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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future

    Day 3

    Well, you cannot help but teach, through the clarity of your example.
    But to LIVE it is really the emphasise, that we...
    to find your alignment, and BE it, in the face of
    controversy and disapproval.

    -To be unconditional, in your choices.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

    I so love KNOWING that the biggest gift, the greatest tool to becoming who I am, is living UNCONDITIONALLY. I appreciate this contrast that I was living, and what came from it... such extraordinary clarity and certainty of what I didnīt want- and what I really want!

    This is such exquisite intense unfolding. I love KNOWING that it all just was right.
    That it all made me see and feel and KNOW, and GO.
    I love that. I love what brought me here. I love all this specifics, that made such delightful specifics! I LOVE this momentum that I gathered. I love feeling unstoppable, now. I love it all. It was SO RIGHT.
    It was so PERFECT.
    It makes me SO CLEAR, now.
    It ALL served me. It ALL was for me- lovingly, usefully, perfectly.
    I get it- in sooo many ways!

    And the thing about trying to get to the bottom of what makes
    somebody else tick, is that in the process of trying to get at the bottom
    to what makes somebody else tick- you tick out of sync with
    who YOU are!

    Because as you try to integrate with your experience, and understand
    where they are coming from- letīs try to understand Terrorism, for
    example! Well, in the attempt to understand it, you activate in yourself
    things that keep you out of whack with who you are!

    Iow, in your desire to understand why anybody else is living the way
    that they are- in every moment that you are doing that, YOU are not
    syncing up with who YOU are, and you are not receiving the guidance
    about who YOU are, and why YOU are here!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

    I so understand where I got "lost". I UNDERSTAND ME, *ME*, now!
    I understand what made me lose the connection. I understand this selfishness now. I understand, I understand- I UNDERSTAND. Ahhh, and the getting lost" was SO WORTH IT! It helped me so much to become the parent and mentor that I so desired to be. It all helped me so much. It all was so precious. It ALL served me so very very very well! It ALL is good! I love understanding. I so love understanding and clicking into my own unique perfect place. I SO LOVE THIS GAME.

    Itīs more like this... This is the question weīve heard from you:
    "When I had been molded by society, rather than staying in tune
    and in sync with source-energy, are all the decisions that I make,
    the best possible decisions that I COULD make?!
    -And the answer to that is: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    This is the question that weīve heard you ask:
    "Is there an easier way to go about it?"

    (...) When we say, the Path of Least Resistance leads to YOUR ALIGNMENT,
    most people are not understanding that the POLR leads to alignment-
    and from alignment- you might make different decisions!

    If you are not following your POLR, and so you are not coming into
    alignment- then of course, you make all kinds of decisions, that donīt
    turn out to be very good decisions, which just leads you to stronger
    wanting and stronger desire.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

    I so love knowing, and seeing and realizing and GETTING that we never can get it wrong. That "getting it wrong" just makes for a longer journey and a more intense and passionate ride. I LIKE THIS. Itīs all so good!
    Itīs not about blame nor shame- itīs all about embracing the goodness that ALWAYS is. Always, always always- in all journeys, in all decisions, in every person, in every moment. I BLESS what got me here.
    I bless being here!

    WHAT A STANCE. What a freedom, what love, what joy, what ease, what beauty.


    Appreciation IS your business!


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    Ohhhh what a gem!

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    we are not asking you to stand and look at it
    and say "Well, I want to practice the art of allowing- and so I accept
    and embrace all unwanted things."

    Thatīs NOT THE POINT, at all.

    Oh, a little bit of steering back to center again, this sounds good. explains a lot to me right now!!!

    ........wake up in the
    morning and reach for the best feeling thought you can find, and

    and DONīT BEAT UP yourself when you fall off that disc, and then the
    next morning, do it again, and then the next morning do it again- until
    before you know it, you will predominantly be focused upon what you
    DO WANT.

    There WILL be for a while, maybe even for a long while, in your
    experience residual from habits of thought.
    Thanks for sharing this PoE, I love it!!!!

    love and kisses!


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    Still day 3...


    I loved just taking my time, almost a year now- and settling into having big money.
    I loved not booking the cruise, until there was the feeling of "wild horses canīt stop me".
    I so love, that this time came- and then, it was all so clear and beautiful!
    I loved realizing, that 2 days later, the cruise was booked out, even the Abe-seminar!

