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Thread: Wealth journey

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    ok,so how do i practically apply the teachings?...first of all i can relax gradually...regarding this whole bigness of this big money........cuz the bigger the money the bigger the tension...the tension i can even feel in my has something to do with some stories about kidnappings for ransom or some mandatory need of having bodyguards for wealthy citizens,artificially increased security or some other uncomfortable stories ...i even dont want to dig there...deeply in this glad in can relax a bit by reminding myself a few facts...:
    1.during my accountancy exercises i can add as many zeros as i want and play with any numbers....these numbers are not scary and dont give me any shivers...they are normal big amounts of money for many people....these people dont do any big drama....and nobody got a heart attack...these big numbers circulate in economy all the time.... glad that i heard these news about the local economy:how the local government wants to invest 8 millions into building new marina for yachts and new artificial beach past i would say "wow,its a huge amount of money!" i look at it and say:"well,its normal,realistic amount of money expected for this type of project.i suspect that the main developer will pay some percentage for his engineers and builders but will scoop at least 1 million into his own pocket for managing this whole project and this is nothing unusual.this is the normal salary for project developers....this money will pass through bank tranfer like any other amount of big deal...ordinary... glad to know that such big amounts of money pass through bank transfers normally every day like every other amount...millions go to revenue from big enterprises....millions are paid out as a normal sandwich for breakfast... glad that i can see it as normal part of economy and in the same way my money including big money can circulate in economy like a normal sandwich for breakfast
    5.after writing it i can feel less tension in my stomach and its good news
    6.i feel some relief

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    That was really good, cuddly! It felt good to read it... I liked that feeling of big money being really normal and natural.

    I have to write the most amazing story here. I may have to repost in success stories too, it's just so amazing and confirms all this work I'm doing here so much.

    So I met my very first client today. I've been having people coming to speak to me for spiritual advice, a new way of looking at things within religion or out of it, practical techniques... but I never charged for it. I finally decided, that's it, I'm good at this and it's valuable to people- the next person who seeks my help will be a paying cilent. So, many synchronicities brought me my first client very quickly... but the most amazing thing...

    She came today for the first time. She said she first wanted to introduce herself and where she is now and explain what brought her to me. She said she had a huge turning point in her life on NOVEMBER 26,2015 that made her question the world, spirituality, how things work... she's a doctor and on that day she watched someone "die" and then come back to life, and that person, with his eyes closed, called her by her name as soon as he came back, said he felt a connection to her during his near-death experience, and told her some things... And she decided then to move to my country and seek a spiritual path that would satisfy her yearnings for meaning.

    NOVEMBER 26, 2015 is when I started my first practice thread. That was the day I decided, I've read and listened to Abraham a lot but now I actually want to use these teachings practically. And at that same exact time, half-way across the world, my first client began making her journey toward me.

    And, I only remembered that date because last night I came on here to begin a thread about money, and thus decided to "close" that first practice thread by sharing my success story which only just really came to completion. I noticed that I had posted my first post on November 26. When she told me that that date was when her life shifted and she began seeking what I'm offering, I felt shivers all over my body.

    WOW. I am so blown away.

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    I'm feeling nervous about this month. I'm feeling afraid of not knowing where the money is coming from. I'm feeling a bit upset because there is actually a significant amount of money owed to us that would solve this situation but I don't know how we'll get those who owe to pay us back. I was just watching a clip of a talk show on YouTube and I was feeling jealous of all those celebrities who have a lot of money and never have a reason (in my mind) to fear or feel guilty when they spend money, and who can get whatever they want easily. I'm also feeling especially guilty because I recently bought something on the more expensive side and I feel like my husband would resent my adding to this stressful situation, even though he has never said anything negative about it and has only been really encouraging and positive about it. I think I feel that way because he's the one who deals with money issues when there's a problem, and I feel guilty for putting us in a situation that he's going to be doing the action-journey to remedy. Like I'm making the mess and running away until he cleans it up.


