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Thread: Abe about addictions, cravings and drugs

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    Abe about addictions, cravings and drugs

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    ~ The Next 12 Steps ~

    (speaking about the AA-12-step-program)
    We would introduce the 12 Step program as the first 12 steps,
    and we would tell them there are 12 more.
    And the first 12 steps are about the action part of distancing yourself
    from something that hasnīt been working.
    And then, once youīve sort of got that under your belt,
    then we would begin the next 12 steps, which would be about
    understanding that you are the creator of your own reality.

    ~ The Next 12 Steps ~

    1. While youīve been saying in the first 12 Steps,
    that there is a power that is greater than you,
    there has never been a power that is greater than you.
    You just somehow separated yourself from that greater power.
    But it never left you. It never was forsaking you.
    It was always aware of you, reaching for you, calling you toward it.
    You just could not hear. But it was always there.

    2. The second of the next 12 Steps would be:
    You are the creator of your own experience,
    and you are doing the best that you knew how to do,
    every step along the way.
    You did the best from where you were that you could have done.
    And you canīt go back and undo all of that.
    So now you have admitted all of that wrong doing,
    and now youīve made your peace with all of those people
    who you have wronged. This new second step says,
    I did the best that I could do then, and now Iīm in a better place,
    and it will be easier this go-around.

    3. The third thing in this new set of steps is:
    I am where I am.
    I am where I am, and where I am is all right, because it has to be,
    because itīs the only choice I have.
    If where I am is not all right, then itīs over for me.
    If where I am is not all right, then thereīs nothing else for me to do,
    because I canīt get to where I want to be,
    when I am condemning where I am.
    Not possible. You canīt possibly turn downstream in condemnation
    of where you are.
    So, I am where I am, and where I am not only is enough.
    It must be enough, because itīs all Iīve got.

    4. The fourth step is:
    I am a worthy being, who is an extension of Source Energy,
    and I came forth with powerful intention, and got crossways of it.
    And when I got crossways of it, I went nuts,
    because who I am is such a lover,
    and such a knower of my own value.
    And when, somehow along my physical trail,
    I lost sight of that, I could not abide in my own vibration.
    The split in me was too severe, and thatīs the reason
    I turned to something that was numbing.
    And while I will not turn to something that is numbing again,
    it is satisfying to know that when someone like me,
    who is pure positive energy, gets crossways of who I am,
    that itīs going to be pain beyond pain,
    that will require numbing, and Iīve never known anyone
    who would deny anyone some sort of a solution or solving of some kind of pain.

    5. Step five says:
    I will make peace with those who did not understand how I felt.
    For how could they? Everyone has their own emotional scale.
    Nobody could know what was downstream for me.
    Nobody could know what was a solution for me.
    And they all stood in such certainty that they were right,
    when they couldnīt possibly know.
    And so this fifth step, in my second set of steps,
    is my true acknowledgment of my powerful desire to forgive them.
    The first [set of steps] demanded that I ask for their forgiveness.
    In this second [set of steps], Iīm prepared to give them my forgiveness.
    I forgive them for not understanding me.
    I forgive them for trying to be my guidance when they could not.
    I forgive them for not paying attention to how they felt,
    so there was no way they could teach me how to pay attention to how I felt.
    I forgive them for not upholding the knowledge
    of the personal guidance system.
    I forgive them for everything that they did not understand about me.
    And it feels good in letting all of that go.

    6. The sixth step is:
    I forgive all of them from this new point of view.
    I forgive them for not only not seeing me as I am,
    but for not seeing themselves as they are either.
    I allow them, which is more than forgiving.
    I allow them to be whoever they are,
    even if who they are being is critical of me.
    For I accept that they cannot see me accurately
    from their point of view, and I no longer need alcohol or drugs
    to numb the discord that I felt when I saw
    that I could not achieve their approval.
    I am giving up my need for your approval in this step.
    And in giving up my need for your approval, I have set you free.
    But more important, I have set myself free.