    I loved getting used to OWNING money, and still FLOWING more.
    I so loved to not hype it at all, but "being quiet about it" for the most- until it felt totally normal and easy and delightful.
    I so now loving to spend some of it.

    I so loved to get big amounts of cash from the bank, and give it to my kids- and still deposite some more on their accounts, where they would find it, as an extra surprise.
    I so loved laughing with them, and enjoying the tangible delightful beauty of the notes in our all hands- and gush about it together, how BEAUTIFUL money, and value, and abundance FEELS in tangible ways.

    I so love our colorful money, that looks so joyful and fun!
    I so love the thickness and the tangible very structured, precious print. I love how BIG the stashes had been that I was giving to my beloved children. I love, how they enjoyed it all in their unique ways, with their special, precious unique dreams.
    I so LOVE to cocreate with them and share their visions.

    I loved the sincere, slow process in which me and DH choose the specific planning of the cruises Shore Excursions. Each night, we ponder another day of the cruise, and enjoy the choosing.
    I love how easy it becomes to deal with the extraordinary high prices for each and everything. In the end, the cruise will cost the double amount than what is the mere price for booking the cabins was! And- I DON`T CARE. I enjoy this event fully. I am flying so high.

    I adore being stable and balanced in all of this. I adore pampering myself with FEELING ABUNDANT, feeling the presence of money, instead fear or doubt. It feels SO FULL. It feels so right. It feels so normal, and easy and certain.

    I adore shopping online!
    I have cleaned out my deepfreeze in the last weeks, used it all up and will now fill it new with amazing stuff... I just now ordered 3 kg of frozen red cingcrab-legs, and 2 kg frozen peeled lobster-meat, as also filets of turbot, scallops and the most amazing fresh oysters, for the immediate degustation. We will have a FEAST at easter, when all my kids will meet again in our place! While we also will have such a FULLNESS, such true plenty of dreamlike delicacies, right at our fingertips for every day.

    Tomorrow I will enjoy the next online-delishop, for ordering the most amazing meats from all over the world. Yesterday, the monthly delivery of extraordinary wine arrived- Wolf is holding a subscription for getting to taste the most promising new finds from winemakers that work environmentally friendly.
    And I so LOVE how I already collected all the time- at each vacation, each time I visited a big city, wonderful oils, syrups, exotic preserves, freeze-dried herbs that taste SO fresh and amazing, jams and honey in all tastes... I FEEL SO RICH. Life is DELICIOUS.

    And soon, I will stroll over the Flohmärkte of our beautiful towns again- summertime!-
    and shop for the most beautiful antique linnens, laces, buttons and vintage clothes, to complete my atelier, my sewing-studio that Iīm creating just now from Nīs empty room.

    I feel so blessed, I feel in such a delightful, opulent, beautiful stream of unfolding.
    Itīs easy. Itīs logical. Itīs normal. Itīs pure delight!


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    I didn īt see that you had posted, when I posted my last reply! Strange...
    But NOW I see it and I need to hug you!!! *squeeze* ((((((( Xio ))))))))
    Iīm glad it served you! This quotes are SO soothing, so clarifying, SO GOOD...

    Have a wonderful time!

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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future

    Day 4

    "Abraham, what is it about this life, that erodes us?"
    -And we say: Your attention to what is.

    Denver, Sept. 2012

    ...But itīs just the attention to what is unwanted!
    I SO LOVE what "is" this morning!!!
    When I continued my internet-shopping last night, my computer got stuck and I couldnīt finish my purchasing. So I had to call them this morning, and it turned out that the lovely lady on the phone was a passionate cook, in charge of the Instagram-page of this company, and also alone in the office, right now.

    We both felt TITITO and shared an amazing half hour giggling, laughing, sharing recipes, awesome or hilarious stories, tricks of the trade and compliments for each other. I felt as Esther when she met Peggy, the hilarious flight-attendant, because of a delay! I, too, said: "I wouldnīt have wanted to miss THAT for anything!" So, THANK YOU computer, for getting stuck! .

    Now I feel blessed with SO MUCH FUN and also with seafood worthy 700 Euro. Lobster and cingcrab measured in kilogramm, oysters, sea bass, monkfish, trout and turbot!!! OHHH MY GOD, I SO LOOK FORWARDS TO EAT IT!! What was soooo much fun to purchase must even get more momentum on the plate! ( While Iīm not so sure if I want seafood on my plate that has momentum...)

