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Thread: Alaska Cruise July 1-8, 2016

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    Alaska Cruise July 1-8, 2016

    Day Date Port Arrive Depart
    Friday 7/1/2016 Seattle, Washington 5:00 pm
    Saturday 7/2/2016 At Sea
    Sunday 7/3/2016 Ketchikan, Alaska 7:00 am 4:00 pm
    Monday 7/4/2016 Cruising Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska 6:00 am 10:00 am
    Monday 7/4/2016 Juneau, Alaska 1:30 pm 10:00 pm
    Tuesday 7/5/2016 Skagway, Alaska 7:00 am 6:00 pm
    Tuesday 7/5/2016 Cruising Alaska Inside Passage 6:30 pm 10:30 pm
    Wednesday 7/6/2016 At Sea
    Thursday 7/7/2016 Victoria, BC, Canada 6:00 pm 11:59 pm
    Friday 7/8/2016 Seattle, Washington 7:00 am

    Seattle, Washington

    The Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest, this city’s stately skyline sparkles against a backdrop of inland seas and snowcapped mountains. Shop glittering downtown, the bustling Farmers’ Market, historic Pioneer Square, or see it all from the top of the Space Needle.
    Ketchikan, Alaska

    This waterfront town built on trestles, docks and pilings looks like it has been plucked from a storybook about frontier life. Explore historic Creek Street, now a covey of contemporary art galleries and quaint boutiques. Meet the spirits of the raven, whale and eagle as you view the largest collection of totems in the world at Totem Bight Park.
    GLACIER | Scenic Cruising Tracy Arm, Alaska

    This narrow, 26-mile-long fjord is another of Alaska's most dramatic glacier settings. The lush forest recedes to reveal a stunning canyon of bare rock. The panorama of 7,000-foot mountain peaks and nearly vertical rock cliffs is astounding. Waterfalls are plentiful and icebergs make their way to the sea in all sorts of wondrous shapes. And tucked away at the end of this remarkable waterway are two very active reminders of the Ice Age - the twin Sawyer Glaciers. Mountain goats and seals are a common sight, and even whales and bears may make an appearance in this magical place.
    Juneau, Alaska

    When a drifter named Joe Juneau picked up the first Alaska gold nugget out of Gold Creek in 1880, he could hardly imagine that his name would be affixed to a state capital. Fronting on the blue waters of the Gastineau Channel and surrounded by the stunning backdrop of Mt. Juneau and the Tongass National Forest wilderness, its visual drama never fails to stir visitors. Visit the stately Governor’s Mansion, saunter through the swinging doors of the Red Dog Saloon, or sightsee the mighty Mendenhall Glacier, just outside town.
    Skagway, Alaska

    Skagway was known to thousands of hopeful gold rushers as the gateway to the gold fields. During the late 1800’s people were drawn to the town's hotels, saloons, dance halls and gambling houses. But when the gold yield dwindled in 1900, so did the population of Skagway. This unique town retains the flavor of the gold rush era, especially on Broadway, with its false-front buildings, and its famed museum, with its outstanding collection of memorabilia. Some of the special group tours offered in this port include the White Pass and Yukon Train, horseback riding, golf, and the notorious brothel.
    Victoria, British Columbia

    Victoria is known as “The City of Gardens” and is the most English city outside of England, featuring a beautiful harbor, historic museums, and the world-famous Butchart Gardens. The city's British colonial heritage is still very much in evidence, but contemporary Victoria has a distinctly Pacific northwest flavor. Victoria's unique character is deeply rooted in its 150-year history -- a history full of colorful people and fascinating tales.

    Rates based on Double Occupancy (per person, in US Dollars)
    Inside Stateroom (183 - 200 Sq. Ft. )
    Features sitting area with sofa, 32" LCD TV, and vanity

    Outside Ocean View Stateroom (177 Sq. Ft.)
    Features window, sitting area with sofa, 32" LCD TV, and vanity
    Deluxe Ocean View w/Private Balcony (194 Sq. Ft. Stateroom, 54 Sq. Ft. Balcony)
    Features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, mini-refrigerator, 32" LCD TV, and vanity

    sold out
    Concierge Class w/Private Balcony (194 Sq. Ft. Stateroom, 54 Sq. Ft. Balcony)
    Features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, sitting area with sofa, mini-refrigerator, 32" LCD TV, and vanity, with extra concierge amenities

    Sky Suite w/Private Balcony (300 Sq. Ft. Suite, 79 Sq. Ft. Balcony):
    Features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, living room with queen sofa sleeper, 40" LCD TV, shower/tub combination, and vanity

    Celebrity Suite w/Private Balcony (394 Sq. Ft. Suite, 105 Sq. Ft. Balcony)
    Features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, living room with queen sofa sleeper, surround-sound system with 52” LCD TV, walk-in closet, Bedroom with 40” LCD TV, shower/tub combination, and vanity.

