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Thread: Abe about addictions, cravings and drugs

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    Drugs in the case of ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder)

    HS asks about Abeīs input about what is going on
    when children have ADHD?

    Theyīve got too many people in their business.
    (big cheering)

    Because, they get an impulse, they get the flow- and then somebody
    says, "Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Thatīs NOT what you are supposed to be doing,
    right now!" -So, they are getting short-circuited.

    They getting impulses, which are disallowed by people, that are around
    them. Ahh, isnīt that a WONDERFUL thing to acknowledge?
    -So, whatīs the result? Give them lots of drugs, so that they canīt focus
    on what they want!
    Thatīs what society does:
    "Donīt follow your impulse. Your impulse is all over the place!"

    OF COURSE their impulse is all over the place! They are TITITO, they
    are gtting lots of impulses about lots of things!
    Compliment them of their fast moving mind.

    Rather than offering them discouraging words of not being able
    to focus on some DUMB thing that they donīt WANT to focus on!

    Think about it, do you remember what it was like, to be in those
    classrooms, where they wanted you to think about stuff, that didnīt
    matter to you? When they were in the process of wearing you down,
    and disconnecting you from your own guidance-system?

    So what you wanna say to anyone that you know, got it:
    "Good for you!! I want some, too.
    (big laughter)
    I want lots ideas to flow, and also a belief of being able to move i!"

    (...) Letīs talk not about a child, but with an adult with it. (...)
    So, there is a desire thatīs focused upon a vibrational condition that
    is not moving them to what they want. So, theyīve got split energy.
    And in their split energy, the desire of them is SO strong, but the
    split energy is preventing it- and THATīS why they are responding,
    in the way that they are!

    So itīs sort of, most any of you who come in an audience like this,
    to visit with us, and we say to you, that you want something and
    believe it, than IT IS. Than itīs easily accomplished!
    But if you want something and you doubt it, then there is a tug of war
    going on, inside of you!

    And so, that is really what is at the heart of this diagnosis!
    There is split energy, which is a tug of war, which manifests in
    someone appearing to be unhappy, or overrode, or "out of control".
    And we understand why there is societies desire to slow
    your desire down!

    Because the truth is- if you didnīt want that thing you donīt believe
    you can have- you wouldnīt have tension!

    (...) We really want you to feel the impact of this:
    If you didnīt want that thing you want, that you donīt believe- there
    wouldnīt be tension. But here is the big important thing:
    You CANīT STOP wanting!

    Your life has caused you to put it in your Vortex, and your IB is
    calling you towards it. Thatīs like saying to your IB: "Life caused me
    to become this vibrational version of me. But I donīt want to become
    it, because society doesnīt believe that I should.
    Or, I donīt believe that I should!"

    So this is a big deal that weīr talking about, here.
    This is THE diagnosis of split energy!

    So the question is, how can I help someone soothe their energy?
    How can I help myself, or help anyone else, to stop that contradiction?
    And the answer is:
    Get GENERAL about the subject.
    The answer is:
    Be a SOOTHER, not a disciplinarian.
    Be a SOOTHER, not a dispenser of drugs.

    Because what the drug does is, cause them to diffuse the focus
    on their desire. And so it might look like itīs helping- but it REALLY
    isnīt helping. Itīs just slowing the creative process!

    The answer to everything (...) is:
    Split energy is the reason for everything that you
    donīt like.
    And aligned energy is the reason for everything that
    you DO like.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ ADHD - I want some too

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    Cravings are going to occur to you!

    Cravings are going to occur to you. So here's the rule of thumb
    about eating, or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else:

    If the impulse comes from a joyous thought
    that feels good, follow it.

    If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad,
    don't follow it."

    Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Saturday, July 13th, 2002

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    The swooning-experience...

    Everything that you are experiencing in any moment in time
    is about the mixture of energies within you.

    And what we mean by that, with further description is,
    what you've been living and how fast your stream is going,
    and what you're thinking in the moment in relationship to the
    stream. In other words, if the stream is moving very fast and
    you are thinking thoughts that allow you to go along with it,
    you feel good.

    For example, imagine being in an airplane at 50 thousand feet
    in the air, going about 600 or 700 miles an hour, you look out
    the window and everything is going by very nicely, it's all calm.

    But if you put that same aircraft on the ground it would be a
    white knuckle experience. Because on the ground, there is so
    much more resistance.

    And so, ordinarily, when someone is describing a panic attack,
    what it says to us is that something in their focus and in their life
    has got their energy moving rapidly, but then something in their
    immediate experience has them focused in a way that is
    contradicting the energy.

    Sometimes, especially when Esther was first receiving us,
    as she would stand here, waiting for the meeting to begin, she
    quiets herself, she always puts herself into a comfortable place,
    relaxes and breathes and the words in her mind are:
    "I'm wanting to speak clearly your words."

    She's addressing us and it's her way of saying she wants the
    vibration of Abraham to dominate while she is here allowing us to
    visit with you. And in the early days of that, the reason she still
    stands behind the podium, spreads her legs, locks her knees, puts
    her hands in a stable place, even though it is not necessary for her
    now, is that it was an experience of swooning.

