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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    I want to leave all blue-ness behind and tune myself to the BLISS, solely, once more!

    My dog Ben has gotten an infection and skin-problems, so we drove him yesterday to the vet, him sitting before my legs on the floor of the convertible, and having delightedly SO MUCH FUN holding his nose out, over the door!
    How easy our furry friends allow to be happy!
    How easy and clear and deeply LOVING they are.

    I was so reminded about the official clip "the most profound question" matter what, even if we get bugs in the eyes-

    YESSS!!! We came for the ADVENTURE.
    We came for the FUN and the figuring-it-out in higher and higher registries.
    We didnīt come "to get it right", but for the JOY of delicious unfolding!

    We came in the awareness that sometimes, life hurts, and it must be ok. Itīs part of the game, itīs an indicator that things could be more easy, indeed SHOULD be more easy and even delicious and fantastic and "miraculous" and BIG.

    I so love being reminded!
    I so love to FOCUS.
    I so love to mold the clay, and find the wanted end of ALL sticks.
    Thank you friends!
    Thank you convertible, thank you warm evening, thank you storm coming up,
    thank you EVERYTHING!!!
    Thank you LIFE.

    I want to dig into the now!
    I want to enjoy it, FULLY.
    Now, now, now, now, now!
    I want to enjoy what is, and look for all wanted sides of the sticks,
    and embrace the bouncing-off-points, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    I want to hold my nose into the wind and take it all in
    with an open loving happy heart.
    I want to let life carry me, and drop my resistances, and my old stories,

    I want to be who I really am.
    I want to let life show me, what that REALLY MEANS.
    I open my heart.
    I open my mind!
    I give up the struggle, I give up the clinging.
    Sometimes Iīm blue. But mostly, I LIVE and LOVE and LAUGH.

    The call of Source in its purest form,
    when you are close enough in vibrational proximity
    to really feel it, feels like joy, it feels like passion,
    it feels like eagerness, it feels like love,
    it feels like appreciation, it feels like wellbeing,
    it feels like yippying and yahooing
    all the way down the canyon.

    It feels like cartwheels, it feels like sunshine and rainbows
    and lollipops. It feels like all of the things that you'd ever
    associated with wellbeing.
    It feels like liquid love, it feels like joy.
    It is rapturous, it is orgasmic,
    it ripples through your body, it is ecstasy.

    That's what Source Energy is, and feels like.

    ~ San Rafael, CA, 7-22-07

    ohhhh YEAH!!!

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    You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows.

    You are God. You are Source.
    You are creator.

    Excerpted from San Rafael, CA on 2/21/04

    I am BACK to Forum! (and THANK YOU once more, David! )

    I adored the unintended Forum-break!
    And I also became so much clearer that I really really LOVE to be here!
    I really really love my "work" here.
    I really LOVE to collect and post quotes!
    I really LOVE to do processes!
    I so love to pick the perfect quote, and find the perfect pictures, and choose the colors in love and dedication...


    I love David, our humble king, who houses us in so much love, wisdom, knowledge and backs us up on our journeys with Abe. THANK YOU DAVID!

    Thank you, Forum-friends! Thank you Xio for scally-wagging with me

    Thank you, Tella, for flying high and brilliantly with me!
    Thank you Leslie for the short lovely dances!
    Thank you T for the awesome fun deeply loving interactions!

    Thanks ALL of you who are so dear to my heart. Too much to count- what ABUNDANCE you are!!

    Can you tell Iīm glad to be back?

    And thank you Abe, for being the basis and the theme and the music, to which I dance.
    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!

    When you love yourself, you make EVERYTHING possible.

    There is no limit to the nonphysical energy,
    and so there are two factors:
    how much of it are you summoning through your desire to know,
    and how much of it are you allowing.

    And the allowing factor mostly - not entirely, but mostly —
    has to do with your own self-love.
    Iow, when you are really liking you, it feels as if
    there are no limitations to what you can receive.

    That’s why children are so clever and so blessed and so guided, you see.
    They usually are still appreciating themselves. They are selfish little rascals
    and it hasn’t been tromped out of them yet.
    It isn’t until you are made to feel guilty about your selfishness,

    that you stop allowing who you really are
    to flow through.


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    I missed you
    thank you my friend for being on the Forum

    love Venus

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    Astrid!! SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!

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    On the beach :)
    So so so so good to see you back, dear friend!

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    Ohhhhhh so so so so so good to read your love! Leslie!!


    Yesterday night, DH and me cruised "into the night" with our beloved convertible. While we dandered along in low speed on beautiful scenic routes through the land -a rolling country with fields of crop, sunflowers and violet Phacelia. Green and lush and romantic and beautiful! The air filled with the wonderful fragrance of drying grass, cut and spread out on the meadows. While we drove, the light changed from eveningīs busy colorfulness into arcane deep dark night blue, and then it got calm and silent, all the stars came out and twinkled at us, and we had no words, for all this huge, wide beauty and richness and joy and LOVE!

