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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Ana, Leslie!
    Sooooo much love and appreciation for you.
    You both mean so much to me.
    You both are inspiring beyond what you might know!
    You both are so precious.


    Quote Originally Posted by WellBean View Post
    Oh -- thank you for that old quote Elke because I think I never noticed that last bit "resist not this thing you fear".

    I've been drawn some other teaching lately where that is the focus, helping you notice where you are still clinging and splitting your energy.

    I'm so glad you had half a ship of Abers!! What a paradise-on-earth experience!!
    ABSOLUTELY!!! Thanks for milking with me!

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    Iīm back home!!
    (for those who donīt know, I was on the Abe-French-Riviera-Cruise, and I share my experiences here
    Me and the Cruise)

    I am in such joy and love.
    I am in such appreciation!
    I feel SO FULFILLED.

    Yesterday night, all my children- who had assembled for a 4 day-weekend in our place, to celebrate our "coming home", have waved good bye and drove to their homes again.

    Our days were filled with laughter, fascinated sharing and mutual dreams.
    The 4 days where filled with long walks, long talks, deep musings, such loving closeness!
    Me and DH are starting a new way of life besides being parents, as they now all have moved out.

    DH is now unfolding in the new, so much higher ranking position he got offered.
    My 3 boys are planning to design, invent and build an own car together-
    and they also plan a mutual business.

    And, my beloved Jana is PREGNANT again!

    (here she is with her brother Nici)

    I allow myself to look back for just a little bit, I remember those precious times of building our young family, also.
    I remember the times of having them all still in our nest.
    I remember the times where I was allowed to "raise" them... in giving my best to back them up, to be the example that I wanted to be, in slipping and standing up again, in loving loving loving loving them. In being fascinated about who they are, in being curious for the next steps, in being passionate about unfolding together.

    Everything that was, is the basis of what is NOW, and I am so incredibly thankful for all of it!
    And itīs becoming more and better, every day!

    Now, there was the turning point for beloved DH and me.
    Now, we had our second honeymoon.
    And now, we look- and walk forwards, to what comes next, to what we want to build NOW.
    The old dreams have become bigger, clearer, more refined, more precious, more momentous, more beautiful than ever, even some of them had laid dormant for decades.

    I am now upon unfolding my business career of "Projects for Paradise on Earth".
    And DH, being officially a manager now, wants to unfold as artist privately, from a new aligned basis.

    It feels so good.
    It feels not being "on the beginning" of those at all, while it feels as a "new beginning" still.
    It feels as our precious, perfect lifeīs journey.
    It feels so certain and clear and guided!
    It feels so right.
    It feels so normal and easy and sure and beloved.


    (thank you for being, and thanks for the image, Tree! )

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    Thank you so much dear Paradise

    I loooooove your happy sparkling unfolding

    and I so appreciate your stamina, and that you don't allow yourself to be distracted - at least for not too long - from your path of least resistance.
    It makes me happy and laughing - ahhhhh - I am thrilled

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    takes one to know one!!!

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    I LOVE This photo! What a beautiful family! So happy for everyone! BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post


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    Tree Thank you! I was thinking about you, dear friend!

    Ahh, my family has so much momentum...
    so many lovely stories and fulfilling dream-journeys, and so much LOVE.
    I so love thinking about the new baby! Another lovely soul to play with all of us!
    I already feel her so intensely, she feels SO as a "she"!
    I already know us. I already love us, being in this together!

    I so love all my people!
    I love being in their lives, and sharing their fascination, and unfolding in their unfoldings a bit as well-
    a bit as we do it here with each other, also!
    "Being in this, together- in co-creation". So big, so subtle, so loving, so close.

    Thanks for mirroring this back and milking it with me!

    I am SO HAPPY!! While I SOOOO enjoyed the time when all my chicks were still in the nest- now I adore my "empty house".
    Now I can put the laptop in one end of the story and still listen to it on the other end! I so LOVE that all the fuss is cleaned out. I SO LOVE that I can claim it all! I so love that I can just hijack my beloved husband and drag him into my bed Anytime, anywhere

    Now itīs just "me and him", which feels so clear and easy and intense.
    I love it both-
    and I love the new way of life, the new energy of life, the new boldness, selfishness, the new building of momentum for another huge dream of mine!

