mind. There is no such thing as hell.

    (thunderous applause)

    And, you know it. Think about it.
    You knew that every time somebody tried to teach you about that
    you got your knot in your stomach and what was that know telling you?
    That knot was telling you that you were activating a vibration about a subject
    and your source was not going there.

    In other words, source says there's no such thing. There's no such thing.
    There's no such thing.

    And, as you are trying to teach yourself that there is, you create a crevace between you and you.
    And, when we said that just now it felt to us as if you said, "Hell Yes."

    4/29/06 Asheville, NC

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    Give yourself a break.
    Not even Jesus or Enlightened ones have been ALWAYS be ITV.

    "They don´t nail you up, when you´r ITV!"

    (Abe, talking about that even Jesus "flew out", sometimes.)

    "We will not admit that he (an enlightened teacher the HS is speaking about)
    is ALWAYS ITV, because: He still is in physical form."


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    It doesn’t really matter what religion anybody believes.
    If their life is working (and there are many different approaches to life
    that are working very well)
    -then why not let them believe whatever they want to believe?

    It’s all working in the way that it is supposed to be.

    There are religions that you wouldn’t want anything to do with,
    that are perfect mechanisms for the people who are involved in them.
    And therefore, they are a very good thing.


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    When that which is god — or that which is that,
    which man wants to call "God" — is being understood by man,
    man has to translate it into the format he understands.

    But this Energy, this Source that man is giving the label of "God",
    cannot be quantified in anything that man understands.
    And as man attempts to do it, the distortions are enormous.


    Excerpted from: Los Angeles, CA on August 04, 2001

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    Religion is SO screwy!!
    You take an energy, that is PURE positive energy, liquid love-
    and turn it into a vengeful God.

    It takes some serious time OOTV, to do that!!

    from the clip

    Abraham Hicks- Sunday Schooler Asks Who's Gods Parents?

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