    Royal Suite w/Private Balcony (590 Sq. Ft. Suite, 153 Sq. Ft. Balcony)
    Features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors, separate living room with dining area, queen sofa sleeper, surround-sound entertainment system with 52” LCD TV, walk-in closet, Bedroom with 40” LCD TV, master bath with whirlpool tub with separate shower stall, powder room, and vanity
    sold out
    Additional Costs
    Port Charges and Taxes: $447.76per person (may be subject to change)
    Abraham-Hicks Seminar:$400.00 per person (due at time of registration)

    Pre-Paid Gratuities
    Non-Suites (Cat. 11, 10, 9, 8, 2B, 2A, 1C, 1B, 1A) - $84.00 per person
    Concierge Class (Cat. C3, C2, C1) - $87.50 per person
    Full Suite(Cat. S2, S1, CS, RS) - $108.50 per person
    Celebrity requires that all passengers in the group pre-pay gratuities at final payment.

    3rd and 4th Passenger Rates when sharing with two full paying guests:
    All non-suite cabin categories (Cat. 11, 10, 9, 8, 2B, 2A, 1C, 1B, 1A, C3, C2, C1) – $554 per person
    Suites (S2, S1, CS, RS) - $754 per person
    Children rates are the same as 3rd or 4th passengers.

    Prices do not include airfare

    All domestic flights into Seattle, should arrive by 1:00 pm on July 1, 2016
    On July 8 2016,
    Seattle departures should leave after 12 noon

    Click for information on

    Ready to book your cruise? Register Now!
    All participants must make BOTH their cruise reservations
    and Abraham-Hicks seminar registrations through Life Journeys

    Deposit Required
    $250 per person required to secure your cruise reservation
    based on double occupancy*

    $400 per person is required to secure your seminar registration
    *Single occupancy and roommate match deposits are $500.
    Full suite deposits are $1,000 per suite.

    Final payment is March 29, 2016

    Life Journeys • 2171 Campus Drive, Suite 340, Irvine, CA 92612 • fax (949) 419-3480

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    Looking forward to it!! Nancy

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    Anyone else going?! Nancy

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    It was truly a cruise of newbie's but I thought someone else would have posted. So on my 4th cruise I got into the hot seat! I will be back with some notes from the workshops. I would also love some help on figuring out why in the world the next morning I had to say to myself. "Don't let Abraham be the reason to not feel good."

    It was a great cruise incredible Abraham moments. Rendezvousing at its best. Nancy

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    On the beach :)
    Looking forward to the notes and your hot seat memories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemonAid View Post
    It was truly a cruise of newbie's but I thought someone else would have posted. So on my 4th cruise I got into the hot seat! I will be back with some notes from the workshops. I would also love some help on figuring out why in the world the next morning I had to say to myself. "Don't let Abraham be the reason to not feel good."

    It was a great cruise incredible Abraham moments. Rendezvousing at its best. Nancy

    awesome LA
    when you hear it back from the cd's , it will be bring all kinds of new light too

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    I didn't get the CD but I am sure someone will Lemon-UP and WellBean always nice that you respond. Of course everything is always working out for me and I did get upgraded to business on the flight home and lots of other lovely happenings because I was in tune with my IP and allowed myself to go with my intuition.

    More tomorrow.

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    So here is some of the first days... You will find much of what you know already, but isn't that always true.