    I SO LOVE experiencing what it literally, physically, means to be ABUNDANT.
    I love exploring that. I love being gentle with me and going general in the moment when I start wobbling. I love knowing that itīs ALL about vibration, and that itīs DONE, that this is who I really am because life caused me to desire this!!

    And all I have to do is chill out when Iīm even slightly OOTV, and when ITV-
    ohhh, what a RIDE!!
    It feels sooooo as being ME.
    It feels so right. It feels so full! It feels so HAPPY!!!

    Forget about the beginning of it, because
    the beginning of it is OLD.
    The beginning of it isn't up to speed, it isn't up to date.
    It isn't current, you see.


    While, I so LOVE to treasure the beginnings that got old!
    I LOVE the vintage styles, that we bring up to speed in new ways, NOW.
    I love the vintage cars that my sons buy and inspired me and DH to purchase, last year. I so LOVE what was, because it adds to the variety of beauty that is, and to the awesomeness of opportunity that will be!

    My beloved son H has bought this 50 year old Unimog and will now restore and rebuild it in the exact ways that he loves most. He loves the sturdy old technics that are so easy to handle. He loves the awesome old look. He loves the fascinating skills of this fantastic offroader. He loves how incredibly cheap it was- so easy to own! He loves his visions about this car, and the fact that he always was fascinated about it- and now, itīs HIS in physical form. And I so love to be with him, in all of this!

    I love how he, once more, inspired me to a joy that I would never have digged on my own. I so love the variety that my children present to me, and all the beauty and awe and fascination that is to be found, within it. I so love this BIGNESS of our all life.
    I so love love love love love it all! It feels fascinating. It feels precious beyond words. It feels interesting. It feels like adventure. It feels so curious and eager to find even MORE!
    It feels sooo good. It feels frisky to start another new process. It feels cozy to imagine myself on the yellow couch outside, just besides the workshop in our barn, and to sew and embroider, while H and W will work on the car.

    IT FEELS SO delightfully open, sweet, close, loving and GOOD!

    Nothing ever comes to a halt,
    things just keep evolving.


    I LOVE how my life is expanding!
    I LOVE how I just now explore SO MANY THINGS.
    I love where this is going.
    I love not really knowing where it goes!
    I love the delight and surprise.
    I love my dreams. I love my achievements.
    I love the journey.
    I love those who are with me.
    And I love those who are not in vicinity, as well.

    WHAT A LIFE!!!
    I DO live Paradise on Earth!
    WHAT A JOY. What a ride! What a life!!!

    I believe, that Heaven on Earth is a possibility. (...)

    We want you to believe it, because it is, where itīs at!
    All that has ever been before, is projected here,
    in this leading-edge-place!
    Iow, THIS is where it ALL IS!

    This is, where it is all happening.
    This is, where this fly wants to be.

    This is true! I think, depending on your vibrational frequency,
    you can manifest whatever you want in this world,
    as we are co-creators with God, or source.

    Yes, yes!
    WHERE ELSE do you think heaven might be?

    Itīs all around us!

    Where else COULD it be, then RIGHT HERE,
    on this leading edge, where all that is, is focused?
    Where all the new is becoming?
    Where all the creating is happening?

    As vibrations are BECOMING MANIFESTED, this is where heaven is!
    This is where the manifestations are!
    This is where the consciousness, that has been becoming is becoming,
    this is the most further extension of that which is God!


    Yes, I believe it is! But so many people donīt believe it is.

    We donīt care.

    (laughing) I guess, you know... other people talked about tragedy...

    We donīt care!

    ...the hardships, theyīve experienced in life...
    and we have to change our vibration to raise the vibrational
    frequency of the entire world, to bring the love and the peace...

    But you see, thatīs conditional!
    If the reason why youīr wanting to raise your vibration is to
    change a condition, now your attention within that condition is
    keeping you from raising your vibration.

    You just canīt get there, from there!
    You have to want to raise your vibration, because thatīs whatīs
    natural, and thatīs who you are, and thatīs what feels good, PERIOD!

    Because when you have an ulterior motive,
    which is the reason youīr doing it, now you introduce
    resistance to it, and it bogs down, and it doesnīt happen.
    "Alright Abraham, Iīll raise my vibration if itīll get me over there.
    But Iīm not over there, Iīm over here. But Iīll raise my vibration,
    so that I can get away from this spot."

    And we say: No, you wonīt!
    As long your attention is on the spot where you are, and you donīt
    wanna be there, youīr not gonna raise your vibration!
    You have to find SOME WAY of detaching from what is.
    And the only way we know, of detaching from one thought,
    is to give your attention to another.

