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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    My life unfolded to be more and more bliss, in all means.
    I "got" what I desired in so many different ways- vibrationally, emotionally, intellectually, physically.
    There is such an abundant way in which I am now able to translate the alignment with "who I really am".

    I feel source, my croaked beloveds and revered ones, and the IBīs of those I adore that are still in physical, around me,
    whenever I ask for them and tune to them,
    and sometimes also when I come to a fork in my road and wasnīt even aware.
    Itīs co-creation with them, all the time. A party with those purely loving energies, allll the time.

    I attracted those in physical, who are in vicinity to that. Those playmates, who share and feast and giggle and adore WITH me.

    I am attracting all day long the most sunny, funny and loving facets of people I am rendezvousing with.
    I am attracting the most helpful, funny, openminded, lighthearted, warm, delightful, insightful, inspiring, beautiful facets of all my environment.

    I hear sentences as "Oh, you really helped me!" Or "thatīs amazing" I didnīt know this would be possible!" or "What a wonderful way to look at this!" almost every day, and it feels SO GOOD to soar high with those, that I could uplift, or those, that where THERE already.
    I am looking into loving eyes all day long.
    I feel such deep, continued, permanent appreciation. I AM IN BLISS.

    And from this stance, awesome contrast dropped into my life:
    It stirred up all the negative "voices" that I still had inside myself, that had been painful and holding me back-and mirrored them out, where I could "hear" them clearly. It felt as a huge cleansing, an awesome clearing.

    In 2 days, it felt to me as if I was in an encounter with all those of my thoughts that still have not been up to speed with this new plane of game that I had entered, and in all of this, I felt source with me ALL THE TIME.
    The perfect thought, the perfect PMīs, the perfect rendezvouses and perfect sentences came, to soothe me and give me clarification, whenever I needed it. I was surrounded by a "cadre" of physically- and nonphysically focused lovers, who held me close and joyfully lovingly backed me up in it, each single moment.

    It was no battle at all. It was a balancing, clarifying, ENLIGHTENING dance, in which I felt unmistakably guided, carried, soothed, convinced of the goodness I KNEW again and again, adviced and looked after and loved more than I was ever aware of before- BY ALL COMPONENTS.

    In all this time, I felt a golden nugget within me surfacing, that I have been aware of since long, that I work with since long, but that still wasnīt yet FULLY present:

    The KNOWING, that everything that ever happens
    The knowing, that whatever we do or decide or "fail to do", is always right.
    The knowing, that THIS is the biggest treasure in us, awakening.
    The knowing, that THIS is the greatest "key" to creation.
    The knowing, that THIS is the ultimate truth, and the core of feeling safe, happy, free and good.
    The knowing, that THIS is what source knows all the time.

    When we look through the eyes of source, we get there.
    When we look as source looks, we ALWAYS see the wanted side of the stick.
    Then, we see the truth, not the absence of truth.
    The light, not the absence of light.
    The love, not the absence of love.

    KNOWING that itīs always right, is bliss.
    Following this bliss is pulling us through life, and life through us.
    And whenever we slip even a tiny bit off this knowing-
    we create an even higher and more beautiful new bliss, that we then want to follow again.
    That is the eternal creation of life.

    There is never something as "too long".
    There is nothing as "having done it wrong", or "not good enough".
    ALL THAT HAPPENS is part of amazing LIFE, and creating more life, and eternally more blissful life!
    We cannot get it done, ever, and we cannot get it wrong, ever.
    Life is eternal and getting always better and more.
    And when we look at the wanted of it, we see this BLISS-
    on the way, to our goals, and in the goals, that pull us.

    While Iīm sure that Iīll realize it even fuller, tomorrow!

    It is the greatest nugget and treasure I ever found/got/realized.


    Heaven on Earth

    I believe, that Heaven on Earth is a possibility.

    We want you to believe it, because it is, where itīs at!
    All that has ever been before, is projected here,
    in this leading-edge-place!
    Iow, THIS is where it ALL IS!

