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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    You donīt have control over the manifestation
    because you
    HAVE NOT exercised control over your vibration!

    San Diego, Jan. 2013

    I UNDERSTAND this laws.
    I feel so clear. Source is dancing with me, all along!
    I feel such delightful unconditional ease.
    I LOVE to be unconditional!
    I so LOVE and celebrate having gotten free from the need for certain conditions.
    I so LOVE this!!

    I adore this ease.
    I adore this lightheartedness.
    I love this managing of my vibrational stance, that makes life so SMOOTHE.
    It doesnīt mean at all that there wouldnīt be contrast and all the stuff
    that used to throw me out, but- I donīt care any longer!!
    What could I use?
    What bad could happen?

    I could get into pains- and then, I could RELAX.
    Relaxation and focus are ALWAYS there for me!!
    I feel so incredibly FREE in this!
    I feel invincible.
    I feel free. I feel so powerful!!

    I am deeper in love with my dreams than ever.
    And I feel less need than ever, as well.
    Need is the poison that bitters all the good things that we so tragically
    yearn for from OOTV.
    When we need, when we MUST, when we should, we poison all that is THERE!
    And then, it doesnīt fill us, it doesnīt soothe us, it doesnīt satisfy us even when
    we devour and "get" it.

    I so love to be in this awesome place to GET it!!
    I get the vibrational satisfaction in sooooo many ways!
    I get the fullness, the sweet (not bittered) core-essence of what I desire.
    I so understand what I want! I so KNOW what I want, more and more,
    deeper and more delicious and TRUE each day.

    What a journey!
    What delight!
    What dance.
    What fun.
    What love. What clarity, and what delight in the unfolding, EVERY STEP ALONG.

    I sooooo soooooo SOOO appreciate this journey!!!
    I so appreciate my relaxation into ALLOWING.
    I so appreciate my ease.
    I so appreciate my "laziness"!
    I so love my trust, my deep, and getting deeper total FAITH in the goodness.
    Ahhh, LIFE!!!!

    From your human perspective, you often believe
    that you must work hard to overcome obstacles
    and satisfy shortages and solve the problems
    that are before you;

    but often, in that attitude or approach, you work against yourself
    without realizing it.

    Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn;
    attention to shortages makes them bigger and prolongs them—
    and attention to a problem prevents any immediate resolution or solution.

    As you listen to our guided meditation recording,
    giving your attention to your breathing and to the natural rhythm
    of your body, any problematic Vibrational activation
    will simply cease to be.

    And, in the absence of that resistance,
    your Vibration will naturally begin to rise until it will align
    with the higher Vibration of the very solutions you have been longing for.

    In the absence of longing, in the absence of doubt—
    in the absence of obstacles and shortages and problems—

    -will be the solutions and abundance that you seek.
    And the evidence of your Vibrational shift will become obvious
    in two ways: first, you will feel better;
    and next, physical evidence of financial improvement
    will begin flowing to you from a variety of different directions.


    Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

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    Inspiration really is the natural momentum that LoA provides.
    Iow, Inspiration is the momentum of whatīs in the Vortex,
    being ALLOWED by you!

    Motivation is "I see something that I want, and from my
    lackful place of knowing that I am not there, Iīm trying to get
    myself moving in the direction of what I want."

    But inspiration is from the inside, out!
    Inspiration is the source within you, aware of what youīve put ITV,
    holding a vibration of it with such consistency, that when you get
    into the vicinity of it, LoA is gonna bring you to it, and it to you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Inspiration vs Motivation

    I want to rampage on this time in my life.
    Itīs winter. Itīs chill-out-time (or "warm-up"-time? )
    While, inside me, so much potential is stirring.
    "Invisibly", so much JOY is gestating.
    So much newness, getting ready for me, and me, getting ready for it.
    I feel SO busy while I am relaxing physically more intense than EVER before!

    This is a huge turn-around for me...
    having been the busy bee, looking for excuses that justify me, living...
    and now, all of this falls off of me...
    itīs such bliss!

    I realize the delight of this ease so deeply and each day more.
    I REALIZE ease.
    I REALIZE worthiness.
    I realize the "buoyant state of nonresistance".
    Maybe, that is the biggest manifestation in all my life- so far...

    We want you to FEEL, that your natural state
    is that buoyant state of nonresistance.