    And so that is, why we want you to give your attention to the
    UNCONDITION for just a little while- until you show yourself
    that you HAVE THE ABILITY, to feel the flow and the good-
    feeling of ALIGNMENT


    And once you show yourself that, then you are free. Finally free!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

    When the feeling of not knowing how it's going to play out
    dominates you and makes you feel uneasy,
    then you slow things down.

    When the feeling
    of not knowing how it's going to play out precisely
    is exhilarating to you,
    when it feels like an ADVENTURE-
    now it begins playing out!

    Abraham 2/18/12 San Francisco

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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future

    Day 5

    I was blessed yesterday with meeting an uncle who almost had lost physical connection with me and family- while he was such a big component in my childhood, and there is so much love.
    I am blessed to see the beauty in him, and even deeper than I ever did.
    I am blessed by his sharing of memories and insights and ideas.
    I am blessed witnessing my children and DH interacting in such natural love and openness with him.
    I am blessed. THANK YOU, uncle! This connected the past and the now and the future, in such awesome, precious, loving way!!

    It’s not about the amount of time
    that you spend with anyone.

    It’s about the state of alignment that you’re in
    when you’re spending the time.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Alaska Cruise, July 2015

    I love realizing again HOW MUCH I love and am blessed by the variety of family.
    How I am blessed by the variety of contrast that my life has provided to me.
    So many stances. So many treasures! So many ideas and paths and approaches-
    and ALL are good in heir unique way.
    I love knowing this so deeply. I love witnessing that in greater depth, the older I get, the more life I live. THANK YOU, FAMILY!

    I'm surrendering to the timing of the Universe.
    I'm surrendering to the Vortexual agenda.
    I'm surrendering to the concierge in the sky.
    I'm surrendering to my perfect timing.
    I'm surrendering to my greater effectiveness.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired words.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired behavior,
    which results in better timing.

    In other words, you're more free-flowing,
    more productive under those conditions of less activity,
    than you are under the conditions of more activity.
    And a perfect blend of that makes for a perfect life.

    2015 Alaskan Cruise

    I love how life and the contrast and the process have caused me to UNDERSTAND,
    and to mold exactly and UNCONDITIONALLY what is so meaningful, for me.
    I so love the process of life!
    I so love playing the game from this blessed stance of understanding it, mastering the tools, having the insights, knowing who I really am and where I really am going. It all makes such perfect sense!
    Itīs ALL SO GOOD.

    The reason you don’t realize who you really are,
    is because you are so busy realizing who you have been.

    Boston, Oct. 2014

    I so LOVE to now have the past as my treasure behind me- and know the dreams
    I shot calling and pulling me.
    THAT IS HOW IT WORKS, and oh, what a joy to live FORWARDS!!!

    NOW and FORWARDS, the past as what got me here!
    NOW AND FORWARDS, the past as beloved cause.
    NOW AND FORWARDS, shining who I always was even brighter and brighter.
    Now and forwards- in such love and clarity and eagerness and joy.

    Thank you past, I SO LOVE YOU! You have always been RIGHT and perfect, for me.
    And now, I dance forwards, ONLY.

    The past has always been, and will always be,
    the support for the now.
    The understanding, that you hold now-
    because of ALL OF THAT.


    I SO LOVE what was. But, now is MORE! And now is less than what will be tomorrow.
    IT IS SO GOOD. Thank you life, THANK YOU!!! What a ride, what a game, what a joy!

    Big, happy changes EVERY DAY! Every year, every decade, every life. On and on and on- eternally.

    If you would appreciate...

    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you
    would be sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being,
    before you were even born.

    When you decide, that this is a moment that you're actually
    labelling rampage of appreciation ...
    this is a moment where I'm literally looking for things to say:
    isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice, isn't that nice!
    -what I am actually doing, is using this moment in time
    to align myself with source.
    And that is a very big thing.

    Because source already knows what you want.
    And when you take time to align with source, you're taking time
    to open your valve to allow the flowing into your experience
    of all things that you consider to be good.

    Not just things about this room, not just things about this subject
    that you are appreciating, but all things that you desire
    are open for you to recieve when you are using anything
    as your excuse to feel good. Rampage of appreciation...
    powerful tool!

    If it was the only thing you ever knew, you could live
    happily ever after, fulfill ever dream that you could ever conjure,
    be the brightest light in everyone you knows life's,
    add more to this physical environment than anybody who's ever been
    here or ever will be here.