    Alaska Cruise LoA July 2016
    Day 1
    You always get back what U feel.
    How much attention went to I don’t have money?
    Am I ready for what I have already created (right now more aware of its missing)
    Belief in some thing before it is manifested – doubt it and lessen it
    You know you are going to do x à do by default
    General “I am an intuitive person, I have an IB who knows me and others” Send energy out before you do it – Prepave
    I expect this to be a really great experience! Are you ready to go with the thought?
    Tap into guidance system you can have a good time all the time.
    (I think this is a new and once again imperfect metaphor that was used a lot at the beginning)
    Stay in your own lane – Warning going over the bumps on the side of the road to get back on the road. If you ignore the warning strip and keep going you may end up in the ditch or worse.
    Tap into the guidance you have ALWAYS
    Path of least resistance
    You are always on your way
    I am where I am what is the logical next step
    Least resistant may feel worse for you at first. Calling you to a belief you have. Shines the light on the resistance. Here is a way around it. May not be so hard on you. “I used to think it, I don’t need to think it, it doesn’t serve me anymore.”
    The more aware you are of resistance and let it go earlier the better. The small headache backache address it early.
    Things happen with what you have going on vibrationally. Don’t worry about getting into the traffic just know it will go well. Go with the flow.
    Every time you feel an outburst of negative emotion you find clarity. Clearer awareness.
    Thoughts and feelings deserve to feel good!
    Thank you for clarification. Now I will do more tuning my vibration. Tune you out of my vibration which I clearly have going on.
    Real expansion is when you do what you came to do when you think more deliberated, Tune yourself to a higher frequency.
    I came I sifted and sorted and lined up with it – EXPANSION – the excitement of it.
    Abraham: We are thinking about you. We are aware of you. We are aware of the gap. What you can be what you are. Calling you to what you can be.
    Time to get in the loving place about myself.
    Liking it when you are there not making such a big deal of it when you aren’t there. Let it be an ebb and flow.
    Exhilaration – oh feels good. Understanding feels good… like it all more in the direction that feels best.
    The journey you are on to the destination is what it is all about. Something is always happening.
    Every moment is a manifestation of a thought before. ALWAYS HAPPENING.
    What is happening now concentration o feling of what is manifestation now. Look for the best of them reaction isn’t good if you are tired crappy but it is your new manifestation (it is the precursor to your manifestation)
    Its all in each moment so it is important to get enough sleep feel good because your reaction is the next possible manifestation is that the one you want to be manifesting? Be easy about it. Let it go for the next moment comes from this one.
    Life is supposed to be fun. Are you having fun?
    Next is Power of Influence.... Nancy

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    Day 1 Part II

    Power of influence.
    Why do you see ___________? Greater influence is about your connection to YOU. F
    Focus on enjoying doing all those things you are doing. Tapping int the joy of it. Love what you are doing. Just get in to loving what you do.
    Vibration in everything – it is what it means to YOU.
    How active is the vibration here and now?
    It doesn’t matter how you got to be where you are. Just where you want to go
    IP always watching you. Callin you to where you want to go. Never brining you back where you were before you were here. No need. Be where you are NOW. Where you want to be. The easier you will be on yourself. You are where you are that is what is important to you will be where you are.
    Extension of Source Energy. Offering positive intention.
    If you are asking for something holding apart it hurts. Just relax about it. Let go and realize you are going and have more fun going. Angry, worry, being critical BLOCK
    New preparation before meeting
    Shortage consciousness (time, money worth) doesn’t serve you. IB adores you sees it as already done.
    Different perspective. If your IB didn’t love you so much your not loving you would not bother you so much. Appreciate different perspectives more.
    We have to give are negative up to get up with IB.
    We are the YOU that YOU have created.
    Nothing is the final truth. Everything is along its journey. Belief is just a thought we keep thinking until we start thinking another thought.
    Discord IB truth and your truth are different. Struggle lets you know you are not in sync with Source.
    Receptive mode allows everything physical pain way past the rumble strip (you didn’t auto correct when you first felt yourself going off the road). Have to be more deliberate in your thinking to get back in your lane back on the road.
    Be where you are and accept the information. Its only a thought (vibration) away. Expect when you wake you can begin anew. If propencity is to think those negative thoughts go to non thought meditation instead of working it.
    Best feeling vibration you can
    More about feeling its more about vibration than thought. Then you have access to diffent thougths. Creator of reality offer of vibration. Offer vibration without words.
    Catch it earlier because you understand what feels good.
    Relax into the feeling of it. Rightness of the moment. Relax and ready to go things just work out for us. Feel the importance of unspoken vibration and enjoy it.
    Go with your IB its going to be better. Don’t want to get counter to that so the minimum negative emotion comes let it go find the positive get back in sync GO GENERAL.
    If you are pushing against anything you are not in alignment
    They have a right to express their opinion
    Get into the receptive mode. Get into the Vortex and then….
    Get the feeling of it, Good feeling sources of money coming into my life…
    You can be more specific when you feel good.
    Childs play to get everything you want.
    Focus a place of feeling goo.
    Practice all day every day If excited give it more focus. Comes from a consistent thought.
    YOU can do ANYTHING
    Once the idea come to you it’s a slam dunk. Already so much has already come (appreciate that) You have contradictory thoughts and that is holding it away.

