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Thread: Technical question about viewing threads.

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    Technical question about viewing threads.

    I have been searching the forum from time to time and reading some great and interesting posts. When I view a thread, I would like to see it where the oldest thread appears first at the top as 'Page 1' - What preference(s) do I need to adjust to have this happen? I tried the three different display modes and like the 'linear' mode the best as that is what I am most used to from another forum I use. Thanks for any help

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    If you go into your Settings (see the link in the upper right hand corner of the Forum masthead, found atop every page of the Forum), you'll find a wide variety of different Setting so that you can play with the Forum in the most allowing way for you. I believe the settings that you are specifically asking about are found under the heading of General Settings.

    Have fun!

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    Perfect! Thank you so much. You get a

    Oh..what the hell.. Here you go:

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    Actually, I may have been incorrect. I'm not sure that you'll be able to what you want to do (show the oldest thread first when viewing a sub-forum) from the Settings page.

    If you cannot find a setting to do that for you on the Settings page, then you can go to the Home page of a sub-forum. When you click on the headers above each column, the Forum software will sort the threads by that column (either newest first or oldest first--Just click to switch between one and the other. A little triangle next to the column heading will let you know which is the column being sorted and in which direction it's being sorted). I think the closest you would get to what you're wanting to do is to click on the Last Post By heading.

    Keep in mind that the Forum has been around for many years and all the threads over that time are found in the various sub-fora, so you'll have a lot of wading to do when you start with the older threads "up top."

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    Actually it was in the 'General Settings' just as you said - but thanks for the additional info as I will use this as well if I need to on the bigger threads

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    FWIW - In 'General Settings' you can choose 4 displays:

    'linear - oldest first'
    'linear - newest first'

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    Dear Mods,Admins,

    I need help in finding out the threads related to Flying. For example "Can We Fly".

    Top of my head several people in the hot seat had asked this question to Abraham & Abraham had answered. Unfortunately I am unable to find those threads to figure out what Abraham said to the people in the hot seat about flying. I did a Google search as well but could not get those links.

    Will you please direct me to those threads or at least explain how I can find those threads.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    I'm not sure precisely what you're asking for here (or how your question is related to the discussion in which you've posted) but, when I use the handy, built-in Forum search engine (accessible via the text box and the link in the lower right corner of the Forum masthead atop every page of this site) the search engine returns many results (more than 500) to me. I can narrow that down by Search By Title (35 threads). Or I can individually go through those supplied posts to find what I'm looking for.

    I can even get creative and search by phrases using a commercial search engine such as Google. (And, no, I'm not your personal search engine.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AXL View Post
    I did a Google search as well but could not get those links.
    I find this odd, because when I Google the words (with no quotation marks, no punctuation) abraham hicks can we fly, I get a whole slew of videos and even links to discussions on this Forum.

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    --- Abraham

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