    7. The seventh step in this second set of 12 steps is:
    Now that I am more sure of who I am, and now that Iīm beginning
    to return to the eagerness of life that is innate within me,
    it is my promise to myself that even if I were to do something
    that formerly I thought was a mistake,
    that Iīm determined that I will offer no self-condemnation, ever again.
    This may be the most important step of all.

    I acknowledge that the Source within me never gives up on me,
    and the only reason I ever feel bad is because I do.

    So in this step, I am pronouncing to the world
    that I am absolving myself of all guilt relative to action.
    And if I should - and it could happen - ever take a drink again,
    it is my promise to myself:
    Iīm not going back through those first twelve steps.
    Because I am where I am, and because Source continues to adore me,
    and because thereīs always downstream from wherever I am,
    and I donīt have to start over every time again.
    I know too much. Iīve come too far.

    9. The next step in the second set of 12 steps is
    sincere appreciation for the first 12 Steps,
    because they were there for me when I most needed them.

    I could not even begin to see this second set from where I was,
    and there they were, tangible and real, and they helped me.
    They donīt now, but they did then.
    They were bridges that were valuable,
    and I will feel eternal appreciation for their existence.

    I am appreciating everything that ever gave me grief,
    because from it was born clarity of desire.

    Iīm not sorry for one thing that I ever lived through.
    Iīm not even sorry for what I put you through,
    because in my dealing with the contrast of the life that I created,
    Iīve launched rockets of desire, and I can feel a brighter future
    that would not be there if it had not been for that.

    11. The 11th step is:
    I encourage no one to go through what I went through
    in order to get where I am. I acknowledge,
    it could have been easier for me.

    If I had been willing to pay attention to the way I feel,
    if Iīd listened to my own guidance,
    if Iīd been able to turn downstream earlier on,
    without being pinned into that corner of feeling not free,
    I could have turned into my alignment and my allowing
    without the help or the aid of the drugs.

    12. The last and final step is:
    I adore knowing that I am the creator of my own reality.
    And I take full credit -not responsibility- I take full credit
    for the amazing life that I am in the process of creating.
    I aspire to see myself through the eyes of Source.
    And I think all 24 steps are part of me being able to now do that.

    And now, I would like to announce to the world:
    I am healed, I am whole, I am free, I am love.
    And it might be only temporary, but if I ever slip from it,
    I know exactly what to do.

    Asheville, NC, on May 6, 2007.

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    Most cravings are about nutritional imbalance!
    Your body knows what it wants, and so, when a craving occurs,
    itīs because your body wants something,
    and you are translating it into that particular item,
    which is usually accurate- because there is something in there,
    that contains something, that your body wants.

    So, just as a general basis- we would encourage you,
    not to be so resistant about cravings, and start calling them
    INSPIRATIONS instead of cravings!
    "I have food-inspiration!"

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: Cravings as Food Inspiration& Grid Momentum

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    There is no condition that you cannot modify into something more,
    any more than there is any painting that you can paint
    and not like and just paint over it again.

    There are many limiting thoughts in the human environment
    that make it feel like it is not so, as you have these incurable illnesses,
    or these unchangeable conditions.
    But we say, they are only "unchangeable"
    because you believe that they are.


    Excerpted from: San Antonio, TX on April 21, 2001

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    "All ailments resolve themselves, if allowed."


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    When we say,

    weīre not kidding you, not even a little bit!
    Because the power of focus is everything.

    But what happens is you complicate it by saying:
    But there are other people who are the creator of their reality
    and what if they don‘t want me to be in their reality?
    What if I want them to be in my reality, but they don‘t want me ...
    in other words -what if I want it,
    but they donīt want it? Who wins?

    And we say:
    "Itīs not a matter of any sort of competition.
    Itīs a matter of YOU, achieving vibrational alignment
    with what you want
    - and the universe will deliver it to you,
    somehow- some way.