    This is, where it is all happening.
    This is, where this fly wants to be.

    This is true! I think, depending on your vibrational frequency,
    you can manifest whatever you want in this world,
    as we are co-creators with God, or source.

    Yes, yes!
    WHERE ELSE do you think heaven might be?

    Itīs all around us!

    Where else COULD it be, then RIGHT HERE,
    on this leading edge, where all that is, is focused?
    Where all the new is becoming?
    Where all the creating is happening?

    As vibrations are BECOMING MANIFESTED,
    this is where heaven is! This is where the manifestations are!
    This is where the consciousness, that has been becoming
    is becoming,
    this is the most further extension of that which is God!


    Yes, I believe it is!
    But so many people donīt believe it is.

    We donīt care!

    (laughing) I guess, you know... other people talked about tragedy...

    We donīt care!

    ...the hardships, theyīve experienced in life...
    and we have to change our vibration to raise the vibrational
    frequency of the entire world, to bring the love and the peace...

    But you see, thatīs conditional!
    If the reason why youīr wanting to raise your vibration
    is to change a condition,
    now your attention within that condition is keeping you
    from raising your vibration.
    You just canīt get there, from there!

    You have to want to raise your vibration, because
    thatīs whatīs natural, and thatīs who you are,
    and thatīs what feels good, PERIOD!

    Because when you have an ulterior motive,
    which is the reason youīr doing it, now you introduce
    resistance to it, and it bogs down, and it doesnīt happen.

    "Alright Abraham, Iīll raise my vibration if itīll get me over there.
    But Iīm not over there, Iīm over here. But Iīll raise my vibration,
    so that I can get away from this spot."
    And we say: No, you wonīt!
    As long your attention is on the spot where you are, and you donīt
    wanna be there, youīr not gonna raise your vibration!

    You have to find SOME WAY of detaching from what is.
    And the only way we know, of detaching from one thought,
    is to give your attention to another.

    And so that is,
    why we want you to give your attention to the UNCONDITION
    for just a little while- until you show yourself that you
    HAVE THE ABILITY, to feel the flow and the good-feeling of ALIGNMENT

    And once you show yourself that,
    then you are free. Finally free!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

    Ohhhh. Have I become free!

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    Where Hummingbirds Fly
    This is BRILLIANT! love you friend,

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    I KNEW you would be "there", with me!
    SO much love, dear friend!!

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    28,870 receptive, kind, wealthy, wise, fun, smart, genius, hilarious, clear, pure, free powerful!!!!

    YOU are the MAGNIFICENT King, Queen, and Cub of your own Sovereign Kingdom!!!
    And..sooooooooo much more!!!

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    Tree, beloved! Canīt say enough "thank you" for you, being you...
    and how you have helped me in finding my way while feeling the love, COMFORTABLY in the last days.

    You are precious, so wise and special. Thank you for flying on my wingtip.

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    The true definition of faith is the understanding
    of the laws of the Universe.
    UNDERSTANDING that your source stands
    in complete compliance
    and becoming of the expanded version of you!

    And when you understand the reality of THAT,
    and you pay attention to the way you feel-
    you can trust that anything that you want WILL BE!

    Then, itīs just a matter of discipline.
    Then, itīs just a matter of directing your mind.


    I strolled over my property and took this pictures...
    that are SO carrying the message of what I feel, in this time!

    I feel TRUST.
    A deep, certain, sure, loving underpinning of trust.
    I feel loved. I feel sure.
    I feel certain. I feel CLEAR.

    I feel ease. I FEEL FUN!
    My heart is skipping, as my dogs. I feel fast wit. I feel belly-laughter,
    often without "reason". I feel the laughter of the Gods within me.
    I feel happy. I feel ease. I feel exuberant, I feel silly. I feel giddy.
    And, all of that IN PEACE.

    I feel satisfied, and eager for more.
    I feel calm and relaxed, while ready for passion.
    I feel delighted, and in sweet peace.