    I love how not impatient I am.
    I LOVE to feel gentle.
    I love to feel sweetness.
    I love to feel the subtle beauty.
    I love.
    I love to love.
    I love dropping the tension, the need, the must, the should, the guilt.
    Instead, I allow myself to be more who I really am, and to look through my natural eyes of source....
    And I so love what I can see, from here.
    I so love to be so clear.
    So certain.
    So at ease with wellbeing. So easy in love. So easy with everything.

    I love to realize how far I came VIBRATIONALLY.
    I love this sweet ease that is in this,
    authentic and stable and CERTAIN and oh soo beautiful.

    In your world today there are countless action remedies,
    medicines, surgeries, and exercises offered—
    but there are not enough actions in the world
    to compensate for Vibrational resistance.

    Our daily meditations will provide a basis, or nucleus,
    for physical improvement; and it will also enhance any other
    treatments and remedies that you may already be involved in.

    Since every disease or unwanted condition exists,
    because Well-Being is being disallowed, then, in the absence of that disallowance, Well-Being will return.
    It is a common thing for people to begin to lean in the direction
    of recovery, only to stop and take score too soon.

    And when they still find unwanted symptoms or conditions,
    they then offer resistant thought and lose the improved ground
    they have gained.

    With consistent releasing of resistance,
    all unwanted conditions will subside,
    returning you to your natural state of Well-Being.

    Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

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    ...and when they ask you "where is the evidence?
    What the heck are you DOING??"
    -tell them

    "Iīm DREAMING."


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    Elke Schatz...
    you are a so wonderful
    I love your post's and I dream with you
    together we dream our wonderful magical world

    love you and big hug Astrid

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    Astrid, thank you so much, and SO MUCH LOVE to you!

    We have full moon and a very stormy night.
    What an awesome sky! Teared up clouds, chasing across the firmament,
    and the moon lighting it all up into a strange delicious twilight.
    Branches crunched on the streets and whirling through the air,
    The old harsh snow being halfed thawed and clashing in thundering noise on the underfloor of my sturdy car.

    I love my car! The gentle black giant plows with me, through the rough night.
    The heated seats snuggle around my back and hold me.
    I trust my car.
    I trust the street.
    I trust the storm.
    I trust the night.
    I love my life!
    I choose joy, and excitement, and joyful adventure.
    And I so get it.

    I feel SAFE.
    I feel carried.
    I love the storm, tearing on my hair, as I step outside to enter the bakery.
    I love the street, carrying me safely, no matter the ice.

    I love my body, being so capable to balance, and LIVE.
    I love my abundance, as I remember my beloved husband, holding me tight.
    I love my abundance of purchasing delicious pastry.
    I love the abundance of coming home into a snuggly warm big house.
    I love the abundance of having my beloved sons sleep, in there.
    I love the abundance of life unfolding on and on and on.
    Nothing goes, without making room for better and more.
    I so love what is, and I faithfully embrace what is coming.

    I trust my life.
    It feels SO GOOD.

    If worry feels "safe",
    it is because worry feels normal.

    And that is the difference between being young

    and open and allowing,
    and being older and being more guarded.
    If you train yourself into worry, feeling normal
    than you have been muting your own guidance system
    and you are not using it in that
    masterly, effective way.

    Asheville, 21.11.2015

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    I feel so free.
    I feel in love with my life.
    I feel!
    I fEEL.
    I am so happy...

    This morning we got a new delivery of firewood, and my neighbor reported
    lots of storm-damage all over the place in the close neighborhood, but nothing at all inside our village. I mentioned teasingly, thatīs because weīr having a witch here.

    -Me and him have a rolling gag going on about that, as he often asks where I am wanting to fly to
    when I use my oldfashioned broom to sweep the street. And then I either share my flight-plans with him, or threaten to hex him. Once, his black pick-up-truck was covered over and over with superromantic tiny blue sticker-flowers and a tiny sticker-witch as signature on his door, so he knows what Iīm capable of. He also knows about my spiritual "weirdness", and so... he just gave me a loving look, and answered, "but, youīr a fairy, arenīt you, no witch!?" Awwwww!

    We concluded I must be a magic-making fairy.