    Iow, you need not know one other thing other
    than to appreciate -and you would open
    to all things good.

    Because the Universe has established everything else.
    The contrast is there to make you personally prefer.
    If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance
    you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good
    to flow into your experience, people who watch you would be
    sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being
    before you were even born.

    They would flock to you, they would say what is your secret?
    How do you do this? How is it that every time I hear you
    open your mouth and express even the slightest wish
    for something, the next time I see you, you're living it fully?

    People will say, how is it that you thrive financially,
    how is it that you thrive emotionally,
    how is it that the people in your life are loving,
    how is it that your relationships are remarkable,
    how is it that the physical accomplishments are so massive,
    how is it that one wee person lives so big, so fantastic a life?

    That's what people will say to you
    if you will just get in the habit
    of being an appreciator,
    get in the habit of being the allower of the well-being
    that you so much want and deserve.


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    hello beloved friend Elke-Schatz

    I just want coming bye to feel the "Bliss" here
    and yes... this feels so good
    your familly and your Wolf and the appreciation for all that IS

    thank you for all your threads
    and some quotes who are so wonderful from Abe

    love you ...Venus

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    Have fun!
    Have joy!
    Have ease!
    Have delight!

    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Day 6

    I AM so rich. I FEEL so rich! I LOVE flowing money.
    I love making choices.
    I love spending money, and in this, FEELING abundant.
    I love experiencing this.
    I love sinking my teeth into this world of spending and flowing money.
    I love choosing the perfect shore-experiences of the cruise with DH.
    I love choosing the awesome items I dreamed of so long.
    They feel well-known, as friends, which I re-contact. It feels WONDERFUL.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    It is satisfying, because I allow MYSELF to flow.
    I allow myself to flow further, I unstuck myself. I FLOW.
    I unfold.
    I experience. I am free, I am floating free.
    I feel not held back, I feel that I ALLOW ME.
    I feel that I give in to who I really am.
    I flow. This feels SO GOOD.
    It feels like ME.

    I and DH had been shopping the day before- it was already dark, and a light rain was all over the land. When we drove onto the court of the mall, in our rural area, there where children playing on the almost solitary place, they played in the rain, and their laughter and screams of delight sounded as the most beautiful, lovely music.
    I felt so connected, even I couldnīt see them.
    I felt so elated by sharing their joy, just in their sounds.
    I felt blessed by having been a match to witness this.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    It is so satisfying because I realize me, being a perfect match to joy!
    I realize alignment.
    I realize oneness in all our uniqueness.
    I realze the wellbeing of life!

    I REALIZE the goodness of this world and of ME, all over the place.
    I realize the beauty, and the safety and the love and the abundance, and the
    precious, the dignity and grandeur that IS, in all things.
    I realize the wanted sides of the sticks,
    and I realize more than ever ever ever befor what I now REALLY want:
    I want to become able, as Jesus, to see the wanted side normally, as default-setting, as what is easy to me, normal to me, all the time.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    It is so satisfying, because... nothing else will ever do. THIS IS ME.
    This is ME! And this is who EVERYONE is. The former "enemy", the one who did "mistakes", my beloved dog, the wind, the earth itself.

    The precious, the awe, the goodness, the love- itīs ALWAYS there.
    The Vortex-version is always available- UNCONDITIONALLY.
    And thatīs where I want to look from now on, only... at least, after the "splitsecond".

    Creators that create worlds are not trying
    to fix problems.
    Creators that create worlds are defining
    what is not wanted for a split-second,
    and feeling what IS wanted for eternity.


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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Day 7

    I am in such LOVE with this world and all itīs amazing beauty!
    I love Pinterest which seems to be an endless inspiration-book to dig the beauty and thrill and fascination and goodness more and more and more. I SO LOVE all this whimsy or awesome ideas! I LOVE how people have time and skill and love and joy in comitting themselves into doing the most amazing stuff. So many arts! So many topics. SO MUCH BEAUTY.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?
    Itīs amazing to to see this plethora of lovingly received and exercised divine skill! Itīs amazing. It feels so rich. It feels so incredibly full, love-filled and abundant. It is a mirror of the neverending goodness and creativity and fun. It feels SO GOOD!

