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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    Hi PoE!

    Just wanted to say that I love this line:
    Nothing goes, without making room for better and more.
    thank you for sharing.
    Thank YOU for highlighting it, again!
    I needed to hear this once more, also!
    What a beauty to resonate with the truth that source agrees upon...

    Anything that you are "working upon",
    anything that you are "efforting about"-
    has your attention on the wrong side of the stick.

    Sedona 2014, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks (2014-03-16) - He Has Turned A Corne

    I practice TRUSTING.
    I practice letting go of the cork.
    I get contrast, and I live through it with as much relaxation as possible,
    and I SO LOVE the ease, and the clarity, that is there for me, in this way of life.

    Itīs not about never feeling pain.
    Itīs about ALLOWING the pain to lead me on a journey of enhanced clarity,
    of enhanced KNOWING,
    of enhanced capability to choose to my true liking.

    I am in such deep, DEEP appreciation for it.
    It makes me see.
    It makes me discern.
    It makes me CAPABLE of choosing.
    It makes me CAPABLE of understanding.
    It makes me CAPABLE of excercising my power and freedom, and of flowing my love UNCONDITIONALLY.

    This is so big.
    I appreciate it so intensely.

    “The subject of law of attraction
    and the subject of momentum are the same subject.

    So the more you appreciate,
    the more you find to appreciate.
    Even though it sounds simplistic, it’s OK -
    because it is that simple. It is that simple.”

    ~Abraham-Hicks, Houston, March 19, 2016

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    My beloved Nici has accomplished his drivers-license, the day before!
    And also, he managed to get invited to his absolute dream-factory - 400 km apart from us, for an interview about getting his dream-apprentice-ship.

    As my H., N. just sent 1 single application, written from an ITV- full heart- and now weīll see how it goes! My heart is full for him, as well. I am so proud of him. I am so proud of all my TITITO children. I am so proud of *me*!! I love our intense and close and so joyful, ITV-relationship we all have. I love how powerful they are in their focus. I love how they make "mirakles". I love how they allow themselves to not do anything, until they are clear. I love how passionate they all are about what they love. I love how JOYFUL they are, how balanced and friendly. I SO LOVE MY FAMILY.

    And now it seems, that in autumn, W and me will have an empty nest!
    My parenting-time is coming to an end. Well, no end at all, but a significant change, a significant newness of action and space, and approach.
    WHAT AN INTENSE fantastic full time it was, until now!
    How much I love what we had. How much I love the EASE that we lived.

    29 years of loving fascinated focus on being their mother- and figuring out how to align with the Vortex-versions I held about them, in so many different topics and ways.
    It was such an adventure. It was such a fascinating dance. It expanded me far beyond what I could imagine. It fulfilled me far beyond what I could imagine, as well.


    You could not EVER feel a negative emotion,
    if it werenīt be for 2 facts:

    -Weīr focused on what you want,
    -And youīr not.


    Now itīs time to allow the beauty that is in my Vortex about what is coming, again.
    Itīs different than before- itīs EXPANDED. Itīs bigger. Itīs new.
    I give in to trust. I give in to trusting that the most fantastic solutions are there, calling all of us, and drawing in the most perfect components.

    I trust, and again, I care for ME feeling good, first and foremost, for being relaxed and in the receptive mode.
    Trusting, loving, holding the tone of easy and joy.
    Ease and delight and closeness and freedom and power, surprise and delight.

    Surprise, and delight. Fullness. Ever expanding wholeness. Triumph and mischief!
    Love and delight. Adventurous sweetness. Wonderful loving closeness, no matter what. Ease. Delightful, triumphant, sweet achievement. More, more, more, more...

    N. I so love you! My powerful wise deeply beloved.
    Go, FLY!

    Make the "movie of your life"!

    ...You are able to relax and let a stream of thought flow,
    and create a movie, that WILL be on the screen.
    Your thoughts will turn to things!

    And life is exactly the same way!

    You can -all!- write your movie!
    You all have a producer, called Law of Attraction.
    And you all have endless funding,
    called the energy that creates worlds.
    And you all have everything that is necessary to bring
    the cooperative components together!

    Iow, you have a staff- you have a team of nonphysicals,
    and currents and laws that are helping you to turn your
    ideas about a movie into a full, fleshed movie!

    wether itīs on the screen, or wether itīs
    something that comes into your life-experience.

    So, knowing that -thatīs why there was such power
    in what you wrote. And you know how in a movie, the scene
    will change -and then, you can write it again.

    (...) As long as you know that no matter whatīs happening-
    you CAN write an "oh, thatīs good"-scene, right after it!
    THEN you can keep yourself happily engaged and moving along-
    KNOWING that you DO have ultimatively
    complete control over what happens!
    Not only with your movies.

    But with life.

    2016-10-02 in Boston

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    I SO FEEL the "merry chase of unfolding" (see quote below)!
    I SO LOVE to feel and know and "find" the better feeling thought, whenever doubt creeps in- immedeately.
    I LOVE contrast popping up becaise the pivoting from it is so easy, instanteniously and fast-
    and such delicious fun!!