    We, in the past, have qualified this kind of conversation by saying
    that if you focus upon the essence of what you want,
    and you donīt get bogged down in the details, that as the details fill in,
    they will be more pleasing to you even in the details,
    that you originally thought that you where reaching for.

    But that is unsatisfying to most people.

    Because, they think that this is our run-around.
    They think, that is our way of just appeasing you,
    and saying you‘re NOT really gonna get what you want,
    but you‘re gonna get something that youīll like pretty good
    - so just "go after something that you like pretty good, and that will come"
    but thatīs not what weīre saying, either!

    We are saying to you,
    that- WHATEVER IT IS! -
    that you focus upon, MUST COME TO YOU -unless you contradict it,
    with your own, contradictory focus.

    End of story."

    - Abraham Hicks.

    "No Exceptions"

    (Abe said) that we could grow our limbs back, if we believed we could.

    There isnīt anything... if you desire it, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS,
    and you are able to find a consistent thought with it, that doesnīt oppose it,
    No exceptions!

    So, if I wanted to change my brown eyes to green, if I really...

    What is it about "no exceptions", that needs clarification?

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    Sex- and Love- Addict?

    There is no desire within you,
    that is harmful.

    It is the resistance within you, that is causing the harm.

    from the clip
    Abraham: Is She a Sex and Love Addict?

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    This is what you REALLY suffer:

    Stop it! Stop it!! You have What-is-itis!!

    I have WHAT??

    Youīve got Tell-it-like-it-is-itis!
    Iow... you have Honest-itis.
    You have Upstream-itis. You have Ojectiv-itis.

    You have "I have been story telling this for so long, I donīt have
    the words that you want to hear from me, Abraham.
    Because I havenīt been practicing them."

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ About your body, Telling it the way you want it to be

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    Your Inner Being is your ULTIMATE antidepressant!

    Chicago, 26.09.2015

    You just get to admit- any of you-
    when thereīs something that you have been wanting,
    thatīs been slow in coming,
    and you have come to the conclusion:

    the ONLY thing youīr missing,
    is more time in the Vortex.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks~He's missing something about shaping his body

    Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking.


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    A newer approach to the same theme than post #1

    5 new steps, to substitute the old AA-12-step-programm

    THIS are the steps that we would offer
    (instead of the 12 steps of AA).
    If we would offer something NEW in about all of this.
    So, here is the way we would do it (...)

    Step 1: I am where I am. And itīs ok.

    Step 2: Where I am has helped me carve out something that Iīm liking
    even more. And Iīm looking forward to that.

    Step 3: My emotional guidance-system helps me know where I am,
    in relationship to what Iīm allowing to receive right now,
    and all that I have really become.

    Step 4: My source stands as the expanded version of me,
    and is calling me forwards, all the time.

    Step 5: That vibrational version of me is taking a stronger, more predominant role
    in the vibration of me. I am more aware of that part of me, as days go by.

    I FEEL the very expansion of my being.
    Which is my REASON for being.
    I stand in never ending appreciation of the others,
    who help me to carve out my specific expansion.
    I realize, that I cannot get it wrong!
    And I never get it done, and I LIKE that.
    Thatīs why I am eternal.

    I feel the adoration of the source within me,
    not about where I will one day BE.
    But about where I be, right here and now!
    Every step along my path, I now realize,

    And in this final acceptance of my worthiness
    Freedom is my ultimate state of being.

    Freedom from the bondage that I have been applying,
    by my attention to the unwanted aspects of myself.
    Which have always and ever been an illusion,
    that I have placed there.

    Ft Lauderdale, March 2015

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    The good and the bad food

    asking about the good and the bad foods, talking about scienceīs different discoveries about it...


    "We want to interrupt you and say:

    We want to say to you:
    None of that matters,
    None of that matters,
    None of that matters,
    None of that matters,
    None of that matters,
    None of that matters!!!

    None of that matters, none of that matters, none of that matters!
    None of that matters!

    None of that matters."

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: Love Abraham's sense of humour 2

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