    I don't need to take care of the "how." The universe has infinite ways to bring me billions of dollars, let alone a measly few thousand to resolve this month. The universe already delivered a client to me, which is positive movement on my money situation, and if I'm having such wonderful movement while still feeling pretty bad about money, imagine how much money will come when I really feel good. And feeling good doesn't take much time at all! Every time I sit down to post I feel better.

    No one can take from us what is ours. If that "owed" money isn't here, it's because I'm not a vibrational match to it, not because someone else has imposed something negative into my experience. That can't be. Only I create my own reality, and I am improving it constantly.

    I will be so much better off than most celebrities when I am wealthy because I know how to deliberately create wealth. I am becoming less and less of an observer and more and more unconditional. I will be able to attract wealth under any circumstances and in any situation. I also know how to deliberately create in general, so I can have everything I want in every other area of my life too, not just in those that money can remedy.

    My husband is also the creator of his own reality. What's done is done, and now I need to feel better about it if I want to co-create better things with him. He's also so loving and kind, and doesn't blame me for anything at all.

    I have the ability to feel better right now. I can manifest every feeling I want money to give me right this moment. I can feel freedom and ease and happiness without anything having to change. While I might not be up to those emotions yet, every post here is bringing me closer. I can feel good without having any money. I can also feel good being in debt, and I can feel good without changing my spending habits or anything else. I can feel good as soon as I climb the emotional scale, and I feel better every step of the way. I feel good about myself. I feel positive about this process. I feel excited about the results of this process. I like feeling better. It feels good to feel better. Many have felt good in worse situations and many have come out of such situations in the blink of an eye. I can also have a sudden turnaround, and the first one I will have is in my emotions. The faster I feel better, the faster I will feel better, and the faster what I want will just be. The most important thing is to feel better. The most important thing is to feel better. The most important thing is to feel better.

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    OH. MY. GOSH.
    Talk about fast!!
    Just after that last post, I went to check my bank account to see if, just maybe, one of the places that owes us has paid us back after all. As I'm checking, I notice a small bar at the bottom that says I have money in my foreign currency account. Wait... what?

    I go and check. Basically, two checks I thought had been added to our account months ago had never actually been transferred into our account, and were just sitting there. To the amount of $1000. WE ARE SAFE. I JUST MANIFESTED $1000 INTO MY EXPERIENCE. IN LIKE A SECOND.


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    OK, to soothe some doubts rising on the heels of that fantastic manifestation!

    I'm feeling like if I hadn't made that last expensive purchase, this $1000 would be taking us further than it is. I'm wondering why I didn't just buy this thing from the store that would give an installment plan on it. I feel guilty and regretful for doing that.

    To soothe:
    That purchase and the guilt and fear I felt after it is EXACTLY what brought me to actually getting down to doing this work! It was the best thing I could have done! It was my crack of least resistance. I wouldn't have found that extra thousand dollars without this situation leading me to it. What also came out of the situation was seeing how kind and caring my husband is, and how he never once insinuated that I did something wrong or silly, or that it bothered him that I did it, and also that he was even more eager to make things easier for me, to make sure I wasn't overwhelmed by the kids or anything else. I think this situation is helping me to shift out of the beliefs about husband-wife roles that I was raised with into much more free, equality-based beliefs. Like that there's no reason I need to be the main caretaker beyond where I want to be (like when I'm nursing and am the primary caretaker because I want to nurse on-demand), and that there's no reason my money needs to come through my husband. Making that purchase is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I also really appreciate what I bought, and the ease it brings to my life. I am so relieved that that $1000 came along just now. This is fantastic, and a sign of much, much more to come. I am so powerful. I am so good at manifesting. I am so good at feeling better.

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    I'm feeling really good this morning! I woke up feeling powerful and proud of my ability to manifest and then...
    One of the people who owed us just paid us back! Woohoo!!! I am so good at this!! This is happening so fast! I love it!