    I so adore fascinating leading edge cars. I love researching testdrives and watching their beauty, FEELING and listening to them, relaxing into their beauty and awesomely manufactured and constructed capability.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?
    It feels so FULL. It feels so perfectly thought out and known. I adore the depth of the skills of people. I adore the beauty that people find and express. I adore this amazing beauty and goodness and technical perfection. It feels FULL. It feels awe-some. I love appreciating it in deep depth. I love to be touched and moved by the goodness of life. It feels... SATISFYING. It feels merged with it. It feels as being really IN on it, in my love!

    I LOVE to enjoy beautiful, TITITO people.
    I LOVE to feel their unconditional power, joy, love and beauty.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?
    It feels as ME. It feels as resonating with all that I adore.
    It feels as seeing, understanding ME, who I really am.
    What resonates within me, IS me, and this is so full. So deep. So beautiful.
    It is so SATISFYING, here and now. I love understanding it.
    I so love GETTING it, in this moment in which I adore.
    I so love to LOVE!

    ...Then, what youīll discover is:

    You donīt have to travel all around the planet,
    to places that youīve never been before-

    you just need to move around in the world,
    that youīve been around in for a long time-
    in places,
    that youīve never been before!

    Then you begin to discover the TRUE personality
    of those you love.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE generosity
    of the people in your world.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE timing
    and intelligence of the people, whom you work with.
    Than you begin to discover the TRUE perfection
    of your interaction with one another.

    Because you found alignment
    with the vibration that is at the core of THEM, too!

    And as you become the influencer from that vibrational stance,
    and others begin to join you in that same vibrational place-
    now the experiences that you are having are unparalleled, you see.
    Now you pushed the reset-button.

    Now you are living in your world,
    but your living through the eyes of source

    and NOW, you are doing what you came to do:
    You are living joyfully, and having never ending expansion-
    and are discovering the eternal nature of your being,
    liking every step along the way.

    And even finding yourself (...) standing in a place where something
    that you really want hasnīt come to fruition, but you donīt feel the absence of it- because you KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

    So you are feeling the eagerness of whatīs coming,
    rather than the current reality that it hasnīt come.

    from the clip
    P2/2Abraham Hicks- All About Step 4 & Maintaining High Flying Disc Prt2

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    30 days blissfully rampaging
    about the wanted sides of my past, present and future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    Day 8

    WHY is this... so satisfying?

    I love RESONATING with this.
    It feels as the true expanded version of ME, living in this light.
    It feels full and whole of ME. It feels delightfully clear and clean and fresh.
    It resonates. It is the beauty that I adore.
    It is the openness, the fragrance, the lightness, the elegance and fullness that is really ME. I LIKE resonating with me! I like remembering who I became and in what I am called FORWARDS. It is so satisfying to resonate!

    I love her playfulness. I love her waist. I love this style. I love this dress- polkadots are fancy and funny!

    WHY is this... so satisfying?
    I love how uplifted and elated, exhilarated I feel when I look at this!
    It feels delightfully beautiful. It reminds me about this elegance and beauty
    that is in my Vortex, CALLING me. It feels awesome! It feels calling. It is satisfying to realize being CALLED and drawn FORWARDS.
    I like realizing this call. I like understanding that this is in my Vortex, otherwise I wouldīnt feel the call towards it. I so love this.

    I love the fullness and beautiful opulence of this delightful garden. It feels as the exact future of my existing garden! It feels as a look into my future.

    WHY is this... so satisfying?
    It is satisfying to resonate with what I have dreamed up myself. I love what a perfect replica of what is in my own inner eye this picture is. I love this bold resonance.
    I love how it feels, when I relax into it...
    It feels SATISFYING. It feels luxurious and elegant. It feels full, and satisfied. It feels successful, having reached the fullness of my dream.
    It feels WHOLE and achieved. It feels as fully resonating with what I desired into life, what I expanded into the Universe. I beamed it outwards, it became and now
    it starts to be in physical.
    I so love this.

    We want you to FEEL the essence of it,
    -not demand the condition of it, but FEEL the essence of it!

    Because we want the essence of it
    to become FULL FORM into your experience.
    Because when you allow it to become full form
    into your experience, thatīs when your culmination
    of your alignment is FULLY REALIZED by you!

    (...) But if the manifestation of it is necessary, before
    you allow to feel it, you canīt get there from there.
    So you have to find some way of being happy with HAPPY.
    You just have to be happy with happy.

    Our message to you is: STOP HOLDING BACK.

    from the clip
    *NEW* Abraham Hicks (3.21.2015) Fort Lauderdale (2 of 3)

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