Drugs in the case of ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder)

HS asks about Abeīs input about what is going on
when children have ADHD?

Theyīve got too many people in their business.
(big cheering)

Because, they get an impulse, they get the flow- and then somebody
says, "Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Thatīs NOT what you are supposed to be doing,
right now!" -So, they are getting short-circuited.

They getting impulses, which are disallowed by people, that are around
them. Ahh, isnīt that a WONDERFUL thing to acknowledge?
-So, whatīs the result? Give them lots of drugs, so that they canīt focus
on what they want!
Thatīs what society does:
"Donīt follow your impulse. Your impulse is all over the place!"

OF COURSE their impulse is all over the place! They are TITITO, they
are gtting lots of impulses about lots of things!
Compliment them of their fast moving mind.

Rather than offering them discouraging words of not being able
to focus on some DUMB thing that they donīt WANT to focus on!

Think about it, do you remember what it was like, to be in those
classrooms, where they wanted you to think about stuff, that didnīt
matter to you? When they were in the process of wearing you down,
and disconnecting you from your own guidance-system?

So what you wanna say to anyone that you know, got it:
"Good for you!! I want some, too.
(big laughter)
I want lots ideas to flow, and also a belief of being able to move i!"

(...) Letīs talk not about a child, but with an adult with it. (...)
So, there is a desire thatīs focused upon a vibrational condition that
is not moving them to what they want. So, theyīve got split energy.
And in their split energy, the desire of them is SO strong, but the
split energy is preventing it- and THATīS why they are responding,
in the way that they are!

So itīs sort of, most any of you who come in an audience like this,
to visit with us, and we say to you, that you want something and
believe it, than IT IS. Than itīs easily accomplished!
But if you want something and you doubt it, then there is a tug of war
going on, inside of you!

And so, that is really what is at the heart of this diagnosis!
There is split energy, which is a tug of war, which manifests in
someone appearing to be unhappy, or overrode, or "out of control".
And we understand why there is societies desire to slow
your desire down!

Because the truth is- if you didnīt want that thing you donīt believe
you can have- you wouldnīt have tension!

(...) We really want you to feel the impact of this:
If you didnīt want that thing you want, that you donīt believe- there
wouldnīt be tension. But here is the big important thing:
You CANīT STOP wanting!

Your life has caused you to put it in your Vortex, and your IB is
calling you towards it. Thatīs like saying to your IB: "Life caused me
to become this vibrational version of me. But I donīt want to become
it, because society doesnīt believe that I should.
Or, I donīt believe that I should!"

So this is a big deal that weīr talking about, here.
This is THE diagnosis of split energy!

So the question is, how can I help someone soothe their energy?
How can I help myself, or help anyone else, to stop that contradiction?
And the answer is:
Get GENERAL about the subject.
The answer is:
Be a SOOTHER, not a disciplinarian.
Be a SOOTHER, not a dispenser of drugs.

Because what the drug does is, cause them to diffuse the focus
on their desire. And so it might look like itīs helping- but it REALLY
isnīt helping. Itīs just slowing the creative process!

The answer to everything (...) is:
Split energy is the reason for everything that you
donīt like.
And aligned energy is the reason for everything that
you DO like.

from the clip
Abraham Hicks ~ ADHD - I want some too