    We have storm outside.
    While the trees are still full with their golden and red and butter-yellow leaves, they bow and dance in the gusts, and it looks as if huge ballet-dancers would shake their skirts.
    Scattered leaves flutter as golden coins across the sky and roll around on the street- and the hefty wind blows my heart free from all last doubts and fears.

    I decided to surrender into sources lead.
    I decided to give in to who I really am.
    I decided to let go and let God...
    and it feels SOOOOOO GOOD!

    DHīs train was late this morning. Oh good, more time to snuggle and to discuss!
    A later arrival in my village, so that now the bakery was open and I could take some pizza and fresh cruller (sort of a donut), Spritzkuchen as we say... ahhh, I so love this tender fluffy sweetness! Thank you life, for this delay!

    Two other people are already there and they tease each other with "getting old" and I love to chime in in using Estherīs sentence "Donīt tease about age, it will bite you in the butt, some day!" And they dance with me in trying a bit of the "normal" attempt: "But, Iīm GETTING old! I have itches and twitches everywhere, I canīt really bow down anymore..." and I answer "And, isnīt that GOOD? Do you WANT to bow down, really?" They laugh, and repeat "and I canīt kneel down anymore neither!" - "OH GOOD!! Do you WANT to bend your knees, really?" I see the new thoughts behind their eyes and behind their giggle. It looks so beautiful... One of the women starts to soar: "Youīr RIGHT! Maybe when I stop to bend when I donīt want to, I can bend easily when I DO want?"

    Oh happy day! Glorious insight and awesome inspiration at 6 AM! When we get outside and into our cars (of course, Iīm there with the convertible!!!) she carries on: "I couldīt bend to get into such a low car as yours anymore." And I answer: "Thatīs the reason why I drive it open all the time!" And we all laugh, fullheartedly. Dropping the issues! Allowing the joy, perfect timing to meet each other, life being adored, easy does it! Ohhh, itīs so FREE.

    No "teaching lesson" at all, but letting source speak through me feels SO MEANINGFUL, so right, so easy, perfect, so light.

    Thank you for the perfect rendezvouses at the perfect times.
    Thank you for the delays.
    Thank you for the itches and twitches- that make us aware and that make us whole, again, if only we look at them in the right ways.


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    We have a rainy sunday. So sweet. So cozy.
    We drove with the black gentle giant through the rain and the colorful forests to "our" breakfast-mountain and adored the sound of pouring rain, while we had our coffee. Ahhh, ease and flow! Delicious ease and flow. DH and me now sit in our living room and work on our computers, the keys are clicking, the fire in the stove is crackling, the dogs sigh deeply in delight. Ease and flow! Ease and sweet easy flow.

    I love pondering what is ahead of me. Re-designing the living room as a big studio -for me and DH, and for all of our family, when we gather and have our creative hours together, as per example on christmas. A living-studio!

    Re-designing Heikoīs room as a guest room but most of all, a sewing room where I will collect all my beautiful fabrics, buttons, lace and accessoires, in the most beautiful glasses, tins and boxes!

    ...we ponder and plan and dream and allow! Ease, and sweet flow. Normal, comfortable, easy and happy.
    It feels SO sweet. It feels so SATISFYING, here and now, and eager for more
    We reach higher and higher. Wouldnīt it be nice, to now build the big sunrooms, the wonderful parking-places, the huge workshops!?
    Wouldnīt it be lovely to bring Kathiīs "Pan" home into our forest-garden!?

    The neighbors pave their court, ohhh, this feels so good, wouldnīt it be nice to pave our garden-paths!?
    Wouldnīt it be awesome to flow with our dreams, more and more, be fully up to speed with them!?
    Ease and flow, ease and delicious sweet wonderful flow!

    My Mutti takes such sweet interest in my letters about our cruise. Oh, wouldnīt it be nice to be close with her once more!? Wouldnīt it be nice to feel how she understands!? Ease and flow, ease and flow. Delicious soft friendly ease and flow.