    Itīs CHOOSING. I so KNOW what I want!
    It comes totally easy. Itīs not about "finding" the solution, the better feeling thought-
    it finds me!
    This is such a delight, such continued shower of feeling gifted, blessed, loved...

    My 3 men are off for a shared tinkering on our adventure-car, in the shop where H works.
    I love how they love this!
    I love to see them enjoy each other, and this precious time, before the boys will start their lives in other cities. I love to lay in my colorful livingroom meanwhile, the sunlight fully on me, the fire in the stove roaring, after I prepared a dreamcake and planned an awesome slad- and cheese-platter for the meeting at my daughterīs place, tomorrow.

    I loved phoning a wonderful hr with my oldest son F yesterday, and sharing the delightful "tiny" joys that are in our life, on both sides, and feeling our closeness and togetherness and love, no matter the distance.

    I love pondering my beloved dreams!
    I love digging and milking them, delightfully pure and unconditionally.
    I love CHOOSING them, instead of doubt. I love relaxing into them.
    I love soaring, in them, while I am SO SATISFIED where I am.
    My life is fantastic...

    Have a merry chase of Unfolding!

    You became so SERIOUS on your path, that you stopped
    having FUN, ALONG THE WAY!
    Fun, along the way, fun along the way!

    Youīve got serious along the way. Serious- along the way.
    Oh, sooo serious along the way. Youīve got competitive, along the way,
    Youīve got DETERMINED along the way.
    And youīve got beaten up, along the way!

    You meant to have fun, along the way! You meant to have fun, along the way.
    Clarity, along the way.
    You meant to vasculate on the EGS from clarity to agility, to humor...
    you meant to have FUN.

    You meant to have clarity. You didnīt mean to fix problems-
    You meant to find solutions.
    You didnīt mean to wrestle problems to the ground and kill them-
    you meant them to LEAD YOU,
    on the merry, joyful chase of unfolding!

    Abraham Hicks - Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

    Itīs SUCH JOY to celebrate "everydayīs" life- and share it with your beloveds!!

    Itīs such delight to live FULLY, wholly, lovingly with such deep appreciation for the "small" things in life.

    Itīs such beauty to dream fully, and realize- your NOW life isnīt very far from that.
    Itīs delight. Itīs abundance. Itīs delight, maintained, always varying, beautiful delight. Itīs beauty. Such manyfold beauty, in so many many ways. Beautiful sounds! Beautiful fragrants. Beautiful tastes. Beautiful touches. Beautiful FUN! Beautiful lightness. Beautiful meaningfulness. Beautiful depth.
    Beautiful sparkle... Itīs love. Itīs freedom. Itīs peace.
    And I live all of that, EVERY DAY.

    Itīs BLISS.

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    Elke thank you for sharing your life
    and your dreams... our all dreams feels so good

    I left you some dust of stars...
    from which all is made

    love Venus

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    Thank you again, Astrid!
    Much love for you!
    Share with me a piece of the delicious
    Rich, luscious, full, crispy crunchy and also soft and gooey earth- and- heavenly
    delightful Frankfurter Kranz I was baking yesterday...

    I am in a new world, again.
    Nothing seems different on the outside yet-
    but inside, such a huge shift has happened.
    The snow is glistening and the trees of the Linden-alley that leads to our village
    are encrusted with huge cristals that twinkle in the sunlight as thousands of
    tiny fairy-lights.
    When DH and me came home this morning from our breakfast-picnic, this "welcome home" felt as a fairytale, having come true.

    I have understood DEEPER, again.
    I am practicing CLEARER, once more.
    Itīs a rush of clarity, of insight, of delight, that maybe nobody can understand...
    while it is more delicious and precious than anything money could buy to me.

    At that point of the bursting forth of the desire,
    there is an energy rush that really is what you are
    all looking for, all the time! (...)

    They won’t understand that your high
    is about the high!

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Denver, CO, June 11, 2016

    I feel FREE. I feel empowered, to the core of my being.
    I feel set free, I feel charmed, I feel INVINCIBLE.

    And all that manifestations that fill in due to that, are CONFIRMATION of that.
    Confirmation, not cause. Itīs as with Esthers lions and horses...
    one is SO MUCH more sweet then the other.

    I understand so deeply and clearly, and I LOVE understanding... and I also
    know there is no end to the expansion of that.

    Do you revel in moments of clarity?
    Don't you just love when idea occurs to you?
    Have you ever sat with others and had an idea occurred
    to all three of you at the same moment?

    Have you ever ALL THREE sat in the receptive mode
    and had an idea projected
    and you all received it at the same moment?

    Because it confirms everything
    that you know to be!

    It confirms your goodness and their goodness,
    it confirms your relationship with Source,
    it confirms the wellbeing of the Universe!
    It confirms the power, the Energy that
    creates worlds,
    flowing through you!

    South-Pacific-Cruise, 2015

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