    This morning when we got up, the dark night-sky was still there, and it changed into the most sweet pinks, while we drove to the trainstation. WHAT A BLISS, to be alive!

    Today, itīs Mariä Himmelfahrt, a festive day that only gets celebrated from German communities and -cities, who have more Katholics than Protestants, which is very rare in Bavaria- but the case where Wolf works- an hr away, but nowhere other, all around. So I had no hope to be able to buy buns on my drive home, this morning. But then I saw light in the windows of a small bakery, who obviously prepared to get ready for customers. It was 15 minutes to their opening time, still, so I sat down in a comfortable Bistro-chair they had placed outside and enjoyed thoughtlessly the sunrise, and the sparrows talks, while I was meditating.

    I basked in the busy sounds that I heard behind the open window, the casual rattle of plates, the laughter and jokes, and the wonderful fragrances of yeast-dough and fresh sourdough-bread, and while I floated along and felt detached while SO alive, someone opened the door and lovingly asked me in- 10 minutes early! That felt SO alive, so friendly, so happy, so cared for, so perfect, and I almost danced into the store!

    Now while I type, I sit in front of wonderful sugary cake, and awesomely smelling fresh brewed coffee and look out into the still young morning. The birds sing, some planes hum in the silvery sky, and "I think to mayself: WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD."

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    Itīs raining, and some parts needed for the Hanomag are not getting delivered. 2 weeks left before take-off of my H! And the technical test "TÜV" has to be done clearly before, so that we can register & insure the truck and get a license plate... The people around me start to get nervous.

    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    Relaxing into the Vortex-version.
    Relaxing into seeing my pup taking off, with the huge camper, engine running smoothe and powerful, brandnew license-plate, all checked and tested and approved of.

    Easy delicious delightful flow!
    Adventurous, while lined up and clicking.
    Trusting- and knowing my beloved young boy to be the TITITO man he is-
    ready for the exact adventures he wants to unfold in, grow in, figure it all out in,
    have fun and thrill and joy, sweetness, delight and fascination and triumph in.

    I so love my H!
    I love his stubborn determination to "never again do anything that he doesnīt like".
    He will find his way!
    He will experience HIMSELF.
    He will create and shift and change things and himself exactly to his liking!
    I am so curious and eager to see a bit through his eyes, and feel and live a bit "with him",
    while I deeply and clearly trust the Goodness and Wellbeing all along on his way-
    and on all of ours.

    I love his eagerness to succeed in his job, in this shop, in this city, in this situation, with his brother, with this new situation.
    I love our all "big life". So much fascinating stuff, going on!!
    I so love being IN on all their experiences!

    My youngest son N shared a wonderful long telephone-call with me yesterday again.
    He had his last trip to the race-circuits for this year, as he needs to now go to professional school exactly in those days when his collegues and boss must take off for the races. But it was almost the last race in this saison, anyway. Last week N witnessed how the racing-team-mate of his boss crashed his most beloved own 1million$-worth racecar, itīs propably irreparable, and at least 100,000 $ repair-costs. He himself just had a few minor bruises.

    I asked N how this man dealt with this?
    Nici described it all to me, and I was amazed, inspired and stunned.
    The guy is a selfmade-multimillionaire, incredibly friendly, openminded and passionate about racing in all forms. He sponsors the classic-car-races and does so much for the whole sport. Nici experiences him in his peak-moments- when he slips into a car before a race, when he stumbles out after an accident, when he goes (regularly) to the award-ceremonies to pick up his trophy for being placed #1. or #2. , how he deals with his clients, friends, family and competitors... and when he crashes his long-dreamed-of, lovingly built up and -restored 1 million $-car, he goes to the fridge, picks up a ginger-ale, draws back for 5 minutes and then comes back to the team, laughing.

    N says, they got the phrase "sometimes, the dog poops into the house". Shit happens! -And, that is it.

    I SO LOVE witnessing others being SO TITITO.
    I so love being "in" on this big lifes of others.
    I so love unfolding, in this.


    Be PROUD, instead of feeling guilty!

    Abraham tell the story of a HS, who experienced an accident, where their tiny airplane flipped over while landing and caught fire- while they all got out with very minor injuries. Now she asks what she shall say to her daughter about what happened, because she was not proud of her creation.

    We said: Are you KIDDING???
    Tell her "look, how much wellbeing surrounds us-
    that we can flip an airplane upside down, and set it on fire-
    and walk away! (big applause)

    Wellbeing is NOT about perfect circumstances!
    Wellbeing is about how I am standing,
    within ANY circumstance!

    Itīs my vibration, that brings about my outcome!
    Not the circumstance. So, never again use "where they are"
    as your basis of worry!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Bring me a fun partner

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