    I feel so at ease. I feel so free. I feel so in love with life, no matter what. Ease and flow. Ease and flow. Hmmm, sweet and delicious and organic and EASY.

    Trust and be an example!

    Trust that they’re making their lives work
    in the way that they’re making their lives work.
    And just teach through the power of your example.

    Excerpted from Boise, ID on 7/3/02

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    I am SO happy!
    DH just took the BMW and drove off to his day, he will have to go out with customers in the night.
    His job-description is now changed:
    Now, heīs not asked to do the work himself anymore, but to LEAD others, doing the work.
    He feels ready for it!
    He feels eager to change.
    He feels eager to apply what he wanted, and he never holds back to get a coaching from me whenever he wants even more clarity.

    This is change, in such ease and flow.
    Ease and flow in us, unfolding!
    Ease and flow in us, allowing life to inspire us, and to unfold our dreams
    Ease and flow, ease and flow, ease and flow.


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    I am sooo happy, again! And on and on!
    I prepared the fantastic mushrooms we had found the day before.
    I am preparing the cured tongue for tonight.
    I have found SO fresh ears of corn on the market (rare in my place!!)
    I have purchased awesome greek Pita with cheese and garlic... and I adore putting it all together, in a way we had it never combined before!
    I am enjoying to imagine the Austrian Linzer Torte as dessert!

    I LOVE to be so sensuous, I adore all those wonderful ingrediences, I adore reciving inspirations and impulses in SUCH NEW WAYS. I love how I realize the things, falling into place, in ways that felt as not possible, before.
    I soooo love hearing and noticing my guidance-system!!

    I love realizing that my inner guidance reminded me that I had an appointment, today. I love that it reminded me in perfect time, even I forgot to set the timer. I love that when I hurried out of the door without checking the exact timing, that they soothed me ALL the time. I love that they were right! I thought I would be late, but I was 15 minutes early!

    I LOVE how I can trust my guidance!
    I love realizing HOW in alignment I am, and HOW in vicinity to the perfect unfolding, even I slip all the time and think all sorts of nonsense!!

    I SO LOVE my alignment.
    I SO LOVE how easy it all is.
    I SO LOVE to feel so guided

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    I had a second meeting with a healer named Deb. The minute I met her several months ago, I knew I had come across the Real Deal. Someone who almost has no choice about it, she just exudes that raw Source energy. My first meeting, I just cried the whole time. This time I felt ready for her energy. I felt like I could get passed the crazy vibes and let her teach me what I'm craving to be taught. I only cried once and that's because she introduced me to some NP friends of hers and let me feel their energy and I felt my vibe move up to meet them and the tears flowed just a little.

    Deb sometimes sounds like Abe, and sometimes she is a little different. She likes to talk of her philosophy of life, but mostly we just sit together and she holds a big space for me to see and feel myself. At one point I said "I feel like the Queen of the Universe!"

    She also said something that I've heard others say but it always felt so cliched -- that some of the contrast I've lived is so that I can have true empathy for others. They will be able to "hear" me teach them because I've been there too. That clicked with me. I heard myself think "of course!"

    What she is working with herself and what was so easy in her presence was to say "so what?" Such relief!!!

    So I've been doing "so what's" nonstop!! Sooooo freeing!!

    I tasted a deeper feeling of Bliss yesterday! I felt so free and in that freedom the burdens are gone and BLISS fills in!

    Could it be that simple???

    I had a dream the other night that I woke up and a big burden in my life had resolved itself and I felt soooooo free! When I woke up, remembering the feeling and how interesting it was how HEAVY the condition feels. It sounds so simple to say "just let go of the FEELING of burden and you will FEEL light and the condition doesn't have to change." And yet i woke up feeling the burden and unable to just "get there". I find it so fascinating!!!

    But I'm ready to play with my new vibe today and getting some fun with the "so what" and letting the Bliss fill-in and see where the next few days take me!!

    I'm also feeling Elke's cruise tipping point and I'm eagerly anticipating what's next!! Let's go!! :whoohoo:

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