    Because as the energies of Abraham began to mix with the energies
    of Esther, because she was not up to speed with the energy,
    it was an unsettling experience. Something you were focused upon,
    you've summoned a lot of energy, it is not uncommon.

    That is why the drug effect is what it is. That is why the alcohol
    effect is what it is. It's why so much of that is appealing, it distracts
    you from your normal vibration and allows you to temporarily raise
    your vibration and when your vibration raises abruptly it gives you
    that out-of-control-feeling and that's why you're calling it
    a panic attack.

    Esther had the good experience of meditating, every day for 15 or
    20 minutes, with Jerry for about 9 months before she began to
    receive that swooning feeling, her head began moving, so she
    integrated to the energy. There are many people, who, because
    they are listening to the recordings, watching the videos, coming
    to the gatherings like this, they have gradually acclimated to the
    energy of this higher vibration.

    <snip> In your physical world, like most people, you've acclimated
    to a lower vibration and when you've acclimated to a lower
    vibration, but your true tendency is much higher and then
    something happens to distract you from your lower vibration
    - WHOOSH - it's that sorta feeling.

    CA 04-01-07 B

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    Taking the medicals?

    In talking with us, she said "Should I not just be able to adjust my vibration to achieve my well-being? Should I really go outside of myself to have [the medical treatment] done?"

    -And we said well we understand what you are getting at but if you really want to carry this "I've got to do it myself" to an extreme, we think we would see you at your stove today banging rocks together, to make fire to cook your food!

    In other words there is certainly not anything inappropriate about benefiting by the technology of your environment. So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would receive the best of all of all of it.

    We would say "Universe, wellness is what I want.
    Guide me to fastness route to it."

    -And sometimes traditionalwestern medicine is the fastest route, that you are wanting. And sometimes its through something that is less traditional, and ALWAYS,its through relaxing and allowing the well-being
    to come.

    But there is a danger that we feel in the attitude
    that "Ive got to make it happen on my own".

    Because usually behind that vibration is asense, that "I have to prove something to somebody" and that is so full of RESISTANCE that it rarely gets anything done. And so they just end up living frustrated lives, refusing the benefit that they could receive, and not really allowing the wellness that would be there for them, otherwise.

    Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G-6/3/95

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    Naps vs Meditation vs getting drunk

    Do naps count as meditation?

    Well, they are better than holding thoughts that that donīt feel good.
    When you go to sleep, the momentum stops. But the likelyhood is,
    youīr gonna pick it up (again) pretty quickly.

    While meditation actually CHANGES the trajectory
    of the vibration.

    Itīs like, you could get drunk, and feel better, too!
    But when you sober up, youīr gonna get right back to the vibration
    you had before.

    Because (...) so in meditation you quieted your mind, until you
    feel detached. Then, you come into alignment with the source
    within you. And you RECEIVE a thought!

    And remember what we said, we asked you to be AWARE of that
    thought. And to contemplate: Did I RECEIVE this thought?
    And if you acknowledge, YES I received this thought,
    now your vibration is in a different place than it
    has EVER been, before!
    EVER BEFORE. With a nap, it doesnīt work this way.

    Nap just stops it?!

    Nap just stops it, for now.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

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    "Addicted" to Chewing fingernails

    Really, we think that this picking of your fingers is
    the source within you, trying to distract you
    from the thought that is not helping you.

    And it ALWAYS DOES HELP! You get distracted!
    (Abe, starting to fuss with Esthers fingers, nibbling and picking
    for really about a minute)

    -It takes 68 seconds!-

    So the habit is an indication, that itīs out of alignment with my IB?

    We would put it in this way.
    The habit is an indication of the seeking of a solution,
    to SOOTHE the thinking, that is out of alignment.

    Can you say that again?

    The habit
    (chewing the nails) IS a solution!
    A distraction,
    from the thinking, that is out of alignment.

    So, itīs an intuitiv, instinctual...
    but when youīr in an environment that is out of whack...
    when your mother is really upset, sheīs saying: Stop that!
    Stop that... deviant behaviour.

    And WE say:
    Youīr gonna decide if itīs deviant or helpful.
    And anything that distracts is helpful.
    We think youīr doing good, donīt you?

    (deeply touched) oh, yes. Yes.

    Denver, Sept. 2012

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    The solution:

    Rather than doing things and going places,
    to try and make yourself feel good...
    deliberately get to feeling good -
    and let those things and people and places come to you.


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    When you worry about not fitting in with those who are drinking, when that matters more to you than the exhilaration of being in sync with your IB, than you are not using your guidance-system.

    Weīr not saying "donīt do that". Weīr saying: Once you know how... did you ever have fun without drinking?

    Of course.

    So what youīr saying is, there is this thing I could do, to have fun (drinking) and there is this other thing I could do to have fun (meditating and finding alignment).

    And when I do this thing, than I have clarity, and when I do this thing to have fun, I donīt have clarity- but still, Iīm drawn to do this thing to have fun and donīt have clarity, -and we say: WHAT???

    What? WHAT????

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 Fun and Partying... Law of Attraction French Riviera Mediterranean Cruise Sept

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