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    great,pleasedtomeetme,i love this word" fast"...."fast" wants to be in my vocabulary,too......."fast" doesnt need to be associated with some artificial acceleration by force in my mind..."fast" can be simply fast....cuz there are no obstacles....cuz there is no hesitation....there is simply only road forward...

    i like the feeling that my purse is quite stuffed today...and i like this carefree attitude (free from counting this money and worrying)and i like that there is always something in my purse cuz God always takes care of me and provides for me....

    i like this fact that i can change this "something in my purse" into "something i precisely define"....and my new defined amount is so great that instead of being contained in some purse it has theoritical power to buy millions of such purses...
    i immediately feel better by remembering that i have this power,priviledge,possibility of focus to define precise amounts of money in my life...
    i immediately feel better by this feeling of decision making...
    its not politicians,its not economy,and its not tax inspectors...i am the one who makes this decision to have this much in my bank account...
    i feel much better by simply allowing myself to be this decision maker without any buts...
    i also feel better by simply allowing others to respect my decisions...also without any from jelousy...i know it will be so good that even tax inspectors will have no buts...i want to enjoy the smoothness of it flows simply smoothly...these bank accounts full of money completely gives me such a relief....

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    I love "fast" too, cuddly! And "ease," and "fun," and "flow," as you mentioned.

    Right now what I'm feeling is that I'm not sure about this business for me. I'm not sure about charging for it because when I had someone over today who is not a client (who's been coming to me for a while for free) it felt so much more easy and fun and relaxed than when that client came. Also, I'm feeling that it's limited in terms of income because it requires me to be there, and I can only get paid for my time.

    Ok, I already see how easy this is to soothe:

    First of all, it's more relaxed with people who aren't paying for the time BUT it's also a lot less focused and we end up spending a lot of time on small talk sometimes, which I don't love. Everything can be just as easy and fun with a client, it will just be more FOCUSED, which means more ENERGY, but it's for a shorter amount of time and more ENERGY = more fun, more satisfying. As for the "feeling like I have to make this worth the person's money" feeling that is making me less relaxed around clients, THAT is simply me caring too much what people think and thinking I need to take an action journey to have and keep clients. In fact, what people most benefit from in coming to me is my own alignment, and that will keep people and money coming in all sorts of fun ways, whether it be this way or some other ways altogether. And, there are people who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours of their time- I could potentially become one of those people. The fact that this business is time-based does not put a limit on the income. I might also get inspired to put something out that brings passive income. I may also just receive income from a million different sources besides this one. I can just flow with this. If people want to talk to me, I can see that it is more beneficial if they pay- it keeps us focused, it condenses the session, it saves us all time and makes them more serious about what we're doing. If clients are not impressed or dislike something I do, that's not a reason to ever change what I do. Those who are right for me will come to me, and those who aren't right for me need not come to me. But I can help who I can help and feel very satisfied from that, and separately, I can allow tons of money into my life experience. I am not doing the business for moneř, but for the enjoyment I get from it, and money is an appropriate accompaniment to it. Money can come to me in infinite ways. I look forward to receiving money in ways I have not yet thought of. I look forward to satisfying interactions with wonderful people.

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    Some more doubts to address:

    Yes, I manifested money just when I needed it. But that's happened before, and what I would like to be doing is manifesting money BEFORE I NEED it. Or, manifesting money for WANTS, not just desperate needs. What if I still can't do it? What if I still can't manifest more than this?
    Also, my anniversary is coming up next week. I want to be able to go out for a nice lunch or dinner and buy each other something nice. I want to do this with no feelings of guilt because there isn't anything "extra" to pay for this. I don't want to spend another anniversary just getting coffee and writing each other cards. I want to be able to buy and receive a substantial, nice gift. Something that feels worthy of a 5 year wedding anniversary. I feel a bit anxious about this. What if I don't manifest enough money by then... Again, what if I can't manifest for these "extras," only for basic needs? What if the money only comes after I spent it, which makes me feel guilty and anxious and nervous when I spend even if in the end the money appears to make up for it?
    Another thing that's bothering me. Every year my family in this country sends gifts to my family back in our home country. Everyone spends $25 on a gift, which is a reasonable amount of money to me. But what is bothersome is that I don't have a foreign credit card. I can't get a card that I can use on out-of-country/online purchases until we have a regular amount of money coming in to our account or presumably, just a large enough chunk of money now so that the bank knows we won't be going into negative any time soon. I have a card that my in-laws gave us for emergency purchases, and I know I can buy it on their card and pay them back, but I don't feel good about it. Firstly, because I'm using it to buy something not for us but for my extended family, and secondly because they already spend so much money on us that saying, hey, I owe you $25, is just so ridiculous to me because technically I owe them much more.