    I love the specific details, and I am in awe when I go there.
    I feel the huge rightness and wellbeing in general.
    I feel soothed, I feel pampered. And I also feel fascinated to dig the more-
    in perfect timing.
    I expect fantastic rendezvouses, and I get some, every day.
    I expect magic to unfold, and I realize it, all around me, 24/7.

    I love, where I am.
    I love where I came from, as it is the basic of what is.
    And I so love where I am going.
    I trust.
    I take my time, in every meaning of the sentence.

    I am so full of ME.
    I am so happy!

    All you gotta do is chill out.
    Let go of control and chill out.
    Let it be...


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    Happy New Year, Elke! Your land is beautiful. The little frosts look so magical and miraculous.
    You feel wonderful stable allowing playful..I love to stop by and feel you!

    I will be moved in my new place by 1/11.

    It's been quite interesting! I am getting really good at always finding the most allowing vibrational path...
    I feel natural and blended...serene...and confident...So much love to you and your entire Elfengarten Clan!

    "There is nothing you can not accomplish
    once you find the
    vibrational path of least resistance to it."

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    When you merge Heaven and Earth within you...

    Itīs one thing to accept that NOW is all youīve got.
    Itīs another thing to be SATISFIED in this now!

    Wooooo.... because, when you are satisfied in this now, then
    you are ready and ready and ready and ready
    and ready and ready.

    -Than you are all tuned in. All of your senses are READY to explore!
    (sharing an outerworldly beautiful seeming experience of Esther,
    where all her senses were heightened and she experienced life through
    the eyes and nose and fingertips of source)

    When you tune into who you are, your NOW
    is so rich, that you want this now to stay
    right here for Eternity. And it will.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

    I FEEL THIS. I am there! I am so READY. I am so THERE, now, now, now!
    I am so SATISFIED from moment to moment to moment.
    My moments vary, all the time, but they are ALWAYS good.
    Even when others think they could be better! I SO love them all!
    They are satisfying. They are clarifying. They are intense. They are contrasting. And, I love the contrast SO MUCH.

    I love a little shadow when itīs hot!
    I love a little rain when the soil is dry. I love a little sleep, when I was passionate.
    I love a little action, when I was lazy. I LOVE IT ALL.

    When you focus upon the beauty of something ONLY,
    you activate the beauty of it within YOU,
    so that it and you are one vibration.

    Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC, 4.30.06

    ...this DEPTH. This SOPHISTICATED ageold, eternally finetuned momentum that culminates NOW!
    I so love to be so incredibly aware! I so love to KNOW. I so love, to be IN on all this. I so love this clarity. I love this momentum of all of us. I LOVE the momentum that got me here. I love the momentum that made this world expand to where it is, and expanding further, into eternity. ETERNALLY.

    I FEEL this. I love it. I sense it deeply. I AM THERE, now now now now.

    After a long delightful search for exactly what she was looking for...

    ...and now, Esther is sitting and feeling the CULMINATION of all of that.
    So, this is what we want you to hear:

    When you have sifted through the data, and put some desires
    into your Vortex, there is momentum, that when it manifests, itīs
    gonna be really pleasing. But with all of this sifting and sorting,
    and knowing what they didnīt want, and therefore knowing what they
    did want, and all of the cooperative components, that were coming
    together, and then the inspiration, to be in that place and to see that,
    and then to follow through -the inspiration, everything that came before,
    is now culminating with Esther.

    Just a few days ago, as she is sitting and admiring NOT JUST what
    seems to be a physical manifestation-
    this is the point that we really want you to hear!-
    Esthers appreciation was not only about the manifestation that looked
    like it was in itīs final form.
    It was about EVERYTHING that led to it!

    Thatīs why sitting there felt inordently, fantastically wonderful
    and appreciative, of a wall- thatīs just a wall, for heavens sakes!
    Itīs just a wall! Itīs a beautiful wall.