    I realized, how FREE we and especially me became of fear- in regards to what people think about weirdos and "witches" and being different and reaching for MORE.
    I realized, how loving and respectful he became in regards to the "weird" thing.
    I realized how much unwanted we all left behind. I love how I am part of this, in this awesome time of awakening.
    I did my dues! I was IN on all of this, just as I wanted.
    I was the pioneer of the awesome thing, that I knew as small child already. Now the times of discomfort, of search and hunger and living step 1 predominantly are over...

    The time of finding effortlessly, of full integration, joy, comfort and luxury is THERE.
    I realize, how FREE I feel!
    I am in awe about how big, sturdy and stable the love is, that is around me, no matter what.
    I realize that in me, not caring any more really about what others think-
    things turned around.
    I realized how friendly, easy and loving and MAGIC my life has become.
    Every day, all day long.

    I live Paradise on Earth!
    I live what I wanted to live...
    I GOT IT.
    And eternally wanting more

    I feel so eager for whatīs coming.
    I am certain and SO poised for the newness.
    I love what was, as the fuel, the wonder and loving LIFE that made THIS.
    And I am so eager now to look forwards, with source, into more and new,
    every day. I am so eager.
    I am SO expectant of this times ahead of all of us!!

    Leave behind what is less than joyful!

    Anything you desire,
    the Universe can find a way to let it happen
    within the context of people’s natural, joyful desires.

    It must be, for this is a joy-based Universe.

    And so, as you watch children playing in the mud
    and having great joy in it,
    you might not enjoy playing in the mud, but they do.

    And so, there’s somebody enjoying doing something
    you don’t want to do!
    And that pretty much applies to everything.

    There’s someone who would enjoy doing every thing
    that you don’t want to do. And if it really came down to where there
    was really not one person willing to do that thing, you would develop
    another way of approaching it.

    There are a lot of things that were in your history
    that you no longer participate in.
    You left them behind,
    because no one wanted to do them.


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    I had SUCH a wonderful day!! .
    What a lazy, busy, happy, adventurous, sweet day.
    Spening SO MUCH delightful time with my beloved man!
    Making "my own weather" again.

    When we drove off for him, paragliding, this (see pic above) was the weather...
    but we were totally certain that when we arrive at the mountain, weather will be perfect- and IT WAS! Sunshiny, dry and beautiful. And in the moment he came back into the car, it started to snow, again.

    it felt so "OF COURSE!" It felt so EASY.
    It felt as pure delight, and absolutely in charge, and totally worthy to get everything we really desire... no drama, no problem, just EASE and FLOW.

    We had so much fun with the boys!
    We had so much joy (and the most delicious cake) with my daughter, SIL and tiny Mirko!
    We had so many deeply meaningful conversations. We had so much closeness.
    We had so much LOVE.
    We bask in our visions.
    We bask in our here-and-now.
    We love our clarity. We love each new tiny pearl of knowing, desire, insight or fulfillment that fills in.
    WE FEEL SO CERTAIN on this eternal fantastic journey.
    Life fills in and "does us"... and we set our tone, choose our focus, expand our expectation, choose love and joy and ease... and "allow what comes, and watch what happens"...

    Ohhh, I SO LOVE MY LIFE.

    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you.
    It, finding you.

    -"I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”.....

    What if it’s really as we say that it is? -And it is!
    What if the Source within you knows right where you are standing,
    vibrationally and manifestationally?
    Knows right where you stand in relationship to everything you want.
    And knows without question the path of least resistance,
    the path of most fun.
    The path of most satisfaction.
    The path that will lead you, not take you,

    -lead you from where you are to where you want to be.
    What if? Don’t you love knowing that?

    What if since the Source within you knows that path,
    what if you stumble on something that makes it clear to you
    that you are on the wrong path? Isn’t that a nice thing to know?
    Don’t you like knowing that
    there is a clear and enjoyable path
    to everything that you want?

    And don’t you just want to get on that?
    So, sometimes you have something that you’ve tripped on.
    And you think, “Oh, man. I thought I was doing better than this.
    I thought I was way past this.”

    But what if this thing that you tripped over
    is just a piece of something bigger
    that you didn’t even know was there?
    And now you’ve tripped over it, you are alert.
    What if, whether it feels good or bad,
    you are always being guided to the path of least resistance.
    What about that?

