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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Elfengarten, Germany

    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Day 9

    I received another load of delicacy-food, today. It was SUCH FUN!!!
    The both delivery-men where SO FUNNY! We had such happy spontaneous exchanges,
    it was as a dance! And also a winery was calling me, the sales-person feels as a good friend, even we always just had short exchanges. We started to giggle in the moment we recognized each other. Ahhh, SUCH JOY.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Because it feels as an extra miracle, as a special rendezvous each time.
    It is as angels, meeting and playing in such ease. It feels as bliss, unexpected, sure, easy bliss. It is special, even it happens every day, in some way. It fills my life with extra-love, extra-fun, extra meaningful exchange and joy.
    Love is all you need! Love, around each corner!

    I tasted for the first time in my life fresh oysters, and king-crab-legs.
    The raw oysters have not been my cup of tea, but the crab-legs, awwww!!! We couldnīt stop eating HOW DELICIOUS!!!

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Because I desired this since so long. Both delicacies are extremely rare to find in my area, so I just have heard about them yet, and I was so curious! It feels as allowing an expansion that is so meaningful. It feels as true, deep satisfaction. It feels so fascinating, and also so peaceful now. It feels as having accomplished a dream. Closure, satisfaction in something that felt really big.


    There is abundance beyond your
    wildest dreams available to you.
    And you don’t have to figure out all of the details!
    You just have to go along with the flow of life,
    that you are constantly in the state of becoming.

    You just have to stop arguing for your limitations
    and start believing in the wellbeing that is the natural basis
    of your being, you see. You just need to accept that you are
    the worthy being and that Source has you in its sights.

    And that you have lived a magnificent life, and all of that life
    has caused you to tell the Universe what you want.
    And the Universe has a clearer picture of who you are and
    what you want, than you will ever have.

    Even long after you are dead, no one, even you, could ever write
    a historical document that could even come close to depicting
    the brilliance and the likes of who you are becoming, you see.
    You don’t have to figure it out or articulate it,

    you just have to get happy and let who you are BE.


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    Elfengarten, Germany

    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Day 10

    Desire in the absence of resistance
    accomplishes what humans wanna call miracles.
    We wanna call it desire,
    in the absence of resistance!

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013

    I feel ready to let go what was- in deep appreciation, as it brought me here.
    While, now itīs DONE. I feel ready to look and go FORWARDS. Thake the bounce, look at the unwanted for a split second- and then look at the wanted "for eternity".
    It feels so right. It feels as the only thing to do.
    It feels EASY. Everything less feels intolerable hard and complicated.
    It feels pure.
    It feels fantastic. It feels as what is now the next logical step.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Because it is so clear.
    Itīs easy, pure, normal, and nothing less feels as even an option.
    I LOVE being here.
    It is satisfying. It is fulfilling- while eternally incomplete.
    I just love this stance.

    Say to them:
    "Hey! I donīt face reality. I CREATE reality!"

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

    I feel so light. I feel playful. I am not attached. I am in love!
    I flow love, because thatīs who I am. I am light! I am happy. I am free.
    Nothing matters more to me than being light and joyful. No stuff- even I so love stuff. No people, even I so love people. No dreams- even I so love my dreams. Itīs my NOW.

    Now, now, now, now, now.... and I flow it in the way that I love. I see the Vortex-version. I realize the beauty. I realize the love in myriads of ways- but not because I need it, but because I AM it.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Because I AM WHO I AM! I canīt be less. I flow. I am satisfied and eternally eager for more. I am so happy. I am so full of myself. I am in such delight. I am so curious. I am so human! And I am so God. I LOVE MY STANCE. I live Paradise on Earth

    Facers of reality
    do NOT CHANGE the reality,
    that they are facing!

    Asheville, NC, 2-3/04/2016

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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    "WHY is this... so satisfying?"

    Day 11

    What a wonderful, lightfilled day this was!!!
    Sleeping out, awakening in the full sunshine, having TIME with my beloved!!
    Waking up to finding a rampage-thread dedicated to ME!

    THANK YOU 2-buck-Chuck and all you beloveds who chimed in!!
    ...Walking on air, Mercedes-ing in our black gentle giant, probably the last time for long, because it is SPRING and my beloved convertible is back from itīs health-cure!- and then Breakfast-picnicing, while having such wonderful talk with DH...

    And then, we cleaned up the parking-lot with Heiko, organized the wood for carving and turning in more satisfying ways, enjoyed SPRING and the green that is coming up in all corners, in such wonderful new ways.