    But itīs a wall, that REPRESENTS the way the Universe works!
    And itīs a wall that represents all the fun and joy they were having
    along the way.
    Itīs a wall that represents all the cooperative components
    and all the ideas that flowed.

    Itīs NOT just a wall!! Itīs NEVER "just a wall".
    Your manifestations are soo meaty, and so rich,
    and so full of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

    One day, Jerry and Esther were visiting a friend, who was a
    magnificent artist, she did Tempera-paintings which Esther didnīt
    understand, she did never see them before, she never studied them,
    and when Esther is in her gallery, looking at all this beautiful
    paintings, and she said: "Doris, how long did it take you to paint
    THIS magnificent painting?" And Doris said: "73 years."

    Because, that was her current age, and she knew that
    EVERYTHING that she lived, had manifested INTO THAT.

    2016-10-22 in Philadelphia

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    You really are God.
    All of the characteristics that man has been assigning to God,
    are possible WITH YOU!

    -Instantaneous healing.
    -Teleportation from one place to another.
    -The creation of wanted, in the moment that you want it.
    Iow, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!
    But you HAVE to understand the wholeness of who you are,
    and train yourself into the vibration of that, which is as complete
    as you have become, so far!

    Boca Raton, 2010-03-24,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can live the delicious life that you deserve

    I am SO happy.
    Iīm laying in my bed, windows wide open, and listen to the rain.
    The dishwasher is doing itīs work, and the blackbird sings right in front of my window, sitting in the maple-tree, not caring for the rain.

    My life is so full and good. I live SO.MUCH.JOY.

    My men are outside in the livingroom, enjoying the huge TV screen and their music. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
    The dogs are tired from the day. It was so sunny and hot! And now, the rain soothed the land... I AM SO HAPPY.

    I know I really am God, and I donīt need anything to prove it. I AM THERE.

    DEEP BREATH is a BIG part of your WELL-BEING.
    It is the current that carries the vitality to the cells.
    And so, the MORE you are breathing,
    the MORE you are THRIVING.

    Fortunately, it’s not left to your conscious mind
    to prompt you to breathe.
    It just happens.

    But you can prompt yourself to breathe MORE.
    As you deliberately breathe in more, breathe in more,
    you will begin to EXPAND your lung capacity,
    and in time you will begin to breathe more deeply,
    voluntarily and naturally and your BODIES will THRIVE.

    Breathing is the way life moves through your physical body.
    When concentrating on deep breathing,
    you are focusing on something positive,
    and so, while feeding the cells of your body,
    you are also aligning with Source Energy
    and everybody comes ALIVE.

    metabolism, clarity.
    Thriving comes from deliberate DEEP BREATHING.

    (San Antonio, TX Nov 2000)

    I love breathing! I love breathing deeply.
    The air in my life is so sweet! The lilac is in bloom. The canola-fields fragrance blows so wide, itīs even to smell in my village! The air is so fresh. So full of life and of becoming summer. I SO LOVE TO BREATHE. I so love to LIVE.

    "Itīs not my job to do it all.
    Itīs not my job to control it all!"

    (...) When the feeling of lugging around
    all this extra-responsibility lifts off of you,
    you will stop lugging around all this extra.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: How does it feels like to carry extra weight

    I love to LOVE! I love dropping all hardships. I love dropping all heavy duty. I love dropping my resistances. I LOVE TO BE LIGHT. I so love to be light! I so love to be easy.
    I love who I am, no matter what! I love where Iīm going. I love where I have been, it has made me become. I SO LOVE MY LIFE.

    You canīt get there from there.
    Youīve gotta change the way you see yourself.
    And youīve gotta do it, BEFORE the way you see yourself, changes!

    Thatīs the thing that is so tricky!
    "Oh ja, Iīll bang myself into a better position. And then, Iīll like what I see.
    Oh ja!! Iīll work really hard. Iīll deprive myself of this and this and this,
    Iīll read the 400 000 000. book, thatīs been written on what I should
    and shouldnīt eat, Iīll follow the latest fad,
    Iīll follow the latest fad relative to motions, Iīll MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    Iīll make it happen, so that then, I can look in the mirror and like what I see."