    Hope you enjoy :ILU: Nancy

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    4 July 2016
    Never be singular
    In the now where leading edge is that is the sweet spot. Always more fun that is larger and in sync with self
    How you feel what you want to receive let Abe work out the details
    This time and space now leading edge
    The love of it – We are all in this together. It is our interest that summons Abraham
    Pearl (or nugget) is the next logical step (We know it when we are here that’s how we know it’s a pearl) on the vergeness appreciating now.
    Consciously accomplishing your deliberate relationship with your vortex. Understand the vibrational frequency of it. The ideas relationship with vortex is key to manifestation.
    Creating how joyful you are right here right now in your most appealing moments. Shot off rockets of desire. The way they are supposed to surprise and delight you.
    Ultimate creation is me
    Recognize when you are there hight flying place. Light hearted. Subtle influences that build and build…
    State of appreciation. Receptive mode.
    Meditation tune unwanted bring it to state of alighment and let ALL of you flow through you.
    Connection – happy get out in to the beautiful world with friends and find the joy!
    What am I ready to receive
    Let the thought thrill me!!
    Everything comes with contrast. A whole new kind of clarity. A whole new kind of living. More (dreaming or daring) from me moving the leading edge. It’s all fun. It’s all living. It’s all in the joy of it.
    Where is the inspiration coming from? Receptive mode renew yourself. Stay tuned in.
    You can support anyone from anywhere. As long as it feels like struggle it is.
    They need to alighn wit me at the receptive mode.
    Get in the high flying disc then GO
    Healing relationship be all I am here an now going forward vibration.
    Love and appreciation the hole is focused on them à healing
    Get into alignment then hold them in the object of attention. Ideas will start coming.
    Ideas will thrill me. Your IB never looks back, never fixes things or ties things up.
    Everytime You look back disconnect. IB NEVER LOOKS BACK (repeated)
    Remember something good IB can connect to pure positive energy.
    Inspired thought active in the now even if it’s a good feeling
    When numbers line up it is just you being in the receptive mode. If you follow you intuition and look it’s an indication of alignment.
    So say something like: I know you know the whale is going to jump. Now inspire me to be there to see it. (and of course a boat of Abers did exactly this seeing multiple pods of Killer wales feeding, jumping, swimming)
    There is a steady stream of rendezvousing when you are in the receptive mode.
    Worthiness = alignment and good timing = pleasing manifestations
    Get Happy and see what happens.
    I have to define things in relationship to me my intentions
    Freedom to stay in alignment no matter what is going around oneself
    IB always calling me. Strong inspiration is from IB
    Call us in to anger from victimhood (the call is always to a better place)
    Look over here! Receptive mode here it is not needy not feeling desperate…
    Join IB’s view of them.
    Hold the place of JOY
    Accept them where they are. Bridge to go forward. Address the pain that is in the now (not what was before, however you might have brought the pain from before into your now). The active vibration. The faster you go on the new story the better.
    Getting true story from Source. See the troubles not worried about them. Assist them by being clear image of who they are. You deserved to be loved. Intent of being value. Release resistance. Stop pushing against the worst.
    Not in alignment with vibration it’s about feeling about the vibration. Dragging old issues forward.
    IB doesn’t take a stand against anything.
    Can’t push against anything without getting more of what you are pushing against.
    All work is alignment work and THEN….
    Could be the breakthrough in anything due to how we think.
    Let the blessing rain down. Want the conditions to worthiness acknowledge value of _______ (the contrast)

    More later :ILU: Nancy

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