    Are you with us a little bit?
    Because sometimes we think you come here, expecting
    that we expect you to just get on the good feeling path
    and just stay there all the time.
    Like it’s inappropriate for you to experience negative emotion.
    And we don’t feel it is inappropriate for you ever,
    to experience negative emotion.

    Your emotions are your emotions.
    They are all-what-is, helping you to find the way.

    Of course, we want you to feel better and better and better.
    But we want you to stop beating up on yourself
    when you don’t feel good about something.
    Because it’s all part of the discerning of what the path is.
    And sometimes things happen that bring you clarity
    that cause you to think about things,
    that you weren’t thinking about before,
    that are shedding light on greater things,
    that are really, really, really important to you!

    Because, and this is the thing that we want you to understand.
    This is the thing that we want you to hear and know.

    We want you to feel this about you in the way we know it about you.
    Things are always working out for you.
    They’re always working out for you.
    There’s never some sinister plot to prevent you
    from what you want. And even though there are those
    who absolutely feel at times like they are thwarting you
    and making things harder than they need to be, isn’t it nice
    to know, that so you can step around them next time? Yeah!

    San Francisco, March 2014

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    Worthiness, in very simple terms,
    means I have found a way to let the Energy reach me,
    the Energy that is natural, reach me.
    Worthiness, or unworthiness, is something
    that is pronounced upon you by you.

    You are the only one that can deem yourself worthy
    or unworthy.
    You are the only one who can love yourself
    into a state of allowing,
    or hate yourself in a state of disallowing.

    There is not something wrong with you,
    nor is there something wrong with one who is
    not loving you.
    You are all just, in the moment, practicing the art
    of not allowing, or the art of resisting.

    Abraham Hicks

    I am ascending into a new world, again.
    I so love feeling all this steps.
    I love realizing my resistances, and I love to purposefully RELAXING into them.
    Itīs no pushing against... itīs no effort.
    Itīs a gradual relaxation. Itīs relaxation, and milking the beauty!
    Itīs giving in, and giving up the struggle.
    Itīs giving up the tenseness. Itīs choosing the joy.
    Itīs focusing on the beauty, and gently letting go of the offness.

    The wolves that snatch after my legs stop it... look at me in wonder,
    and then, let me go.
    It has been MY OWN mirrorimages.
    When *I* stop it, THEY stop it. Itīs a game, and I am completely in charge.
    I KNOW!
    I am in charge.
    I am in charge of my focus, and I want nothing less than Paradise on Earth.
    Itīs my dream. Itīs who I really am. I came to live that.
    I came to beome that.
    I love it so much, and I drop, piece by piece, all that is less.

    What a life.

    Iīm just so... grateful, so grateful...

    Good place to be! Just stay in that place,
    "wooo, so much good stuff has come to me,
    and more is coming!"
    Thatīs just the perfect place to be!

    Happy where you are, and eager for more.
    Thatīs just the PERFECT vibrational stance.

    And just speak it, and speak it and speak it-
    until those that are out of sync with you, canīt stand
    it anymore, and they just go away.

    Hey, thatīs happening!

    Just ooze it!
    Radiate it! Just live it. Just be it.
    Just know it!
    Just prove it, just demonstrate it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Signs of your alignment are everywhere, all day

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    I choose ease. I choose easy, loving trust.
    I choose solution. Solving. Melting. Easy.
    I choose love. Ohhh, what a wonderful sweetness love is!
    It feels ... LOVING!
    It feels easy. It feels natural. It feels delighted. Uplifted. Charmed.
    Easy! Solved! DONE.
    Itīs coming home. Easy. Allowing and embracing who I really am,
    What is done in the heavens of vibration.
    Lovingly easy. Lovingly sweet and delightful. Easy. Complete.
    Wonderful. Wonderful! Easy, trusting, full of faith in Goodness and Wellbeing.
    Easy, flowing, solving, delightfully whole.
    Vivid, Powerful, Loving. Joyful! EASY.

    When you see someone living something awful,
    a rocket of desire for their resolution shoots out of you.
    And then, if you start focusing upon their resolution,
    you'll start feeling better right away.

    And now, you're part of the current
    that is part of the solution.


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    , ,
    Hi PoE!

    Just wanted to say that I love this line:

    Nothing goes, without making room for better and more.
    thank you for sharing.

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