What an intense, loving, joyful rich FULL TIME wer having!

I wasnt here rampaging since 4 days... WOW. Time is flying!
My time is so precious.
My time is filled to the brim with treasures.
Im cleaning up the house and adore my items.
Im bringing order to it all, and embrace new-found old things.
Im folding the clothes for the cruise and arrange them with the perfect accessoires,
the perfect shoes and handbags and jewelry...
Im having such fun of PREPAVING!

My Heiko is here over the weekend, originally he wanted to work on the Hanomag, but it turned out wer all tired of hard work, and so we take it sooo easy. Easy slow joyful unfolding, cooking for my beloved son, pampering him and enjoying his laughter.

Also planning the huge gathering well have in the moment we come back Friday night from Venice! All kids will embrace us with being at "home" when we come back! I shopped for a huge delicious brunch at Saturday. And then, we will again TAKE OUR TIME and be lazy and easy, together... telling all our stories, sharing our love, celebrating our joy!

Me and DH are setting up the new beautiful cabinets, after we have finished the parquet-floor. It looks so FRESH and inviting! And, its a colorcombination that fills in in such beauty, that I dreamed of since long...

I still bask in the fantastic pedicure and foot-refloxology I received the day before! WHAT a wonderful thing. I booked another one for the next month, and I feel so GOOD in this abundance! I look forwards to having a date with the hairdresser next week, and a date with the beautician as soon we come home from the cruise, also. It all feels so sweet, so delicious, so pampered. It feels WONDERFUL and I am so proud of myself to finally have allowed ALL OF THIS GOODNESS.
I feel so rich!
I feel so loving and so loved.

Hah, Im doing SO GOOD!

All you have to do is decide what you want-
and talk yourself into it.