    And we say: It doesnīt work that way.
    Youīve gotta look in the mirror AS YOU ARE,
    and LIKE what you see- and THEN,
    what you see will change.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Losing Weight with Law of Attraction! (2015! New!)

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    Elfengarten, Germany
    itīs 9:30 AM and it already feels as if I would have experienced a full beautiful day!

    Sleeping in generously and luxuriously until 5:30 AM ...
    and then getting ready for my beloved morning-drive with picnic with my most beloved pastry in the beloved convertible with my most adored beloved husband!

    And then, having a lazy stroll through a big deli-center, and picking and choosing food in a heaven of delicious varied exposure... deciding for todays dinner:

    -superfancy North Sea brown shrimps, sautéed in butter, garlic and curry,
    -Awesome crab-cakes, freshly prepared with dill, lemon and onions,

    accompanied with crispy fresh German sourdough-bread,
    and French mini-tarteletts filled with goatcheese, grape-purree or mozzarella and eggplant.


    I so love choosing. I so love cooking. I so love the wonderful preparation with the most promising ingredients. I SO LOVE MY LIFE!!!

    I love hearing my beloved now, mowing paths through our green jungle.
    I love listening to the blackbird, singing AGAIN! He sings, all day long!
    I love feeling the sun on my skin again, after the beautiful rain.
    I love rampaging on this beautiful Forum.
    I love answering questions, and being totally inspired to net answers and quotes.
    I LOVE feeling source pour through me.
    I so love my alignment!
    I LOVE realizing when inspiration comes!
    I love realizing when Iīm NOT inspired.

    My daughter and son in law got my grandson into hospital, yesterday.
    I feel, itīs all ok! I feel, heīs just mixed up, while his parents are moving into another city with him. I KNOW it. And I could soothe my beloved girl. While I also feel to now pull back completely and let them bang it out, on their own. Not my circus, not my monkeys. -I leave them alone, and trust that they are wise.

    My beloved oldest son bought another classic car, and I so enjoy his joy. I so enjoy how I could help him stabilize in the decision process. I love witnessing how he found his "hell yes!". I so enjoy his compliment that "you have been right, there IS a "hell yes"!" -The car wouldnīt have been *my* choice at all, but that doesnīt diminish my huge joy with him! I leave him alone and trust that heīs wise.

    My beloved middle son is purchasing parts for his renovation, instead of repairing them, what is pulling on my nerves And I think, itīs HIS life and HIS Vortex, and HIS guidance, and HIS contrast- and I so enjoy dropping all my issues, leaving him alone, deeply and sincerely trusting that he is wise.

    My beloved youngest is today in Aarhus, Denmark, on one of the most famous classic races of the world, and he SO enjoys it all! He has a ton of contrast at work. But he WANTS to be there, living HIS adventure, becoming experienced, digging life deeply. I leave him alone and trust that heīs wise.

    THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD. That is luxuriousness. That is comfort. That is ease! That is beauty. That is unconditional joy. I AM SO HAPPY. I love so much, I trust so fully. I feel the RIGHTNESS of all of it. I know where itīs going: GOODNESS, unfolding.


    Do you understand, that what you are creating is YOU?
    So, you are creating a more prosperous YOU.
    You are not creating money!
    You are creating a more prosperous You.

    You are creating a more abundant You.
    You are creating a You, with greater ease.
    You are creating a You, with greater opportunity.
    You are creating a You, with more opportunity for more fun.

    Itīs YOU! You are the expander of YOU!
    You are the creator of YOU, you see!
    So, when we say that this vibrational reality exists,
    IT IS A REALITY THAT EXISTS, and itīs not just a reality
    that exists, itīs a VIVID reality that exists.

    Itīs the larger part of you, that exists in it-
    and you really owe it to you, to keep up with it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks best , The Big Money and Lottery question - grand conversation

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