    To soothe:
    The money I just manifested was actually somewhat before I needed it. It didn't come after the fact entirely, or after all the facts. It was better than other times. Once I decided I really wanted more money and I soothed my feelings, it did come. I can keep doing this. My super negative feelings and experiences with money have encouraged me to be really serious about raising my vibration. If I keep raising it, the money must definitely come, or any other circumstances necessary to match my better vibration. I can get to the point of actually having extra money, and a lot more than that. My skin problems existed for 6 years and were completely resolved to the point of being undone- no trace of them, despite how severe they got. I wasn't unable to get really beautful skin. I did it. And that was a lot harder to feel better about because I carried it around with me everywhere and was concious of it always. So I can definitely manifest more money. It's just about doing the vibrational work. This stuff does work. I just won't slack off until I feel REALLY good, not just good enough. Then the money won't stop coming when it's good enough- it will have to follow my lead.
    My anniversary is 6 days away. That's a lot of time to feel better AND become stable in a better vibration. No matter what happens with the money, I can feel much better than I do now on my anniversary. And that's a really good present. I may not be able to find $250 for a nice meal and gifts, but I can work every day to feel as good as I can. In the end, I'm not going to think about what gifts we gave on this day or where we went out, but feeling more in love than ever and learning to love more and more unconditionally is surely something that will stick, and a great anniversary present for both me and my husband. And it's being in 6 days makes for a great, not too daunting but not to abstract goal. How much better can I feel in 6 days? It's really exciting to think about that, with no material goods attached to it.
    As for the gift, path of least resistance. I have my in-laws' card. I was given permission to use it. I can pay them back. There's no reason to add limits they didn't place on it. They told me to use it for internet orders. They would consider this even more important than my family does because they're really into family gifts. They'll definitely have no problem with it. Meanwhile, what they want more than anything is for us to be happily independant and prospering. I am working on that. I'm going to achieve that because I'm taking this really seriously now. I really am caring about how I feel, and I can feel much, much better.

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    i feel glad that i found this tv channel....its tv shop channel showing products for sale...i can play my own game with these products...they show some unique things unavailable in ordinary shops...special unique technology...special unique patent...something i really like and enjoy...all day long praising,praising and appreciating...pointing out all the good features of every product...and what i like about it the most is that it doesnt sound like some artificial exagerated advertisment annoying people but normal,wise,convincing and logical...they also dont condemn other products in comparison,they are mainly focused on positive attributes of their own products-this is what i also like...and i immediately want to buy every single thing from this tv shop,cuz its really good quality and useful...i can play my game that i purchase from them...and the more i spend my money vibrationally the more there is to spend....its one of the processes in ask and its given and this tv shop is such a good place to spend my money vibrationally,cuz its pure joy:i dont feel like some artificial customer by force,i dont have to desperately count my money-the prices are already very attractive,looking at the quality and uniqueness of these products...simply buying there cuz its pure pleasure....i purchased from them already this new technology breathable quilt,these pans with double bottom baking food instead of cooking,this unique greenhouse for herbs and vegetables which can be kept in the kitchen inside the house,this wiper for windows........everything is already in my vortex...i will be even their regular priviledged customer earning priviledge card points....

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