    And then, we were working with whole family on moving the Unimog onto better tracks.
    It is SUCH FUN to have this beloved family! Jana brought LOVELY and delicious cupcakes decorated with butterflies. We basked together, we worked together, we laughed together, we LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Because it is such a huge variety of deeply meaningful moments!
    This is ABUNDANCE, now, now now now.
    This is a dream, lived in physicality, all day long!


    You are living the manifestation of the perfect dream
    that you launched from your God Source perspective.

    It's time for you to start feeling appreciation for the clarity
    and power with which you chose to be here, and to feel,
    through connecting with your Inner Being, the satisfaction of it
    now playing out.

    You are the manifestation long dreamed of;
    bringing endless satisfaction to that which is your Source.
    And now your Source is here, wanting to express to you
    ways to help you get back into the loop of joy that you began,
    even before you made the decision to come here.

    Reach for thoughts that feel better; pay attention
    to the way you feel. And as you bless every emotion,
    whether it feels good or bad, because you know that it is
    the indicator of your connection to Source Energy, you regain
    the feeling with which you came forth into this experience
    to begin with.

    And as you regain your memory of why you came forth
    into this physical experience to begin with, you will be inundated
    with indescribable joy.

    Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 6/2/01
    , Thank you Qzi!

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    I want to drop again the 30-day-form.
    I want to rampage freely about my bliss!
    And ahhh, what an awesome day I already had, once more!

    SmilingJoy WHAT a delightful interaction with you just now, "just as if it would be real life"!

    ohhh, and this morning was really the first morning- due to the new daylight-saving-time, it was still night- where me and DH could use our beloved BMW Z3, again! The new engine is running FANTASTICALLY!!!
    I so LOVED when I was driving open under the starry night, heating system fully open, the hot air in my face and all the freedom of "top down" all around me

    Just now, my daughter asked me to pick up my grandson from the Kindergarten, and so I did with the convertible! My tiny dear one was stunned to hear the roaring engine, and to have the wind in his face!

    Yesterday, DH and me had lobster in cognac-cream-sauce for lunch.
    And for dinner, we indulged ourselves in AWESOME rare pork, from a very rare old breed that gets raised running almost as wild in Spain, living half of the year much on acorns. WHAT DELIGHT!!!!
    Itīs such a delightful exploration for me to taste and get to know these delicious rare treasures! The difference between such pork and normally bought one is indescribable... I feel blessed by this time, that makes it so easy to get to know such treasures, and to access them so easily! And, I feel blessed by my father who seems to cheer me up from "heavens" in my delight of purchasing EVERYTHING I set my heart on in this days.

    And yesterday in the afternoon, Wolf did his first paragliding since winter, as well.
    We drove to the mountain in the BMW, and while he was playing, I layed outside in the sunshine, the winter heath all around me, while several brimstone-butterflies tumbled around me, and laquer-black craws sat in the tree above me and looked at us. They did not seem shy, at all! They felt as if they would be smiling.

    I feel SO BLESSED in so many many ways.

    Jerry and Esther (where in a park and) walked to the ranger, and there was a picture with a caption under it that said: "The illusive silver-grey fox." And Esther said to the Ranger, "Are we going to see some of them?" And he said: "Iīve been here 13 years, and I havenīt seen one."

    Jerry and Esther came around one corner- the illusive silver-grey fox was standing right in the intersection. Looked at them, they looked at him, he looked at them,
    they looked at him, he looked at them, they looked at him, he looked at them, he said "Seen enough?" and off he went.

    Now they are standing on a wooden walkway. A walkway, that is above sort of a swamp. And Esther is standing, with her feet sort of dangling over the edge, and Jerry said "Honey, I want you to just listen to the sound of my voice and move very slowly and deliberately back, one step."

    And so, Esther listened to the sound of his very calm voice and stepped back. And then he said, "Do it again!" and she did. And he said, "now look down!" And there was a copperhead-snake, stretched out in the sun. And he laid there for a little way and said, "Youīve seen enough?" and off he went.

    Now Jerry and Esther are back at the Ranger-station, and Jerry said "Do you know you have copperhead-snakes?" and the Ranger says, "No, we donīt have any copperhead-snakes." And Jerry said, "Well, you do, now!"

    Things that usually do not come out and play were coming out and playing- because the vibrational resonance with that high-flying-disc was EMANATING. And nature is the first responder beyond your own emotions and thoughts, to demonstrate to you where your vibrational frequency is!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Seeing Things That Unaligned People Can't See!

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